THEM, Magic and the Individual: In Context

THEM, Magic and the Individual in Context


Just a few brief notes:

One very important thing regarding individual evolution: is that while it does not exist in itself outside of imagination, just as the individual does not exist from an acausal point of view – this approach, this statement, and this way of looking at things: is given at this present time to others I share my insights with after a long time (some eight years) finding my own way forward little by little in the matrix of form.

However: it is my express belief that while some short-cuts can be taken in magic, they are not at all expected and oftentimes misunderstood when offered, and nor do these short-cuts fit any description I have thus far been led to believe is being held by an aspirant.

To take just one example, with which many of us have associated our path for years, the framework of the Septenary Tree of Wyrd: is a useful abstract on which to situate, or let others situate themselves; in order to ascertain another useful abstract: the appearance of magical levels, breadth of wisdom, nature and depth of experience held, fought for and struggled beyond by an Initiate of the Sinister Path.

But something I have noticed is that others are being drawn into the Abyss before their time, before they are ready. This Nexion could well cause damage to those unprepared and so we feel it our duty to protect, in some way, aspirants from these dangerous emanations.

I apologise for seeming vague – this is a hitherto untouched subject – and formulating what I want to express is proving difficult.  My understanding of THEM is primarily intuitive not intellectual.

I digress:

To choose to aid, ally, involve yourself with the Temple of THEM is different from choosing to aid, ally, the Temple of THEM and believe the forms, invest faith in the solidness and symbols and outward framework of its Mythos. One, is either inside the Temple of THEM and one of THEM or one is not or is becoming one of THEM. A person either sees what we’re trying to do – or has come to try and figure it out.

The crux is: one cannot be both one of THEM and believe in (take their cues from) Form. If someone believes in the forms presented by us about us, follows the Mythos we have created from the forms presented, and projects form/reality/solidness upon the Temple – i.e. treats the outward manifestation and what is said in our MSS as the guiding principle on which THEM stands – then one is still seeing in form, in thrall to Mythos, and in the most literal fashion, either adding to the Myth or coming to understand it.

It is imperative that aspirants understand that these notes and their content are not a criticism: seeing in form is a natural nuance, and leaving it, or trying to leave it, causes some a headache.

To simplify: all Forms require a suspension of totality. If someone is to perform one of our rituals, they place faith in our ability to guide them toward the aims we have thus far shared – they invest energy in our existence, concretize our foundation, and spread the Wyrd.

But, this represents a stage of magic that still utilizes forms, a process by the aspirant of mentally bouncing abstracts off one another to create a world filled with objects and meanings – treating these abstracts as somehow real, and, with enough energy, to manifest the abstracts in the Mythos given, as ONA have done (and ToB seek to do).*

*With one of the Order of Nine Angle’s gestative conduits taking shape and emerging as the Temple of THEM. Wherein, the very name conjures forth the illusion of a Temple.

But, Wherein, there are fundamental differences in what the Seven-Fold Way of the ONA expresses, and what THEM is for.

THEM is not another ONA. THEM teaches what lies beyond the ONA and beneath the ONA. It teaches the subtext extracted and proven valid that lies beneath the ONA which is definitively an experimental means by Myatt to use our (humanity’s) belief in forms to induce certain qualities that he felt were necessary for achieving his dream of Homo Galactica.

I have stated before that Satanism was chosen by Myatt deliberately: because to combat something so tyrannically massive and oppressive as the Magian Empire requires the adoption of an equally powerful supremely arrogant persona to give the illusion that such an empire can be destroyed: thus a Mythos was begun, which became a culture, and which culture is becoming a reality. Not, as some would have it, a Temple of black-clad Devil Worshippers in denial on the moors of Shropshire, but in a dis-connected unification of a new consciousness that requires none of these trappings: whereby I mean trappings literally, the forms of ONA being the concerted efforts of Myatt to manipulate the clay afforded to him into beholding his vision, as “his” vision. Where “his” becomes the loosening of Myatt’s culpability and responsibility from individual ownership issuing from his mortal shell with the diminishing importance of the location of his will (a life-centred nexion, not a human-centred one) and the emergence of the supra-personal personification that some may equate fairly with the voice of a Dark God.

The entire Seven-Fold Way is in the most honest sense, a prelude to becoming one of THEM: but until certain things are understood, experienced, ingrained; to try and be one of THEM via the same mode that one entered and followed ONA – is to misunderstand what we are. To see us as a similar center that takes in initiates via some arduous Self-Initiation Task to prove themselves and then guide them through the Seven-Fold Way whilst imparting our own particular insights where we have gone before is to fail, yet, to see that THEM’s aim is not to repeat ONA but to generate that Grand Insight into ONA gleaned and earned by its members: and part of that Grand Insight is to ultimately rescind/destroy the need for a Temple, for Membership, for Connexion, for Organization, to rescind/destroy reliance on Forms to inform in its ‘members’ and to arm them in such a way that they recognize themselves as part of the Acausal Nexion – to push them, toward the Abyss.

Thus, to try and be a supporter of our forms by performing our tasks, following the ONA’s Way slavishly, or taking something we have said as an indicator of what we expect, what we stand for or what we are interested in: is to be at a stage where certain elements of THEM are inaccessible to you. Perhaps we were viewed in the past as a Temple not worth the hassle: (that is understandable) to pursue getting into. But that character quintessential of Satanism has not been illustrated – that fiery/subtle ingenuity to solve obstacles in more than one way and to dissolve all obstacles via that fiery ingenuity.

To understand what is behind a form is to control it: there has been no one yet, who has come to us and said

look, I don’t believe in Self-Initiation for this reason or that reason, moreover that I don’t need it, moreover, that I have come to this and that conclusions about such things and here is why. Further, that I understand this about THEM, this about you, this about myself, and am already connected. For such reasons I should like admission”. There was one fellow, who posted recently, who did an exceptional job with his Self-Initiation and for that he was congratulated, genuinely, for taking steps toward what may some day become the eventual discardation of it all. Another, whose gentlemanly manner impressed us even as we tested him and deserved our respect. But the point being made is that aspirants have yet only responded to obstacles in their way by mirroring them.


Meanwhile, those that do understand, likewise, cannot genuinely immerse themselves in any form, any more, and believe it. The simplest questions formed from words twisted and rooted in old ideas become as tangles of thorns that we intend to carefully untangle: not, as the world would have it, to push one’s head further into the briars.

Because from our point of view: there are some that need the ONA, to believe in it and its writings in a tangible sense of powerful forms erected the world over and physically grounded in concrete terms by a coven of Satanists as described by the fiction of the Order: that is fine. Some do need that. We did.

But again from our point of view: there are some who are ready (and some who are not) to have the appearance ripped off the face of ONA and the essence revealed:

And revealed:

the ONA as the beautifully crafted expression of exasperation felt by Myatt to use the occult to gain the attention of the deaf.

And revealed:

The Order of Nine Angles as one means by Myatt to gain the attention of the deaf – to use forms we would understand and associate with as vague enemies of the Magian with the hidden subtext to realize his simple wish to colonize space.

And revealed:

The ONA as a fire still fuelled by Myatt out of continued exasperation (once optimism) and greater awareness of his distant mortality to complete his mission: with or without the consent of Humanity. Thus his ultra-destructive modus operandi as the product of desperation to change the world or create someone who will: such violence being an inverted/thwarted Love.

And so, THEM wrap you up in a blanket of forms with which you would already be very familiar and potentially jaded with – forms that represent the status quo of the Occult scene and the Temples and Orders that populate it – in order to then destroy each of the foundations of these forms for you. Not to gain sycophants, worshippers, yes-men and yes-women, dupes, slaves, or even members. But that you would see, forever and always beyond and beneath all future attempts to dupe, to control, to deceive, with all rhetoric, politics, religions, temples, gurus placed in a context truly Satanic. That you would see, that all forms are complex structures motivated by simple human emotions, and are fragile, destroyable, replaceable, magical, illusorial figments temporarily erected by inhabitants of the Black Clay we call Earth as they pass through.

And that the blanket, is the Mythos: literally that powerful lesson of narrative extracted as the essence beneath the ONA and its creator gestating from a simple unselfish wish and the understanding of which has changed the reason behind deploying all forms and symbols and sigils and philosophies and tasks and tradition forever more. Those that understand this, feel this connexion with us, with all human beings, that struggle to word the new language, they are THEM.

Thus, when any of you (And we have spoken to almost everyone here) were in danger of being immersed in the tempest of illusory mythos that this nexion has created, or held fast to our forms because of the trust we built, we strove to dismantle your hand-hold and steer you back to yourself, as is our chosen duty of care to the Sinisterion.

And some will understand us – some will begin to see, if they have not seen already, that there is more to the formation of the Temple of THEM than meets the eye: we are not a regurgitation nor are we another empty tribute to Satan. We are the hybridization of something that has been pushing irresistibly against current consciousness, spearheaded by the love and efforts of David Myatt, for the past forty years. So distorted has reason, intellect and common sense become, that it required a message be carried in the rivers of the Occult to deliver it, that it required ONA Satanism.*

But we are early yet.

“…to truly know thyself – is to be First Human.  But with such power comes profound sadness for the matrix of forms is laid wide-open as if one has x-ray vision to see the skeletal energies which make up all forms and converge into the same patterns over and over again without being able to turn such vision off. One can ‘See’ but is struck with a terrible remorse and despair that others cannot. Such vision is simultaneously euphoric and disturbing. To gaze upon the building blocks of creation and see the machinery of the cosmos DEMANDS a human allegiance to return to those without it and give it to them if at all possible: to steal the fire from the gods as Prometheus did and express the ethos of Satan. And yet even here the journey has only just begun. Now my task is to continue up the mountain and cut a path for those who follow…” Mvimaedivm Vol. III

With this MS, Stage I of the aims of the Temple of THEM, the Australian Nexion of the ONA, is complete.