In Absurdum

Sanity is to a large degree measured by social productiveness. The intensity of a selfish separation from the consensus causes a corresponding ratio of difficulty in disguising it from others. As an individual tries to force reality to bend to match their own view [or to see it clearly without distortion], the values they uphold come into conflict with the values of various authorities. If the view held is extreme, it becomes recognized by the consensus collective that the individual is incapable of performing a productive role in maintaining the Artifice/Society – and that individual is then warned to fall in line, treated to restore `sanity’, or deemed mad and incarcerated by physical and/or chemical imprisonment. Once the pursuit and living of an independent view by an individual reaches a point where it becomes disruptive to society, select boards of authority may remove the individuals (illusory) status of social equality and classify them as mentally fragile, sick or insane. A Medical Board for example, is seen as having tremendous power and once a member of its staff has pronounced a mentally disturbed edict, it is extremely difficult to escape the system set up to enmesh that individual in Hospitalization, Pharmaceutical drugs, and the taking away of their right to protest as an ‘equal’ member of society by the persuasion of others to alter schemata (or idea of) the individual in question and agree with the official declaration of insanity.

It should be remembered that the world is a bloody and unfair place largely because it is so very big. When people spend their lives entrenched in a very small perspective that slice of perspective becomes all they know or want to know. It is easy to write someone off if you meet them once and know you don’t have to deal with them again, if you don’t have to experience the consequences of your diagnosis, if there is something in it for you such as a promotion, or if you are well-paid, apathetic and bored in a job with long hours and its “your job” to assess people in a medical or psychotherapeutic way. However, for all the good intentions of the Medical Associations we must keep in mind that they are much like the Church: plagued with corrupt individuals. In the same way the Church set itself up to show who was right and who was wrong, who was Christian and who was Satanic; the Medical Board offers a similar illusion of authority; who is mad and who is not, who requires treatment and who is healthy. These types of institution are at the heart of madness; simply successful in bringing their will to power to power at the expense of other wills. But responsibility begins at home. We go to them, handing our power to strangers and expecting them to play a role – in most cases they know as little as we do about our perceived illness. Why do we hand our power to these people? Reality seems simple because we are all equally mad.
But mad or sane, no-one will care, as long as roughly, you fit in and agree to the values of the society you live in. Notorious serial killers are examples of human perfection of the mode of the Chameleon. In such a practice the social patterns for acting `good’ are memorized and performed on the basis of prediction as though inserting expected numbers into known equations. This guise of being just like everyone [Qv. Shrencing] else helps deflect suspicion whilst the destructive capabilities of the beast are released in a separate and to the individual `valid/true’ paradigm. And in this respect, serial killers reveal the Artifice for what it is. If sanity is measured by social productiveness, then the notorious serial killer is the pinnacle of sane. They are well-spoken and polite, often good-looking, often charismatic, hold down a job, are often married, sometimes have kids, and are considered to be friendly unassuming people (sometimes a little strange, but harmless) by most people who know them. When they kill, releasing the Beast in uncontrolled fashion, they are expressing a base element of natural desire – as persons with actions and behaviour definitive of sane this is telling of the sane thing to do, i.e. act naturally and express the unconscious urge. Highly-intelligent and sane, notorious Serial Killers illustrate the shortcomings of the Artifice, by excelling at using it to fulfill raw instincts. And while the Serial Killer takes lives, other yet socially sanctioned and legalized Serial-Types such as Lawyers, News Presenters, Priests, and Bank Managers perform in a similar fashion as the Serial Killer. However unlike the serial killer, the actions of these four types are often unknown to them outside of their work and are usually performed in a banal manner with no intention of evil: seen as “just doing their job”.
All human beings use deceptive means to accomplish their goals. We disguise our motives under social clichés of selfless-ness, kindness, concern, etc and we generally believe that we are what we say we are. But when I say we, I mean the Ego. The Ego is the part of us that needs to believe that in order to live up to its standards of our “I” and our self-image. The other parts of us are usually silent in the face of the Ego- in most cases because they are unconscious, but in the cases where we are consciously aware of our deception because the Ego gets very upset when it is revealed that its beliefs are not genuine. The fact is that the Ego is one function of many that tends to be over-relied on and its perception (by virtue of being limited to one scope) is not truth.
If I asked who is more likely to be deemed crazy, a Bank Manager or a Tarot Reader; you are probably likely to say Bank Manager because the phrasing of the question seems like a trick and you are resisting the lure. However, “common-sense” will tell us that we are more likely to believe a Tarot Reader will be perceived as crazy over a Bank Manager. But why? If it is because Tarot Reading involves occult elements, is less than scientific and offers spurious satisfaction to the desperate or gullible: why does it seem less crazy for Bank managers to involve themselves with Usury (the magical creation of new paper or electronic money out of thin air by Banks that leads people into debt) Economics or working with numbers? The handling of money is quintessentially far more occult than Tarot.  Bank Managers seem professional, normal, even essential members of our society but very few people actually know the true hideous power of economic theory, realise it is far more destructive than Christianity has ever been, or even remember how to question the status quo of what is crazy. And I say `remember’ tongue-in-cheek, because you cannot remember if you are not taught, and teaching the actual applications of the world is not what Schools or Educational Institutions do.
A Bank Manager really only differs from the Tarot Reader in their presentation of occult mystique, and because they tend to give us something more tangible – and with our loss of faith in the spiritual, the solid takes on a greater meaning in our lives.

Consider the process of a Tarot Reading or Bank Appointment. You come in and are impressed by the setting; it seems professional and mysterious (or “professional and legitimate” in bank terms) and you sit down to discuss what you want. The Reader/Manager does a reading for you and tells you that you may encounter some hardships in the next few months but your future will be financially secure and you may even be rich. They then ask you for a fee for performing the reading and because you feel secure and happy being told ambiguities you pay them. With the Tarot Reading, the fee ends when you leave the room. But with the Bank Manager you take a small fee with you called `interest’ and it grows and grows every day until you pay it back at huge extra expense, sometimes multiple times what you originally borrowed. Or you succumb to debt and lose everything: like magic. Does putting people into debt for a job seem respectable or does it seem greedy, cold, and somewhat crazy?
And what is crazy? Does buying endless possessions made at an ever cheaper and cheaper rate at someone else’s misery and expense, i.e. Materialism, the highest current goal in life for millions of people, seem rational or crazy? Whatever your answer, we forget because we’re only here for a short amount of time that life has gone on before us in many different ways with many different types of end goal. We also tend to assume or be led to believe that the time we are born into is the most enlightened and up-to-date, and that its rules and strange geometry are perfectly normal. Except for those persons who continually regress to re-enactment of a frozen phase of time such as the 70′s, adopting the values and icons of that age or some other favorable past-phantasm to escape from the forms of immediate madness. It’s this ‘chrono-centrism’ or ‘Being In Time’ that thwarts most attempts by people to step out of the Matrix.

Tarot Reading is tolerated as semi-respectable in the day I live after thousands of years of persecution simply because of its value to the current goal of society, i.e. it is marketable. Almost everything that is, has been – especially the phantasms of the past with old icons re-hashed or re-presented. All this buying and selling leaves little time for asking some very dangerous and important questions. All societies move through time changing and being possessed by different goals for that society to live up to.
In this year 2007, I believe that the Australian as well as American society are in the mid-stages of a destructive phase of the Virtue of Absurdity. It is now increasing at a phenomenal rate with a non-questioning compliance of the way things are leading people to lose the power of rationalization, be trapped in the modes currently holding our society in thrall, and become completely mad in their aims and goals and values. The escalation of madness can be seen leaving the quiet isolated solitude of private homes and minds and emerging as a strain of “anti-sub-culture”. Wit, Sarcasm, and quintessential humour – the most powerful weapon in the existence of our race for remaining sane by being able to laugh at the absurdity of the world is being eroded as a by-product of Capitalism. Generally, because of the death of God, and because of the loss of direction and purpose in life as a psychological or spiritual quest for wholeness shouted down in previous decades and taken over by Marketing and Media powers, particularly in the 90′s and into the millennium, new generations are not forgetting the past, but are being herded forward so rapidly into the Machine, that there is no past for them. Children are born sociopaths – the subsequent moulding of them is important for authorities to maintain control but control means Order, Order means memory, and the Past is about to become forgotten; a victim of Ideacide. The very structures of grammar and shared meaning are now being attacked as a form of entertainment. The sudden emergence of shows, comments, and actions that are given value because of their random departure from the normal procedure is indicative of a growing race of sociopaths; person’s who can imitate emotional transactions and modes, but not actually feel or honour them; in other words, psychotic chameleons. This lack of emphasis on consistency in word and action [As per Corporate/Multi-National Business practices] in the phases of formative behaviour is leading society toward a competition of psychopaths and the gateway of the absurd.
As it becomes increasingly popular to be absurd, society is arming a time-bomb. The nature of absurdity is to out-do itself [drop out of its own geometry] and we will see a very bloody and bizarre expulsion of the repressed traumas, genetic and inherent by members of the human race in the near and distant future. It will differ markedly, in that it will be marketed, and made popular. While our generation may see it as escapism or something that is controlled – subsequent generations born into it will not possess this cynical detachment. They will know it as the most enlightened and up-to-date moment in time and be affected by its ethos, accordingly.
This can already be seen in the rabid cynicism of humour particularly in departing from old ingrained methods and principles of comedy, and the psychopathic way in which individuals talk to one another (the escalation of rudeness). The appearance of movies that break the rules of modern cinema; doing away with predictable endings, and showing new levels of gore and sadistic brutality will become the new norm of media for the coming generations of already child-like parents – and this generation will live entirely for the Future. The Past will be severed, and we can expect to see the new messages from the media coming through particularly in `Cartoons’ that continually illustrate a new response to logical inferences and questions as a platform to launch an attack and ridicule a persons attempt to make a solid logical case from past inferences or previous experience. What began with “that’s so 5 minutes ago” originates from a technologically based scorn for the Past, and much like the Governmental/Papal/State fixation with the erasure and re-writing of History – the Past is becoming an un-pleasantry to be avoided at all costs with people looking forward only to the next moment when they are immersed in a new wave of technology that supersedes the previous. Unconsciously, our Western Ethos has entered a new temporary mode with many people unaware that the amount of access to Technology, has supplanted Racism as a form of discrimination. It is already apparent that a division of those that have the latest and greatest and those that have the last model being urged to keep up or lose favour among their peers is occurring. The type of pressure others are placing on their family and friends to stay “Technic” is not far away from the pressures of Religious factions on their members to conform – and is in fact more overt. And it is not out of concern for the latest gadgets that drives this pressure – it is the magic mirror of “Philosophedron” that has possessed people – with people unconsciously imitating and psychically rebounding (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) off the environment in which they live and becoming mouthpieces for the Corporations that sell the technology. This is a form of mind-control that is inherently psychopathic and revelatory of a sinister and sadistic brutality to self-market to ones peer group with the threat of sanctions of exclusion, ridicule, and even violence if said peers do not obtain said technology. And this aggressive self-marketing serves one main purpose; identical to the fear of Christians and other religious sects to indoctrinate others so that their own uncertainty and will to power can be validated by creating supporters in the same uncertain psychological boat; the self-marketer needs reassurance that the new toys are worth the money they paid in terms of gaining or maintaining status. Hence the undercurrent of sadism that leads the self-marketer to force others to join them in buying the same goods, because then those around him will not have the chance to use their money to buy an even later model, and the self-marketers status remains static.

It should be noted that the psychopathic nature of Corporations, as faceless, ruthless packs of unaccountable persons is being copied in the streets. Where I live groups of up to five hundred youths are gathering together on a regular basis. The manner in which such large groups manage to cohese is a fascinating study of the characteristics of the Alpha-Male and revelatory insights into how such young Alpha-Males are forming these large chains of sycophancy. Such men are the rising Magian envoys of the future and for this reason study of their organic geometry is important for Black Magicians. Cowardice, Leadership, Mediocrity and Despair are some of the key characteristics of such large groups that will be touched on in a later work. But it is worth mentioning that I raise this point because the larger the group of people forming groups, the greater the pressure to conform technically.
On that note, the trend of the Alpha-Male as masculine, strong, tough, is being subsumed and undercut by the sadist that actively seeks ways to attack traditional grammar and the structure of forms in a bid to be the “Alpha-Cynic”. The Alpha-Cynic will come to replace the Alpha-Male because former attributes of genetic endowment will lose their importance with both sexes able to compete to be cynical on an equal footing. Generic Masculinity of the pursuit of bodily perfection will be viewed like all other forms that require discipline, physical exertion, or seriousness: laughable.

It will become an end goal for people to be absurd; media will actively encourage it, peers will promote it, and authorities firmly entrenched in their positions will be forced to use ever more excessive measures to control mad, dangerous, and unpredictable populaces. In small doses this is already happening. People are being pushed faster and harder by Capitalism into trying to do the impossible merely to survive by means of making money; bombarded with conflict about being politically correct, being a good provider, doing what they want with life, living up to values of society, living up to the expectations of others and their own, all the while beaten into mental and physical submission by fear guilt and apathy until they eventually break.
The Police, Science, and the Military are all institutions that require the predictable behaviour of human beings and events in order to function as a cohesive group. If no-one is doing what they “ought to be” procedures, laws, principals mean nothing and break down – and with that break down the reign of Capitalism will come to an end, replaced by its end product, Anti-ism.
The Abyss opens wider to engulf us al