Howl of the Introvert

 As the founder of the Temple of THEM my Work colours the nature of its expressions. It is of necessity [and the result of the practice of alchemy, psychological analysis, sorcery, experience] that I be acutely self-aware. I therefore am enabled some perception into my own prejudices and biases when it comes to those expressions – wise to the biological and psychological limitations under which my work labours and presences itself. Firstly, unlike many people on the Left Hand Path – I am left-handed – this greatly colours my perceptions and the way I express them as an artist and a thinker. The world is not orientated toward the left-hand crowd since it is right-handers that predominate – this is only visible to those of a left-handed nature who have to persevere with the unnatural geometry of mechanical devices, layout of keyboards or controllers and so on.

 Secondly, I am an extreme Introvert; my attitude toward the world is one of abstraction as evidential by my emphasis and intensity on deconstruction, on withdrawing my libido from objects, breaking them down – thus I seek to withdraw projections, harness wayward energetic exchanges such as might occur through unconscious activity or to rob objects of any intrinsic power to return it to myself. Due to my extreme introversion and left-handedness which affords me a particular insight into things – I therefore have a highly aggressive extrovert mask to compensate. My natural disposition is therefore at odds with how Extroverts see the world – hence my immutable differences of opinion with figures such as Anton Long, Crowley, or even other members of THEM are predicated on these limitations. In your dealings with other members of THEM – it is wise to keep in the back of your mind the factor of these different arrangements of perception and to understand that depending on who you are talking to you will require a different approach. Naturally – because my work reflects the majority of the Temple’s exterior it naturally attracts like – i.e. it naturally attracts, Introverts. This should also be kept in mind – since with such an attraction comes a natural aversion by others toward the expressions of the Temple – leading to a concentration of like-minded people or introverted personalities which limits our ability to explore or apprehend the extroverted attitude toward the Dark Ones – which is, diametrically opposed with an equal depth of unique insights all of its own.

 To me therefore, the Dark Gods, and all things, appear a specific way and cannot help but appear that way owing to my psychic prejudices and blueprint. In other words, it is I suspect impossible for me to see the Dark Gods as other than my nature allows me to. The downside of this is that a group wholly focused on an introverted understanding of the Dark Gods or in fact any subject matter, is missing an exploration of the other half of the possibilities unless there are extroverted personalities among us. Further detail on the relationship between the Dark Gods and the Psyche are given below in Into the Mouth of Madness.

 Knowing the intimate details of your own psyche, actions and being able to do what is largely impossible – seeing yourself as others see you, or at least trying – is essential to learning about how to avoid or incite conflict. This in turn leads to a superior understanding of what drives, characterizes and can strengthen or weaken form. With serious introspection of your self comes, if sincere and determined, a greater understanding of others through understanding yourself. Age is often a strong determinant of psychic maturity because age affords retrospect – the ability to look back on a larger and larger range of experience. Though labels are shunned they are like many forms necessary and useful if only to grease the path of social lubrication so that actual study research and work can be done with the basics satisfied.

 Though there are billions of individuals we share a unified collective subconscious and similar biology – these are the core aspects of a person around which are tacked on smaller less important incidentals. Knowing someone’s dreams for instance can afford massive insight into their unconscious orientation toward the world. Knowing how someone views their parents can reveal how they see the world. Observing the concepts that people use such as accepting time or space without challenge or alteration, whether focused on politics or religion, introversion or extraversion can deconstruct a personality into its constituent parts and where one desires to move an individual in a certain direction or cause them to perform a certain action – appealing to these constituent parts so as not to cause friction with the incipient will and its particular drives can mean the difference between success as a Sorcerer and failure.

 We have observed that the first task of the Trial is of little conflict with most people since going outside and performing tactile tasks of self-initiation in one’s own desire fashion is neither extrovert or introvert prejudiced – however, the next task of meditating on the Tarot cards to withdraw energy trapped in unconscious archetypes is most definitely an introverted task – and as a result we find a rough split in initiates of those who gravitate toward the task and seek to complete it and those who are thrown off by it and renounce their application. There is often the typical query at such a junction as to the possibility of fitness or physical tasks with extroverts seeking a suitable equivalent of what they see as an awful task.

 This division often markedly separates those who would approach the Sinister through the systems of THEM and ONA into two camps – the Warriors tend to select the ONA, and the Sorcerers tend to select the Temple of THEM. What is a Warrior? A Warrior is an extrovert who trains to become insensitive to the world – who pushes through pain, becomes hardened and stoic, amasses muscular ego-armour and the attitude to match. They revel in the idea of the hunting challenge, the External and Internal Adept challenges of living in the wilderness among the trees and animals and weather, of cycling massive distance, climbing mountains as per the Black Pilgrimage within a certain amount of time or pushing themselves to their limit and then seeking to increase it. They become insensitive to violence, and can take a lot of pain. When it comes to the tasks of creating and meditating on the Tarot, learning the Star Game, Insight Roles, learning the esoteric side of the occult they shun and dread it however – for these are the strengths of the Introvert. We know that most ONA recruits pick and choose their respective strengths accordingly due to these two innate characteristics.

 What is a Sorcerer? A Sorcerer is an introvert who trains to become super-sensitive to the world – to be able to feel its places of power, sense power through images, symbols, or nature to feel and draw on the subtle currents of magic by being able to sense them, to see spirits and demons and beyond the veils of the ordinary thing. The Sorcerer though does not shun physical challenges – they merely approach them a different way – the Sorcerer aims to keep fit, to build strength, flexibility and also increase their limits but balances this with the need to retain that super-sensitivity without being weak or crushed. i.e. to be in a position to both sense the currents underlying things, including an unconscious command to Warriors that the Sorcerer could destroy them with a glance, but without amassing ego-armour that blocks these currents from being detected through insensitivity to them. Therefore there is a certain attitude toward performing super-human tasks or demands of physicality which is not to strain and overdo them – but find clever ways to do them or have others do them for us.

 The Temple of THEM trains Sorcerers, presently, from an introverted point of view due to my own innate orientation. Therefore an inward focus will be evident with a marked emphasis on aspects drawing from Carl Jung’s psychoanalysis, [in particular the Libido] Alchemy, Dreams and a withdrawal of energies from objects to restore it to the self. This should be kept in mind when considering the Temple’s writings particularly my own since I cannot alter this innate bias. If like me you have ever experienced a poltergeist, psychokinesis, or the power of a nightmare then you know the extraordinary power that lays inside our psyche. Are the Dark Ones a product of the psyche, external to it, or somewhere in between? I and most of THEM believe that the truth is somewhere in between. But for now, the Temple is coloured by an introverted analysis of this possibility and will be until an extrovert takes my place as the Temple’s Representative.

 The Temple has experienced the same biases when a membership of males or females has predominated with emphasis on various factors due to biological predisposition excluding others. An awareness of this limitation therefore offers us a chance to look for or create opportunities to balance it.

 However, there are potentially great benefits to be had from this approach that the extrovert cannot attain. Magic relies on the Will – more often than not it is the unconscious that blocks the power of the conscious will. This is why a wish encoded in Sigil or Rune magic is disfigured until it is unrecognizable as a symbol to the conscious mind viz. to prevent the unconscious from interfering. It is the aim of this Temple to study and make conscious what we call the Bridge which is an effort to listen to one’s dreams, learn to identify and read the messages of the unconscious, and allow a communication between the two to take place. In this fashion – the repressed contents and the conscious contents can actively be manipulated. This can be observed in the nature of synchronicity which grows and intensifies as an individual correctly interprets their Wyrd, or decreases and causes problems and obstacles when an individual Crosses their Wyrd. Psychosis is however a very real danger when the natural tension or spring of the mind is stretched or used in such a way genetics and heredity did not intend. The Will is powered by repressing certain contents depriving them of power [Libido] driving down those contents at the same time causing other contents to rise up and be empowered by power [Libido]. The conscious is like a laser, we point it at things with a specific aim and wishful thinking – it is the unconscious that makes the decision whether something works or not.

Unconscious contents can be made known through listening to and interpret Dreams, through recognizing one’s own behaviours, habits, patterns. With a variety of techniques, most of which involve difficult challenging alchemical formulas and a desire to evolve that causes serious internal conflict, the energy invested in manifesting Dark Gods or demons externally can be withdrawn – with a corresponding rise in consciousness, self-awareness and control of the psyche [including immense stores of libido] that projects them as parts of our unintegrated psychic content or leaks of unconscious activity.

 Here though I must make something clear – the aim of THEM is not to strive for some perfect human being with a fully integrated consciousness – that is a pipe-dream, the sonic lie of many other groups that strive after the destruction of the Ego thinking they are going to become supermen. The psyche just doesn’t work like that – it requires the tension in the spring to function and if that spring was somehow snapped the effects would be devastating as often happens in the case of the insane where the unconscious dominates. NO – we do not strive a superman or something that is simply unattainable – we wish to create the undividual – a being that re-considers his place and is at least far more aware of the full range of his psychic functions and his own short-comings, limitations and biological biases than most. The outcome of tinkering with these phenomena is unknown and therefore as potentially dangerous as it is rewarding – extremes of both Genius and Madness are to be found within the Psyche but the result of one’s tinkering may not be the result of another’s.

 What need be understood is that there is not or any way to prove an objective proof – I am certain most of you have experienced a supernatural phenomenon, seen a demon, ghost or apparition, been touched by a force or experienced a poltergeist. What is of interest to us here can only be conducted under rigourous self-scrutiny and brutal self-honesty to reveal what is figment, imagination, wishfulness, psychic leaks or genuine entities. Yet aside from trying to determine how much of the Dark Gods appearance, nature, etc is a product of us – the power that can be extracted from a more complete understanding, integration and operation of our psychic faculties is of considerable interest too.

 This Temple has however been home to extroverted individuals and their works will or may be further made accessible to you as you progress through the ranks or contribute to the Mvimaedivm Black Project.

The Temple also houses and welcomes new strains of Sinister definition and system and we encourage you to share your own thoughts and experiences with it, to express your own currents as offshoots of the main vein. The Temple has definite goals such as isolating the context origin and evolution of concepts such as the number Seven, or ascertaining whether there really are archaeological remains of elongated heads to weigh up the evidence for Annunaki in relation to understanding why they were depicted the way they were – [the answer is yes and there are existing examples] – or merely speaking to experts or doing private research of large bodies of texts to find out how an ancient people lived, approached the world, the type of magic they had etc. Underlying these roots is the trunk of our work which is to discover the evolutionary path of concepts and people’s that led to the distortion of the Aeonic imperium and identify the path and weaknesses of the Magi – as well as the evolutionary path of what is called the Sinister and the Dark Ones.