The 23 Syndrome

Foreword: The author does not wish to assert that writing is useless for means of communication: it should be clear that writing can construct magical forms of an extremely powerful nature given that so many people are involved in the shared nexion called “understanding”. It should also be clear to aspirants that writing is in itself a ‘corrupter of essence’ and should always be digested with a grain of salt. Rather, the author wishes to assert that looking for magical keys in the structure of letters is a fruitless task. One may spend a great deal of time wishing something to be there, that isn’t [The 23 Syndrome] and may consequently deceive oneself successfully by aiming ones mental engine at the task of manifestation of something altogether pointless.

Writing is a bridge; an exoteric manifestation of esoteric currents. The planes, curves, and angles of the letters used to scribe the esoteric have long been thought by many occultists [Crowley included] to be invested with some greater divine secret – a secret believed to be operating behind the myriad of geometry that letters cause when they are written; an essence within each letter used in its various combinations with other letters that hides an esoteric kernel of base magical logic that pulls a superior meaning of writing together. Interest in such a matter is usually peaked after a writer comes to finally exhaust for themselves the capacity of language to explain the currents of the esoteric and is forced to apprehend the role of writing as existing on a symbolic plane [Qv. Sruusis].

During ‘Sruusis’ a writer becomes acutely aware of the fragility of communication by letters or speech* to accurately convey anything esoteric. Writing can approach a semblance, indeed a great mirror to the arcane, but it can never replace occult/world experience. Whereby we are speaking of those writers that perform written records of magical activities: Esotery a writer has experienced is a living thing for them: an ecstatic fire and knowing that burns brightly as if some sparkling neon flare in the mind coupled with a corresponding physical alchemy; the body animated just so from receiving a full epiphany resulting in change. Such a living, organic feeling and apprehension of the currents involved is always private, unique: the result of experience with the true esoteric. But if one is attempting to describe these processes in writing: they must usually be described in the context of a change.  To express this change, the writer must at least be able to describe a plane of being before the experience, and the altered plane of being after the experience. [Qv. Chrono-bet].

Although the Esoteric Plane and the Exoteric Plane join respectively as Acausal and Causal dimensions, they are intersected by the Abyss. An element of the Abyss is as a vortex that disintegrates causal information. Language is affected by and even part of this vortex, whereby causal information is a corrupt translation of acausal essence and is energetically fragmented upon contact with the Abyss.

Acausal modes that filter through [and compose] into the Causal are dimensionally different and thus esoteric from a Causal point of view. Synchronicity, Dreaming, the genius of the Subconscious etc are forms of communication that are alien to the Causal: they are for instance of a different species of Time and cannot be understood as cause and effect phenomena.  It is as though these experiences speak to us in an entirely unique language: a language of Experience that cannot be translated into anything but a crude approximation here in the Causal.  Our language binds us to our dimension: we have no comparison and no room in our language for these types of alien beings. And when we try to describe these ‘visitations’ – our words are as whispers on the wind: ethereal and incomplete: made impotent and destroyed by the Abyss that separates this world from theirs.  But few consciously apprehend this: and many continue the struggle using Causal language, in vain, to cross the Gulf.

The problem most often encountered in such optimistic experiments of ones verbal/literal skills – is that communication after the Abyss must meet certain criteria to be intelligible to those existing on the planes below Entry.  Trying to record a static summary of “Being” by using some kind of alchemical formula to describe ones state before a transformation is a task that has eluded even the greatest wordsmith, because words limit the magical and force esotery into infinitely complex geometries, nonetheless bounded by dimensional restraints.

More so, attempting such a thing is not a flow with the natural: it is an attempt at solitary confinement of ALL by the limited apprehension of the few planes of which the human being is humbly aware – and doomed to failure because of:- Language.  Recalling this authors own struggle: putting the body [of which we ‘Matrix-ally’ understand less than 1%], the Mind [an abstract that has taken on credible tangibility, and again an itemisation of which we Matrix-ally understand less than 1%], and the infinite angles of the existential into a concrete approximation or accurate model of Being using language proved impossible. One: Language thwarted all attempts to convey what I felt: in most cases there was no precedent, no concept, and hence no word for it. Two: all writing is corrupted by the alien presence of the bias of Ego. Three: Encapsulating something as staggeringly simple as Life using Causal Language is to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of divisions/planes that must be accounted for [and are generally expected to be] if trying to measure ones “Alchemy” for others. And Four: One cannot directly transfer ones experience to another because transmission by Language is subject to chaos via the shifting miasma of meaning inherent in language by writing or speech that  consequently smears and distorts the original esoteric.

Let us not ponder too deeply on the nuts and bolts of the limitations in the human being to account for its self: it is a moot argument.

During the frustrating realization of literary defeat: that one cannot truly convey the esoteric with the exoteric: the apprehension of language as a limitation for esotery may arise. An appreciation of Language as a tool belonging to the Matrix may surface whereby it is understood the role of Language is limited to creating mere geometric bridges: Bridges restricted to the Matrix because the geometry created is rooted in the illusory plane of the Symbolic. Such an apprehension is similar to that of actors who come to recognize the gulf between acting a role and the role itself that can never be bridged [Qv. The Sinister Grotesque]. And such a realization offers powerful insight into the fabric of things: for a writer who has merged with an Acausal perspective of Language will become suspicious of the face value of words and see them for what they are: as a grotesque, a sinister writhing scrawl that is to the original esoteric as music is to noise.

However: not all writers emerge from the realization intact or appropriately empowered: while some are able to accept that language is ultimately broken shards the casual result of being forced from the realm of the dream: others without knowledge of the Acausal and the nature of the Abyss are led back to the smaller magical cone; the semantics of the Matrix, where they contemplate a secret essence believed inherent in language and words and letters themselves. Such an obsession obscures the simple and represents the absorption by a destructive angle: Wisdom substituted by a treasury of thoughts that there lies within our Language some mysterious Occult secret. A distortion of the simple is bound to occur if the epiphany is encountered by a human-centred being. Writing/Speech is the tool of the Ego and is thus heavily invested with the energies of human self-importance – a narcissistic mentality that summarizes: because it “comes” from man it is “of man” and thus by proxy “is man” – which is further broken down by the selfish nature of the will to power of all conscious beings to, “is me”. There is an ever-present danger of misdirection because of this mentality for the ego to project divine worth onto its tools.  That is to say, safety precautions are taken by the ego to protect it when it suddenly experiences mystery at its inability to communicate its will to its satisfaction and it charges the exoteric script/text with power, remaining ignorant of the symbolic plane. And due to this ignorance, Gematria, Kamea and other exoteric arrangements of letters and numbers are pored over, arranged into squares and rhombuses and so forth in the hopes that such diligence will reveal a perceived secret. There will always be casualties on the LHp [which can quickly become an RHp]: i.e. those that don’t make it intact from the ‘Sruusis-type’ realization and remain blind to the power of words and to the alien powers of their deceptive host the ego.

In Summary:

Writing is an abstract symbolic expression by the ego to express the incommunicable: or in a magical sense, the esoteric. It is motive in the guise of shape, and if its exoteric representation is mistaken as essence rather than appearance it has performed its tragically deceptive spell-craft.  For the aspirant – writing should be seen as a mode of human centred perspective that is obsessed over because of its connection with the Ego: it should not be expected that dissection of symbolic characters in light of this understanding will divulge anything less than this.

* [in which case we exchange the symbolic for the aural or sound plane]