Mind War [1]

THEM’s understanding of the Magian and the Mind War is detailed our
MS the ‘Theory of the Beast’. Basically, we espouse that the sight of
the Abyss for first man was so frightening, that to conquer its fear
it was necessary for the development of ‘things’ and ‘understanding’
in order to control this titanic force that confronted what would
become ‘man’ on that beings arrival to this place… therefore we
place our theory in a biological, evolutionary, type system. In
covering up the horrors, man was able to become man, but in doing so
what actually was, was seen through artifice. This divided the world
into two magical forces; one that wished to remain ‘natural’ and
accept the abyss and a world beyond morality; the other that desired
form and substance and control and invented all manner of fables to
enslave the mysteries of the world into manageable chunks. This in
itself was not the beginning of the Mind War but set the foundations
for a system of FORM that would come to be abused by various

cunning elements of mankind who quickly realised the bonus in interpreting the world for others… Of this element I infer the Christians, but
well before the Christians, the tyranny of control has likely been an
endless temptation for others to rule others throughout recorded and
pre-recorded time. We think the ego, which arose as a reaction to the
Abyss, is responsible for this tyranny, for making a religion of
form, and for interpretation. Some of this is psychological, i.e.
grouping qualities which are quite separate but are generalized under
one umbrella into a singular entity, a fairly standard practice for
the brain and our perceptive faculties; but these kinds of faculty
have been abused, enslaved, controlled, so that when someone refers
to ‘America’ or ‘Russia’ we actually believe that the billions of
individual citizens, each as complicated as you or I [who have yet to
figure ourselves out] are somehow represented by this illusory
statement commonly used to lump virtually infinite views and
information from each citizen, into one little box. As if whoever
wrote the statement truly knew what ‘Americans’ wanted, as if they
could know the minds and wishes of billions of people, and many go
along with this charade thinking and judging the ‘Americans’ as this
or that based on such statements, often without the common-sense to
question how anyone could know sentiments of that scale of such a
diverse and astronomical number of ways in which those brains
function. Such a statement is mere ‘politics’ or statistics – and is
a small example of what constitute to us, the MATRIX, the taking of
form and interpretation and hearsay as gospel over what is common-
sense, observable, rational, reasonable, possible… a common sloppy
madness that has strongly gripped the world by the long-standing
traditional use of abuse of such things as language, logic, form, by
a concentrated group of persons who exhibit a similar and
materialistic weltanschauung…

(that said, only in my time has the Magian been able to be said to be
represented by the Capitalist or Materialist, before my time, the
Magian current was something else, represented by something else,)

Another is in referring to the plans or motivations of billions of
brains by lumping them all under one umbrella such as ‘The Russians’,
or ‘Communists’ or some other such grouping… the same can be said
of the Magian by the Sinister… and while I and the rest of THEM are
aware of this process of doing this, of creating an enemy that is
ubiquitous, that we are projecting our shadow, our prejudice, our
ego… it is necessary to take on this guise and take shapes and use
generalized terms and reach others on the same level as the Matrix
does, therein, others can put up their theories and beliefs and we
will break them down so that they can be free.

Our own writings are theory, they work for us and we ascribe a
weltanschauung of our own around our work, around ourselves; they are driven by the convictions made possible by our ego, by our sense of relatedness; however these theories sound in words to others is not
going to affect how these principles affect our ability to believe in
and practice magic based on these principles that we experience as
working sorcery. Some of that sorcery that is taught under our banner
of CHANGE may be understood by the astute or wise, but I doubt very
much of it is; most people fix their gaze upon the appearance of
things, upon the nuts and bolts, the terms and the words, the idea
that someone is trying to state something unchangeable, or directly
contradict their own view which is taken as a challenge…

The facts are, we teach change. Much of what you say about what you
understand requires no comment from me or anyone else, you will
figure out what you figure out in your own time, in your own way. Our
methods are not about controlling others or obscuring magic or in
pretending we are invincible or infallible; much as our external
authoritarian writings may convince some that we are saying just
that; they are there for a purpose, written like that for a purpose,
a purpose driven by the ego – only when that first purpose has been
achieved, when there is a FORM created for the purpose of
communicating something very particular to a reader, and tat
connexion is made by the reader, can the next stage of the process
begin… but the processes too are not in the end, important – what
is important is the overall theme of our work, of changing, of
confronting the status quo [particularly in thought], of thinking
things through, and eventually, with any luck, of seeing one’s own
power. But some still require the occult walk to prove for themselves
that something does or does not work, some still require the
arguments to prove their worth over others to satisfy their
skepticism or beliefs, some still think there are guru’s out there
that can show them something magical and amazing inside the occult
maze of tools and rituals and bizarre [without being able to
appreciate just how magical the world already is], and some, like
myself, are seen to be teachers, but for all I know, I remind myself
I know nothing, that I may learn…

when I felt I had become a Master, I joined a physical discipline of
martial arts in order to start at the lowest level of something else.
To remind myself of my humble ignorance, whatever my ego might wish.
I learn much about myself from representing this Temple, and I
continue to learn every day in some way or another. While I may say
more than others on a subject, I know better than to
believe ‘myself’. And I know far better, than to stop questioning

I only realise how much I do know/don’t know when I am asked a
question – up until that point, knowing as much as I do is almost
useless because its a holistic apprehension that powers my feeling of
contentment and dare i say it ‘happiness’.
In summary, what I believe, I’m happy to share and have
challenged and put to the test – on the merits that it withstands
such tests is such knowledge useful to others… if it doesn’t then I
am happy to have it pointed out, I take criticism well, and will
happily re-think my ‘convictions’. I’m able to change, to make
change, to back down, or throw aside my ego to listen to common-
sense, or a better idea. If I or the others couldn’t, THEM would not
be as rock-solid as it is, or as unique. It is through the direct
basis of others in THEM to control their ego [and through persons
like you and your interesting insightful posts] that my companions
help me to grow and I to help them because of our ability to listen,
to teach and learn from one another, to warn each other of pig-
headedness or of any absolute thinking… yet we each possess a
strong ego that lacks no conviction to pursue its own way forward,
and requires no interference from others no judgement or control, and
does not need to suck the energy of others to feel its way forward by
reward or punishment. One of us seeks to create acausal wraiths, another
the destruction of christianity, another to raise satanic beings,
another to infiltrate existing groups and change them and so on… we
have our own goals, our own worlds, and yet we each understand the
temple, the terminology, the idea of objectivity, to be illusion.
Our psyche is ruled by nuance.
It is good that you question our forms, as well as not require your
ego to be ‘right’. It is healthy to admit you are in an awkward
position – so are we, so are all of us. What you settle on as your
own weltanschauung is entirely yours to know and believe – I am at
least thankful that we can help you really solidify that
weltanschauung with our provision of many walls to bounce your ideas
off, and likewise we are thankful, for your provision of walls for