The Alpha-Cynic vs. The Alpha-Male

The Alpha-Male vs. the Alpha Cynic

Part I

[Dedicated to my Brother & the few Good Men who influenced my Life. +O+]

Following on from the essays in the Book of ABSU regarding the increase of absurdity and the faith one can place in the laws of escalation – we are now witnessing an exoteric/outward/physical/social change in pathos in the collective human consciousness regarding the validation of superiority, strength, aggression, and excess testosterone as the key elements to leadership; elements generally assigned to the characteristics of the ‘Alpha-Male’.

Although glimmers of this approach have been appearing for a long time, increasing or decreasing as they wax and wane – often in the context of parodies; the attack on the alpha-male has now come to dominate the perceptive consciousness of the collective.

A re-occurring sign that spans the generations is what precipitates or illustrates a change in collective consciousness is taking place. (Qv. Notes on Signs)

When a famous Australian footballer attacked his fiancé recently (2008) causing serious injury – his bravado, a factor that would have once stood him in good stead and aligned all his buddies behind him – has noticeably failed to protect him from the scorn and derision of his peers.

The comments and aloofness, toughness, or bravado usually demonstrated by the footy player to shift responsibility for their aggression and big-man syndrome from themselves onto others for expecting it/nurturing it as part of the game, part of the role of a sports personality – was not considered an acceptable excuse by the footballers peers – who have largely ostracized him from their ranks – sending a clear message that this behaviour is not acceptable – and creating a considerable landmark in the potential for a change in maturity and empathy in the average male Australian.*

*Domestic violence – although not as popular a topic as terrorism or global warming is probably the most frequent crime and frequently tolerated crime in Australia.

For the younger generation – changes are also afoot. Just as science-fiction has shown some connexion to the development of technology and future focus to the scientific sphere – I believe movies, when viewed as emerging patterns of concept, tend to illustrate changes (esp. since they tend to initiate them) in the collective consciousness.

In the recent movie ‘Aliens vs. Monsters’ – a couple are making out in the classic scenario of a jock at kiss-point with a girl. However – the roles are reversed – the girl is ready to make out, insistent even – while the jock just wants to go home. He is frightened of the UFO that flies overhead and is the one that twists his ankle when the two of them make a run for it. The sophomore – who is well ahead – slumps her shoulders at the fallen jock that is simpering and is heard to comment ‘this is the worst date ever’. She then goes back for him and is seen carrying him in her arms at the next scene. (Appropriately – both sexes scream in terror when the UFO attacks them.)

In humour – in making someone laugh – pointing fun at – using satire to show the reflexion, the absurdity of something – in animated cartoons and even the rugged masculine aggressive world of Australian Football – the Alpha-cynic predicted to emerge by THEM in the Book of Absu is now manifesting as a collective archetype infecting the consciousness of the presently established male clique and the younger generations influenced by them.

These and other indications are a sign that the Alpha-cynic, as an unconscious archetype is a reflexion being seeded in both the young and the established male communities.

The world has begun to laugh at the Alpha-Male – and if not a raucous laughter yet, be assured the seeds these numinous memes plant in the young ones will grow fast.

It is not ridiculous to surmise the popular adoption of wearing pink by men (ala the ‘metro sexual’ phase of fashion) was in some small way a step toward males finally collectively adopting/releasing some of the latent feminine characteristics present but repressed in their psyches – as it only takes one person brave enough to set the example, for others to follow – and for a new norm to be set. Just one of these feminine characteristics is tenderness, like that which many hard men show to their children and wives – which tenderness quickly disappears when dealing with others and esp. other men.  And another of those characteristics is the ability to unite (without ego) as one voice in order to protect someone or demonstrate the unified impression that someone has overstepped the line.

Whereas such strength has in the past been the standard for men to aspire to – ala the Greeks – this emphasis on physique as the stature of manliness appears to be changing – or at least at a point where, with sufficient pressure and acceptance, it can begin to change the previously validated philosophy of an ego-oriented, muscle-bound drive for men to get big, and stay big – with all that this implies in the way of ‘big-man syndrome’ owing to the excess testosterone.

The collapse of the world economy has precipitated (as it generally does when the physical world is shown to be fragile despite its appearance) a move toward more spiritual nourishment – perhaps in seeing even the great Alpha-male’s dominion – those supposed to be above such injurious and humiliating experiences come crashing down – a certain disdain for their position, for being unable to live up to the expectations of supermen has collectively come forth. A new superman, a stronger more flexible superman who cannot be taken down by something as intangible as money, is needed.

What is the Alpha-male? I was an Alpha-male prior to developing/evolving into the Alpha-cynic.
The Alpha-male is at the top of the pecking order. What puts him there are perhaps neatly expressed as two things – an ability to talk to all echelons of others in the pecking order – and his aggressiveness (and success) in the things his Ethos expect of a man.

Gym junkies, body builders, wrestlers, martial artists, athletes, executives, and others who work on increasing muscle mass and strength (or even amassing egotism and power) correspondingly release enormous amounts of testosterone – and in doing so, build what the Sorceress has aptly named ‘ego-armour’.

But so much testosterone causes imbalance – and those affected – lose the capacity for temperance in their weltanschauung, in the way they deal with people, problems or the world. In thinking strength and muscle are the keys to resolution they the aggression that they have attained in the way of training as the key tools to resolving issues that face them. As a result – the not altogether unfair stereotype that footballers are ‘dumb’ has arisen because of this imbalance of mind and body. In such a capacity – the focus of big muscles becomes the fixed role and characteristic of a man – limiting or even locking out the potential for others.

The discrepancy of imbalance is analogous to many gym junkies training only the top half of their bodies; going for the showy Pecs, abs, biceps and triceps, lats, and trapezius muscles groups – but ignoring the less visibly appreciated muscles in the ankles, legs, calves etc that should be included to properly hold and support the incoming upper body mass. Many gym users are top heavy – and many are slow even if they are powerful.

A tendency to make fun of Alpha-masculine characteristics – esp. where those with a powerful and calculating sense of humour are concerned (mimicking one of the powers exercised by the Magian to make changes) and who can cleverly cut down such giants to size, verbally – is emerging.

The Alpha-male, who struts and preens, who goes to excess to prove his muscles and aggression is now beginning to be seen as a laughing stock and to some extent an embarrassment of the male community.

The Alpha-male who gathers his troops around him when he is being a ‘big-man’ is being seen as weak for needing so many cohorts to back him up, for needing so much additional help to sort out the childish impulse of picking fights he can’t finish alone – and where, if the pack attack is successful he then congratulates himself for being a superhero.

Arrogant, ignorant, vain, pretentious, full of false bravado and pride – such men are silently viewed by their cohorts as an embarrassment – as a jerk. As a time old tradition – other young men gather around them – because they want to be the Alpha-male or at least in his favour/shadow. Because, generally, they lack other male role models to show them how to be men – and copy the nearest and loudest one to them.

But the Alpha-cynic is an entirely new breed. Coming in all shapes and sizes, alone or in groups, the alpha-cynic scorns a person who must surround himself with a dozen others as a shield – scorns a person who only ever picks on the smaller, weaker, persons as prey – proving to be more of a weak parasite or predator than any kind of sterling example of masculine pride.

When does the Alpha-male ever pick a fight with a larger man, or insult a group when he’s by himself? That’s right. Never. Like the harmless animal in nature that makes itself look more fearsome to scare away the real predators – they puff themselves up with numbers, bravado, aggression, and arrogance.

As a stronger consciousness of our implicit connexion comes to dominate the thoughts of people globally – where, the alpha-cynic wonders – is their real power? Where in this sad morass of pretense is the real man, the man who can change a nappy or fix a car, who can stick up for his friends or console his girlfriend, comfort his kids or take down an armed aggressor by himself?  Who is so strong he can tame his ego?

Where is the real man who is so strong as to be secure in himself, his penis size, his muscle groups, his place in the world – that he need not resort to picking on the weak, on the out-numbered, on copying the vicious pathetic bullyboy tactics of the state and its magian ethos that rules them?

When they’re by themselves they keep their eyes down, look away, and keep silent even in the face of “mortal enemies”. When push comes to shove, they’re more often than not cowards, they beg for their life when threatened by death or after receiving serious injury, and then, even then – instead of fighting that tremendous hold the ego has on them, accepting they were being a complete tool and growing beyond the rock-solid stagnation of their total psyche – they continue to talk shit, mouth off, threaten reprisal, strike when one is weak and never when one is strong.

(A sterling example of the typical formation of an Alpha-Male is given in a horror movie entitled ‘Eden lake’ – which movie also raises another vital point of contention between THEM and the Magian – and that is the ridiculous notion that monsters are anything but human.  In such distortions lays the refusal to take responsibility for what the human is capable of, in both the positive and negative, this distortion is what prompts THEM to re-define what it is to be human, i.e. First Human. A topic to be covered in the second part of this treatise.]

When will this man walk down the street holding his head up high because he was kind to a stranger, helped protect someone in trouble, used his real strength to break free of the bullshit roles to which society/media/ignorance binds us and makes us live out by providing only broken examples of men – only one side of the multi-faceted glory that man can be? When will this man stand up and choose how to be a man, inside, outside and on all sides?

And in the face of such growing cynical distaste at what many men have become – even dissatisfaction in the idols that are often the only example of a strong man, successful man, real man – many are beginning to develop the strength to say no. No to the examples, no to our fathers, no to our brothers, no to our perception of the future, and set our own examples of what a real man should be. What it is to first be human – and not repeat and regurgitate the cycles of violence, ignorance, arrogance, misery, pain and suffering to which our species has been prone – proud of – praised for.

Fuck them. Fuck that.

The Alpha-Cynic will replace the Alpha-Male because they see straight through the camouflage of such men.

Enter the Alpha-Cynic…


On Signs:

Just as Terrorism or Communism have always existed but only came to the fore of perception when they were suddenly reported en masse by the media – and which forms now or once exercised a considerable chunk of people’s basic perceptions of the state of the world and its forms in play – largely accepting the story spun about a world at war with terrorists/communists – the alpha male is now under similar collective (popular) scrutiny.

The idea that the world was suddenly under attack by terrorists – as if it had somehow been in a peaceful slumber only to be rudely awakened by armed extremists one day is nonsense – “Terrorism”  – the name itself being a political abstract, and pending on whose side you’re on ‘Activism’ or ‘Freedom Fighting’ – has always been going on – and always will go on so long as Governments, States and Countries, Political/Religious Regimes or even Individuals seek to oppress their people thus forcing the conditions that lead to revolution.

Only once it is mentioned as an issue and portrayed as epidemic around the world (naturally to ready a populace for war and set the stage for manipulation) by the media – when millions suddenly converge on the same propaganda in newspapers, television, and the media limits (and controls) what is shown again and again as terrorism, does it suddenly become a hot topic that permeates/affects the lives of billions.

But in an Analysis of Frequency we destroyed the idea that the media was a reasonable or rational way to see the world or attain an even remotely fair assessment of world events. The news does not have depth; it does not have comprehensive dialectic nor seek to answer the important questions of the why and how of the events it reports – esp. if those why and how indict someone or some political party to whom the news is connected. If you put a million people in a box with pink walls. They’re going to see pink.

Since the war on Terror has finally been accepted to be a farce by most, and using fear tactics such as “Weapons of Mass Destruction’ that did not actually or ever existed – or the promise for it to be over before Xmas when it’s been almost a decade now since the US invaded the Middle East did not eventuate – the propaganda has lost many of its teeth.

So, as is always the case, it’s time to trade up and swap one fear maker for another.  The ‘Global Warming’ issue and the “water shortage” scare (at least here in Australia) has developed as a similar tactic to frighten and maintain the fear factor that holds an uncertain, confused populace in its grip thus making them easier to manipulate.

And it is necessary to make a pointed, very pointed comment here, that Water was once joked about only ten-fifteen years ago as one day being sold in bottles – as an absolute outside chance that it could ever happen. Believe me when I say Oxygen will be next – and some form of “Alien Invasion” will take the place of Bin Laden.

Now that THEM have noticed the unconscious thrall emerging of disdain for the Alpha-Male it is the right time to seize the bull by the horns and make this issue more widely conscious.