The Aeon of Fire Rite

The Aeon of Fire is a highly succinct death incantation modelled after the lengthier death incantation given in the Black Books of Satan written by the ONA. It involves very little speech to be remembered but retains all of the necessary elements for causing death upon ones target(s). The Temple of THEM has used it to great success to separate or destroy its enemies via sympathetic magic. One of the defining features of our magic is its lack of emphasis on aesthetics and its reliance on cold determination – meaning that this rite can be performed provided the intent is present and focused by anyone at anytime whatever they may be wearing, night or day. We use the energies as they are without more than the basic trappings present – and more often than not, completely without. We are deadly confident in our ability to use the connections we have made through our sorcery to speak through Them and do Their Will as Ours.

 For those performing the Aeon of Fire we provide a note on the Intonation: Members of the Temple of THEM do not exhort the Dark Gods to obey us or seek to draw on their favours by wheedling their assistance. We do not Command them or Protect ourselves from them – we entice them through a deep esoteric understanding of the currents of Sex and Death and Terror. We are sinister and self-possessed emanations of the Dark Gods themselves and Our Will is Their Will. We are cold and sure of our magic. One should have no doubt as to the power one has – provided one has a sincere and unbroken connexion with Those who give it. Speak with no fear, no doubt, treat the outcome as the Rite as a given, as a fact – that only requires you to go back through the motions and formalize your intent.

The Rite is given here for Two people; It can be performed solo or with more than two people. Adjust the speaking parts accordingly – the words and who speaks them are arbitrary in comparison to the intent required to be present.


Top Symbol: The Threshold symbol.

Bottom Symbol: The Acausal Pentagram

Both Symbols are used. Practice drawing them beforehand.



The Rite works on the basis of empathic connexion to acausal energies and sympathetic magic. Prior to the Ritual waxen images must be created of the Target(s).

To shape wax, Boil water and add it to a bucket. Skim the wax that forms on the top of the water and begin moulding it into a lump until you have a human body semblance.

The aim is to symbolize as accurately as possible the Targets – use a wax that suits the appropriate skin colour. Shape the dolls accordingly to resemble your target(s). Into the chest/heart region of each, place a drop of your blood, seal it with wax and sketch a pentagram over the heart. This creates an intimate connection to the target.

Lastly, add necessary details to make the figure look like your intended target. Locks of hair, clothing, sketch clothing, jewellery, facial features, hair, etc into the wax to resemble your target as closely as you are able. The more detail you have, photos, personal belongings, physical resemblance – the more likely you are to kill them.

If you are unable to draw effectively or have few or no other materials from the target – create the human shaped figure as best you can and use an alternate method we call Tarotdown. Perform a private reading for your intended victim. Once done, turn over all the cards that bring luck, fortune, health, wealth and replace them with darker cards. THEM use the Naos Tarot for this and substitute the positive cards for any of the cards that visually depict violence, death or chaos – Subverting their Wyrd.

Once you have your figures. You should practice intonation (speaking) and creating wax figures to make them effortless before you perform this Rite. The words of the Rite should be memorized by all participants. The defining feature of THEM is deadly confidence and the will to kill. Once done, you can begin.


The Rite should ideally be performed Outside under a Starry Night Sky in a dirt clearing where the ground can be drawn on with the finger. Do not use anything but natural materials i.e. No paint. Note however: the time of the Rite is irrelevant.


 On the Earth, the Mistress creates the Threshold symbol and this opens a Gate.

 Below the Gate, the Master draws an Acausal pentagram: a Tetrahedron within a starry black chaos that corrupts the boundaries of an inverted pentagram. See fig.1.


Mistress: In the Aeon of Fire, beneath the glittering gaze of the starry Abyss,

We Remember.

Master: In the Spaces between Worlds, where the Bornless and Lucifer wander the Angles,

We Stand – And Remember.

Master: To this Nexion beyond Time and Space, we touch to return, that to be returned,

And Remember!

[The Mistress places the dolls under the plinth of the Gate symbol.]

Mistress: By Our Black Will is the Threshold that seals made thin and the Gate thrown open, Agios!

Mistress: Come forth from the Labyrinth of Angles, Gods of the Crawling Chaos and devour these Burned Stars!

Mistress: We Return these beings to Being. They have no place here,

where we Remember THEM.

The participants stamp the dolls into dust with their feet in a controlled frenzy and throw the pieces outward in any or all directions from the site of the Rite simulating their targets destruction. The Rite does not end with any kind of banishing, or closing of the gate. Once the wax fragments are dispersed the participants simply leave. There is no formal closure of an acausal pentagram only a detached contempt for those cast into it.

An alternative but advanced method to ‘finish’ the rite involves chanting Diabolus of which many examples are available online including variations created using chants recorded by the Temple of THEM.

The Recorded Chant is also available freely online from various sources or as a compilation disc.

The spoken words are available from Codex Saerus – the Black Books of Satan