Good things take time.

I remember. I will always remember. For this is who I am. This is what I do. A life’s work. Two years on from abandoning the Themonomicon as a workable occult form for the Temple of THEM – my new seeds have been forcefully planted, ready to germinate a new form with full force in … Continue reading

Submissions for OA #35

Now accepting submissions on the Longevity and Changing Dynamic of Magic to be published in Oto Anorha Issue 35. Other articles relating to THEM or Temple Works will be considered. ISS,

A Shift in Balance

In an almost historic turnabout – Cardinal George Pell, currently residing at the Vatican, and the third most senior member of its clergy, has been formally charged with historical child sex offenses relating to numerous abuses during his time as a ward of Ballarat Church including personal involvement in Sexual Assault of Minors.  Those who … Continue reading


“I’ve stared at the yawning maw of the abyss and seen the dying of suns as worlds age to dust”… – yes, yes, but have you held a handful of blue lizards? 😉

Secrets of Holochrist

This temple article deconstructs Holochrist. If you have not read it – reading this may injure your experience with it. The cover features the faked second coming of Christ as a hologram and the secretive security installation Pine Gap located at 1000 Hatt Rd, NT, Australia. Holochrist (H) was written (in 2013) to explore the … Continue reading

Mvimaedivm Black – #Exc.230

+O+ From the Egyptian thread: +O+ 2012 A magical current becomes dangerous when one is personally engaged therewith. It gives power to one but it demands one’s energy in exchange, so when one decides to deviate from the current one is involved in, one may expect a certain resistance on the part of that current. … Continue reading

Oto Anorha Magazine: Issues 28-34

The internal magazine of the Temple of THEM surfaced with its first public issue #28 in 2008. A new edition was published each year for six years closing with OA’s last public edition (Issue #34). The name was taken as a clandestine play on words, a dedication (to) my Grand Mistress, (Anorha). Download the 6 … Continue reading


As the idle doorways crusted shut from cultural disuse open and the knowing floods in – as experiences merge and coalesce and butterflies of gnosis alight upon the soul – an overwhelming sadness takes hold. It is not an ordinary sorrow, but a rending of all things sacred: a triumphant reductionist declaration (folly) that nothing … Continue reading

The Hidden Kept Hidden

The Dark Gods I should begin first in this address of the subject to stipulate that this interpretation of the subject has no connectivity with other traditions or renditions in fiction. Instead this is a conjecture on a lateral interpretation and utilization of the medium as a methodology of self focus for introspection and as … Continue reading

+O+ 2011

+O+ The Temple of Them +O+ From 2006 to the present day, the Australian Temple of THEM has been and remains an active nexion of the Sinister. THEM surfaced with the aim of providing a means with which to make conscious and smash the cubic prison of forms/words/concepts that encloses us via the crystallization and … Continue reading

WHO, or WHAT, is Satan?

WHO or WHAT is Satan? +O+ According to THEM Let us say for arguments sake, that, Satan, by whatever name he took be it Lucifer, Shaitan etc – was an Angel that existed as the Bible says He did. A problem with the accounts of Satan, of Satan’s character, of Satan’s aims and the nature … Continue reading

Triad: Inexorable Simplicity

THE TRIAD OF THE WARRIOR, SORCERER, FARMER: An Insight into Inexorable Simplicity. 22 DEC 2012 I suppose it was the next logical step. From the paradigms of the Warrior, through Sorcerer, to a sudden profound connexion and desire to connect with the innate forces of THEM through farming and plants. I have grown up around … Continue reading

Fading to Grey

FADING (to Grey) +O+ On the subject of old age I can be no authority – being only 30 years old – I have yet to experience those phases of consciousness I have watched assume themselves in the countenance of others in my life. Mysterious these phases – some which I have already passed through … Continue reading

Ethereal Discourses

ETHEREAL DISCOURSES Opiate666: “You’re wrong – Firstly, it’s spelled “Azazel” not “Azazael” – and secondly, Azazel was of the rank Seraphim, not Cherubim.” Syco82: “Okay smart guy – well first of all “Azazael” is the same thing as “Azazel” – and secondly it clearly states in the Encyclopedia of Angels that all Angels with the … Continue reading

Eccar Vartis

ECCAR VARTIS There are some, still superstitious animals, bound in an ancient spell placed long long ago upon the brow of the primal savage who believe in the Soul – in the breath of life given to them, by the God Almighty, in his original shape before Man knew Him. Today, even today, after millennia, … Continue reading

The Dynamism of Insight

Some Notes on the Dynamism of Insight I learned it well and once before that the Initiate knows when to move on from the Insight Role. I have given a chronological order of some insight roles – but they are not all here. There was also in the interim my role as an Author since … Continue reading

An Analysis of Frequency: Pt 1

An Analysis of Frequency: Pt1 There is an overall geometry in the frequency of writing that indicates something altogether different from what their strings of sentences have attempted to assemble. Writing is not linear, or one-directional and despite itself and what its writer intends it to convey, there are other currents implicit in writing that are … Continue reading

In Sinister Solidarity (ISS)

In Sinister Solidarity [Dangerous Knowledge to the Uninitiated] The moment a person is set free from Time; free from living in the Matrix under the thrall of the Ego;- that developed “I” that gives us animation and the illusion of free-will so necessary to feel ‘human’ – is the moment that psychic Security is undermined. What … Continue reading

Divine Joy

Divine Joy I – Evolution Today, when the human baby is born, for some time it is blind and for a year or more remains completely dependant on others for its survival. In such a helpless state, how did the first of its kind survive long enough to give birth? Perhaps we are descendants of … Continue reading

The Theory of the Beast

The Theory of the Beast In the realm of Black Magic it is often useful to borrow metaphors or terms from sources such as Psychology. I shall now aim to represent a psychological foundation for the ideas I have encountered: but I must impress upon the reader that this theory and the use of its … Continue reading

Before Reaching the Abyss

Before reaching the Abyss; Always are we one step removed from our inspiration; emulating/copying whom or what we desire but can never truly become. Always there remains a degree of separation; a magical difference in the charge of our nexion and that which creates what we desire. A convenient model for this lies in the … Continue reading

Alchemical Distillations of the +O+

Entering its second year: THEM introduced a system of Self-Initiation Requirements to assist aspirants in the transition from other systems of Satanism into our own with the responsibility and manner of execution of such Initiation being wholly placed on the shoulders of the discerning aspirant. Our Initiation Rites are not difficult [indeed only as difficult … Continue reading