Chronobet [1]

This is a short essay to illuminate the current present in all Western Language and Writing of “Time” and may go some way towards explaining the role of Language as an inhibitor of the Acausal.  The essence of this essay is not to bog a being down with performing the impossible of re-configuring the brain to notice these things on all levels: just some of them. The brain makes calculations as such a speed and frequency that it is rarely checked in its tracks about the assumptions it holds evident. These assumptions create suppositions which in turn lead to illusions which in turn lead to the Matrix.

Western Writings and subsequently their various cultures, exhibit an obsession with Time that is taken for granted. There is a prejudice inherent in Western communications that depends on the continued existence of the concept of solely linear time, a concept that subtly and subliminally cements power into the hands of the Magian controllers by exclusion of Acausal Time.

If we are trained to think in Linear Time, then the later introduction of Acausal Time is a difficult if not impossible concept to apprehend; and unfortunately a dimensional bias has arisen that cannot and will not aid magical experience and understanding. Knowledge of the Acausal is crucial for all Sinisterion. However, so subtle are the tools of the Magian that they often go by unnoticed. For instance: the three-dimensionality in our Language. The concept of Linear Time has so deeply permeated the West that we cannot escape it. Our Language hems us in.

In all sentences: there exists one or more of the following Time-based suppositions “Past, Present, Future”.

Examine the first sentence of this essay. Start with “This”.  “This” is a concept localized in the present. It is an itemization of something in the immediate “now” that is intuitively understood – but to process it mentally demands the word be aided by a conceptual notion of linear time and space if it is to make sense and not be rejected.

Is” is another term that localizes an item to the Present. Like “This”, it also requires the learned schemata of Linear Time to be utilized to mentally process it. This process is very slow at first as per a child’s learning but it does not take long until it is processed at an extraordinary speed automatically: the mind having built a kind of “chronological abacus” that localizes all words as concepts belonging to the three modes of Linear Time. Because this prime supposition is cemented into the processing centres of the brain, by repetitive association, the brain may also pick up other untidy habits such as postulating “Space”.

As it has been pointed out in the MS “Universes Parallel” – the concept of “space” is a human-centred fixation that occurs from obsession with understanding the world from the perspective afforded to us because of our specific size. The spaces between these words beg the question – what is space? Is it empty or merely a perception of “empty”?  Our size-based prejudice generalizes that there is no “glass” or “paper” between these words, or a microscopic multi-verse of bacteria, electricity, electro-magnetic currents, atoms etc. Though it cannot be seen it is certainly not “empty” – moreover space, in terms of a “vacuum” cannot even be proven to exist. Reality in the Matrix is fragile. And these little building blocks of faith so heavily leaned upon without justification are weak points. If you are able to stop and think about it: your brain may cease automatically processing time and space in your communications and contemplate the existential nature of both.

Other words in the first sentence are “All” which mentally encompasses Past, Present and Future. “Of” is a present term that must denote a past for something to be “of”. “A” a singular notion rooted in the present: rooted in the concept of space and a separation from something else – hence it subliminally requires the persistence of time. “To” embodies a link between two or more of the Time notions: a passage from one mode to the other – reliant on Time to make sense of this. “The” is another word with direct connotation to the Present and the supposition of space. Almost all words and concepts require Time and Space to be processed. “Another”, “With”, “Other”, “Almost” etc.

This entrapment forms the basis of 3D/causal communication: mired inexorably in a pre-conceived notion of Linear Time that, regularly used by the brain, cements its validity day after day in unquestioned calculations.  The Acausal lacks exposure or even translation as a concept because of the Linear Time in Language: hence the ONA’s efforts to approximate a new symbology via the Star Game for instance that escapes this entrapment.  Dreams, Experience and Esotery are also important elements in presencing a symbolic language of the Acausal mode using Acausal Time: but currently, only through Causal Time can a being express oneself. Expression of the Acausal to those below the Abyss is dependant on the flawed mode of the Matrix: and therein lies an inescapable conflict.

It is hoped that Music [Qv. Project R]: as well as the development of Signs via the continuing experiments with “Dark Angles” and continued exploration of any capacity for Astral [and other magical] modes to allow unfettered sympathetic communication between nexions will help presence a form of communication that is Acausal in nature. Meanwhile the Sinisterion can only acknowledge that there is communication above the Abyss and communication below the Abyss and never the twain shall meet.  For now it is enough to analyse the flaws in Language, especially where the work of the Magician is concerned, and break some of the faith in language held unconsciously self-evident by the daily Mind.