A Sinister History Lesson

+o+ Note: The following statement was appended by the Temple of THEM to certain Temple transcriptions of David Myatt’s “Vindex: The Destiny of the West” as used in Liber DABIH. These comments were not an original inclusion in ‘Vindex’ nor do/did they have the permission of D. Myatt to be appended to this manuscript. In no way should the following addendum be associated with the writings or views held by D Myatt. These comments are addressed by THEM to the Global Sinisterion as a Reminder – but in the past have also been addressed to those with short or limited memories who have or continue to criticize/demonize numerous political regimes (including National Socialism) for their so-called evils but who fail to take the current tyrannical power and the history of America – to task. Since it is usually America accusing others of tyranny – herein we present a fairer history lesson.

It is vital to remember that it is America that has a long and detailed recorded history of brutality and arrogance world-wide, with some 80 incursions into other nations since World War II citing Vietnam, The Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, and its most recent, Georgia, to name just a very few; always with the intent to control, intimidate or invert the invaded nation but citing its reasons for invasion as missions of peace. Whereas in reality, and as history soon shows, the invasions stem from a need and greed for precious resources such as Opium in the case of Vietnam, Oil in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan and/or as part of a geographical strategy to bring it closer to its enemies in order to govern them – America is, as the progeny of Puritans, Witch-hunters, and Inquisitors, a nation mad with paranoia.

What is not largely known is that there is an entire underground methodology employed by America to secretly undermine a country in order to set the stage to play the role as its saviour – characteristic of America’s Judeo-Christian Ethos. Such methodology usually means a trained individual is inserted into the country to cause a specific act – the act provokes outrage by the populace (fuelled by the media) – the actor is caught and a show trial begun – legislation is passed to prevent the act from reoccurring with special police powers distributed. The actor is released back into the secret service.

America’s most insidious tactic lies in its power of propaganda; viz. of sending ‘Peace Keepers’ into countries on the pretense of humanitarianism. It is vital to remember that it is America that generates the most media and the most material concerning its righteous intentions as a God-Loving country – yet as an agent par excellence of the Magian, and as historical records show, has always been ready to throw its own to the wolves, treating its populace and other nations populace’s with contempt and as expendable. While the most vocal about the Human Rights abuses in other countries, the Superpower hypocritically engenders all of these abuses by selectively ignoring or threatening to ‘help’ countries with its military presence. In regards to Human Rights Abuses: most recently, David Hicks recently served six years in a detention center in Guantanamo Bay (which then changed its name to the frightening name: Camp X-Ray) – and was only reluctantly released by the US after their illegal detainment of his person without charge. He was required as a condition of his release to sign an affidavit that he would never speak of his experiences during his illegal internment.

Of the recent conspiracy of paranoia created by the Magian, citing the attacks of 9/11 as a farce generated and inflicted on its own people via its own agency where evidence lies in mentioning that there was no wreckage found of the plane that supposedly smashed into the pentagon; that the plane that crashed into the twin towers was identified by military experts as not being a Boeing or passenger plane; that images of the plane show the plane was clearly carrying an incendiary device underneath its hull whereupon a brilliant flash issued just prior to the plane smashing into the building and detonating said device; that the manner in which the floors collapsed directly down flies in the face of all technical principles according to experts in construction; that Jewish workers were contacted and told not to attend work that day; that Bush knew of the fourth plane before it was publicized; that no trace of Osama Bin Laden has ever been found; and that America desired an intensified police-state grip over the world due to its failing propaganda of control via its “War on Drugs”, a switch to a “War on Terror” was instigated with the result that the global focus of Western humanity has become self-policing, paranoid and dangerously unstable in its rational, logical thinking, due to being paralysed and shocked with fear and terror of terror.)

That faith and trust is given to America’s authority over the events of World War II, let alone the 80 other countries into which it has illegally interred itself and its military forces is an indictment of the stupidity and gullibility of the human race and a triumphant tribute to the power of media, propaganda and fear to control a populace and direct its thoughts and interpretations of events by a government. Thus one can understand that the importance given to the loss of emphasis on a rational analysis of observable facts to allow a non-political examination of any emotionally charged event, or more accurately, any event charged with emotion; and the corresponding dilution of Science that has become increasingly theoretical and driven by the directives of the current politic to dictate its findings; as argued by Myatt – impacts considerably when one allows common-sense and detached analysis of the facts to be over-ridden by emotional sensitivity engendered by careful manipulation and control of facts controlling how an event is perceived, not how it was. Or rather, that the detachment necessary to divine truth has become a morally twisted engagement where it is wrong to perceive one’s own opinion of the facts as they stand and contradict the authority of the Authority.

This is not to say that Hitler or Hussein were not hard men that caused atrocity – but that America is more guilty a party for its dishonesty and deception in its role in these wars and of the charges it has laid against others with its moral tribune of ‘War Crimes’ than any of the countries and regimes it has persecuted and bastardized with its Jewry. Moreover that America, despite its trickery to conceal its hideous appetites for death and destruction and be seen as exempt from committing such atrocities as its accuses other of, by its own populace and by the world – is irrevocably guilty of not just one holocaust, but of hundreds and has (and is) continually moving from one campaign of deception to another to hide its atrocities just as it is doing now and will always continue to do until it is destroyed, or destroys everyone and everything.

America is the national equivalent of the personified Psychopath – a psychopath that knows only one thing, its own one-eyed weltanschauung. America is the spoilt child of the West whose vicious, relentless, remorseless behaviour is like that of the small boy caught with his hand in the jelly bean jar who denies all the evidence of wrong-doing despite the truths evident. viz, an immature, dangerous, and Inquisitorian Empire. Anyone faced with this evidence unable to make a rational deduction without political pressure or sentimental moralism as to the involvement of America in 9/11 and its propagation of the Holocaust Myth, is Magian and Our Enemy.