Insynsian: The Subjectivity of Objectivity

A Scientific or “Factual Basis” is ideal for the foundation of a Form. Such a foundation is a conventionally reliable measure by which others can solidify and share their understanding and relatedness to the world around them in an ‘objective’ and systematic fashion of certainty which is secured by an extant authority such as the scientific community. However, there are a number of reasons for not backing down, retracting a statement or changing a Form that has been put forth by the Temple either to suit or meet the criticism levelled at it by any particular individual who cares to attack the Form for its suppositions: The most obvious being that the Temple of THEM is an Occult Establishment and not a Scientific one.

The essays that are written are written by magicians with a high level of self reliance, self honesty and self-discovery. Such magicians are Sinister and more often than not alone in their journey; separated from the current or temporal manifestations occurring in the relative Time and Space of the Matrix by which others judge their efforts or compare the validity of their journey against. For example when it was accepted by Science that atoms were no longer the cornerstone of existence many attempted to place their theories related to existence inside the prevailing trends of quantum physics or theory of relativity in order that their theories were more readily accepted, that credibility be attained and so that the new idea didn’t undermine previous facts stated by highly esteemed colleagues. This may be fine for Theoretical Science – But not for the Occult.

The Occult is not, and never will be, an acceptable, provable, fact-based system of analysis and practice. It is a private madness grounded in the rational, the irrational and the Abyss and is experienced in a unique manner by each magician.  No Originality ever came from following the expected protocols and trends of the masses or from taking the established ’facts’ of Science so seriously that they were held to be impregnable and remain unchallenged.  Science may be a better way of researching the world by breaking it into manageable constituent chunks using mathematical/symbolic abstracts than the earlier practice of communing with God through a Church to understand the Mysteries – but it is no less immune to corruption, bureaucracy and the painful crawl of Time that it takes for an idea to be accepted [usually long after the “Idealer” has been ridiculed, disbarred, humiliated and/or sent to the stake] than the Church was.

If I may borrow some classic Scientific Terminology, the “fact” is, that owing to the complexity of life, Science and Religion deal with facets of it in a way no different to that of the isolated Sorcerer, i.e. by sorting out for oneself which aspects of life are important and thus apprehending the world in a specific manner that idolizes some parts of it by building a world-view based upon those shining principles and shunning or ignoring the rest. What is written by our members illustrates part of a private path and personal breaking through. It is not expected to mean anything to an outsider. Indeed many outsiders are so entrenched in the Matrix they’re unable to be interesting enough to have their own path. They attach themselves to others paths as sycophants or vampires to fawn over them, ridicule them, tear them down or to criticize and make fetid pronouncements and denouncements as a vulgar occult parasite or parrot with no understanding of their own and no originality: characterized by a lack of magical maturity and the need to destroy.

No Scientific or Religious or Psychological edict held to be true is necessarily true to Us. Perhaps in the Matrix it is true and evident but outside of that temporal box the only truth is our own sense of Validity as magicians moving through the world encountering obstacles, decisions, beliefs, tests, “truths“ for ourselves; often without recourse to the convenient labels of the Matrix. Although sometimes we resort to meeting the Magian halfway by attempting to ride the waves of logic or reason in a manner that suits our critics or speak the language that is expected by our critics, it is only a temporary alight on their own terms. The subsequent mindset we arrive at based on our self-discovery is more highly esteemed as proof/fact/or truth than any of the writings, opinions [and even experiences] of others – for the wanderings of a magician cannot help but ‘prove’ that there is no objectivity, that there are no facts, that the written word differs greatly from esoteric experience, and that while many are crucified by their own Forms, there exists an ever-present quality of Chaos that supersedes what is known and practiced in magic by those still trapped in the Matrix of Form: which is generally only the noisy exhalations of the ego.

It has been said before that there is communication below the Abyss and communication above the Abyss and never the twain shall meet. We have spoken of the Black Clay [Qv. In Sinister Solidarity] and the art of stripping away the fixation on names, labels and ideas that are mere projections upon the texture of the world around us to reveal the essence – but we have not yet spoken of the mass Ethos of humanity’s failure to deal with the Death of God.

The actions of many exhibit the meme/ethos of failure to deal with the Death of the monotheistic Arch-Emperor whose Priests interpreted the world for the masses and provided a kit-set belief system that made it easy for humanity to be lazy in their decision making and lax in their own independent magical journey. The power of Christianity consisted of a fervent Faith in a singular, all-powerful Entity: A One.  One: meant that there was an unmistakable difference in following the One Way of God and in straying from it. Either you did it 100% right or 100% wrong. It was a way that had no loopholes, no deviations from the established route, no alternate route or short-cuts and no thinking for oneself lest one think oneself higher than the Will of the Almighty Creator. Moreover one began with the disadvantage of Original Sin. In short; the way of God meant Humility. Humility before the gold-gilded altars laden with ecclesiastical paraphernalia heavily encrusted with gems and precious metals, held by Priests dressed in the finest silk vestments, housed in mighty ornate edifices of mahogany, teak, marble and stone [incensed with the finest imported spices] that modern architecture stands irrevocably in the shadow of.  These tremendous idols to the Glory of God are a testament to the power of a Form that is Singular in nature.

To strive toward One Point, One Goal, One God: is to lay all efforts and aspirations, all riches bodily and monetary, all prayers, all hopes and fears, all questions and answers, in a perfectly straight road toward one immutable Apex.  When this Apex began to crumble: when Science began to erode the Perfect Word with its heresies and discoveries: God did not die as Nietzsche believed. God and the idea of a single perfect form had been ingrained into a large majority of the worlds influential peoples – and remembering that the global population was significantly smaller in Ancient Times – the fanatical trend of the Singular spread far and wide for thousands of years killing and persecuting those who would not accept it. To live: many did.

THEM believe that the belief in a Singular Way survived over pantheistic religions because of: a) the brutality with which the Singular Way was promulgated, b) there was less uncertainty about things with the Alpha to the Omega covered and a far greater concealment of the haunting memory of the Original Chaos with everything from Life to Afterlife taken out of people’s hands and conveniently dealt with by external authorities. And c) Pantheistic Religions had no real impetus to attempt to annihilate other Religions in a holocaust of thought, whilst the drive behind a monotheistic deity was to aggressively pursue all who would not see or hear the Singular Truth.

But I digress. God did not die. He was, and still is, simply transferred. He, God, is nothing more than the recent belief by humanity in one perfect way; and the search, the certainty, the arrogance which encompasses the world-view of each and every individual still unconsciously pining for God in his old form continues unabated today with the individual projecting the notion of God onto/into other facets of the Matrix.

Individuals put their faith in Science, in the Wisdom of others, in the idea of “Progress“, “Truth“, or “Facts“, “Democracy“, “Peace” or “the Future” and strive to arrange the world just so in a unique and individual schemata that is collectively united by humanities mass desire for a replica of the singular perfection of the God that was.

Because of this reasoning that humanity is unconsciously mourning the loss of the reign of God as a totalitarian dictator that told them exactly what to do, when to do it and why and is trying to replace that Apex by projecting that same singular will [and it is irrelevant whether the new form is so-called “adversarial” or “rebellious” against God / this means nothing.] onto things – the criticisms/‘corrections’ levelled at any Form displayed by THEM are treated in this greater context as the trivial concerns by another human being to arrange the world according to their unconscious ethos of the Singular psychosis. Even if those concerns are Valid in terms of being Scientifically/Psychologically “correct” – few magicians have the insight and the wisdom to understand that what is being dealt with is not the little details that are entirely dependent on the artificiality of the Matrix but the greater and encompassing currents that drive humanity to do what it does, when it does, and why. It is the Intent behind the ‘Pentagram’ that is of import, not the temporal form of the ‘Pentagram’ itself. It was by no mistake that We chose to take the form of a Satanic Temple and manifest the Form of Satan whose word is CHAOS.

Manipulating these greater currents does not happen overnight with the publication of a few manuscripts. Taking into account the length of time for previous attempts by the Sinister Tradition to manipulate esoteric currents and our awareness of the excruciating slowness of the growth of genuine black magical insight – it requires at least thirty years and the prime plateau of many powerful combined wills fulfilling their Wyrd to employ significant changes. Hence there is a division between what is important to our esoteric order and what is important to our exoteric order. Our esoteric order cares nothing for approval of our essays by the majority and anticipates with good humour the temporary nature of criticism of the contents to issue forth as some individual seizes upon the Forms and finds ’fault’ with them. We naturally expect others to attempt to assert their personal will, their way, their truth, over our exoteric structures. It is not a contest of ego for us: we have no doubt that any quibbles over the location/definition in the Matrix of names, labels and forms singled out by a magician to use as ‘separated’ examples of ‘thing’ from the insoluble Black Clay that are laid down in a formulaic hypothesis with the tools of the Matrix so a few can approach an understanding [if those forms last the distance] would continue to cause bickering long after each of the founding members of this Temple are dead.

We don’t care about the opinions of others on our work or rely on praise or acceptance or understanding in our private practices from the majority or even from each other. Understanding Form is the art of understanding layers. All attempts by us to share our current are minimal efforts made to make our Form intelligible within the Matrix via our “Temple“. We are Arrogant and Self-Possessed. Our essays represent a snapshot of each magicians wanderings, not from books or hearsay of experience but from harsh and prolonged relatedness to the world.

The Temple of THEM have Original Ideas that are founded by combining the ideas of others from working knowledge and practice of these ideas; I.e. Synchronicity, the Acausal Voice, Remote Solidarity, the Mind War, our Ritual Magic etc. Few Magical Systems can claim to be Original with a straight face; even less their followers and it is vastly harder to build something than it is to tear it down. Anyone can tear something down: after all a Form’s greatest weakness is that it is a Form. We smile wryly at the attempts of others to scratch our surface: because those who attempt do it: think it’s their right. It’s been hinted at by many groups with metaphors and inferences made: let THEM say it clearly without mystification: Our War, Our Form, Our Temple to the Dark Gods is not built with the precious fragile building blocks inspired by the Matrix and the ideas that bind the world to the magic of the Magian: but the Sinister Solidarity of real black magicians tempered in the Abyss and united in a singular supra-personal goal to presence THEM. We are the Opening Night that will set the stage for an Opera of Horror and Madness.

Many get pierced by the tip of THEM: by an initial contact with our grimoires and remain fixated with that layer of surface tension: weighing up our notions and comparing them with the known, the accepted, the acceptable – challenging the words, the ideas, the paperwork; only able to concern themselves with the personal spheres of semantics and righteousness. Few go beyond this level: those that do are the serious and the dangerous: either our Enemies or our Allies.

Once a Form has been arranged in the Matrix it takes on a set of attributes balanced between two extremes and a sliding scale of indefinite degrees. Eroding the foundation on which any Form stands is as simple as recognizing the geometry of the Form and analysing the structure it is built upon; viz. identifying the key stones that must first be supposed valid for the Form to be slotted neatly into the Matrix with its brethren. Science depends upon observable repeatable facts, for instance, yet for all the weight behind science it remains theoretical: it cannot be said that Science knows or has proved what existence is, for it too is a search for a Singular Perfection that can’t find the kernel at the core of its foundation. Moreover, for me and for many others: particular Scientific assertions remain unconvincing.

Science’s major downfall, like Religion before it, is in its Singular-orientated drive to be Objective. Philosophy grounds itself in being Subjective, but nevertheless suffers from the same weakness of being a Form: Philosophy is mere speculation that is there to be believed or not believed as one sees fit. If we combine aspects of the two: although it is Scientifically true enough that if one steps out in front of a fast moving car one will get badly damaged: why: how: and what: are dependent on Philosophical suppositions held self-evident. Self-evidence is a great thing; a Philosophers Stone; right up until one enters the Abyss. When one cannot even hold ones self evident then all other suppositions lose their grounding and begin to float unsecured and unorganized in chaos that can only be understood if it is organized: but the nature of the chaos before it is organized remains a mystery because so many fear it.

We have no doubt that there are holes and problems in our suppositions: that is the nature of Form; and it is the nature of humanity to see those weaknesses and pounce on them. But what of it? The World and its Matrix will Change and we will be out of date, of out touch, living in the past as ‘dinosaurs‘ sooner or later. That we are exploring it with the knowledge that it Changes makes a big difference to what is sought after compared with those who explore the world thinking it can be made static. Our essays are not the point: they are ‘a’ point. They are exoteric scriptures that represent the sum total of a magicians understanding in a particular frame of reference at that particular time, no less and no more absurd than the rambling scriptures of any other human being. The necessity of humans to bicker and tear each other down owes much to the Magian Influence and the level of rudimentary teaching available to school a person on Form and its role in black magic.

What we see as important is the demonstration of many essays with original ideas making the key notions of Magian Magic: I.e. “Form”, apparent and transparent and thus Changing the perspective of some by giving an insightful context to the now long stale [and largely mediocre] art of magic whilst sharing the joke of the egos of its practitioners.

Ultimately, THEM will be replaced or crumble as a result of its own [yet unforeseen] particular Form. Nothing is immune to Entropy: and we hope that at the very least we raise the bar exceptionally high for others to follow in the Sinister Tradition when our time is past and our mission fulfilled. But unless there comes an individual with a Creative plan to rival or succeed ours none will stand in our way until our plan is implemented. This is OUR Time, our Current, our Combined Will. One hundred years from now the Matrix, its inhabitants, its forms and its currents will probably look vastly different than they do now: fashions will change, ideas will change, notions will be proven wrong and amended, space travel may revolutionize transport and trade and our manuscripts will be long, long forgotten.  What difference does it make then – if someone disagrees with what we say now, if a minor point of contention from another individual seeking to realize his singular will arises – need we defend it? Need we argue the validity of our Form? We do not because we know we need not. The world is enthralled to its desire to re-sculpt the perfection the hole an all-powerful singular God left behind. This ethos will remain intact for a very long time and Changing it will be an extremely slow task. So it is not the little things that THEM are concerned with: but with the art of Change itself. While most spend their time arguing over petty semantics we the Syndicate THEM see the nature and the vagaries of Form. We saw how Communism rose in Russia, National Socialism in Germany and we will see Mvimaedivm rise in Australia.

Over the next twenty-eight years THEM will lay the seeds of a New Aeon within Australia both in our example and our heresies. We may or may not be around for the harvest.  In light of this: the few days during which an ’argument’ takes place regarding some trivial aspect or another of our manuscripts is a nothing to us: it is dealt with by our dismissive regard for things below the Abyss or things in the Matrix: as a concern only in a personal way where a particular answer or reply to criticism is designed to impede or aid a specific strategy at a particular moment in Time. A Form may be weakened/altered to appease its critics and silence them to entice their support or favour or the Form may be strengthened to discredit or drop out of the argument altogether; but even if some interest is taken in its survival, only a few people realize how incredibly manipulative Form can be. For example: it is important, even when it is ‘wrong‘, that a Form be made as solid as possible to elicit a dense and strong reaction to give rise to an equally solid counter-form. I.e. ONA gave rise to THEM via a basic Aeonic principle.  But, whatever. We don’t expect our methods to be understood. We do expect, over time, that Australian Satanists will come to implement a greater maturity in their Satanic Practice, be at the forefront of a Satanic “Renaissance“ and cease to indulge in the farce the Magian is attempting to pull.

In Summary: No Form has a perfect validity. All Forms are a species of Temporary Paradigm to be utilized by the Adept. This is one of the fundamental principles of the Temple of THEM and its coven of Shape-Shifters.