Into the Mouth of Madness

What Crowley knew as Aiwaz what Jung knew as Philemon, we know as THEM. Ritual Magic is a by-product, a dance around the true fire one should be seeking but masks with their ignorance and fear of what the fire represents – the incest wish.

One removes that ignorance with the journey inward and by learning the language of the dreams. There is a correlation between the form and intensity of demons, gods and angels as external manifestations and the maturity of the psyche and its particular stage of individuation.

We perceive that there is an externality and an internality – but we do not recognize that what is External is in fact of the origin of what is Internal – and what is Internal is in fact the origin of what is External.
We cannot evolve if we cannot control our projections and learn to speak again with the Gods – with THEM – those suprapersonal forces bastardized now beyond all recognition but always contained within the Gate that some of us are.

How did the Sumerians manage to achieve what they achieved? Through a direct connection with THEM – that Voice that guides, admonishes and is the source of all the greatest genius – the Voice that informed Sumerians how to write, Egyptians how to move impossible weights – but we have long lost, long clouded that Voice.

Our libido’s are mad – all manner of outward flailing saps our time and energy, distracting and diverting us from the treasure within. Where no tools are needed but patience, self-honesty, understanding and psychic integration. Where no wands, no cards, no circles, no words are required but to watch, to listen, to consciously try to bridge the gap between the consciousness
and the underworld.

What is Nuit and Hadit but Jung’s principle of the Libido. What is Ra-Hoor-Khuit but the fabled formula of the philosophers stone all but Jung danced around – came so close – even spoke all the right words and grasped the right actions but Acknowledgement of the Function and Goal of the Libido? Each Sage before us has added a piece gradually making this terrible secret known in
an atmosphere developed by THEM of chaos, horror, decline – the only possible environment where the taboo could be unveiled without severe shock to the conscious psyche – the only possible environment that would desensitize some to the horror and shock of such realization – the only possible environment in which such things could be explored and reveal themselves amid a frenzy
of satanic flailing in a turgid sea of occult masturbation that forced a few from the filthy waters to break through to the Source of THEM.

The HGA or High Guardian Angel is the Keeper, the Guardian of the Threshold. This Temple’s Work so far as consisted not of depth from its insights – but in the daunting, unsatisfying, depressing chore of First, alone before all else, removing the layers and layers of forms and spiderwebbed husks of Egotism and delusion from those who would seek to join us ON it. The
Threshold has many meanings and it occurs many times – but there is only one Authentic Threshold and that is the private journey inward on a raft of dreams and a prepared consciousness toward the Abyss – to venture into that place where the Conscious meets the Unconscious and Individuates.

The Tree of Life is of limited help here – The correlations often drawn between Planet and Task are damaging more than anything else – with neophytes armed with the idea that one must/needs summon a number of demons and will then reach Gnosis when they reach the final sphere Saturn, is ludicrous, a violent distraction, a mis-codification of the Way. That is not work, that is phantasy, it is not a bridge, it is a delusion. No actual work is done without the prolonged aid of the Subconscious and not just over the course of a year, or several years, but at least half a lifetime – age changes perspective and Nothing will bring that earlier than it can arise – hence Sath’s comment that only those over 30 should join THEM.

That one need meet, challenge, integrate the Shadow, Manifest the Animus/A, Overcome the Imago of the Mother/Father, Withdraw Projections, Balance the Ego, Yolk or Free the Will, Adapt, Endure, Struggle, Unite Opposites, See beyond Form, Exhaust Form, Bind Contradictions, Learn, Awaken, Question and finally Know takes a long time and unrelenting effort. The Ego lies but the
subconscious does not. The conscious acknowledgement of what Jung called the Libido and the Incest Wish are Key – conscious and honest communication with the Unconscious is Key – to listen to and learn to divine the meanings of ones dreams, as warnings, guides, statements, or separate them from phantasies, wishes, delusion – to control and compartmentalize the Psyche – That is what makes an Adept.

Only a genuine desire to do the Work will get someone there – the Ego’s of most are egg-shell fragile, lazy, or completely and utterly misguided in what is to be achieved and how. One cannot tack on the wisdom and growth someone else gives them – if they go to this place where THEY Dream unprepared – they can expect only the greatest suffering. The admonishments and devilry of
the subconscious have woken many an apparently immovable physical god screaming and covered in sweat. It’s power cannot be underestimated because it will not let itself be underestimated. All that is has been built on these functions, on the libido, the fuck-lens that obscures us from allotting our energy differently, freely, and the very possession of consciousness and the tendrils of the unconscious that don’t care if we believe in Them. But we MUST BELIEVE in Them because they are of us and not of us – they are the gate to genius or to madness – they are the DARKENED GODS THEMSELVES.

And when we do not understand this – we see them everywhere but within, as ghosts, as demons, as apparitions, visions, spectres – and when we seem them outside, it only means something inside is missing. If we are to build a pyramid of skulls we are to understand the needs of the Builders, to ask it what stones it needs, what we need to do on the other side of the veil in the waking world to feed it, please it, grow it, expand it – for as we do, so too does our consciousness explode outward – and as that changes, our dreams change until we stand physically, mentally, spiritually in the place, the divide that the Temple of THEM, call the Threshold.

Crowley, Long, LaVey they all brought something else, something new, a unique brick to pave the stairway to the stars but they ALL danced around the fire gradually making the flames higher to force this realization into consciousness but Not one of them embraced it and dared to steal it, to stand and endure the heat to burn in it. JUNG, and Only Jung, Knew. One cannot read his work without being  fascinated because he was Right. Because he was Honest – alone among all occult writers or those who would seek to understand and bring knowledge of what he found – only Jung spoke in plain english without standing in circles, whispering to figments of imagination or imagination manifesting as figments, without burning candles and incense and worrying about the rotation of the stars or the sign of the moon… His direct and prolonged study of the deepest, rawest, darkest aspects of the human being afforded him the greatest insight man has ever produced. He alone – KNEW and he Voiced it without veils or dance. He stood directly in the fire and burned. He was an occultist beyond measure but not recognized as such.

Does this Temple know the language of the Abyss – yes. Have we seen the Threshold – the releasing of the Libido from Childhood – the divide between unconscious and conscious realms in the psyche – yes, we have experienced the symbolism.