The Simultaneous Pulse [1]

Reality can be stripped to a bare minimum of our bodily presence sensing its own existence and the awareness that whatever is inside us or whatever it is we are, there is something that we sense resisting against our body. Thus, experience of Life for our species can be reduced to just two ‘engines’ or forces that generate energies. Departure from these immediate natural dimensions that all human beings experience by interpretation, labeling, and cataloguing the world as “known” is convenient, but leads to subjective perception and the construction of a false matrix. The first engine is us, whatever we are we know that we are able to experience ourselves as a consciousness from the point of view of our organism – this consciousness is sensed bodily and mentally as “consciousness” – a sensation and a sense of ourselves that is generally of an internal nature. The second engine postulates that we as human beings are separate from the rest of the world, and that whatever the world is, is responsible for what we experience as an organism; however we do it: observing, feeling, sensing. Thus in essence, we are consciousness there is something to be conscious of, something separate from our organism, sensed as external to our consciousness. For convenience I have termed these two engines the Ego and the Environment. The premise of the pulse is that these “engines” are the only two states that we can truly know, that we are conscious and that there is something to be conscious of: whatever is constructed on/around/about these two constants is not real, but constitutes subjective “Reality”. These engines are unknowable as they are, for each causes distortion upon the other by producing an infinite sequence of variables that meet in what we call reality or the mirror-zone. The “engines” are responsible for generating all that we call matter or CONTENT via an action called the Simultaneous Pulse.

The Simultaneous Pulse is an operation of dual flux whereby one abstract is sucked into the other, and vice versa, and simultaneously. I.e. imagine a cylindrical rubber tube that has an outer surface painted red, and inner surface painted blue. If you push one end of the tube through the middle of the cylinder, you will eventually turn the cylinder inside out. Now imagine that process happening on both ends of the tube simultaneously – in a 3 + 1 dimensional world it is an impossible procedure, given the spatial restraints the tube would not be able to turn both ends inside out and their would be an impasse when both ends reached the middle. – But if the “tube” is actually an electrical system of pulses, it may pass through itself and perform this operation with ease. An “engine” whose inner core changes sides within itself and is capable of generating an infinite sequence of unlimited contents that contributes to the creation of this 3 + 1 dimensional world.  How?  See the diagram and you will note that there are two pockets in each “engine”. A and B.  The engine generates content in A. and in B. A and B act as ‘pockets’ which are turned inside out as the simultaneous pulse turns itself inside out or “Fluxes” and the contents of each pocket are filtered into the other pocket. This means, content in pocket A flows into pocket B. and vice versa content from pocket B flows into pocket A. This process creates two new contents from the original contents, AB and BA. The contents exchange over and over endlessly generating an unlimited sequence of variables.

Not only are the contents passed through the “engine” via the simultaneous pulse, but also to the frontal section of the organism (i.e. the human) where they sweep past leaving residues on our “lense” which is similar to consciousness. Contents from the two pockets and their endless variables adjust or focus the lense as they pass accordingly, and where these contents converge gives rise to the Knowable and the Known – which for simplicity sake we will refer to as a Reality. However, Reality is only one refraction caused by this focusing of the lense and the convergence of these contents in  our organism that will be referred to as “X” – or the Known dimension. The greater process is much more complicated.

There are in fact two, or more of these simultaneous pulse “engines”. One of these is “within” us – oft referred to as the psyche.  And others include the “Environmental engine” or operations outside of our spectrum of the Known. This “engine” also generates unlimited contents – but it is beyond our capacity to know but a small section of them. If the “engine within” is vertical – then the further the contents expand away from the centre and toward convergence at “X” there is a unified operation where both contents from both pockets will travel the same distance to “X”.  If the “Environmental engine” is horizontal however, one pocket of the engine is further away both from its own and our “X” point, than the other pocket is. Therefore, the contents from the distant pocket are not as accessible as with the other engine. However, the “environmental engine” generates an unlimited variable sequence or string content also – and also has a convergence point for these contents at an “X”.  The two lenses are directly opposite each other – and cause each “engine” to refract the other “engine”.

What is commonly referred to as “THIS” or “IT” with a wide sweep of the hands is created at the mid-point of the two refractions as a mirage of the combined contents of the two engines – in the mirror-zone. All content that does not converge on “X” is “y”, and is content which remains in the Abyss or the Unknown dimension. We cannot know either engine as it is, because observation of one, involves the other causing the distortion I have called the mirror zone.