Of all the forces I have observed at operation in the world – It is the principle nature of things to change that is the most fascinating to watch unfold.

Through my own narcissistic bent and self-focus over the last twenty years I have scrutinized by own being, peering down as if some lab-coated egghead studying the contents of a petri dish and taking fastidious notes in the hope that I might make some incredible discovery. (Of what; I have changed my mind many times.)

For twenty years I have been carefully recording and sharing my experiences, perceptions, mistakes, dreams, ambitions, failures, successes, thoughts, opinions with others – dutifully making case-notes for prosperity; – that would advise, suggest, persuade, invite Change, of both personal and supra-personal spheres by those who could replicate the principles I believe I have unearthed into the science of Forms and Forces.

My expressions have filled a dozen books and filtered far and wide;- those words have been freed into the spaces and gone on to live new lives in the thoughts and actions of the Collective – completely beyond any control I might have once felt I had.

Those who have joined me for a moment in my intimate retellings of my life by reading them have been a constant companion;- I know through observation, feedback and discussion many of the results/effects my Work has had on others lives and ways of seeing the world and the things in it;- I have to date; achieved everything I have ever set out to do;- giving me a sense of completeness and satisfaction in enacting my Will that has progressively eroded that hungry, angry urgency that had characterized many of the things I have done and said always mindful / watchful that life ends abruptly and must be seized with both hands and Lived. Many of the things I have achieved I attribute to a heightened interest in forces and forms.

I have learned Many Things, even since the last time I learned Many Things.

It is a matter of principle for One of THEM to change. No matter how stoically one adheres to ones forms – the longevity of the human will often surpasses the integrity of experience and envelopment with any particular set of forms which eventually live out their own span and collapse; dissipating into sub-forms, anomalies and new catalysts;- the alchemical gruel for nyw wyrms.