Theory of the Beast [2]: Further In

The tendency of some of THEM’s mss to turn the Dark Gods into psychological allegories should not be mistaken for the total beliefs or approach to these entities as held by the members of THEM but instead as only one particular angle of a far greater geometry. The theory given in “Theory and the Beast” illustrates – by tracing observations presently available backward to their logical distant causation – a certain speculation encompassing only a certain stretch of time.

That is, while the Theory may claim humanity potentially invented what we have come to know as the Dark Ones as part of a reaction to the unfavourable (for some) usurpation of consciousness over the natural unconscious aspects of the Psyche;- these sets of mss represent only a small part of the beliefs of THEM as concerns the Dark Gods, and was shared to provide an optional and contemporary view that was less occult and more logical to this age-old modicum.

The Theory of the Beast assumes two important things as read: a) that, taking some accepted notions of world history at face value, human beings may have at some point in their evolution been ruled by instinct and savage primal urges until the emergence of the ego, and b) that the ego was a secondary stage and thus represented a new stage of consciousness for human beings.

Now – in light of how this mss challenges certain abstracts that are often used conveniently to phrase the Dark Ones in a duality; which duality then influences the approach and susceptibility to possible answers; and how this mss places the origin of the Dark Ones in a currently popular systemology (psychology) which opens up a new set of questions instead of the same occult clichés – the Theory is useful. But various considerations of the Theory need to be borne in mind to get an approximate understanding that THEM hold of the Dark Ones and their potential existence.

For one thing – theory of the beast does not cover the possibility that this process reflects what happened from the beginning of humanity to the present day. Whilst the process expounded in the theory may have more or less occurred at a certain point in the human past – there are many puzzling questions that remain. In relation to the dubious authenticity of World History – including Anthropology – it has been quite some time since anyone updated the work of Darwin whilst other fields of human interest seem to have made leaps and bounds, particularly those dealing with technology.

What the Theory does not make mention of – is that the Temple of THEM do not rule out, and keep an open mind on, the possibility that there were stages of human history that were more advanced than the present time, (2009). Our cynicism is veteran. (Qv. “Alpha-Male, Alpha-Cynic” OA #9 / Liber SSS). It is veteran as a reaction to the quality of the logic employed by a previous surge in consciousness titled the New-Age. While we refer to our nexion as Satanic – we are not so arrogant or ignorant to dismiss, nor to include things, out of hand that many assume would or should be spurned by us merely because of our self-imposed title. The world is a very ancient place, and there is room for many possibilities. But though we keep open minds, well aware of the many limitations imposed by the evidence and limits of evidence available to make an assessment for any possibility there is a reason we are here, we do not fly toward speculation on UFO’s, Levitating Pyramids, Lizard Men, Aliens, Angels, the Devil, or a New World Order.

There is every reason to keep an open mind that the world may have been created by intelligent design – whether by good or evil being(s) depends on whether you believe in sides, and whether you’ve taken one. There is no reason to conclude that other civilizations prior to the one we call the Cradle of Civilization, Sumer, did not flourish or exist – though nothing remains. We humans have and continue to make do with giving answers based on the evidence available speculating carefully (and sometimes wildly) in the case of missing information. But although there is a lack of evidence – this does not rule out the possibility of the existence of previous cultures, potentially far more advanced that we may ever become ourselves.  What of the fact that the majority of the Earth is covered in deep and dangerous seas – seas we’re told are billions of years old? It is accepted from the excavations made by archaeology that rock forms layers of sediment – which sediment is caused by the covering up of previous layers over millions of years. We accept that the seas have changed course, and re-shaped the landmass many times, that the continents as we see them today were very different and at times unrecognizable. We accept that sea levels can steadily rise – and volcanic explosions have changed the course of the waters and the shape of the landmass, submerging some parts, raising others.  There is no reason to believe, owing to the incomparable size of the oceans, that there does not lie under all that deep or forgotten sediment further clues to our Being. Further clues to our Past, and if so, maybe our Future. But we do not rush to validate the existence of Atlantis, Mu, or Lemuria.

There is every reason to believe – and as every occultist who has ever written of their Work can attest – that much is lost in translation. We know all too well of the difference between living an event and re-telling it. The vivifying life of the event becomes static when fixed in word for the written word is the tomb of interpretation. Words are not able to capture a moment as it Is, only as it Seems, or is wished to be Remembered. These written records strip the numinous totality of life and channel it into a perceptibly smaller and limited paradigm that often prevents any further angles of enquiry into the event being described (esp. where archaeology is concerned). How much is lost in translation? If very little – there should not be so many occultists trying to complete the Great Work in all its forms.  Some of us accept that “History” as Adolf Hitler so memorably commented on during ‘Mein Kampf’ is composed of a list of facts and figures memorized by rote. Moreover that “To the victor goes the spoils” and “History is written by the winners”. History is a curious concept – with the power to raise great storms of emotion or quell them pending the latest ‘discovery’. It is as many of us observe, subject to the whims and prejudices of politicians, religion and even science and can be changed, over night. For instance, The Vatican has an entire library devoted to imprisoning the confiscated, banned or otherwise ‘heretical’ literary treasures that opposed its own tenacious view – the Christians have been persecuting the masses via their cathedrals and churches for millennia – with an enormous amount of time to erase, change, alter, the contents – or destroy the owner and his writings forthwith by denouncing them as a witch, Satanist, devil worshipper, communist, terrorist, paedophile, sodomist (In the majority of cases unfairly, and with the Churches history, hypocritically) – who knows what that onslaught of destruction destroyed – or what that many forbidden books may say about the recorded History of the World? Each of those documents are the history of the world.  And the Vatican is only one tiny contemporary example, for a more modern one, consider the Pentagon. Or for any time period we know of – consider that there was, always someone who did not agree with what was written, what was said, what was recorded. The Pharoahs erased the records of whole Dynasties in Egypt because of political dissent – hundreds of years, gone. And not just books, but statues, monuments, memorials, graves, holy places, stelae, tombs, sculptures, and all the others signs of a culture in passing. And what are these but the butterflies wing of examples? It has been in the records of humanity a predisposition to conquer, to control, to own, to rule and to destroy or disband what came before. For this reason – the Christians built their Churches on ancient Pagan Sites. The Muslims built their Mosques over the top of other Sites. Emperors and Monarchs razed a dis-favoured city and its people to the ground and built over them so that no trace should remain of their enemies. Now what lies under those Churches may never be known such is the sensitivity shown to Religion. What of the tablets, cuneiform, treasures that didn’t survive, were smashed, lost, burned, broken, changed without anyone the wiser… or the fallibility of interpretation given to those that did. This certainty people seem to have of the world and the events that behold it is a great puzzle and a great downfall. Or the fact that in many cases, there is so much history to record, that even when proved wrong – mistakes remain indefinitely – or remain so because of someone’s wishes. For instance, there are maps that clearly show the accurate coastal outline of countries such as Greenland several hundred years before such maps were believed to exist – and made in a time that modern history accepts as impossible without today’s technology. Or another little known fact – the Brittanica Encyclopaedia recorded unfavourable epithets of the Papal clergy. To solve this uncomfortable problem – the Church (The Vatican I believe) bought the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, and changed the epithets to suit itself. Thus “history” was changed to reflect what the Church wanted others to remember – not, what actually transpired.

Now while it is essential to believe one has a good grasp of the facts of life – the occultist soon uncomfortably discovers that everyone has anything but… The point to keep in mind though – is that recorded History shows itself to be malleable pending the wishes of the powerful or influential and subject to the whims of change if the time in which it is broached pends favour or disfavour. It certainly is not, and perhaps never has been, a means by which to get a honest, fair and truthful approximation of the world we live in, the events it has spawned, or the course it has taken. Moreover, it is only right to remember that such records are and were limited to the few who could write or draw or carve or remember great oral tracts – but that if only a small percentage of the population could convey the insights and stories and so on – that the rest of the experiences of the humans who did not record or write or carve or speak – were forgotten. Lost. As I have said before “humans have a tendency to believe the time they are born into is the most complete, the most up-to-date or ‘modern’ time” – nothing could be further from the truth. Humans are malleable, quite easily persuaded creatures that like order, consistency, and control in and over the world and are happy enough to let the explanations given them – be their gospel, their guide to the authentic history of earth and their role in it.

Such willingness to believe in History is at best an optimism enjoyed by the human race and a fascination for the world around them that others have explored parts of they are only to keen to hear about – hearing such knowledge is the equivalent of a fireside tale. But at worst this attitude is reckless for a magician, dangerous for a Satanist who quest is to Know, and onerous according to THEM.

History is extremely fragile, flexible, and fallible. Once the Earth was believed flat – and look at what happened to those who dared object. History is full of people being proved wrong but Humanity is egocentric, fragile, doesn’t take criticism well, and is very, very slow to learn.  Technology, Religions, Ideas, Fashions, Words, Languages, Styles, even Names go in and out of popularity and usage. What dwindles in popularity in century finds an audience in another. Thus History should be digested with a grain of salt. Cynicism and Optimism make great partners.

So to summarize: There is no reason to believe that human beings have a complete story; a fair and balanced story; or will ever have the real story of the World and its thus far accumulated and accepted explanation for human evolution.

This fact opens up the possibility that records of the Ancients were not allegorical or meant to be parables – as our finite and limited wisdom tied to our particular chronological prejudices would have us impose – and that there were real Dark Gods not confined to the metaphors of horrors and neuroses of the psyche – but living flesh and blood creatures/giants (Nefilim, for instance) and perhaps not originally from earth.

Of this possibility – many of the recorded texts or beliefs of the popular world religions unashamedly attest to the existence of various Gods as does almost every culture. I hardly need cite examples: but; The Vedic Bhagadvita, The Norse Sagas, the Christian Bible, The Hieroglyphs of the Egyptians, the Greek Illiad and Greek Pantheon, the Cuneiforms of the Aztec, Toltecs, Mayans, the Aboriginals of Australia, the Maoris of New Zealand, the Polynesians of the South Seas, the cultures of the Chinese and Japanese, and endless more – going right back – to Sumer.

They describe various Gods and Beings as capable of varying wondrous things; but from a time so long ago that it dwarfs the imagination. Generally – the imagination, like the ego, doesn’t take too kindly to being dwarfed…

With the obvious limitation of being referred to (for convenience and to provide an opposing dialectic) as ‘Dark Gods’ – the nature of the Dark Ones is often assumed one way or the other to characterize a certain ‘nature’. ONA was forced to go to considerable lengths to explain the context of and meaning for using such a title – moreover that this title was more complicated than many inferred.

There are instances even as early as Sumer relating the varying dispositions of the Gods and Beings made mention of. Some Gods were helpful, some were harmful, Some were ambivalent and others could be a tricky mixture of both. There were Gods of Agriculture, and Gods of War. Which – if any – were the Dark Gods? The ONA cites the names (vibrations) given in their Pantheon as Pre-Sumerian. From one point of view – it’s a bold claim. There is, (to my albeit limited knowledge) no accepted evidence that any civilization preceded Sumer. Zecharia Sitchin makes references to Archaeological digs at Sumer that revealed a number of cities had been built over the top of others, but eventually no further underlying foundations could be found – and thus it was presumed to be evident that the oldest and first city and civilization in the world had been found by process of elimination.

But if the legends of the Sinister Tradition precede Sumer – you might think archaeologists the world over would be clambering to speak to the Ona and enquiring earnestly as to the origin of their information.

On the other hand – given what has been said above – the clear and unforgivable short-comings of the human race as a collective and individually – there is still no reason to doubt that evidence of a pre-sumerian culture does not exist. Nor that the Dark Ones did not exist. Personally, I’ve been alive 30 years. When I walk into my lounge and face my bookshelf – I am outnumbered by books 500-1. At a rough guess, it would take me another 4-5 years (or at least, a long time) to read through these books again. But – if I were somehow allowed to suspend the laws of life and try to read the, I don’t know, 100,000? books or so housed at one of the local libraries – I should probably never complete the task. In fact I should probably die mid-sentence after around 50,000, aged 70-80 years old. Who – if anyone – could have read the entire contents of the fabled Alexandria Library which library is said to have been the ancient world’s largest and most extensive collection of ancient wisdom the world over? The fact is – humans, limited by their relatively short lifespan, can never hope to read all of the books ever written, let alone all of the books that still survive. And this earnest but modest process – is where most of our evidence where we draw our assumptions and guesses and opinions comes from – an at best, incomplete and rudimentary assessment of a few of the worlds manuscripts – sewn together mentally in the hopes that that small token effort can somehow blanket an understanding of the World. A sobering fact: the totality of books is in the hundreds of millions. That is probably why humans tend to specialize in a subject.

So in all optimism – you or I can only ever gather the smallest parcel of information available to us into our heads and hearts – on which to meditate.

And of the books lost, locked away, forgotten, banned, destroyed, in the hands of private collectors, museums, archives, vaults? Herein restrictions exist to further deny the enthusiastic reader more opportunities to gather the totality of the records of the human being. That task is a pipedream – it cannot be done. Human biology is against us – Time is against us – Free Access is against us – Politics/Religions are against us – Technology is against us – Memory is against us – and the necessity for Sleep, Food, Water, Shelter, etc – these things are all against us too. Herewith – THEM conclude with finality – that no one can know with any certainty – the History of the World as it happened – only as it was interpreted, recorded, survived. Nor, can anyone know what is outside of being able to be known – but which is known to have been lost by the records within records. The Sinister Tradition, then, may very well be based on records from a Pre-Sumerian culture– it is not so hard to believe.

And because of our particular cynicism/optimism – THEM hold more than a dry psychological interest and involvement in the matter of the Dark Gods.

This attitude is in line with the +Law of Remembrance+ and the weltanschauung of a Life-Centred Geometry; wherein such an attitude engenders an end to the short-sighted arrogance that passes for so-called total understanding harboured by any person (especially authority) – and instead gives way to a more sagely tradition of the understanding of the nature of Knowledge, the limitations and fallibilities interpretation imposes on life and the immense difficulty of a study, and thus the fragility of drawing conclusions about it and ones own existence.