The Eye of THEM [2]

The Thrasz, symbol of THEM, means many things.

The hybridizing of the symbol of the aborted Aeon with that of the coming one.

A baleful wordless stare of Knowing.

A hypnotic portal to other worlds.

The dark brand of illuminated and fearless defiance.

A tear in the fabric  of the world.

A presence made known, watching from the Abyss.

The wheeling flux of force and form.

The representation of the neuron, the dendrite and the axon of the brain.

The key to evolution.


It is inscribed upon the mantles and uprights of doorways.

But it is not a protective symbol –

only those who experience synchronicity are protected by THEM.

Those who are rewarded with coincidence are their favoured.

It is inscribed on the raw earth in places unseen.

Caves, dark woods, under bridges, places forgotten.

It is inscribed on the skin to mark oneself as favoured.

It is inscribed on the idols and architecture of the Magi to denude them of power.

It is a symbol with secrets.

It is a symbol with power.

It is a symbol to REMEMBER.