Death of Touch – Kills Face to Face

So now, over the past 5-10 years or so, touching has been made such a taboo that it is now accepted as the norm that physical interaction with another human is wrong, both something to be feared and shunned.

This lack of intimacy and empathy has made people ripe to accept the next stage of alienation – the dis-allusion of all face to face communication for social purposes. We are being bombarded with imagery that implies talking with your “loved ones, family or social circle” is more enhanced with the aid of some micro chipped gadget or another. And although it may seem innocent enough to those that have grown up in an age of constant ‘communication’, the implications of what is being done, and being allowed to be done, to our most basic and primal of acts, holds the ability to see mankind foster out complete control of the very thing that makes us human.

 There are many facets to the mechanics of why and how the magian elite would and are benefiting from the death of our skills to communicate sans technology.

 Initially, through the advent of the office ‘ Intranet ‘ it imbibed in the common worker that now the “BOSS” had a constant window into every action you performed. As this became an acceptable work environment, then we were plied with mobile phones, touted as a necessity in the ‘new’ world of business, making it virtually impossible for any worker to truly be free of his workplace no matter what the time or day. This constant pressure has compelled people to start to loath speaking with another person, lest it be more work, more pressure or more oppression. The seed was planted.

But left at just that the average person would have, over time, disposed of their phones and returned to being in charge of their own time.

This is when mobile phones started to incorporate new features and functions…games, photos, text messages…to give the illusion that it was a instrument of leisure. And then we were infested. Suddenly everyone had a mobile phone. There is even a marked line in most peoples’ heads to reduce history to before the mobile phone and then after…

 So now the population had become accustom to being constantly leashed, believing that communication before had been ineffective and cumbersome, that they were pioneers in a brave new era where mankind would be able to truly speak to each other, that the wisdom and understanding they longed for was merely a matter of being constantly available and constantly heard.

 The same thing is true for the internet. Though another leap has been taken with the proliferation of “social media” sites like face book, twitter et el. In that because we choose the people we are communicating with, the ability to interact with people that do not share the same interests/hobbbies/political agendas is being erased. Though it can be tiresome, humans have always been compelled to grow through the things that either perplex or affront us. But now technology is being asked to do that for us. By listing your interests etc, you can eliminate the need to ever have to even acknowledge the existence of someone you disagree with.

This is a very dangerous trend. The ability to relate to somebody you disagree with, to be able to discuss the topic without personally attacking the messenger, is vital to human growth. If our ideals/ beliefs/ thoughts are never brought into question, then we will loose the ability to look beyond ourselves. Man trapped in his/her own hype is an easy creature to control and manipulate, so lost are they in a sea of agreement that the very thought of a mistake never crosses their minds.

 Add to this the anonymity that the cyber world affords its users. Never having to take responsibility for what you create, never truly being able to verify who anyone is.

How easy will it become for the magian elite to simply redirect the millions of online interactions to anywhere but its intended destination. With the complex task of trying to falsify the complexities of intelligent argument between humans having already been taken care of , people could soon find themselves unknowing ‘chatting’ with a database of responses. In theses circumstances it would not take long to strip humanity of its cohesion altogether. After all, those who did not jump upon the cyber bandwagon have become virtual outcasts now, millions made to feel left out nobodies, like they are not part of the emerging new ‘real’ world.

 So all, in opposition we need to laugh, cry, learn, fight, love, fear, fuck, be bored, learn to enjoy embarrassment and discomfort, touch, learn, explore and be with other humans – face to face – lest we loose our delight in the pleasure of life. Lest we give over to those who long to control the spontaneity and impulse of existence. Lest we not live at all.