THEM, Plurality and Archaeology

What is the secret of THEM? What is the purpose of a Mythos? Why do we
call ourselves what we do?

Firstly – History, and any study that relies on using it to prove or
disprove theories, truths or facts is as any experience in historical
research and discussion with academics, specialists, archaeologists,
an entirely messy and explosively disagreed on collection of woven
tales whose authenticity can rarely be ascertained universally, whose
motives for producing such works can never be satisfactorily defined,
and whose dates, events, characters are at best hearsay with only the
remotest outlines of what actually happened and when ever being close
to certain – and never at all certain.

There can be no more holding of one single truth above another – this
is the historical origin of the Magi and those who would seek to
undermine that entity must not therefore seek to replicate it by
simply exchanging one universal truth with another.  This is why THEM
are different and why it is so very difficult to be one of us – we are
conditioned to Insynsian – to expend all our efforts raising an apex
by striving for a unified point – that is a false endeavour.  When we
look at the facts, we can often see what people are doing as opposed
to what they say they are doing – all it takes is a little
self-honesty and a lot of integrity. When we read about Christianity,
Judaism, Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism we make an immediate set of leaps
that we seldom notice. First, We accept on face value these terms are
real and not just constructs, Second, We accept that they in some way
define a very singular set of beliefs appropriate to a caste of
culture of people, Third, We very rarely if ever attack the use of
these terms and go looking for ourselves. We must learn to do that.

For instance, take Christianity.
Some research reveals that the ignorance of this topic is high. Few
know that Christ was once symbolized standing in front of the cross,
or that early Christians worshipped the Sun just as the so-called
Pagans” did.

THEM has already warned about the nature of grouping things in grand
generalizations and the danger it leads to of building a false matrix
see An Analysis of Form.

The idea that the Christians appeared and suddenly swept across the
world wiping everyone out is also too general. It is harder for us to
understand millions of different actions working in unison by all
manner of different people s that contributed to these things that we
cite as points in time under simplified terms like Crusade or
Inquisition. So much harder not to perceive such vast hives of
activity of the human race at work collectively to bring short and
prejudiced remembering of Events that mattered. All too often it was
the hands we didn’t see, names we didn’t know, people who were not
figureheads who caused History. People rely too much on forms – almost
entirely on forms and this the greatest danger the Sinister face. They
believe in demons and demonization and when they come for you some day
– the men that will hunt you will believe in their gods and their way
and that you are the devil and a heretic. And that is all. The public
will scream for your head because of the way you are painted and
portrayed and the truth of history will become painfully crystal clear
to you – it is remembered by the Victors. By those who used the most
force, were willing to be the most cruel, who had the biggest most
destructive weapons and merciless courts.  Victors are successful
killers, ruthless controllers.

 Modern research claims Jesus was a swarthy dark-skinned man and that
makes sense – but even those that mock Jesus in Anti-Christianity
depict Jesus as a blonde, bearded, white-skinned mystic. The problem
with humans beings is their laziness – we have been conditioned to
simplify things that are greatly complex leading to all manner of
stupidities. There is intense hatred for the Jews on account of their creation or Usury [lending money and charging interest] – and yet it was the Christians who imprisoned them and denied them the right to trade [and forced them to find ways to survive] and treated them as second-citizens. Almost certainly the
Christians were in turn badly treated by another people, and those
people by another. The Blame Game is one of the Magian’s greatest
weapons – it has enabled bloody wars and suffering for aeons – but you
know what – it is simple ignorance of the personal and collective
Shadow that has been at the heart of it. A simple ignorance of our own
biological prejudice, dispositions and functions.

What was Christianity called before Christ was around to give his name
to it? Were there clean precise separations between beliefs that
became discoloured as other beliefs came to dominate them? Were the
Sumer who lived a magical, pure, mystical aryan philosophical way in
pure empathy with the land, and stars and gods suddenly invaded and
ruined by a tribe of Semites? No. Semites made up a large portion of
Sumerian citizens – they were there from the beginning working
together. What separates or separated them into Non-Semite and Semite?
Blood? Origin? Belief? Language? Intent? None of these things. The
Sumer were people, the Semites were people and as people they like all
others laboured under the biological functions the human being’s
organism is possessed of. They too labeled things, they had enemies,
they ruined the land, they mistreated and tortured people, they wiped
out neighbouring tribes with cruelty and they were no less prone to
corrupting other cultures than any other. It is the biological
imperative of our species to do these things to survive, spread,
populate, adapt, conquer. No-one knows either the origins of the Sumer
or Semite people’s and as always, there is at best only guesswork and

There is some evidence that the two languages of the Sumer and Semites
were different indicating ancient differences of origin. There is some
evidence that the way the Sumer saw the role of Man in relation to the
Gods was very different to the later developments of a train of
cultures who would see them differently, then see one, and change
everything about how we did things, saw things, and why. But we must
be careful of two things. Not to believe our own hype – this is the
most important – and to remember THEM – the huge threads of other
possibilities, missing information, lies from which we are drawing,
misinformation, the sheer antiquity of studies passed from hand to
hand to hand where chinese whispers had a hand in changing any facts
to post-facts.

People are very simple creatures. To understand, to motivate and to
rule. They want few things. They want to be happy and healthy and live
without suffering.  All these forms layered and layered and layered
over aeons upon our every move, motion and behaviour has caused THEM
to write walls and walls of text just to get through that thick outer
skin. We have been kept so busy doing that for the last six years and
even before we formed the Temple that we have not had time to concern
ourselves with concentrating on teaching what lies beneath that skin –
our work is thus only half done and this problem of removing the outer
skin is extremely difficult work with many years maybe decades of
saying what thousands of others have been saying – only to be silenced
with our deaths or drowned out under the tirade of superstitions,
forms, prisons and lies that Magi after magi thickly slap back on
after every cut we make. The lack of knowledge we have about our
history, origin, biological weaknesses, psychological nature,
abilities for powers, reality of magic, our doubts and fears,
addictions and need for escapism – our pressure points – these are all
KNOWN by the System that feeds us, these are all KNOWN by the vast
team of marketers, advertisers, politicians, religious leaders,
bankers, criminals and so on that control us on every level. It is our
job to reclaim this lost knowledge, to remember what came before it,
to remember the whole of it and not make the terrible mistake as
others have of morphing into it, feeding it, mimicking it. This will
be extremely difficult for anyone because it involves using more brain
than we are used to – open doorways and perception to a multitude in
all things and to change a psyche that has been trained for aeons to
seek an apex – a single God. We stand on vastly uneven ground – we
cannot call them our Captors because we captor ourselves and this is
the truth of it. The desire that has often been encouraged in us to
smash them to the ground, to erase them, to eradicate them and start
anew – is a naïve and dangerous sentiment grounded in a total
dis-reality. The desire to become Superman and Living Gods, to live
immortally as Dark Gods – this too is a naïve and dangerous sentiment
grounded in a total dis-reality. There is no Superman – there is no
healthy psyche without serious problems, someone will always suffer
for someone else to get ahead, and to dream of being something we can
never be is to deny what we CAN be as human beings who understand and
utilize their existing functions better or perhaps a little
differently than we are accustomed. We have been taught to hate
ourselves, to deny what is wonderful about being human because our
functions have been used against us and we have unconsciously grown
ashamed of these weaknesses by which we are exploited and so we seek
to become something other than human. I say to you – there is nothing
wrong with who we are, and there is no reason why we cannot re-think,
re-formulate and change what it means to be human – to set an example
for others to follow – because without examples, without new choices –
there is only obedience to the norm, and available choices.

Behind all the great inventions, ideas and events in History there is
a backdrop almost completely ignored. Dreams. Dreams are the guiding
compass of our communion not with the Divine but something more – the
very things from which we come from for we are nature ourselves and we
forget it. Dreams are the keys to genius – and we must remember them.

What is the purpose of Mythos? Abstract development of thinking
teaches that several things can occupy one place simultaneously and
all be true or valid. Last week I gave 14 different answers to someone
who asked me a question to illustrate how one person could come at the
question from a many different ways, positive, negative, neutral, to
affirm specific points or downplay others, to act in their interest or
in mine, and so on. When we dig up the past and begin to build a
picture of what happened – we have to accept our limitations and be
wary of our prejudices. We want to prove the existence of a Magi – so
we set about placing a selection of facts from a huge array of sources
in a specific order that will lead to the conclusion that they
existed.  At no point has THEM denied that the Magi exist – we have
unearthed many points of information regarding them, careful not to
speculate beyond the facts or blanket term Christianity as the Magi –
we isolated the term to the Medes of Persia, as did Heredotus who was
one of the few writers to write about them. But what IS the Magi? It’s
certainly not just people – and it is certainly not some trait that is
foreign to the so-called Sinister. Indeed, even a brief study of
Religion, Philosophy and Psychology cannot help but reveal the defect
if there is any in the human race that deserves special mention is one
that lies with all of us*. It has however said on numerous occasions
that the Magi are within all of us and that should hint loudly at what
we believe that term to mean. ONA’s vague mystical ramblings of
‘hubrati’ are antique scare-mongering, political myths in the making
with no grounding and that, rather than create Adepts who see, create
fools who gather their Shadow against a ghost.

There are layers of belief and you as one of THEM must accustom
yourself to that reality. You cannot hold a singular truth up above
all others, rely on neat little terms like Christianity to define or
set the boundaries of where one belief began and another ended – it is
above all else in our research apparent that History is a mystical
dreamland where the 23 Syndrome reigns supreme. We know that there
have been no other written scripts discovered prior to Sumeria [Ki En
Gi r] and so it seems a good place to stick our shovels. Emphasis on
script  -there are other sets of symbols – but we have taken the
advice and issues of world experts whose speciality is language into
consideration more and more as time goes by. Archaeology is rife with
corruption – it is not a simple case of someone finding something and
presenting it to some team who run tests to see if its authentic.
Scholars, academics and archeos fabricate, change or omit claims every
day. Artifacts are stolen, tombs robbed, new scripts faked.
Governments that don’t want their history changed – particularly
Middle East, Chinese and other religious or communist countries will
openly suppress findings or threaten the life or careers of those who
would try to bring new evidence that challenges the status quo to
light. Under such enormous pressure or threat of death many capitulate
and present what the Government attaches demand.

Mythos does not necessarily reflect fact. Its purpose is to capitalize
on those who are still in thrall to form – that is what Mythos is for.
So, we build a picture using the facts and treat it on one level as an
accurate depiction of the past – why? – because that is what people
need to believe. They need a beginning, a middle, and to believe in an
end. People want stories – they very rarely want to write their own –
especially so when it comes to something as vast and messy as history.
They like simple things, facts, singular truths, easy to handle ideas.
They don’t like thinking that by dividing people into two groups such
as Sinister and Mundane they are in fact being mundane by repeating
the same practice of the Mundane – for that is what the Mundane do.
THEM – think plurally, all the time, aware of the shifting nature of
so-called facts, the dubiousness of truths, the human motivations for
power, greed, recognition, misinformation, allegiance to a form that
colour the findings of history. We know that all forms rest on
shifting sands. When we have built a reasonable picture grounded in
facts we will present it as a new history that has a beginning,
explains how various things came to be, and fills others with the
confidence we know what we are talking about. Of course, very few of
them will actually know what we are talking about or why.

We believe that others believe. What we ourselves as a group and
individually believe will be challenged greatly by THEM as it already
has been and has yet to settle. Many clouds of dust have been stirred
up with our persistent enquiries and cynicism into the state of
accepted facts. We wait with bated breath to see what comes of this
study – what it will ultimately mean for each of us and the beliefs we
hold dear. Scholars insist that there is no way the Dark Ones could be
pre-sumerian or that any kind of black magic or sinister lore was
preserved in Sumer since only the priests wrote. We know only of a
type of sorcery the Sumer feared because of the wards against it by
the equivalent of a clergy. Only specialists wrote and no script with
an encoded language exists prior to Sumer. The idea that there was a
sudden split in a pagan way to a monotheist way is ignorance pedaled
and believed by those who do not understand history, the length of
time things take, or the functions of their own species. It took
thousands of messy years, hundreds of inventions, millions of minds
and hands, and countless things to happen for things to change the way
they did. And neither the origin or certainty of any of them exists
beyond speculation.

 We see things not in terms of Forms that present themselves to us and
say this is what is – but as Forces, of human agenda, motivation,
habit, tradition, emotion, ignorance or laziness – as powered by human
functions with needs, wants, desires to achieve something by putting
those forms there. It is that which we look at and draw our
information from – not from the mirages in the desert.

People will often nod along if you say something vaguely similar to
what they are saying. If you condemn the same enemy they do and share
their shadow – you become their ally. Do things and people react a
certain way – do them differently and they react a different way – but
the ways in which they react are very limited because of the
limitations and traditional habits of human biological function.

The Temple of THEM presents a difficult proposition. It requires far
more of people than many are willing or able to give – because it does
not suffer laziness of the psyche. We load upon ourselves far more
than most are willing to in our desire to really Know -and a large
part of knowing is that others don’t know. We refuse to be lazy or to
accept the world as it is – this means we must rebuild it and that is
a monumental task. We also enlighten our burden at the same time by
shrugging off forms – that colossal weight of the world with all its
pretense and sham – we see through the endless sea of forms shoved in
our faces to convince us of an illusion – and to the forces underneath
that proffer them with frightened pale hands.

Past a certain point – you will come to understand that my words too
are forms that must be discarded. I only hope you walk with me far
enough that I may teach what I know and then allow you to make your
own decision on who to be and how to be it. I hold no illusions that
we will reach our 30 year marker with a fairy-tale ending. The very
nature of the work requires that most of you will not be with the
Temple or even allies of it in years to come – for you will inevitably
go your own way as you come to truly understand the esoteric nature of
the Temple of THEM and my work. The forces that cause Change are
greatly misunderstood – the Great Work is not a list of ingredients
mixed together in measured doses to produce a magical elixir. The
Great Work and service to your fellow humans requires extremely harsh
alchemy, personal sacrifice, inner struggle, conflict, the event of
traitors, schisms, dissension, internal war, hurt feelings, betrayal,
pain, suffering and despair – loyalties will be torn because that is
what humans do, must do, to find autonomy – to truly be One of THEM
there can ultimately be no loyalty to anything.  We hold forms in
front of our faces like torches to illuminate the darkness ahead – but
as soon as we emerge into light, we discard them. We believe what we
must believe for the duration the magic requires. You all took an Oath
but how can you honour it when it binds you to a form. Sooner or later
as to struggle to throw them all off – you will come to these ones and
be faced a dilemma. How do I throw these off? And my answer to you?
You just do. We don’t own you – never did. We don’t control you –
never did. Everything we’ve done has been different to the way others
do it because we gave you back to yourself. Sure, in the beginning we
lead you, put a maze on front of you you had to follow a certain way
to get there – and when you got there? You were made responsible for
you. You were taught how to see through Forms – and once you bite
through that chain, Nothing can hold you. We tore down those temporary
walls, broke any chains and set you free. And that’s as simple as it
gets. That is how things change. By example. We don’t need you to stay
loyal to us, or bind yourself to a form you can only ultimately
outgrow or outshine. We don’t want to drag out the decade pretending
we have secrets you didn’t get, dangling carrots in front of you to
keep you hungry or make you follow us to the end. You came because you
wanted something we had. We gave it to you and now you must decide
what to do with it. The World will change and gravitate toward this
outcome of evolved consciousness one way or the other – it is our
nature, and no man, not even the greatest Magi can stop nature from
doing what it wants – for they too, are her Bitches. This war for the
Aeon is really only about one thing – people fighting to speed up the
inevitable, people fighting to slow down the inevitable and people
affected by the inevitable. The Temple of THEM seeks to speed up the
inevitable and aid its transition. There will always be a place for
those who worked with us to keep working with us – but when it is your
time to go, certain wheels will turn in motion. and that parting can
not naively be expected to be amicable or pleasant but the snapping of
any tentacles you believe bind you to us or us to you.
It might be violent and prolonged or you might just slip away into the
Night. Both these things are alchemy too – it is just the way things
are, just the way certain energies express themselves or multiply into
new forms – by pushing off another existing form with all its might,
using that other form as a springboard for new ideas, often in direct
opposition – but hopefully outside of both. This is what forms are for
this is why we created them. The Temple has been attacked, betrayed,
slandered, before. It has housed many travellers who learned from us
and then went their own way – largely because that is what we teach.
It is the lack of knowledge on how forms change mutate and grow that
causes such heartache for people on both sides.

There is of course the possibility that those who come to learn, stay
as have the key six of us stayed together since the beginning. The
Temple of THEM will cease 24 years from now – which may seem a long
time but not for what we have set about to do. Change, is very, very
slow. For every insight that frees an individual there are a million
ready to swamp them. One person says history is A, another that
history is B, and another that is it C, and yet just by the insistence
of A,B,C we can see that history is also X and Y. Everything is always
X. X is Undefined – especially in the case of those things that seem
defined. And we must forever ask Y whilst temporarily using belief in
A, B or C to achieve X. The less certain people are – the less hold
form has over them. But only certain people can shrug off form. For
most it is a blissful nightmare from which they will never awaken
unless the wake up emerges as a trend. It is our job to set that trend
in motion, to teach abstract and plural perception, and find and work
with the few others around the Planet on whom the Magi’s spells are
also wearing off and that are starting to Remember.

 THEM has always stressed the necessity of understanding how to accept
and use a form and at the same time treat it as temporary, a form of
language that we use to communicate or apply pressure or affect
something by inducing its reaction to the form. The Temple of THEM has
no boundaries, it is not a physical place that can be burned to the
ground or attacked – it is the rise of an inevitable expansion of
consciousness that has grown tired of the deceptions plastered onto
its nature. The Temple is not a structure, a location or a thing – it
is the majesty of destruction of single-minded Insynsian. Of being
able to think Plurally – of seeing not one truth but all of Them,
thinking not from one part of the mind but all of Them, accepting not
one explanation but understanding the common force behind all of Them,
it is inside, outside and beyond us – the force that motivates humans
to better themselves. And it this that we Remember. We remember that
there was not always one way, that forces speak louder than forms,
that humans have limitations, that we have forgotten them while others
exploit them, that facts are rarely stable, that different times
believed different things and will again, that we can change things if
we only know where to start and what to do, that the human race is not
a forsaken embarrassment and all it takes is an example that is
followed, echoed, copied to set in motion a new type of human being. A
life-centred being that understands his fraility and the fears of
others, who sees beyond the defenses thrown up at life’s frightening
visage and faces them, afraid or unafraid, because they are One of
THEM and THEM of One.