heRe bE DragOns

heRe be DragOns (v.02)


The quiet solitude of the upstairs study was broken by the sound of a ringing telephone.

Ryan, sitting at his desk and staring at the computer screen in front of him, grabbed absent-mindedly for the receiver.


A painting by some mysterious figure titled ‘St Claire’ – a rare occult treasure from the 1970’s and a 21st birthday present from a generous uncle – hung above the computer muddying the otherwise uninteresting walls with murky swirls of aqua blue and crimson.

When he recognized the voice on the other end, Ryan grinned.

Ah. How are ya mate? Been a long time since I heard anything from you – shit, must be a year now? Good to hear from ya, man. What’s been happening in your world?”

A frown crinkled his brow.

Oh yeah? – sounds like you’re doing well for yourself – mm, yeah doin’ alright – hey you got that other tattoo yet? Mm, yeah well you gotta take your time and look around – make sure you don’t get fucked over and end up some scratcher’s orange.”

Hah, yeah, good, look if you need any help with your design let me know. I’ve been drawing a fair bit lately – probably not the sort of shit you’re after for your arm, but I’m pretty sure I can finish that tat. Make it match the other one at least.”

Ryan stretched out his hand and picked up a jellybean that had fallen from a nearby bowl and idled too close to the keyboard. He popped it into his mouth and leaned back on his chair.

Not quite, no. Lot’s been happening – you in front of a computer?”

Yep ok I’ll wait.”

He chewed on the –lemonade?- bean and gazed thoughtfully at ‘The Witches’.

According to his uncle – a lot of Australian occult art had not survived the 1970’s. Apparently a narrow-minded police force had sought to destroy any that they found. This painting, a set of three he was told, was probably quite rare. He wondered if his uncle would give him the third one to complete the set the next time there was an occasion to be celebrated.

Yeah mate, I’m here – yeah. Go to www, dot, WordPress, yeah one word, dot com, backslash, temple of them – yep one word.”

A questioning murmur issued from the mouthpiece, followed by a confident tone of confirmation.

Yes mate that’s it. What you’re looking at is about 60 manuscripts –“

No, I know, there’s a hell of a lot more. The rest are either contained in various works or – you remember I was writing Mvimaedivm last time we spoke? Yeah, well – *pause* Well it’s supposed to be called Mvimaedivm; I only called it the Diary of a Devilworshipper to make it more commercially appealing when I started selling ‘em. Yeah good mate, I’ve actually finished seven volumes and … no, I cut out a lot of stuff.”

Cheers mate.”

No – well I haven’t published all of them yet – as I say, a lot of shit’s happened.”

Ryan raised his eyebrows slightly.

Yeah the Order of Saturn – awesome stuff – this guy really knows his shit … no not like, not regurgitating occult lore, I mean he comprehends behaviour, habit, method, change, alchemy, the lot. Yeah remember that book I told you about? The one on Cybernetics? – Ah shit, Maxwell … something … I can’t remember. Yeah, well I really like his work – we had a bit of a chat about some of the concepts he uses vs. those that THEM use – was very interesting.”

Yep. Yep. Okay, well go get yourself a coffee or something and I’ll tell you what’s going on alright.”

Ryan sat forward, cradling the receiver against his ear with his shoulder and typed seven letters into his search engine. A few maps of a woodland area in south-eastern Victoria popped up. He browsed the listed contents and clicked on one. He sat and studied the maps quietly.

A voice came from the phone.

Hey man. Got yourself one? OK. Let’s start from the top. Remember when you came over that time and we got crownies and sat in the garage? Yeah? Then do you remember we were talking about the powers of the Vatican and Vatican City? Yeah? Well apparently the Vatican has officially issued a private order to form a group of about 100 specialists to fight the rise in the occult.”

Yeah, I can’t remember the name of their organization, but it’s called something like the Sworn Brothers of the Sword against Magic and the Occult works of Satan, or some fancy ass title like that, and it’s been put together by that fucker Ratzinger – yeah the pope – yeah he did, visited earlier last year and shut Sydney city down so no-one could even protest their presence – anyway, this action is quite a frightening proposition because its like a modern form of the Inquisition is being sanctioned by the Powers that Be. Well apparently he has ties to the descendants of the Inquisitors. Mm, well it’s interesting to keep an eye on these things.”

Ryan listened.

Yeah, well the scary thing is that these crazy cunts are still as mad as hatters, nothing’s really changed since medieval times in the way of attitude – just the forms. You’ve seen Guantanamo Bay? – Guat, no wait … I forgot, they changed the name to Camp X-ray, that’s right. Yeah *laughter* not much more comforting eh? Here you have a country whose propaganda machine has been raging for the last what – 60 years? – about the abominations of Nazi Concentration Camps, but who has almost a third of their fucking population incarcerated in prison.”

Yeah that’s an awesome song eh? Mezmerize was a good album too.”

I don’t care what they blame it on – the American system is fucked – and they’re the acting hand of scary cunts like the Vatican – so you know what’ll happen if they ever get their way. Yeah – but that economic slump was almost certainly manufactured – it makes a lot of sense for it to happen now. The whole 911 thing – and then this – could not create more perfect conditions for them. America bombing their own people sent the entire world into an iron-grip police state that perfectly suits the clearly stated American-Magian goals of total global domination. Freemasons? I really don’t know – who does? But thanks to America you can’t get on a plane with toothpaste anymore for fuck sake and the mass given reason is because someone might die.”

*laughs* yeah well that’s exactly right man, people are dying every day – because of America. America’s quick to jump on soft targets accusing them of harbouring WMDs or abusing human rights – but you don’t see them charging into China. No – and it’s interesting that they’ve targeted Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Georgia – because these countries all form a ring around China. I guess if you know you’ve got fuck all chance of invading a kick-ass empire like China – one of the oldest living dynasties in the world – the best thing you can do is keep cats at its feet. But from a military point of view it looks as if the American military has been trying to set up a perimeter around China for a very long time, at least since the cold war, and a lot of the countries fit the criteria for what are referred to as choke points.”

Mm, so you’ve got all these signs going on right? And all these noble sentiments of propaganda expressing the opposite that don’t match those signs. It’s like the protocols of Zion said: judge the merit of a conspiracy by what you can see happening. The Jews? Shit of course, but it goes beyond any racial war – and just because a few who happen to be Jewish are involved doesn’t mean they all are. What’s more likely is that millions of people lack the spirit or solidarity to argue with what’s laid down, hundreds of thousands help enforce it, thousands of leaders and players the world over are following the lead of a hundred, a hundred are colluding together with twenty, twenty a few, and though it can be generalized the details of the world are just too fucking big and busy to really get any kind of handle on what’s really going on on the personal level – you have to guess via the forms that arise, the forms that are trying to arise, the collective changes that occur. Meanwhile, wild cards keep everyone guessing. No – I do believe in a Magian conspiracy, partly because it’s probable simply because people love to conspire. And partly because there do appear to be clear signs of a master plan unfolding on the chessboard.”

What kind of signs? Well, if you had access to a million cameras all showing you shady goings-on and you had to explain what was being done, how it was illegal, track the personal details of each person involved, and then go through court proceedings to get a conviction – where would you ever possibly start? There are so many things going on, on so many levels that it’s impossible to process it in any sort of entirety with any depth, proof, or clarity.”

Well that’s right it’s not about feeling like your hands are tied because you can’t do anything – it’s the feeling that you can’t do anything that ties your hands. That’s the magian’s magic, billions and billions of forms that all act to tire you, make you afraid, feel overwhelmed – moreover the system also manages to cater for so many powerful influential people that not a lot of those people want anything to change or change too much. Doing something all starts with the development of a self-conviction to make choices.”

Yeah well some of the signs are obvious and some aren’t. O and Sath brought a lot of these to my attention such as the death of touch in society, like intimacy is being made into a taboo. Well fear of paedophilia is rife, like an old-fashioned witch-hunt, and I have no love for those sick fucks but on one hand the government says kids need to be protected, and at the same time it makes all these absurd demands on mothers to put their kids in daycare, leave them with strangers and spend so much time at work they hardly ever see their kids. What the fuck is that about if not a direct attempt to send already over-worked people mad trying to obey two completely divergent attitudes to life? It’s like that whole fucking slap in the face with smoking where almost every media company brain-washed people into smoking, going so far as to use it as a sexual euphemism, tap right into human fundamentals, get all the big names doing it for like 50 years. But now some cunts have the absolute cheek to decide smoking is no longer profitable/publically acceptable, and rather than apologize for nationally and globally pushing this shit onto others, to turn around and blame smoking addiction on the supposed weakness of the individual smoker. Eh? Course there’s proof check out magazines and advertising from 1900 onwards – shameless! The funny thing is the whole campaign to stop smoking is just another repeat of the original campaign probably by a lot of the same players to start smoking! And people are buying it. You can’t have a smoke anywhere now – it’s like people self-policing for the State with every hypocritical fuck who tut tuts not having a clue that they’re just being brainwashed again to ark up about smokers. Retards. And what absolute cunts trying to make people feel dirty for doing something they told them for so long it was in every way right and safe to do! And you know recently it got so ridiculous regarding touching people that there was a big hullabaloo in the papers about how swimming instructors were going to be expected to teach children but without being allowed to touch them. *laughter* yeah that’s right, how the fuck are you supposed to teach children to swim without the instructor ever touching them? Your child’s drowning? Oh sorry, I’m not allowed to help save them because I’ll get sued. Maybe you could jump in an – no? Didn’t learn how to swim properly either huh? Too bad for little jimmy. *laughter* Innocent handling and human touch and warmth is totally being made taboo – even my friend’s who work in the prostitution business say so. They reckon the internet has totally fucked the sex industry, not only because most men think they have to copy the aggressive behaviour in porno’s to be a man or get off – but because most of them are guys who work their ass off for a lifeless corporation, really only want simple human contact and affection. Yeah, 14 years she’s been doing it. Never used to be like that apparently. Between them, 911 and the net really fucked everything.”

Anyway can you hold on? I’m going to get a coffee now, I’ll be right back. Yep just a sec.”

Sweet, right, where was I? Oh, Yeah, anyway you got other signs like the tightening grip on oil, water, narcotics, medicine, the ownership of almost all the worlds companies and subsidiaries by a handful of people, increasing strain on resources, etc – but any event that even slightly changes the availability of something is quickly and completely blown out of proportion and given a media spin that makes each and every one of these human race collectively owned resources seem like the private property of some company or another and extremely scarce. And it’s ongoing – day after day in the media, in the papers, in the TV, a whole slew, and I mean a non-stop fucking current since they got the idea from the Nazis, of fear-based propaganda saying this and that is running out, so people will stay afraid, believe the world is as they want it to appear, accept the greedy mark-up in prices, get squeezed dry for the benefit of capitalist cunts to widen the gap between rich and poor, and so affect people that that’s all they’ll talk about, trying to drown their sorrows in alcohol and braving the daily grind together. All the while feeding Orgasmatron. I’ve worked at bakeries and supermarkets – do you know how much food they dump? And what about water, the national statistics company indicates between 70-90% of water used is used by industry, yet they blame the working proletariat and even doubled water/gas/electricity prices overnight! I’d also add the horrific saturation of rap music, once the most hated of forms by America, now allowed to openly pollute everything with nasty reptilian messages. No – it’s the tunes that do it, not the lyrics. If you did any of those lyrics a capella they’d all just sound like shit – and exactly the same. It’s musical engineers that inject the shite with trance not the two-bit actors that front the shop. Yeah I hate rap – it’s an insidious state sanctioned poison – insidious, I mean you can’t say fuck for fear of offending someone, but you can talk about bitch-niggaz beating raping women on a pg video game or popularize the gangsta culture in kid’s movies. Which I should add in all fairness was another form of resistance absorbed and bastardized by the magian media. Yeah, yeah transformers had mongrelized negro robots talking Ebonics, and in transporter 3, in fact a lot of movies, anytime they want to make the movie fit in and be accepted by its audience they use contemporary music to make it fluid, so they use some ugly fucking rap track, thus continuing the cycle. *laughter* yeah well that or the horseshit pop bubblegum and love music that passes for music these days. I actually find a large number of people agreeing with me about my article on the frequency of the magian being so fucking enervating that it hurts their ears and brains just to be near it. Yep those fuckers have done extremely well to create such a powerful sonic weapon. Mate, people severely underestimate the role of music and movies in all of this.”

Eh? Orgasmatron – never heard the term? Song by … Motorhead, well Sepultura do a version too but I don’t know if it’s the original – anyway, basically – Orgasmatron is the personification of the Churches Lust for Power and Armageddon. Find the lyrics online, you’ll see what I mean.”

*laughter* Yeah well like America says – In God We Trust.”

Yeah right – so as I was saying, the Vatican put together this group to seek out and destroy the rise in the occult – *cough* I mean, disobedience. And with all these other signs popping up of a singular control over everything it’s looking like this will be one hell of an interesting century. But the Christians are up against something new this time.”

No – and I knew you’d ask that. I’ve explained why forming a Para-military group or promoting extremism won’t work against the Magian – at least not yet. What the fuck are you going to do against a powerfully trained unit of state-sanctioned S.W.A.T.? Or when the System gets hold of you and drags you through the courts, through the legal system – launching a one-sided argument to justify your arrest, your treatment, using all its media against you, and you end up in a cell fucked over after someone pays the cops or screws to ice you – or the cops or screws use the inmates desperation to nail your coffin shut? What? Call yourself a political prisoner? You end up just another David Koresh or David Hicks – making maybe a loud bang at first with your individuality, but which day by day under a torrent of propaganda and damage control from the Machine silences it – demonizes it – or worse: uses what you did against you by making you a martyr for the opposite cause. Take September 11 2001, even if in some distant planetary dimensions terrorists actually did blow up the twin towers and I’ve seen too much evidence to believe that – a couple of thousand people get hurt in arguably justifiable payback for what America is doing to those countries their people and the world in general, and suddenly its ok for Americans to bomb the absolute shit out of Afghanistan. They do that shit in war – they do everything and anything they have to – and we’re at war. If you take a careful look at the Christ/Satan myth embedded in nearly all movies where there’s two clearly demarcated sides, yeah again transformers classic example, you see that after 2001 the message of such fights changes. Suddenly war is allowed to be won at any cost once the enemy has been identified. Yeah well a lot of movies show popular monuments and world-historic sites being smashed to dust in the name of American justice – and even cop shows are giving fantastic justifications for treating ‘perps’ any old way the cops desire – collectively sanctioning and condoning torture and assault of anyone whose deemed a criminal. We’re at war with something old archaic and massive – and to take down a two-thousand year old mongrel dragon you need pretty spectacular weapons.”

What’s that? No I still get it, I’m always meeting people who want to get together and form some sort of “Satanic Army” with a cache of weapons and secret hideouts – fuck man, a lot of people still treat the work like its cops and robbers. Well let me put it this way – if you’ve ever done martial arts you realize how extremely fragile the human body is even as it can be super-strong. You get in a fight and you might learn the same thing. You get one chance to take on something as huge as the Dragon if indeed you’re even able to live such a life in the first place that you become aware of it before it subsumes you – and you can’t go throwing that life away on some doomed crusade your carefully manufactured ego wants you to go on – that’s falling prey to narrative magic. Especially, especially when there’s still no solidarity among people. That was the first thing to go. Um yeah, what’s his name, Henry Ford introduced the production line and everything just kind of snowballed from there into consumerism, capitalism and the era of automated machines. Do you know at my local supermarket they no longer employ people at night? They only provide a self-service machine that fucks people out of jobs.”

Yeah, but I mean a lot of people are still being trapped by the same shit – doing the same things despite the obvious precautions the Church has taken to meet various actions with various results. You wave a weapon, you’re gonna get fucking shot. And you’re gonna get shot by professionals or tasered now, the cops are being given tasers here in Oz. And say you blow yourself up on a tram – yeah you might start something, Australia has never had anything like that happen, and it’d start a wave that’d turn oz into a police state – but why would that help? And what kind of weak assfuck thinks blowing up civilians is okay? It’s not okay – it’s a lazy easy way out of actually tackling the huge and insidious problems that face humanity as a whole. Most of these bombers are young – easy to control, easy to convince, easy to replace. The bombs don’t ever seem to get anyone of importance, or anyone who has actually been causing the shit. It’s just an endless blood feud fuelling itself- just the way the magian likes it.”

Well any of those poor tortured motherfuckers who did those school shootings are symptoms of the geometry America forces its inhabitants to endure. But I’d love to believe that’s finally starting to change – that people are starting to understand that there is a life beyond form and thus choices beyond what the magian offers us. The plan to implement Magical Solidarity is – *pause* yeah, *laugh* but it’s very different to National Socialism for a variety of reasons – name one? OK, well it hasn’t failed yet.”

Ryan sipped his coffee while he listened.

No. well I can’t explain that to many people – I can’t give reasons for various actions because people need to learn how to think like that for themselves – if I tell them what I’m doing they’ll just get lazy, add the info to the pile of downloads, and never get around to understanding digesting or integrating what was actually being done – instead they’ll try to find a shortcut with some other group who’ll bury them up to their ass in weird and ridiculous practices … yes and that’s right, you can give away all the secrets of the Tradition in plain view but that doesn’t mean they’ll be appreciated or even understood. Like, nobody ever thanks the guy that takes the fall, do they? *laugh* precisely. Understanding is still at a pretty shitty level – people still don’t understand let alone appreciate the supreme subtlety of how they and things work – like how having a common enemy can join two allies together in hatred firmer than cement. It’s not always fun having to play the enemy – it’s not my idea of fun anyway – and it’s a shitty job *laugh* but it works, and someone has to do it, just like it’s always been done. You’ve no idea how many groups or key people we’ve brought together by making them hate us as a team, well me really because I stick my head out as the so-called representative. Well what they think is me anyway – I’m just a fuckin’ phantom really. Hell I don’t know “who” I am half the time. Eh? Yeah well fuck ‘em it’s way too early for people to even come close to that kind of perception. Softly, softly, catchy monkey.”

Aw fuck mate, list is endless.”

Ryan swiveled to the right and picked another jellybean out of the bowl.

Well, we had to start somewhere – all these other places are stigmatized, so any place we tried to deconstruct the Magian would have had, shit, at least a few hundred years of sediment, in some cases like Britain, maybe a few thousand. We’d have had to spend a lot of time eroding too many thick layers of convictions and traditions before getting heard or even to the point. New Zealand would have been good, but Bolton has that, and I don’t live there anymore. And so Australia was the perfect platform to launch Magical Socialism. Eh? Yeah – met quite a few interesting people over the years – most of them are still working with me toward this. Yeah the ONA too.”

Mm, well that’s helped fuckin’ heaps – but you can’t tell people that sort of shit – if you tell everyone you’re this or that – it changes perception – better to remain quiet on the extent of one’s achievements, for one reason people can doubt my ‘credentials’ and ‘training’ all they want … *raucous laughter* yeah! It’s from the Simpsons. Anyway what was I saying? The proof is in the pudding. Say what you like THEM is undeniably influential. And secondly, I’m avoiding being seen as an authority. Why? Well people would treat our work differently; just go along with it because we have some vested authority – when really they should go along with it because it makes sense to them. Well yeah that’s why when we published a number of our books we deliberately didn’t give them exciting pictures – I mean I could have easily used one of my pictures or drawn something to make them look cool and satanic – but what the hell would that do? It’s very easy to wrap something up in pretty pictures to sell it. Man I’ve wasted a lot of good money buying shit just because it looked good only to get it home and read it. I went through all that shit when I was DWR, god, as a teenager. I want our work to sell, to spread, to influence, whether it’s wrapped nicely or not – after all, this fascination people have with valuing something based on its outer appearance needs to be balanced out. I’m testing synchronicity and I’m trying to reverse some of the lean on marketing that people use to qualify something’s content. Heh, yeah, I read a lot what can I say? Mm, well ONA officially recognized us publicly as a Traditional Nexion not so long ago. Well yeah but we’ve been that privately for a long time – being announced publicly really only serves to elevate people’s notice – people are trained early on to seek authorities. As a perceived authority we command respect – with respect, time, and with time – attention. Attention’s important. Because once we have it – and they’re not flitting about from form to form but paying close attention to what we’re saying/doing – then we can point out how the whole process that brought them to us worked. Well yep, the idea is that it will make them immune to any further attempts by others to use form to entice them away from their own will and to serve in the will and forms of others. Well yeah I realized the paradox in telling people to think for themselves – but I can’t make them think for themselves. I can simply do the best I can, with the others, to present what we have diluted from our own paths.”

Yes, well a mixture of long-term and short-term strategists as far as Satanism is concerned is important – you can’t be too careful with generalizing things out of habit because then you cut your options short. But THEM has – yeah THEM, that’s the name of the new Temple – changed the game for a lot of people. As I speak, in just four months there’s been almost 4000 people visit the site you’re looking at. Right 4, 059. Well, that’s true, in fact someone made a point of telling me some other assclown got twice as many hits and he did fuck all with his life. But the point here is that 4000 people taking the time to read serious methodology and insights into the problems and solutions and strategy of a vehicle like Satanism – and not even Satanism but just life – is a fucking good start. Because they’re not taking an interest in the same old tired bullshit trotted out year after year, century after century that encapsulates them in commercial forms – but frees them from them. With enough influence that could snowball rapidly into a giant fist that fucks the Magian completely. Yeah that is quite an image. Sorry.”

Um, sales are steady and I’ve sold several dozen copies of each volume of Mvimaedivm now – and that was despite stripping all the bullshit that goes with so many occultists from the very start. *laugh* well that’s right and that’s because being occult isn’t the point. But occultists are the most likely place to find minds free of certain prejudices, more open to change, who will try things in spite of the seeming impossibilities of them. Well actually – Oh guess what? My publisher sent me an email the other day that let me know one of my books had been chosen to sell on Amazon – and without me doing a damn thing except writing it. Again, a small start – but a dozen or more small starts in the right place are every bit as good as the proverbial good one. Saturation is one of the keys – but flooding people with books would just repeat what so many others have done – that doesn’t help anyone – but you know about my other work.”

Yep going very well in fact. Tried a couple of times to get in good with a publisher – but for whatever fucking reason…”

*laugh* yeah, must be my winning personality, eh?”

Well – Mvimaedivm is the name of the forum we run. Yeah and the name of the books. Well I’m sure you can figure out why they both share the same name … That’s right mate, they’re the same thing. Anyway the forum Mvimaedivm has been extremely successful – remember when everyone just fucking argued because they wanted to be right? Because of the domination of the ego? Well we found a way to satisfactorily explain to the collective ego how everyone can be right, while everyone can be wrong, and yet everyone work together, In Sinister Solidarity. There’s now 21 separate nexions that I know of and counting, working together while each working in isolation.”

Mate, there’s no way to explain it over the phone without it sounding confusing – you‘d have to see it for yourself, be a part of it to get it – its magic. I’ll send you some of the dossiers we put together so you can see for yourself. It’s only the first finger to the enemy though – the first fuck you as it were. Well a) the Vatican can’t tackle the occult if the occult doesn’t seem occult. b) The magian have a powerful knack of absorbing everything into the machine and making it harmless, we’ve just shared the blueprints for that machine with the world and because it was so popular, that machine is all the magian ever built. They don’t have time to build another one.”

Ryan made a face and dropped the wet blue jellybean he’d taken out of his mouth into the nearby rubbish bin.

Look I don’t mean to sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet, but fuck mate I’m blowing my own trumpet. See look at it this way. The Christians haven’t really evolved in technique – yeah their enforcers have, and technology has given them an edge, but numbers don’t mean shit if you have a superb strategy that gets the masses involved. See they still teach the same intolerance they taught way back when in the same way. They still have a cyclopean definition of Satan and Satanists, and Satanism too for that matter. But instead of having discussions restricted to forms and thus peoples thought processes being effectively controlled via a restriction of choice of thoughts – people around me are now beginning to look much harder at form – examine the motive for their presence – see the fragility in them, and understand the layers of each – not just as individual geometry, but as a powerful context to be used in casual intellectual examination. With the bones of the magic of the magian laid bare – people are slowly stripping away the “cumbersome wreckage” that being trapped within the stricture of forms has left behind as a legacy for our generation and which has profound influence on everything we do by ourselves, in a group, or as a species.”

No way. There’s way too much work to be done to dismantle that terrifying machine than I could ever hope to do in a hundred years of writing. Because there are all these probably infinite angles that need work, study, perfection, alignment to replace the artificial machine with organic life-centered geometry. That’s why it’s so incredible to see all these different groups rising up as one each with its own personality, goal and engine driving it – yet, all working toward the same thing, the destruction of the magian thought process – not just to tear down their transient outer architecture or personnel but a collective internal alchemical eradication of their function. I mean obviously there are groups doing all sorts of different functions – but it’s like they’re working as one creature to bring about the same aim. We’re not just changing the flag here – we’re actually changing consciousness insofar as we are influencing what people choose to take notice of, care about, and with luck permanently affecting people’s perception in such a way as to revolutionize perception itself. Once something’s broken man, it doesn’t get unbroken. Perception is like that.”

Well yeah, I know I’m fucking crazy. But I’m also horrifically sane.”

*laugh* Whaaaat? Get fucked cunt, I’ll buy you a fucking swear-jar!”

Yeah. Nah. Actually that’s a good point. Try thinking about it like this: what does the Magian really have – really have – except our Trust?”

In a nearby room the shrill cry of a mobile phone rang out.

With power comes responsibility – especially when you’re trying to help change the world in so drastic a way. And with so many handicaps! Like, we’re not wealthy, we have to work anonymously, we don’t have the luxury of cheap and wide-spread media or advertising, we’re trying to presence something that is completely outside the box so far as the occult is concerned, we’re trying to expand consciousness for fuck sake, and we’re only three years old as a Temple. I have to believe it can be done – otherwise who else is there? Shit phones ringing hold on a sec?”

Fucking telemarketers. Okay, I’m back, sorry about that mate. Where was I? You get one life, seventy or so years, and then you’re fucking dead. In that time, at least as a Satanist – you have to break down all the bullshit lumped onto your brain and cultural program to see something lies beyond it – you have to try escaping that program a number of very disheartening times in order to identify what lies beyond it – you have to sum up all the knowledge left to you by others by using only the merest portion of it – and you have to learn how to learn. In that time you must also accomplish any number of extremely tricky tasks, including individuation, finding the self, accepting the ego, dealing with the concept of God, the concept of godlessness, dealing with the concept of concepts, get disappointed by any number of idols and gods, not go mad doing all this, not lose interest pursuing such goals, and not give in to being a part of the furniture in the Time in which you find yourself. You must fight death, doubt, failure, and chance, and even beyond all that – you must be able to write, draw, or otherwise communicate what no-one wants to hear without being drowned out, ignored, or laughed at. That is, assuming you align in the first place with the forces of the Sinister and not the status quo. Now I’m going out on a limb here and I’m saying to you that no-one, not a soul, can do or does what I do. That’s why I write so much and talk so much because I’ve never met or encountered anyone like me, and I have something to say about the world and my place in it, I have something to say about all that I have encountered in the people around me as a result of its history and its domination by the Church. I’m not going to sit around and waste my life, quietly biding my time and tapping my fingers waiting for someone else to come along and say what I am saying, or do what I am doing. I’m just giving it one hell of a good go to try and smash these cunts or leave behind the means for others to do it, like I promised to myself I would do when I was twelve. What’s that? Mate, the army will come – one thing I’ve learned is that there are many ways to fight a war, and many ways should be used to fight a war.”

Ryan’s coffee had gone cold. And he pushed it away.

Yeah – well if we can just reach a critical mass then shit could really change in a big way. Yeah? We’ll I’m not a megalomaniac – no – I’m not – one of the most important things I teach from the Temple is not to trade one authority for another. Instead of just repeating the same hypnotic trick but with me as the new puppet master I try and show people how it’s done and hopefully how to shut that shit down. Because replacing a magian authority with a satanic one isn’t the name of the game either man, it’s all so much more complex than that and yet so blindingly simple – depends which side of the fence you’re looking at it from. People need to split their perception and dual view of yes/no a little bit further to work with us, so they have all shades of understanding operating at once. Yeah it is asking a lot – but look at what we’re trying to do – and that includes your work too – it’s huge, insane, and fucking impossible – but hey shit, it’s being done anyway.”

Slowly? *laugh* mate, where I stand that term means nothing anymore.”

Exactly. But you know how super subtle the power of forms can be – and how people’s brains tend to work – for instance, form is so powerful, the reader may have unconsciously assumed that –I- don’t like blue jellybeans.