Baphomet: A Man’s Role for Sinister Women – The Greatest Heresy

Baphomet and A Man’s Role for Sinister Women: The Greatest Heresy


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I was asked a question recently to the effect of:

“What do you think is the greater Heresy, NS or Islaam: Hitler or Bin Laden: and which one should I aid to bring Chaos?”

So, Satanists, want Chaos?

Let me iterate what I think Chaos involves: and buckle up because this touches on a disturbing truth conditioned to be forgotten by men. A truth hideously feared.

First some points:

1. I believe undoubtedly that there is a distinct and unchangeable difference between the biological, physical, and spiritual essence of Men and Women.

Men, to whom the Logos is centred, understand via their intellect.

Women, to whom Eros is centred, feel via their emotions.

2. The ONA, have in the past, referred to their Order’s Tradition as run/orchestrated by Women.

3. Baphomet as depicted by the ONA is a Beautiful Woman.

4. If Satanists want Chaos: then thus far they are looking in the wrong quarters.

Almost all of my wisdom in life has come from that invisible force that provides all men with a dialectic more alien than any notion of the Acausal: of which, perhaps noticeably, I have written very little: Women.

The fact that I have neglected from issuing my insights regarding women in a similar written form to all the other varied topics to which I have turned my attention: is not because their involvement has been minimal in my transitions – but entirely the contrary.

The way women have helped me understand myself, them and the world is so far removed from being able to be understood via records and doctrines of interest to the egoic Logos – that I have, since I began writing, deliberately avoided insulting these forces by trying. But, it would appear that now is the time to pen some comments: pointedly, and unreservedly toward those whom are asking for, working toward, Chaos.

I should now like to make a few comments that concern “Satanism” to its very core.


The ONA’s recently concentrated efforts, (viz. MSS from Mythos/Wordpress) to supply women with an occult archetype, “the Sinister Feminine”, in order for women to escape what may be inevitably viewed as a Man’s concept of Women, is noble – but it is not enough. To try to supersede the mistakes of feminism is also noble – but it too is not enough.

Baphomet – for all her unearthly countenance and glory, is still, the supply of an archetype for women, by men. That there are Mistresses/Priestesses in magic – is testament to a fundamental problem with the way men see women – namely, from the point of view of men. Women in magic are only provided a secondary rank and position that cannot help but be controlled and channeled through male charity (however good-willed and intended) – because to place women in this role is to ask them to act as we do, to perform an act of ego, of control, of openly visible acts and prowess, strength and showy displays of force and energy. Though women innately possess the passion, violence and strength when necessary to act in the realm of men as men do – these are not the characteristics of women: these characteristics are the realm of men. And where, in rare cases – those characteristics are not performed by male agents – they are the result of women trying to copy him.

When not given/living/fitting a pre-designed feminine role, whether priestess, waitress, or goddess by men – what, really, is the natural predisposition of women? When they are not occupying a male expectation of what they should be that is forced upon them, socially, psychologically, spiritually, physically, legally, mentally, financially, visually, what and who, are they?

Something extremely important pointed out to me by one of THEM is as follows: “The kicker is this, when men do understand the role and restrictions placed on women – they still miss the point by trying to fix it. All women want is for men to Understand the lot of Women. Because through understanding the lot of women, this would be enough for men to change the World subtly and inevitably through their empathy with us.”

The recent fascination with emulating for example, some aspects of the extremist factions of the Islamic Religious Community by becoming involved in Terrorism to hasten the end of the Magian Power-Structure – is when all is said and done: a male concept driven by Ego – and, here’s the thing, a concept imprisoned within a masculine (restricted) mindset. Blowing people to pieces either with guns or bombs is not only needlessly destructive, it is a far more serious symptom of collectively increasing Self-Hate, inverted and projected outwards. Whereas, one simple, but extremely uncomfortable, indeed terrifyingly adept move – in line with causing Chaos, with increasing Satanas and the Dark Gods, with imbuing personal and collective Adeptship, Acausal foresight and a practical initiative resulting in moving hard and fast Against Time is an understanding of the Power-Structure of the Magian and its Male-Oriented Dominance and the depth and variety of One’s (Both men and women) own unconscious projections onto Women, leading to empathy, sympathy and a genuinely open dialogue.

This does not imply a duty as men to try to change Women’s lot either with Feminism or even with further enmeshment via such noble, but in my view, similarly blinded notions of yet another Archetype for women to fulfill (for men) viz. Baphomet, whose archetype is a parody of the crux of the problem in the first place. All this questing I’ve witnessed by others for Aliens, Dark Gods, Demons, Satan, Extra-Terrestrials, and, laughably, “Intelligent life-forms” has been performed by people completely unaware that their very own unconscious projections onto this mysterious other half of our species are hiding the very thing they seek for.

Women, very rarely get recognition – not because they don’t deserve it, an estimate is beyond the ken of any living being – but because they don’t want it. The writing in Mvimaedivm IV by the Sorceress Sor Terrosa as she shared her wisdom on the LHP is an extremely rare case in point – most women do not express themselves through the written word. Women are more connected to the Earth than any token Lord of the Earth could ever be. It is they who carry life, who have life ripped from them, and who secretly, subtly control the movements and decisions of their men, whom in isolation, are as soft, insecure and afraid as any of the women they publicly claim to protect (or exploit).

Of the creation of Life, Men penetrate and withdraw – and biologically, can only observe and watch life force. It is not their lot to have wombs or to bear children. I will return to this in future commentaries but it is one of the things that truly divides men and women – to pretend there is no difference is as ignorant/arrogant to believe we are completely different. Men, for all their wisdom, simply cannot understand why women do not write to express themselves like men, since logic and reason, intelligence is the language of man. Men do not understand why women don’t wish to be willing priestesses or fulfil the roles those men believe can empower (“their”) women – including the archetype of Baphomet. They do not understand why women do not seek to wear the crowns of authority or fight the wars for all those self-important abstracts man convinces himself of, or comprehend women’s complacency not to strive to be seen, recognized, forcefully visible or openly intellectual tour de forces engaging in ‘constructive’ debate and logical rational with men or with other women.

Some Men have lost consciousness of Women and many others are in increasing danger of doing so in the future. The Magian power-structure has all but exhausted Women and distorted their inherent attributes into virtual non-existence – men no longer see Women as they are but in the roles that women must play if the world is to keep going – albeit without the recognition of their role in this. Man is mostly blind to Women as they Are, just as they are blind to the Dark Gods, or Acausal, as it Is. It is no wonder there is so much confusion and angst in the Occult when the Mysteries stand before Man only to be overlooked and dismissed, if seen at all. A shame then, that more have not had the education I have, by the women I have shared my life with.

If, we are to be honest, and perceptive before our Time – magicians must understand this: If we are to withdraw everything we project upon women we will have to recognize that everything we withdraw is everything that Man has placed upon them.

For instance, if we withdraw their sexuality, their arts of making themselves beautiful, their role as housewives, girlfriends, business partners, mothers, sisters, – if we withdraw all of man’s projections upon women to reshape her as he sees fit – then we are to understand, (if we are strong enough to stomach this Abyss), suddenly, sadly and horribly, that we know next to nothing about the pure emanations that ARE the force that is Women because everything they are, and that we are told they are, that they are told they are, is modeled after man’s expectations, man’s tools, man’s glass ceiling.

In one aspect concerning the Sinister Feminine the ONA is, in my opinion, misguided. And that aspect, is that they have made Baphomet beautiful – and that her beauty, alone, makes her Sinister, Desirable, Powerful. This is a fundamental flaw that any serious magician should be warned to take more discerning note of – for it is in a restoration of dialogue and appreciation of women as they Are, that a similar serious quest for destroying the Magian power-structure is ignited. For at this Time in our mortal coil – difference, divides, and appearance, conquers.

In my depiction of Baphomet – unlike that of ONA, the Goddess is not a skinny blonde woman but a full-hipped, curvaceous faceless beauty.

In her hand, she holds a kitchen knife. This is not an arbitrary depiction or a pro-feminist symbology – it addresses the very serious endemic that men have no concept of more than half the population – and, it is an oversight, instituted by the Magian patriarchy, that will kill them if they do not realize this aspect of their Deep Sleep.

Nor do they – though they can be seen to struggle against every visible “man-made” prison of words, flesh or time in order to “transform”, or “breakthrough”, or “mutate”, or “Become” – seek to extract themselves from the essence that is their own doing. That is not Self-Honesty it is Self-Deception.

More concerning is how few Occultists, Satanists and men have ever noticed this particularly silence-inducing problem AND tried to fix it. Most of those that have been vocal – have been silenced by force. Were Women for instance, to be paid for their unpaid ‘duty’ of domestic housework, the payment owed would bring down the entire economy of the Western World. Without the compliance of women to perform the free labour system of domestic ‘duty’, child-rearing, etc on which the Western World depends – the illusion of strength and power exhibited by man and their flashy displays of ego within the Matrix, AS the Matrix, would come to naught.

The Baphomet I have presenced is a force of the faceless self-projection of man’s insecurities and neurotic inadequacies and who represents the silent tolerance of billions of women with whom no genuine dialogue has taken place regarding their own essence as a separate people. The face of women has faded from man’s perception – and only the superficial myth of Beauty is in danger of remaining. On such I refer the reader to ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf.

Behind Baphomet stand imperfect women of all shapes and sizes, a countless army of faceless, knife-wielding dark goddesses, rising up – representing a tremendous actual, magical and figurative torrent of one sinister and sickening blood payment. Unbound contains a Nile of frustration and silence exploding forth in a voice that modern and deaf man can understand – a visually explicit and intellectually cognizant cry of violence and exasperation at the grotesque distortion imparted daily by the enormous injustices characteristic of male arrogance.

But all this injustice… all the slavery, low-paid work, unpaid domesticity, child-rearing, horseshit farce about equality and meritocracy, glass ceilings, the legalized cruelty and torture of women and their place in society is, it must be said, to some extent tolerated by women. Not because they enjoy it or because they cannot rise above it but because of their subtle and stronger connection to the Earth, to the Moon, to Life incarnate: and because they let Man have his way on the Surface, have his toys and his fun, while Women run the underground.

For a Man to learn how to “Feel In the World” as a woman does, rather than “Think Of the World” as a man is accustomed to do – is arguably an unattainable goal. And yet, it is the greatest Satanic and thus the most heavily buried and forcibly forgotten magical exchange there is – an exchange that would rip the Magian structures down irrevocably and irreversibly.

To re-learn such exchanges – to understand how to listen and hear again (without intellect – that is, to surpass our biological intellectual limitation and be a super-man) and comprehend what lies beneath the shells on which we project our self-image as men thus imprisoning and encapsulating women within our own illusion – is without doubt the greatest Heresy, the most forbidden Taboo – not of the Western World – but of the Eastern too, and for that matter, largely for all Time.

The temporal fascination with, once again, the affairs of men in typically male ways/matrixes of warfare and ego to overcome the Self-Hate we feel by rushing toward Oblivion in nihilistic defeat by emulating the symbology of annihilation with bombs, guns and pissing contests is representative only of our blindness, our ignorance, and our lack of courage to understand who WE are, not, just who MEN are.

The undeniable empirical evidence for these assertions is in the fact that so few women involve themselves with the Occult in an open, flashy, visible way. Rather, it is with endless understanding behind the scenes that they support, nurture, guide, instruct, admonish, and advise the men who ‘run’ it.

To be an effective agent of Chaos – one need only open a genuine dialogue with our mysterious other half.

Agios O Feminata