The Eye of THEM – (The Thrasz) [1]

Our symbol is the Eye of the Cyclone, The Epicentre of the Earthquake, The Arc of the Ocean Wave, The Whirlpool and the Tornado, The Raging Flames of the Inferno, The Snowflake to the Black-hole,The Rotation of the Earth, The Cycles of Life, The Seasons, the Orbit of the Planets, the Procession of Movement Celestial to Undetectable, Chaos and Order, Contradiction and Dyssolution, the Irresistible meeting the Unmovable, The Synthesis of Thought, The Reaction of Action, The Abyss of Space, Life through Death, Death through Life, the Turning Point, the Wheel, The Fulcrum, the Axis, Entropy, Time, Evolution, Cancer, Bacteria, Blood, Virus, Magic, Energy, Matter, Change, The Endless Loop, The Archetype, Memory, The Pattern, The Geometry, The Shape, The Circle, The Dark Ones.