Satanism and Prostitution: Parallels

Satanism and Prostitution 

[Taken from a letter addressed to the members of MvimaedivM following the upload of an Australian magazine circulated within the Sex Industry. With the release of “Baphomet: The Greatest Heresy”, “Ethereal Discourses”, and the “Alpha-Male vs. Alpha-Cynic” MSS – these comments continue a push to raise awareness and empathy with the under-appreciated work performed by those of the Sinister and indeed all of the silent services who clean up or council the aftermath of the Magian – inc. Janitors, Garbage Men, Sewer Workers, the Police, etc.]


The magazine recently added to the archives of THEM may raise some interesting questions.  The major one being what does Prostitution have to do with Satanism and why is a magazine by the sex industry being hosted in a Satanic Temple?

Just like Satanism, Prostitution is a heavily stigmatized way of life/business. It is in exactly the same position of oppression from the Magian/Christian factions that Satanism is in that has given rise to the equivalent of the myths/hype prevalent in Satanic Practice that THEM are attempting to address and forcefully stamp out, here in Australia.

The members comprising the sextet of magicians behind THEM form an equally divided gender ratio of 3:3.  Although various Insight Roles have been undertaken by some [and are known to have been undertaken by others] into the sex industry – like Satanism, it is very difficult to get access to that world from the outside.

Most judge the sex industry from the limited [and moral] point of view provided by the media, cultural stigma and the pervasive ethos of the frigid Christian. Such persons tend to perceive and make pronouncements upon the sex industry and its workers without having any direct involvement in it. These types of pronouncements made in ignorance help to explain the necessity of insight roles that inform and annihilate the pre-conceptions of those without direct experience in any given vocation.

Unfortunately, this ‘arm-chair philosophizing’ of a way of life as the ONA so succinctly puts it – is a shared issue threatening to completely infect the Sinister Tradition with those who judge without experience and so continue the vicious loop of ignorance that has led to the dire state of the Sinisterion today.  Hence the need to demand that aspirants perform an act of practical initiative to learn and know from experience what Satanism involves and that it only gets harder and more reliant on practical effort. And thus a publication circulated among sex workers breaking down stereotypes, myths and telling it the way it is, is the equivalent of a genuine introduction to Satanism – offering a fresh, enlightening and unique window into a world that is generally only ever seen from one side.

The Christian permeation of twisted and distorted values concerning almost all facets of life – but with particular focus on their fear and hatred of sex; and the lack of recognition that the sex industry plays in maintaining the health, and well-being of its clientele is something that should be addressed in any assault on the Magian its age-old practices of fear, bigotry and hypocrisy, here within Australia.  While it is a fact that even [or should that be especially?] the devout Christian may sneak down the road behind his partners back for a quick fuck and be back in time to continue being devout for Church on Sunday – the problems of the Sinister cannot be fixed with band-aids – and the symptoms of hypocrisy run deeper than it might seem and into our own channels.

For instance; it is all very well to take part in or conduct a Black Mass with the purpose of gaining sexual liberation and eventual catharsis; such a ritual is a vital and life-affirming Personal undertaking that can bring great enjoyment and unburdening. However it is typically an effort to reverse the damage infused in society by the Magian that affects only that individual or that group. It is thus not enough and indeed naive to perform such rituals without full appreciation of the need for sexual liberation and catharsis on society at large. That is to say, being prepared to take the Black Mass to the next logical level.

Whores, Prostitutes, Hookers, Sex Workers – Male and Female are as undervalued by Society as is the Satanist – whose Work seeks to induce a finely tuned personal balance of healing, growth, change, strength, self-love and love for others, joy, ecstasy, civility, loyalty, integrity, creation, trust and honour with a mix of hardship, alchemy, suffering, overcoming, striving, determination, critical analysis of the self and others, detachment, power, will, sorrow, understanding and destruction in those whom cross their path; creating and inspiring in a life-affirming way a healthy hardy individual with nous, wisdom and the knowledge that hard work is often required for results.

But such work is largely invisible, seldom rewarded, noticed, or paid for – and yet it is [for the serious few] a lifetime’s work of long hours and endless patience and diplomacy. It requires the collation of many varied skill-sets, most of which are extremely demanding to learn. And through privately working with compassion they spend a great deal of time [engaged in psychology, counseling, guiding, training, teaching, discussing etc] to deliver some [the deserving] repressed individual harnessed by the mores of society from their chains so that individual might find release, sanctuary, a voice, and self love and add to the Great Work – rather than become another selfish asshole lost in the occult labyrinths made by the ten-cent gurus representing magic, its purpose and its form today.

The Prostitute is a timeless service – the first and some say the noblest profession of humanity. It is certainly the oldest.  Yet, the services that its workers provide [and it is rarely just about sex but involves psychology, counseling, affection, understanding, compassion etc] is seldom appreciated or recognized as accounts of the service that reach the public seldom come from the workers themselves.

As THEM holds; words are considered empty unless accompanied by congruent/matching deeds or actions.  Here then are the words and deeds of those in the sex worker industry; and a small insight into the world of Prostitution as it really is; with the reality of its problems; its pressures; its Way; from those who know it because they live it.