Absurdity Vs Originality

The current of Absurdity is being mistaken for the current of Originality. Aspects of originality surface in the presencing of the Dark God “ABSU” because of its innate connexion with the Acausal; but while its causal manifestation, absurdity, could be said to be creating forms that are ‘unique’ – it is in fact a dangerous distortion of originality leaking through into our world that is being experienced by a race of beings ill-prepared to channel the current authentically. Although the intellectual links created by beings are believed to be new and original, a departure from the norm encompassed in the catchcry “Random” – their possession by the energies of ABSU while still entrapped in the Matrix is ensuring an aggressive current of escalation in those affected by the intrusion.  Originality or the “Numinous” is a life-affirming energy that is tapped by deliberate contact with the subconscious. However, a whole generation is now being imbued with a destructive, nihilistic mimesis of this energy, and although this may help break down the matrix for some of them; there is a danger that the sympathy required with the matrix to conjure the optimum frequency of humour to access the current is dragging the immature to mental retardation and the impossibility of understanding, appreciating magic in maturity of age.

If this continues, and the causal trend of ABSU continues to increases its hold, then there is a danger that new “Sinister Initiates” will no longer eventuate; especially if the collective ego is training itself to a rise in status via a mode of sarcastic self-absorption. Such makes humility, patience, and mystery, antithetical to the worshippers of ABSU. This means, the only way to teach will be indirectly and through mimesis of ABSU’s current in media that are suited to the Time.

While release of “The Beast” allows for bizarre and unprecedented content from the subconscious to filter into the conscious mind, causing unique strains of geometric chains, i.e. a presencing of the dark: it is only by conscious acknowledgement of the procedures required to integrate the mind that it may be done, and this with extreme difficulty. In the new wave of beings the contra holds true; it is an unconscious possession, and without mastery as an option, the logic of a life-centred existence can only be twisted grotesquely out of shape, disfigured and distorted by a race of cannibal jesters. Moreover, those who teach themselves to laugh at everything: lose the power of discrimination to identify real danger. It would seem from observation that the Magian current has finally begun to send everyone, including the young, mad.

This is prophecy of a now emerging current: a current that is at the forefront of the youthful generation. The Magian are feeding the current of ABSU itself with graphic novels, movies, music and literature that tap into the realm of the Absurd and lead the possessed further toward the worship of idiocy. While the current may dissipate as a short-lived cultural trend, it may also escalate and increase the grip the Magian have on wiping out ‘nexia potentia’ and shaping the next Aeon.  The Sinisterion must not feed this current – logic and rational thinking must always prevail over decadent material absurdity, and that is what the current is, the marketing of the Ridiculous. Recognition of this energy should be heightened and any surfacing of it met with the necessary admonishments of logic, disinterest and/or revelation. A note to all Walkers; whose job it is to interact with their communities in a practical fashion to enact change often via saying or not saying, doing or not doing this or that to prevent or hasten an eventuality – balance must be maintained.