Australia, Magic and the Sinister

The following comments were taken from a discussion in another forum on Australia and Black Magic with Michael Aquino from the Temple of Set several years ago, comments  that we consider interesting and informative enough to present here as it provides several in-depth insights into the Australian culture from someone who lives here and has the necessary understanding to implement Sinister strategies carefully conceived to achieve maximum mimesis within its particular Ethos.  ——————————————————————————————– Hello Michael, Thanks for your interesting article on Australia – you should visit – like all things, they must be experienced for knowledge to have depth. The interest in Australia (also called Arnhem Land in the past) and creating a “Sinister History” for it – ties up with our work re: the Order of Nine Angles – a group you are no doubt aware of, and which has been my guiding light for approximately ten years now. I first heard of your work in 1997 when researching the CoS and subsequently got a more panoramic view of your work in relation to the ONA via the “Letters to Stephen Brown”. It is nice to finally put a ‘face’ to the name. I was born in Australia but spent half my life here, half my life somewhere else (Aeotearoa). The landscape of Australia is, in a word, hostile. Of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world, we host eight. We have many varieties of dangerous Ants, Wasps, Spiders, Snakes, Scorpions, Crocodiles, the list goes on – and even some of the Birds can be dangerous. We’ve a large wild bird called the Cassowary that can kick a man to death. The fabled Kangaroo so cutely captured in the world’s imagination also comes in a “Red” variety, standing 7 feet tall and with huge back legs it can (and does) ruin many a 4wd when they smash into it at dusk, or again kill a man with one kick. While the “grey” is more docile, it too can cause serious damage if the unwary should try to pat or approach it. The fauna or Australia is as varied as it is strange, inhabited with a massive variety of queer native animals. Though much of the coastline of Australia is inhabited, the majority (about 90%) is desert; where it is not, it is breathtakingly beautiful, but very big, and rather empty so it is a bad idea to take off bush on your own. We have a large variety of terrain here – tropical bush, rainforest, old forest, tundra, desert, mountain, swamp, bush – some of it accessible by land, some of it only accessible via helicopter. In those places by helicopter – there are still new species being found – one of the recent was new and very large spiders in the Kimberlies. No matter where you are though – Australia is largely an inhospitable place when you leave the coastal settlements and head inward about 3-400 km when you begin to enter the “Outback”. Mostly barren, the Outback is where the ‘cutesy’ tourist idyll of Australia quickly fades. Esp. if you’re out there to perform ritual. Not only do you have to watch out for the terrain as weather can change very quickly here causing floods, torrential rains, mudslides, cave-ins or what have you – and the fauna which can cut you if you walk on it, touch it, and poison you – or dodge deadly and openly hostile arachnids, snakes, ants, wasps and so on – watch out for wombats; small bears that are quite vicious, as are koalas whom sport very long claws, both of whom will eat your food, avoid Wild pigs, dingoes, and so on… You also have to keep an eye on the locals – who, as buttoned down farmers of the land, take a dim view of anything that looks like ‘magic’. Luckily, the land is big enough to lose yourself in – but you have to be very careful you find yourself again. The Heat alone kills a lot of unprepared visitors. The Aboriginals, or Koori people are believed to have lived in Australia for some 40, 000 years prior to settlement. The fascinating aspects of their magic should not be ignored – since, they are quintessentially all that comprises the magical history of Australia. There are no white equivalents, except perhaps for the permeation of the church, no magical caucasian characters that have any association to Australian magical history. The Aboriginals speak of a Dreamtime, which very closely parallels the A-causal as spoken of by AL – and is a complex set of stories that not only relate the lore of the Koori – but actually provide MAPS of the Australian Landscape. A large majority of the songs that the Koori teach are not just arbitrary – they contain references to australian landmarks, as Australia is (like New Zealand) broken up into many tribal areas, quoted in the songs. Thus by singing a remembered song – an aboriginal can find their way, even way out “Beyond the Black Stump” (Middle of Nowhere for a white man). This ability has led to the legendary status of their ability as “Trackers”. Whom police often use to find lost people or those who might be hiding from them. They are also extremely proficient in living off the land, finding food and water where white man finds only death. Like some native indian tribes the elders and clans in the outback live in their own perception of time – of which their knack for disappearing or “going walkabout” for as long as ten years, then returning as if they had left only yesterday – puzzles and annoys the consistent-loving white man. This is just a very basic outline of some of the magic that does exist here, none of it in the last 200 years. However, white man has all but wiped out the Ways of the Koori – and they survive only in the outback by a ever diminishing group of Elders. Alcoholism and Substance abuse, particularly petrol has all but finished off the Tradition of the Koori, now treated with tokenism by a PC wary govt – but originally pursued in waves of Genocide by the British. On the topic of Satanism though – that form is very recent here. Unlike older countries such as the UK or USA, there is very little Sinister history here. Some witch scares and some minor belief in the Devil – but there is at the present time only an estimated 30,000 practicing Satanists in a population of 18-19 million people. Most of these have received their instruction on Satanism from the Satanic Bible, You (ToS), or a mixture of internet-based agencies following 1997. Prior to which the number of Satanists was believed to be less than half of the above quoted number. The 70’s held a few reactionary satanic rises in worship – though none of these made any significant mention and are only mentioned in history as a collective appearance. A few Australian serial killers have named Satan as their inspirator – but that kind of thing is prevalent everywhere. None of these killers have ever matched the status of Ramirez or Manson however for the occult link. In terms of the Hq of THEM: Australia was chosen deliberately. Since I live here, am proud of my heritage, both Irish and Australia (I’m descended from Kings on one side, Convicts on the other, a nice nuance) and have some considerable ambition due to my Wyrd – it was decided that Australia would become host to a new nexion of the ONA and act as a psychic and/or physical fulcrum for the rest of the Sinisterion. To this end, we hope to challenge the status quo of satanic instruction here, and infuse the ONA-type Satanism in a country that has not yet been saturated by the ToS/CoS mentality to the degree of other countries. Though the eradication of religion and not dealing with the reactionaries to religion is one of our primary concerns. Australia has only been settled by the white man for around 200 years and has had no real impact on the Occult – aside of course, from the magnificent practices and way of living of the Koori whose way is now side-lined, ignored, and pushed further toward destruction; there has been no Sinister Characters or Contribution to Satanism from this Continent (some argue, Island) and THEM arose to change that. So while interesting to hear someone else’s take on Australia based on its cultural history – its magical one is something else altogether, and we believe yet to be written. There is much potential for Australia to serve as the new nexion, indeed even as an HQ for Falcifer, not just for its ominous and beautiful landscapes, hostility, alieness, or the fact that almost any act of open ritual is seen as ‘black mass’ thus a cartharsis would generate a significant amount of energy to be dispersed (for more info see Oto Anorha #30) into its red earth, unlike the jaded USA or UK where such things are just viewed as fringe activities of nut jobs, or quietly tolerated, magic Here involves risk. Esp. when it utilizes the manner in which we are using it to make significant changes to Australian History by giving it a Sinister one. This will take time of course – but then that is part of the magic taught within ONA’s methodology. Oh – PS – I was re-reading your findings on Australia and realized I’d forgotten to address a particular point I had intended to. viz, the use of “Oz”. You quoted: ““Oz”, oddly enough, is the name some Australians attach to their country. It is here that the band flees, to a settlement deep in the blisteringly-hot Australian Outback. Over fifteen hundred people have formed a settlement that is nearly totally self-sufficient. Weather control, lakes, forests, mountains, underground agriculture, and huge machines all serve to support this community.” Perhaps owing to the illiteracy of the earliest convicts from England, a vernacular developed among the imprisoned that was short and sweet, gruff and particular to the penal communities. Historically/Linguistically – I really couldn’t say – but what I do know is that Australia, prior to the huge influx of foreigners and the rise in political correctness which has been a great challenge to the way Australians speak, act and tell it like it is; expresses itself in a unique way which some have termed ‘lazy’ and others ‘down-to-earth’. Life here in the 1800’s was extremely tough. Enough said. There wasn’t time for dressing up one’s language nor much opportunity to learn it for those who colonized this Great Southern Land. As a result, the alpha-male who could get things done, (aka the ‘Battler’ against the Establishment *Ned Kelly, for instance*, an archetype that emerged in reaction to the oppressive imperialism of the British Rule) with a minimum of fuss (or “airy-fairy”) was the thing to be – and represented a schism between Convict and Jailer that still stews today. The discovery of Gold was probably what bought the largest infusion of cross-culture Australia had yet seen and allowed the Chinese to flourish alongside the Irish. This influx on the gold fields exacerbated already fierce rivalry between the cultures – a rivalry which was somewhat captured by the Nation’s later obsession for sport but which was also partly responsible for the esoteric development of Australian colloquialism. As I already said, a huge alpha-male meme was required to tame Australia; the men who first arrived here built the roads, carved out the hillsides, lay miles of track, cut down forests, hewed rock faces; were a breed of their own, Tough Buggers by any stretch. The worship and necessity of such an archetype has been watered down somewhat with the relaxation of British imperialism – and the bullshit of PC, but has led to the survival of an ideology that the ability to down incredible amounts of beer, endure the toughest conditions, support one’s own, stand up for what’s right, support Sport and the National Obsession with Football, violence and domestic/tribal patriarchal rule (That the Convicts got to play the British guard at football/cricket has had a huge influence in the way things are ’settled’ here.)- among many other traits unique to Australian culture – being the dominant characteristics of It’s people. The hero worship of nobodies who became/become somebodies remains one of the defining features of Australian culture – but woe betide that someone should ‘forget where they came from.’ Because of the tribalism that existed in the colonies and gold fields – and that includes with the Koori – it was considered great fun by the colonists to make sport with new arrivals who were often told all sorts of tall tales about Australia at the expense of the hapless visitor shaking their head in amazement. Many Americans still think the ‘platypus’ is such a tall tale. But it exists. One fossil was recently found that showed a former species had teeth. On that – it is also believe that during the Gondwana period that many of the species native to Australia crossed into New Zealand – thus the kiwi is believed to be Australian by some circles. Not something I can substantiate, I just have a good memory for recalling what people say. To some extent, it has been surmised that this habit of ‘talking smack’ to visitors gave rise to legends of Australia in other countries as a wonderland – and thus an “Oz” – but this is probably not really the only explanation, esp. given that Australia was colonized well before frank baums 1900 writing of the Wizard of Oz. A more likely culprit for this -is that although they can work extremely hard – Australians still prefer their lazy chipped English to the prim and proper ‘pommy’, and have a love of shortening everything that might be too fancy for the alpha-male, to as short a phrase as possible. Speaking like this is one of the tribal characteristics that identifies tourists from locals – as is the strange rhyming slang used to codify everyday objects names and places. Thus you, Michael, would be known as ‘Mick’, here. Patrick/Patto, Service Station/Servo, and its gets even more obscure; the Brisbane Cricket Grounds for instance, is called the “Gabba”. Figure that one out. Of the efficiency in everything physical – there was also a quiet appreciation for the poet or artist who offered escapism (however mild) from the harshness of living off the land, esp. when that poet effectively captured the hard life of the colonists. Qv. Henry Lawson. Many people assume the obscure sayings that comprise much of the Aussie vernacular (though generally only in the Working Class) exist because of a simple peculiarity of the Australian culture – or just assume the Australians enjoyed ‘taking the piss’. But the Australian language (now in danger of extinction due to PC) stems from the alienation of the early convicts, the challenges they faced in settlement and colonization of this very tough land, the persecution they endured under British imperialism, and the threat they felt after finally colonizing the land and finding gold to make their fortunes – from the rising influx of immigrants. None of these things, these vital currents that form the Australian Ethos have changed; there is still alienation because the convicts estrangement from their homeland never went away; although having gotten softer in the coastal cities the average Australian worker esp in the outback is gruff, tough and cold as steel to outsiders, warm and affable to his mates and still casts a suspicious eye at anyone remotely in Authority, inc the foreman, boss, policeman or anyone who is brave/stupid enough to try and climb the ladder by stabbing his mates in the back or ‘putting on airs’. And despite the nonsense of having to disguise racism openly and instead channel it into underground resentment (What would Jung say about repressing this facet?) to meet the demands of political correctness in the face of a series of Govt’s trying to make Australia a cultural melting pot for everyone; hatred seethes within many white Australians toward this increasing wave of newcomers. And tribalism, taking root because of reaction to this hostility has led to entire enclaves being populated by just one race, Springvale in Victoria for instance, is mainly (95%) inhabited by Koreans, Chinese, and other Oriental Races, the wealthy Toorak township in Vic is saturated mostly by Jews, Frankston in Vic by WASPS, other areas particularly by the Lebanese, Sri Lankans, Indians, Greeks etc. A situation which would require its own separate reply. For all the efforts of the Govt and media to promote the illusion of equality and foster some magical idyll of the world’s cultures living in harmony together – Australia is sitting on a cultural time bomb which will take only a few careless (or careful) matches to set off. Literally – a cricket match or football match can quickly shed the pretext of racialism and expose the fierce alienation felt by different tribes that assembles them. So in many ways – understanding the Australian populace, whether as a politician or a Satanist, requires in-depth exposure to its culture – which traditional culture of the WASP, was/is designed to tribalize the white australian, marginalize anyone else, and protect his/her very tenacious views which survive from the onset of his arrival here. Hence Sport – as a racial current – is taken very seriously here. In fact, it is the dominating Religion.