Today I celebrate my 41st Birthday. I didn’t believe I would make it this far into life. I’ve created a prolific amount of work in my youth. Now that I have made it further along the spiral in years, have unlocked and am presently enacting my wyrd, contributed a legacy to the occult, become the … Continue reading


Beguiling and mysterious – the psychopathy of the serial killer has been a dark fascination for generations of curious, morbid and desperate human beings since their label-sake emergence in the dawn of the Industrial Age. The paragon ability of such chameleons to blend into and fulfil an exacting life in such a way as to … Continue reading

A Monumental Shift

In recent weeks/months the emergence of a new food type called V2, short for “version 2” has begun surfacing in supermarkets, stores and a fast food restaurant chain. This food titles itself as ‘plant-based’ meat. It’s website v2foods.com, anticipates the many questions that might be levelled at such a mysterious and suddenly ubiquitous substance – … Continue reading