Phorm: 361 Degrees

Theoretically there are 360+ degrees in the art of Knowing Form. We may in the future exchange the term “Form’ with our ‘Phorm’ to relate what we mean – not what others mean or meant by this word. For now we’ll leave it as it is.


 Knowing all there is to know about something is impossible unless you are the source of that form. If the form belongs to you, then you know all there is to know because you know it first. I.e. Anton Long and the ONA, Aquino and the Temple of Set, Myself and the Temple of THEM.


The process of knowing everything there is to know about something includes knowing everything that has nothing to do with that form. The art of elimination is already a requisite in most minds as it uses its detection of absence to determine what is missing from its vaults. If you are a LaVeyan Satanist and your knowledge of Satanism consists of knowing the SB back to front then the moment you meet with the term ONA or book, NAOS, your mind will recognize that you do not recognize it. It is the hole in the cloud that is found by the cloud surrounding the hole.


Insight Roles teach that you are just as capable of being something you think you are not – or living as a different person altogether, as you are, the one you presently believe yourself to be. And then, that you can be both, either or neither depending on what a situation requires. Going to extremes such as being a prostitute for a year and then becoming an abstinent monk pushes the boundaries of the persona a great deal further out from where they would normally be – which is often an immovable sense of how things should be to keep equilibrium with ones ego and sense of I. But when you see that you can in fact be everything you hate, or become someone else in a different life – the realization dawns that the personality is as flimsy as it is incredibly resilient. What you learn in fact is how to regain control over it. Seeing how easy it is to become someone else, and how drastically that affects how people see you, treat you, usually marks the alchemical change where -I- is a temporal invention that can be changed merely by consciously willing new experiences. It also generates an understanding that people are in thrall to what they see, what they perceive and load onto a form or appearance to make it slot neatly into their perception. To them – if you act as something – you are that something. Yet you know inwardly that it is only an Act, and so you begin to see how easily people are fooled by appearances, by forms and by illusions – since they very rarely can discern the difference. One learns then and there that changing the form, changes reactions and can tailor a form to achieve a specific one. Suddenly, one is controlling forms, and learning how to no longer be controlled by them.


The Temple of THEM will do whatever it takes to Know. We represent THEM, and the forces of THEM as they Are, incarnate. Thus for us, Chaos means something very different than it does to those who drop its name but carefully protect their own forms and forums from being subject to it. Chaos is an all-eating destruction, an anathema to Forms, whatever they may be. Even the long vaunted IOT, (Illuminates of Thaneteros) who claim to specialize in Chaos Magic, take great care not to actually introduce or allow others to introduce this force loose among it. Its name is thrown about like it were a harmless ball – but those that claim to use its force are often the strongest proponents of Order. Chaos is feared, and always has been feared since the Beginning, or at least as far back as humans were able to begin forming artificial concepts to keep it Out and Away from them. This is evident in the fierce loyalty to Order and existing forms shown by any individual or group when attempting to dismantle their grip on Form and actualize chaos amongst them. So if even the Chaos Magicians refuse to allow Chaos to be presenced in its full force – how does one know more than half, or any more than the Magicians will allow you to see? They may explain themselves and their reluctance in a myriad of ways – but what it comes down to, is that Chaos is anathema to form – and thus, unconscious hypocrisy and fear.

THEM know that Chaos unleashed can destroy any container holding it – even LHP containers. But we dont care – I suppose we’re the mad scientists of the magic world doing experiments where the damage to the form is irrelevant. We’re not interested in holding together the containers. We want to Know. Only then can we make an informed judgement about Chaos – or any other thing. All too often self-honesty leads to ugly truths that must be swallowed if progress is to be made in really understanding the esoteric currents of magic. But you either want to Know – or you want to live in Happyland under the deceitful occult ego. Pride is a small sacrifice when you know what its really worth.

We’ve learned that Chaos is even feared by us – something which this experiment has revealed as evident by our continuous flow of writing with great care taken to make it lucid and accessible lest they be forgotten or unsaid. Our forums, WordPress and society rely on Order being kept for the Temple of THEM to flourish. And this only lends to the authentic truth that the modern usage of Chaos as a force is largely a myth, watered down into an impotent unpredictability people pretend to us – yet we Remember it, we were Scarred by it, to the extent that we will do everything in our power to prevent it from presencing itself – the entire conscious function of the human being seems especially designed as a Gate against it – whatever the Magicians may say. If you doubt this – then be LHP and test it for yourself. The extreme fragility of forms can be highlighted merely by acting a little strange and uncharacteristically, let alone actively sabotaging the structures that sustain any form and bring wrath against you.



Duality is a bitch and it’s a liar. Lets say you want to know Robin Hood – the famous outlaw of English legend. You join him and his band of merry men and live happily amongst the tress of Sherwood, robbing the rich to give to the poor. Occasionally you might see him lose his temper as people do in life – but never in legend. There are no accounts of Robin having a hissy fit over who ate the last pan fried cake or stretched his green tights – but if you know anything about people – you can be pretty sure, it happened. Maybe he didn’t lose his temper often – but it happened, it had to have. Likewise we never hear of Robin using the toilet, crying, farting or complaining of sore feet. We only hear, Mythos – the best of characteristics and virtues to emphasize the Heroism of Robin – with all the rest of life’s little wonders stripped from the record. In our heads we build or have built for us a notion or ideal of Robin that relates his Legend – but not his reality. What for instance, was it like to be an enemy of Robin Hood? If you only know him as a friend, do you know him at all? No. you know his public face, his friend-sphere face with all the benefits that confers. But what if you were his enemy? How would he treat you, would he be so benevolent, polite, forgiving, a gentleman? Or if you angered him? Or tried to kill him? You could observe his reactions to others should these attempts be made on him – but you still don’t know, what its like. You don’t have the vantage point or the equipment to experience being an enemy of Robin unless you are an enemy of Robin. You can guess, perhaps quite accurately – but you can’t Know. And THEM want to Know – for themselves – what is what. I, RA, know a great deal about the ONA through synthesizing what I have read, learned, observed, and practiced. I’ve been a great friend of the ONA for a long time for instance, and I have successfully educated many of its enemies – but for a temporary time – I have also been its enemy.

I have therefore learned first-hand how the ONA reacts to its enemies from a direct vantage point and what it feels like to be the enemy. I have been at the sword point of its tactics, strategies and experienced the feeling of being closed out of its ranks. I have seen its degrees of vindictiveness, its anger at betrayal and observed how it moves when it is angered against specific assaults or challenges and deals with conflict.

Now knowing this – I have an even rounder, fuller, and perhaps unique understanding of the ONA, risky though it may have been – I have learned more from being on both sides of the fence than anyone can learn from being on either one. Yet I have also rejoined the ONA despite this campaign against it and the vitriol generated by both sides has acted as an acid for the stage of putrefaction and a new distillation. It is evident then, that this drive for 360+ degrees of form is understood and even anticipated by the Order, despite the hassle it causes for temporal forms.

Knowing both “sides“ of the ONA, combines those “sides” into a realization that they are exactly the same – I.e. that there are no sides just the traditional illusion of them. Unified the forms previously separate by projection become the new prime materia or single form to which a new opposite must be sought – and so the alchemical transformation goes beyond 360 degrees.