Notes on the Abyss

Notes; Abyss…

Once a higher truth/understanding has become the main drive behind
a person’s journey’s and decisions, there comes a point when one must
face the Abyss.
It seems initially we look outwards, and to the past, to try to
grasp higher meaning and forgotten Knowledge.
These lessons lead us to look into ourselves, for once we
understand our place within that Knowledge, a deeper Knowledge of the
self is sought.
Breaking down all that has one into creating a person, all
structure is analized, all behaviours, patterns, responses,
relationships, endeavours and desires are coldly dissected. Once a
person has seen all these things for what they are, once cannot look
back. One realizes that they are utterly alone in the cosmos, and
ultimately an utter stranger to ourselves; for as deep as one can go
inside themselves there is still a primal instinct that is not
entirely of one’s self.
Past dogma, environment, nature and education, there is an open
sore inside of is that is not related to our personal experience.
Facing this unknowable emptiness, realizing its power over you,
beyond you, is facing the Abyss. It is the pool of understanding
ingrained in all, but looked upon by few. To allow the Abyss to
swallow you is to become.
Initially facing this age-old void can be very overwhelming –
something so huge and empty could surely swallow us whole, without
impact? But this is not the case; for as we are swallowed, we become
part of it, and it becomes part of us.

To accept our nothingness is to face the Abyss.

To understand one’s true power in that nothingness is to know the

To use and be used by that power is to become the Abyss.