The Power of Will to Shape Reality

The Power of Will to Shape Reality

E = Environment / e = ego

`E’ – representing environment – is that factor referred to as matter, although current understanding of this material or `black
clay’ from which everything physical is moulded is yet to be understood in its greater relation to the other elements of the
Acausal and its type of Time.

`E’ can be seen when walking down the road – it is the essence of the shapes and the geometry of the world. If, for instance, a road is
laid, that road is there because of ‘e’, because of ego, that is, because of someone (some Will) willing that thing to be there and
that shape to have taken form from the elements of `E’.

The Grass, the Trees and Plants represent the wild, untamed expression of E – of `Environment/Nature’. Left alone these forces
would quickly claim back the carefully manicured lawns, garden rows, and neat hedge lines. They would crack the carefully willed concrete driveways and smother the property lines defined by the humble fence. They would grow over the windows, through the floorboards and carpet the walls in mould. Our cars, left unwashed and cleaned would become dirty lumps of mud covered in bird shit and rotten leaves. Their engines would atrophy from disuse, the parts seize and rust without oil or weather protection. We, too, would die if we did not eat, drink, or practice sanitary living.

A tree, is a dynamic counterpart inherently and implicitly expressive of the essence of `E’ – a tree is part of the natural expression of the E engine – it is the substance of `E’ itself given unique form by `E’ and not `e’. It is when the `E’ meets resistance from the
Will or driving force of `e’, I.e. the human will to change `E’ to suits its needs or desire, that `E’ is defined to some extent by `e’.
But until that resistance occurs, the `E’ is a raw, primal and alien expression of the Cosmic Being. It is from observations of this
natural expression, I.e. Nature, unsullied by the intrusion of man’s `e’, that Nature can divulge the natural pattern of things,
I.e. the Sacred Geometry of the Universe.

Even when `E’ has been `tamed’ to suit the `e’ of Man, its retains its essentially primal chthonic quality – there must be continued
pressure or resistance against the expression of ‘E’ by man’s `e’ to keep it serviceable as such, I.e. in one mundane example, we mow the lawns and trim the tree branches when they show signs of interfering with powerlines on our streets lest the grass become ‘overgrown’ or the tree branches `disruptive’ to our Will to Power, `e’. This constant struggle to `mould the black clay’ to mould the primal matter of `E’ and the contents generated by its Engine by the contents of `e’ – is a struggle to maintain a stasis of Artificial
Forms over Natural Ones.

It is a process that can not favour one engine over the other, the E and the e are not divisive when we look at the greater process, but joined in a cyclic dance. However, when the Will of `e’ tries to force `E’ to conform to its Will there can be dire consequences.
Consider the Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb. Man’s Will to harness the elements of `E’ amplify the opposing Will of `E’ and the detonation that results when that `E/e’ is released is incredible.

If we see a road sign as we drive by it – we can, with developed powers of empathy and psychic/occult skills come to sense the Will
that binds that sign to be there. We know a worker probably placed the sign there by order of the Council for which they work. In turn the Transport Authority issued orders to the Council. Someone in the Transport Authority decided to Will that sign to be there, whether it was a political decision to placate or bribe voters, or a decision based on common-sense to reduce speed – whatever the motive, it is the Will of `e’ that conceived of its implementation. The road sign is thus held there by many combined forces of Will, by the worker who wants to have done a good job by doing what he was asked to do and completing the task of setting up the sign, the Council who have ensured the sign was placed there in order to answer to their responsibilities and obligations as part of a bureaucratic transport administration, and the individual in the TA who decided that it would be a good idea to erect a road sign in the first place – owing to pressure from other Wills or ‘e’s and external/internal forces.

It is due to these Wills, that you are seeing a road sign where it is and why the rest of the powerlines, roads, houses, letterboxes etc
appear the way they are and have been placed in such a way to give rise to your spatial and visual interpretation of the `black clay’ or matter of the `E’ that defines your perception of the clay within a specifically shaped geometry.
But, if another Will wishes to smash the sign or remove it – it may do so, altering and disrupting the will of all those other Wills for
that sign to be there. In much the same way on a grander scale, the US Government can smash the Iraqi Way of Living, altering and
disrupting the will of all those other Wills for that Way of Life to exist. Why is it so easy for one will to break/disrupt a form
created by many wills?

The answer lies in the subtle illusion of Form and the subsequent projection upon these types of mental/physical phantasm by man’s `e’ that mistakenly adheres to a belief in a permanent state of things called Reality. The ‘Black Clay’ of ‘E’ cannot be permanently fixed in place – even with the strongest Will – for example the Willpower that intended the Pyramids to be built with such precision and mastery that they should stand for ever, or at least the five thousand years or more that they have stood – will still be subject to the law of Iron Will. That Law states that a Form can only remain solid or Iron, so long as sufficient Will from `e’ is maintained -and even then the eroding powers of Nature, Time, and other `e’ Wills will affect any Form that is Willed into being because the nature of resistance of the two engines takes place in the connexion between the two engines, the “Mirror-zone`.
The Mirror-Zone is the place where content from E and e meet together in an ineffable dynamic. This Zone is at this Time perceived through a third-dimensional prism – but occult faculties or entheogenic drug use can awaken the necessary sight to perceive the Zone by other types of prism, or beyond the Zone without a prism. But regardless of the shape of the Prism – all possible Knowledge is limited to and constituted by the singular point of resistance where the two types of content from each engine meet and touch. Everything outside of this contact is unknowable and constitutes the Abyss.

When the sign is being placed, the will directed at putting it up can be quite tremendous – with many Wills answering to the Will of
another, a sort of combined effort to will that sign in place is achieved. However, once the sign is placed – the Will of the one who
conceived of it has been achieved by resistance against the `E` (I.e. chopping down trees to make roads, making sand into pouring concrete to hold the sign etc). In such a case, once the sign is up, the Will of the `e’ that placed it there will no longer be focused upon the act of resisting the particular elements of ‘E’ in that region specific. The ‘e’ may even forget all about it and move on to
performing some other act of Will. The sign will thus have the power of will withdrawn from it – it will no longer be strongly powered
by ‘e’ – instead it will revert to its original inertness in the service of Man’s Will and be left to be claimed by ‘E’. Divested of
its protection, the sign will easily succumb to the Will of another, whose single will to re-shape the sign’s `E’ may prove stronger than the power of the original combined wills, now that the power from those combined wills has been withdrawn and the sign, left
for `dead’.  The contra can be demonstrated as an active force in Military Installations – in which tremendous `e’ Will, and Sustained Will at that, keeps the `E’ of these types of Installations, firmly in the service of Man’s `e’. That is to say, someone wants the
Installations there and makes sure they stay there, makes sure they are carefully guarded, secure and private. Unlike the sign, `e’ is
not withdrawn from this type of `E’. If the sign in the first example had guards posted all about it to ensure it stayed upright – a
similar sustained Will would be likely to keep the ‘E’ of the sign firmly in Man’s service. But the Will of any man cannot go on forever
and it is severely limited by its lifespan. And so Traditions, Customs, Religions, and other inventions of Obligation and Homage to
another Will are required to keep the sustained force of someone’s Will present on a particular `e’ even after causal Death.

But all is Illusion. The ‘e’ of the Military Installation may be strong (the Great Wall of China for instance) but it is at all times
being resisted by the ‘E’ and other beings expressive of ‘e’ – and these two engines generate infinite content without pause – only a
trickle of which can be known to Us – causing Change, Entropy and Disruption of all Forms, endlessly. Sooner or later, the resistance of ‘e’ to ‘E’ will fail and the Form or shape made from willing the black clay/E, will be left for dead and thus subject to another’s Will.

One must wonder what that means with regard to the Death of God. With God’s Great Will removed from Earth – Earth is left for dead. The Earth is thus at the mercy of the subjugation of human will.