An Introduction to the Arte of Deception

Please note that due to the complexity of this MSS other Works focusing on particular aspects of the Greater Whole by THEM may need to be consulted throughout.

 As an infiltrator (I prefer Wanderer) of many groups by many means to obtain the necessary information for me to piece together my puzzle – I have learned a formidable deal about the Arte of Deception (AOD). Herein I present a few of my Insights regarding the AOD.

 It should be understood by now that members of THEM each have differing opinions as to the techniques and the definition of the LHP and Black Magic – just as we do with Shape-Shifting. Just as members do not have a unitary agreement (But rather allow a convenient representation to present itself) of the nature of the Dark Ones, for instance, each of us expressing their own views – in Sinister Solidarity. Our interests in shape-shifting range from the mythology and magicology of the ancient practices of the Werewolf, invocation of the Dark Gods and the presencing of their energies via the human medium, physical metamorphosis via mastery over the cosmic egg, and the diffusion of consciousness into the acausal via a variety of advanced techniques, just to name a few. However, this Introduction will deal with nomenclature concerning some basic techniques of glamour, deception, misdirection, and protection vital to add to any foundation of fundamental skills in the development of the Arte of Deception as it relates to and concerns a specific nexion of the Temple of THEM.

 The hidden/occult/esoteric side of the Grand ‘Science’ of what is conveniently referred to as “Shape-Shifting” is generally misunderstood and greatly underestimated regarding the intricacy and complexity of its execution due to the actual underlying nature of deception (of which there are many esoteric secrets) – for if it is not “misunderstood or greatly underestimated” then it is a glamour incomplete. That is to say – if the seams of the geometry do not show – then how are they (the audience) to know there is a Deception at all? Sometimes it is best to act entirely invisibly – however, in presencing a form (or formulae, to be more accurate) such as there is something of a crucial arte in the Visible.

Some Preliminary Notes:

One way to think of form is the following. Imagine a dark room containing people who are standing still. A voice suggests to them that the room contains deep pits in the floor. It is thus predictable that for some of those people – the belief in pits will come into existence (as forms) and influence their behaviour accordingly. Whether or not the content is there is irrelevant. The illusion of authority (a Deceptor) and the power of suggestion are enough to make the pits real for some. Pending of course on the relationship of the voice of authority to the people in the dark room, an outcome can be predicted. But those variables are discussed in another MS. The Deceptor aims to gain the trust of those he wishes to deceive in order to deceive them more thoroughly and more easily, by understanding form and the tremendous influence its temporal nature has on humanity.

In general – a ‘form’ as apprehended by THEM is a causal temporal interstice, which is perceived to have specific, general and abstract properties by the human nexion pending their degree of consciousness.*/** For us, a ‘form’ is a convenient way of referring to any invention of human perception that results from the validated understanding or binding/restricting definition of interpretation within parameters of description, content, or value of the content of ones perception.

But a form is not merely a convenient way to describe objects considered physical or real. A form can be intangible too – it can be an Ideology, a Religion, A set of beliefs. A form can also be chemical, mathematical, geometrical, lyrical, literal, or musical. Forms arise from the stimulus received by the five senses or the rich tapestry of experience they saturate us with leaving us to ‘make sense’ of their presence; these may be considered raw forms exhibited by the cosmos and its being. But when these forms are subsequently interpreted by the human being causally such dimensional bias disables the means to see these exhibitions as they Are. Any instance in which a conclusion is made of ones perception by restricting stimulus into a manageable frame of reference so as to control or understand it (thus willfully extracting meaning and mentally separating its from its acausal component as a connexion to everything else) is to presence a form.

 From an Acausal viewpoint all Forms are considered perceptually limited/separated from their acausal component. And while essence remains imbued with the Acausal, appearance can only be experienced and seen causally, that is, from a limited, causal perception. In the context of the Adept who perceives the Acausal and the Causal, (as well as their own Nexion and Co-Nexion to both of these ‘dimensions’) all forms as manifested by human-beings regardless of their Time, Technology, Culture or Civilization (thus far) are artificial imprisonments of the acausal, a wishful projection by the current consciousness onto what THEM have called the ‘Black Clay’. (Qv. MSS In Sinister Solidarity.) And are representative of the markers that characterize the geometry of an Epoch.

 Essentially the Black Clay is that world we perceive via our consciousness either as an Adept or Non-Adept in its pure state – that is, the moment of crystallization that provokes the consciousness to exit/extrude its body and diffuse itself in the greater being when the human nexion becomes acutely aware of two pure instances of consciousness (there are more than two – but this divisive/unifying experience is one of the earliest of an Adept). One being the irresistible pull of what was hitherto felt as an isolated location of the consciousness inside the skull (human-centred geometry) – the other being awareness that there exists a unified collective ‘something’ external/ulterior to one’s pure point of consciousness – but of which it too, is a part. (life-centred geometry) (Qv. The Simultaneous Pulse, Mvim III). Suddenly, convenient abstractions to terminize a duality in space, i.e. an assertion of one’s position and the position of one’s emanations in relation to other phenomena – “Inside/Outside”, “Esoteric/Exoteric”, “Black/White” begins to quaver, then ominously vibrate, and shatter. Consciousness of one’s co-nexion with the Acausal, achieved.

 The Black Clay is an analogy for a blank slate onto which humanity draws conclusions – thus re-naming part of that blank slate with a temporal name, and thus form. The Black Clay is a unified connexion and experience of the Acausal and Causal that is broken down by causal consciousness into separate, abstract chunks of manageable context (a process made necessary for any human being without acausal awareness) and referred to both generally and specifically i.e. as time/space, or chemical, atomic, sub-atomic ‘matter’ that we can physically see, hear, touch, taste and smell. But as the experiments of Scientific analysis have thus far shown – the universe and its content cannot be separated into one set of singular/unified components on Any level – in fact it is a pointed comment to say that the very concept of Singular may very well be a causal-inspired myth. ‘It’ has proven to be multiple, even at the smallest level of causal perceptual isolation. Thus, the Black Clay represents a raw undefined state of perception, prior to human projection warping it from its complete context into bifurcations on the causal plane that are ‘understood’ ‘known’ or ‘made sense of’.

 It is this acausal purity that concerns THEM: however it be approached or its context sought to be made clear in causal terms and systems; from Physical-Based Sorcery, Seven-Fold Way Satanism, Form and Chaos, Buddhism, Aescetism, by members of whatever particular mode of thought and apprehension: the process has thus far seemed to be similar for all, indeed is a phenomena dangerously close to being called ‘Objective’. Such a process is what might be called a hyper-cubic inversion/expulsion of one’s own being: since one must effectively (and the following are simplistic abbreviations for caustic and complex systems of practice) “turn ones being inside out”, “die to oneself”, “expel the Self” and “dissolve the possession of Own”, to exhibit (co-join) with its Acausal source. But what has not yet been mentioned by the ONA – is whether the consciousness, diffused into the Acausal – can re-manifest/re-assemble itself – or, come back from the Abyss. This, I am inclined to believe is theoretically possible. But should such a Dark God return – it is impossible to know how to quantify it – all we can do thus far is speak of things outside of their duality, turn to new concepts of De-Abstracted Perception which is to place one’s perception of the world in an Acausal context – to be a student of Cliology. Much of what has been revealed via the ONA and attempted by its protégés has not yet had the time to mature, moreover, the distortion of magic has not decreased, if anything it has multiplied, with the magical sector still expecting magic to be physical – to be perceived by the five senses available to them. That is to say, that the abandonment of certain causal habits has not yet occurred and until it does, the means of Acausal Perception will not come.

 When anything is generalized in this bifurcation of the Black Clay – it becomes something and is perceived by the human consciousness as a temporal form borne of necessity and convenience. On the superficial level generalization is a convenient way to communicate – but it quickly becomes extremely uncomfortable and highly unstable if any serious analysis or depth is undertaken into it. People are aware of this even if on an unconscious level – but to make communication possible, this lazy standardization is accepted. Only specialists and sadomasochists concern themselves with the sticky philosophical problems of analysis of what the sky actually is, and in what context, and from whose point of view, on whose authority, and so on ad infinitum. Of course a convenient lack of depth requires that other generalizations are made – “grass” “green” “sky” “blue” all a natural part of human living. But, a downside to this laziness is that slowly one can begin to enmesh themselves in an artificial geometric prism of pre-supplied interpretations and meanings. This prism is segmented and catalogued and revised and relied upon – until one day one becomes completely trapped in a self-sufficient web of interpretation and can no longer perceive beyond the interpretation.

 Now, as far as THEM are concerned, this is where Form, as a self-sufficient and already explained library of catalogued phenomena that controls interpretation of reality via a pre-made set of labels and projections, opens up the wonderful world of counter-projections or ‘opposites’, that is to say a dynamic tension between points. Such counter-projections are as much an illusion as the projections in the first place – but are nevertheless powerfully vulnerable to exploitation by those with the awareness of the context of the enmeshment of beings trapping themselves in one, causal, plane.

 In the active sense: One can either work to un-mesh such beings – or enmesh them further. It is thus that the idea of geometry and the superimposition of it over the Matrix is useful for perceiving the world as a matrix containing all manner of shapes made of, say, light, which light is not real to the Acausal Perceptor and whose shape divests it secrets by revealing its inner structure, while the same shape is cloaked with projections, its essence hidden and covered with the ‘real’ by the Causal Perceptor. It might be useful to reveal here that THEM are in some sense still ‘Against Time’. This Resistance makes itself clear in the unconscious reference to such things as a ‘Sinister Matrix’ – which is a re-building of the context of the world to survive the causal effects of the psychic waste pooling in our Time. One simple contemporary example of this is the disturbing nature of advertisements and the enervating vibrations they deliver: one might even be convinced that the word of the aeon was in fact, “NOW”. Certainly, the word of the past and coming few decades.

 The content of the Temple MSS “UAE” may be useful to understand the limiting effects of causal perception and the following extract from Mvimaedivm II may on one level, be of use here to explain how dimensionally restricted perception limits an object’s essence:

 When one forms a view of an object one immediately limits its reality. Its reality is confined by these limitations, the object becomes slave to our perception and subsequently restricted in terms of what it is and isn’t, can and cannot be or do by a precise mode or model of laws and rules. While this doesn’t actually change the object, it changes everything else. When one sets in stone the conditions for an objects existence, the object is interpreted thusly by those conditions – yet these conditions are finite, not infinite, and use only a small section of the possibilities open to the object, by classifying it capable of only one or a few modes of existence according to a base of conceptions one has proceeded from. One projects error upon an object, because of relativity.

 Note however, that the writings of THEM are an approximate for the Essence: they can bring some closer to perceiving these energies we speak of as they are, but they cannot convey that energy itself.

 While the MSS of Liber 13/13 in particular those sections dealing with Life and Human-Centred Geometry and the MSS Universes Parallel further explain in detail the other components that come together as separate studies focused on forces and magical understanding to bring this complex issue into a unifying force.

Detection/Critical Assessment of forms, their structure, and their essence are generally turned over in the mind and weighed against a plethora of past experiences, predicted outcome, inconsistencies, potential for projection, the underlying motivations for projecting the form, expectations past and present, memory and so on, plus a healthy dose of human analysis balanced somewhere between Optimism, and Cynicism. Because where there is a Deceptor (And all human beings are scorpions) there is a Detector.

Experience/Experiment shows that since Form is an abstract that resides solely in the Causal experience, and because the Acausal component implicit therein cannot be utilized to analyse the essence of an acausal presentation by a Deceptor on the causal plane. I.e. causal beings, are blind to it. Analysis of a Deceptor will inevitably operate from a human-centred/self-centred fixation by the would-be Detector – wherein, consciousness operating from the mindset characteristic of a resident imprisoned in the human body is enmeshed in the physical form and indeed the Physical. The Causal. And thus, Forms.

 All this is a detailed way of explaining that someone attempting to see through a Form – will naturally use other forms to determine their progress. Without acausal perception – without the diffusion of consciousness, they cannot help it, since it is form that characterizes and restricts the causal perception in a 3d plane and it is the immature development of acausal perception but nonetheless imbuement of it in the human nexion that leads to “contradiction” and seemingly irreconcilable differences ‘between’ forms: an illusion held up by the nexion itself. It’s not strange that the Scientific community should be labeling into existence so many multi-verses, alternate dimensions, and so on and yet not simply include the Acausal in their calculations, something that would make sense of much of their confusion – a) the Scientific community has as the ONA say, lost sight of Science and become a bevy of theoreticists. b) We hold that the Acausal cannot be perceived from a Causal perspective. That is part of the hypothesis being tested by the presence of the Temple of THEM. Another part being the energetic grid to hi-jack and subvert cyberspace, the other a physical energetic grid to hi-jack and subvert Australia to serve as a nexion for Vindex. Other parts of course, to be revealed as various stages are arrived at.

 But with this notion of form and acausal perception in mind, let us now turn to some of the more mundane causal forms that make up this extraordinary experiment.

 The Spear

One of the secrets guarded until now is the true extent of infiltration by members of THEM into other groups via close association with key figures to crystallize a secret intelligence network – another, the sharpness of our perception. Due to the inability of a causal-mired nexion to see beyond form: it is not difficult to use that reliance on form to create a powerful mental glamour. One such glamour is called the Spear.

 Note some key points in Shape-Shifting:

 1. One must adopt a shape.

2. One’s shape must be seen to make mistakes.

3. One’s shape must be seen.

4. One must have visible faces and forms – while being an invisible face of form.

5. The target must only ever see what you want them to see.

6. The arte of Deception involves the art of Distraction.

7. Being an excellent shape-shifter naturally leads people to distrust you.

1 To interact on the causal plane requires a shape, a presentation, a shell or human guise. We know this.


To presence Acausal forms requires an involved weaving of thousands of illusions often over a lengthy period of time. For it is in the summary/overall experience of this weaving, that is to say between the forms, that the gap of the Acausal reveals and illuminates.

For example: in each personal interaction, these usually being one-to-one or face-to-face, one decides which attribute to emphasize in order to build a picture of one’s “persona” in the targets perception. One replies in a manner according to what one wishes to emphasize at any given point. Should mystery be emphasized, Should certain attributes or emotions be emphasized, Should power or connections be emphasized? What, and how are tentative tenuous decisions that correlate to the Experiment and what is called for at any given time to extend a tendril. But what is not generally made known is that to be effective in shape-shifting – it is necessary not only to have your real persona operating a front persona – but for your front persona to be operating its own front too, a deeper glamour I call a “spear”.

 It is through the spear(s) that one of THEM is known by everyone outside of one’s inner Sinisterion. And then, even inside, members of THEM are largely unknown (that is, information falls into an abyss) even to each other.

The spear is the amiable cheerful face of the Deceptor. A Deceptor naturally meaning, one who deceives. The Spear has a name by which others will know it and an array of attributes that appeal to the most general population. It is the name(s) by which one signs things, says things, is seen, heard and witnessed. Most people have an alternate persona – but they do not have a spear. Nor strangely, do they understand the necessity for one, especially in this dangerous work. A fact lamented by not a few of the Sinisterion careless enough to let their vigilance lapse.

 The spear, of which there can be more than one representation, represents the first line of Satanic defence. The average person is so caught up in oneself that they are careless about the information they exchange with others. (THEM are surgical.) Naturally, to discern the motivations of someone a person will read between the lines. During the friendly banter exchanged a wise magician remains vigilant that they are being studied.

What this means – is that, due to human caprice, the Detector (the person studying ‘you’) will be aiming to fill in some rather large gaps in his picture of you – esp. if you are one of those mysterious, anonymous types.

Thus it is that the Spear fills the role of supplying those details to feed the hunger of the curious. It is the “casual unwitting mistake-maker” – the ‘you’ “careless” enough to give occasional innocuous “personal details” during pleasant information exchanges to secretly assist someone in building up a picture of you to decrease their immediate curiosity (native to all inquisitive brains). And it is prior to assuming a major form, such as ours, that the smart shape-shifter sits down and literally creates a completely set of fictional personas complete with fixed attributes with which to dangle as a carrot on a stick. (This involves some tricky manipulation of postal loopholes, address exchange, identification flaws, library archives, dangerous associates, and ID stealing – covered in the section on Camouflaging the Chameleon. Trade secrets of Espionage and Intelligence and Satanic Tradition.)

It is the spear that will exchange sensitive information, the spear that will send and receive mail, the spear that will act as an administrator/inductor, the spear that will meet and greet and introduce and mingle, the spear that will mislead and misdirect both its friends and thus its potential enemies as to its actual nature and the spear that will serve as a decoy to hostile forces. Making a pseudonym is usually done by anyone using the computer – though haphazardly without the psychological arsenal of one of THEM and without a clear conception of deception. Most people can be persuaded to give sensitive personal information merely with a suitable Spear by appealing to their personality type and vices. Trust – places a person in a precarious position in our line of work.

The spear, though cheerful, personable, likeable, must also be seen to be secretive. This immediately places an increase of weight on any detail a Detector CAN extract from the spear directly or indirectly. Name, Age, Gender, Location, Outward Connections, Consistent Responses and Philosophies, Interests, Known Associates and Motivations are all top of the list. One by one some or all of these are ‘leaked’ via the spear (this itself an Art!) or are presenced, supplied, gathered what have you from available information distributed by the Spear – incidentally, a glamour so named because the Detector literally impales himself unknowingly upon its point. With this information, some of the things presented to some of the members of the Sinisterion may now make further sense.

 Now, from experience, it is Between the Spear and the Perception of the ‘you’ behind the spear where the Detector will look for You, the Deceptor. Now it is understood why an extra line of defence is required, rather than simply an alter-ego. If, a Detector looks for ‘you’ between a fake persona and another fake persona – what can be found of ‘you’? If a Detector looks for ‘you’ between You and your fake persona – anything they extract may prove highly detrimental.

 The Acausal shape-shifter is in a somewhat precipitous position. Their form must be seen from a variety of strange and difficult to explain angles. And I say difficult, because one can no longer simply use the terminology of the causal dimension – but must employ quantifiers for both. I was asked why I did not simply speak from a purely Acausal point of view – to which the reply is – there is no known language for the Acausal save for that of Dreaming.

Continuing – it is not enough that a teacher of shape-shifting take on ONE visible layer of form in order to demonstrate his skills and techniques (Qv. RA/Tnepres/ThoTh/f/CV/J/Eddas/E/Edward and so on) whose wraith has shown a prolonged visible countenance of a shape-shifter with distinct features and identification traits (and Works) as moving from one phase to another physically, magically, mentally to occupy various roles. Now here it gets intricate. It is not enough because it represents only a superficial level of shifting. A vital attribute of any visible form is a certain degree of deficiency. Without that figurehead of calculated clumsiness the shifter lacks the very element that renders them invisible. While Legion keeps the punters busy, focused, occupied, distracted – the absence of sound – the vaccum created by the pressures of the actual shifter goes unnoticed. Thus one of THEM can sidle right up to you and you not even know it. Because the Spear of the Shifter is seen out in the open – the punters focus on the wrong fellow. They consider themselves astute, watchful, aware of the possibility of misdirection and deception by this strange fellow who teaches shape-shifting and admits to being deceptive and infiltrating various organizations – but, what’s this, he’s not as good as he thinks he is, he’s left clues… heh… Have we now? So then, astute ones, how many of US are there? One? Two? Six? Or a Dozen? What are our names? What defines US that reveals US – Symbolism? Terminology? Beliefs? Age? Location? Energy? Which groups do we watch from the inside, IOT? ONA? ToB? OAA? MLO? TOS? FCOS? SOS? OTO, yours? Where did you get your information on THEM – from US? Or from the Spear? And we are Australian, right?

It is questions like these that beg for the mercy afforded by critical thinking.

ONA – masters of chameleonization created a very similarly layered labyrinth using the above techniques. Try, for instance, reading the ONA’s MSS with this in mind. Where some of the insights such as those garnered by the MSS – “A Contemplation of DWM” may arise.

 We know the Acausal Deceptor cannot be seen – we know this because that form of magic has no form or physical identification – it is not causally detectable. If it was, THEM should not have moved into advanced stages of its first aim without detection and without difficulty.

 Some of our detractors (of whom we watch carefully) underestimate the value of extreme patience and subtlety. One gate took three years to open, another five, another eight. Not a problem – we’re not going anywhere and we have nothing better to do than achieve our aims.

 One of those aims is to teach our black magical principles from the Australian Nexion and reveal the theory and techniques that comprise them. It would generally be considered counter-productive to the formation of any group trying to attain personal power over its members to reveal such layers and operations: for if no longer focused on Legion, where might they look? Into the “Dark Soul of the Night”? Quite. Now if only they used that awareness when perceiving Magian forms…

 However, the ‘You’ (i.e. causal vessel) that subsists beneath the glamour of the Spear, being bound by form, will, and does, exhibit information allowing further profiling of your identity and character. And Here, a very pointed analogy can be drawn between the survival of the physical human being/nexion in order to achieve the Great Work – and the romantic view of a Dark God clawing at the veil between the Worlds seeking intrusion. On one level – they are one and the same. Until the physical body is completely diffused, that is, an entirely acausal, there is a paradoxical dance with death whereby the Satanist endangers themselves, lives on the edge etc – and yet undertakes the training, steps and measures to ensure the highest level of protection for survival from the entropy of the mundane world.

 See ‘An Analysis of Frequency L13/13’ for further instances. Following these it can be a difficult game to conceal one’s closer (habitual) attributes simply because of the tell-tale trail of the geometry of information. Things sometimes beyond control when using form are one’s method or manner of communication – one’s terminology, or even a consistent focus on certain concepts. Thus it is that some shape-shifters (one in particular whose spear is infamous) have left trails that show certain persons are and have been among us whilst cultivating glamour of a very special sort – practicing a variety of ‘habitually disruptive’ roles to keep themselves randomized, and yet remain virtually undetected by those without the eyes to see. But it’s not for us to reveal them. We enjoy the ‘game’ as much as they do.

 Beneath the ‘You’ is the diffusion of consciousness characteristic of the Adept – the core of a Dark Sol. But remember it is in the rays of the sun that most of the ‘Work’ is done. From day one – carry a spear. We have.

 7 Yes, unfortunately, or rather as a result of, diffused consciousness that interferes with one’s causal ability to maintain a solid form to others; being known as a shape-shifter of some skill and of course, revealing the disarming secrets of one’s trade, carries with it the burden of implicit suspicious mistrust. Members have reported side-effects of our ‘Grand Science’ with members of their inner Sinisterion due to able demonstrations of Chameleonization openly – thus revealing how adept they are at controlling what people see and witness of them. This has lead to issues of instability, esp in magical relationships, where one may say the illusions of the causal are experienced withdrawn and the frightening (from their point of view) essence beyond projection revealed. Thus Emily no longer sees John, but a sinister grinning trickster, a dark, mysterious and cunning master of illusion who sends her projections back to her. This has the effect of causing people to be perpetually unsure whether a shifter is sincere or merely playing another role: An unavoidable Sinister Aspect of THEM’s Work and this Work in general. One of the disarming scenarios concerning the ONA was one (disturbingly argued) suggestion that the Order could in fact be the work of one Super-jew who decided to prove the merit of the Jewish faith by manipulating its enemies perfectly and unknowingly into adhering to the wisdom of a Sacred Jewish Holy Order under the guise of Satanism/NS/Islaam and so on. Unfortunately, there is a sinister correlation between the deceptive potential and the invisible ultimate aim of the shape-shifter. When one becomes as adept at shape-shifting as DWM the possibilities increase frighteningly – past the Abyss it becomes correspondingly difficult to shake one’s head definitively at anything manifesting on the causal plane. Pending the more advanced results of the Seven-Fold Way – a better judgement can be made. On that – it is somewhat limiting that the Seven-Fold Way disdains the study of Qabbala and Jewish Magic – for then one may preclude a study of the enemy for greater comparison that can be considered vital for a more rounded self-discernment.

 To summarize before we move on: the essential point being made is that creating a thing like THEM is only possible via a tandem of invisible (and visible) infiltration of key players known or in any way associated or trying to associate with THEM – and some very special rules of Satanism that aren’t known to many, some that we have borrowed, some that we have created. The ONA’s Shrencing MSS, I believe, danced on the outside of these techniques. THUS: Let them think they know where/who/what you are – while you Know where/who/what they are. This is a practice quite similar to the blackmail operations set up to entrap riches and power via the cameras for compromise within a Temple. The Temple, being an enticing forbidden environment where the lure of dark magic and unbridled sex holds fascination for many who are thus left (that is, not informed) to invest it with their projections as a place of romance and intrigue, a literal temple to Satan and doorway to exciting taboos all shagpile carpets and mahogany altars as it were – is seldom understood by the eager for the menacing role it plays in surveillance, tactical espionage, and entrapment. They seldom understand or are meant to understand, the extent to which the Temple watches them. This type of thing is very much the case with many Satanic Industries: though it bears repeating that THEM have emerged to help a few out of the occult labyrinth, hence our revelations of our Satanic techniques for the few who deserve to learn them.

The Tempel ov Blood (Qv. Liber 333) emphasize Infiltration of Organizations, as do the Order of Nine Angles, of which we are a Nexion. To them, these techniques are probably already known – but to those who wish to become one of THEM, these notes may prove a disturbing sobriquet. MEHR SEINS ALS SCHEIN…

 *Briefly: In terms of causal perception – general refers to the common convenient name for interpreted content, i.e. a “ball” or “sky”. Specific refers to a definition of an abstract in a layer of further segmented abstraction. “A shiny, red, ball with spots” or “Stratosphere, Atmosphere, Oxygen/Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide” while an abstract is essentially the end result of interpretation of any content using further abstracts to do it. These faculties are employed in this manner due to the size and position of our human-centred consciousness which finds itself enmeshed by the physical body and whose concerns are directly related to its feelings of inferiority and superiority relative to it.

** In terms of acausal perception – none of these differentiations exist. An abstract in the causal is not the same as an abstract in the acausal. An abstract in the causal (Qv. The Star Game: adv. Asstd. Essays) can be defined as anything isolated in perception by giving it a name. Until it has a name or parts of it are named by projection, the ‘Black Clay’ to some extent is experienced as it is – i.e. formless. Abstract Perception is a mutually inclusive consciousness of being the acausal within the causal. See Appendix.

+ The Reason for creating new words is not only to define new esoteric experiences – it also has another undertone: because of the uniqueness of such words, it makes it easier to track the growth and path of their forms online.