Ordeal of the 9th Moon: Manifesting the Animae



 Arguably one of the hardest challenges of the Sinister Path is locating a magically empathic partner with which to work upon the Path with. No detail is given in Naos as to how one finds a magical partner to undertake the Sinister Path with – an omission which has led to many an exasperated magician. The Temple of THEM fills this notorious gap by presenting one particular type of ritual Sorcery that worked to bring about the manifestation of the Anima in flesh for the author via an ancient method of the magicians. The basic premise of the sorcery at hand is in the power of Word/Wyrd and using the gathering and release of sexual tension to entice the Cosmos (via the vehicle of the Dark Ones) to manifest Her/Him after enough sexual energy has been stored to cause a significant disturbance to the flow of the Cosmic tides of Sex and Death. A tattered scrap of this ancient method of honour remains enshrined in the heavily bastardized magian adage – ‘you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself’.

According to a Tradition of Sorcery – the keys to summoning the Dark Ones are Sex and Death. Sex and Death, are tides of energy that if sufficiently stored up, can allow brief, or even permanent escape from the Cosmic Being, or in ONA terminology, from one’s Destiny/Wyrd – allowing one to implement their own.

The Cosmic Being is like a vortex that seeks to devour the energy of each human being and draw them and their energy back into its Unity. Sex and Death are its breathing pattern of inhalation/exhalation. Perceived this way, the Cosmic Being is the force that magicians must try to escape from in order to become Immortal, or Acausal.

The causal acts of Sex/Death release the stored energy of an individual back into the collective. The way to free oneself from that Unity is to abstain from sex. Or rather, to abstain from orgasm, while still generating sexual energy, either by masturbation, or sex without ejaculation. This lingering threshold of stored sexual energy tempts or lures the Cosmic Being to try to take it from us. Because of this, the magician can bargain with the Cosmic Being for certain favours to be bestowed [a vow] before they will give up that energy. In this way – the Dark Ones can be enticed to manifest in the presence of a magician by the lure of sexual energy generated before orgasm – or the co-mingling of the pre-sexual liquids of the female, and the pre-cum of the male – and kept manifest by the repeated generation of this most powerful elixir. This limpid ‘juice’ is believed to be one of the most powerful elixirs in magical practice, perhaps even more so than the red elixir of the beheaded opfer.

Our Anima wants to manifest. We feel its power every time we fall in Love or experience Lust. Our Anima is then projected onto another human being and we come to see that human shell as imbued with that projection – seeing and thinking of that shell as the very living breathing fantasy of our Anima in the flesh, although this process is often unconscious and beyond our control. When our alchemical growth is altered as we grow psychically, the Anima undergoes changes too, and we may come to see that the person we are with, no longer fits us or the ideal of our anima. We then retract it from them, with the consequence that we fall out of love. This is very important to understand in attempting the Ordeal of the Ninth Moon – and in determining a psychic vampire from the Anima. The Anima is an organic projection that falls on to people and causes us to perceive them as Hir. A Psychic Vampire, is someone who resembles Hir, but whom instead drains our energy as an emissary of the Cosmic Being that aims to return us to the void i.e. experience causal Death. For we are genetically driven to procreate (have Sex) and then die.


Arc I

The Ordeal begins by the act of giving your Word before your Wyrd (or swearing a vow to the Dark Ones) that you will control your sexuality for a period of time. In this case – nine months. The vow not to indulge in any sexual activity outside the context of magick means that you will use masturbation only in a ritual context – for invocation and evocation only. If a male – one may begin by drawing a pentagram with an erect cock –

The phallus being the natural wand of the male magickian it should be used accordingly.

If female – one may begin by drawing a pentagram with a finger greased with the liquids of the vagina.* Thus is the visualization energized and brought to life.

* The Ordeal of the Ninth Moon is primarily designed for males – see “The Quest of the LHP” not out of any intended predilection or chauvinism but because the mysteries of the female aspects remain shrouded and could only be divulged by direct exploration and experiment by each Sorceress. Here the female reader is prompted to look into what Jung has to say about the Anima/Animus wherein he even proposed there being multiple Anima’s within the feminine psyche. After all, what is the Anima/Animus, if not the sum of all that one lacks, the sum of all one’s deficits, a non-being which paradoxically starts to have a real existence, to sharpen one’s libido and define one’s value system?

You could promise the Dark One that you would sacrifice your sperm to It only when mingled with female sexual liquids – which is precisely what It wants. So It may even be persuaded to help you in hunting your game.

When evoking the Dark Ones the phallus should be considered itself a magickal wand and the vagina the very sigil of the Dark Ones.

Herein the specific method is a matter of taste but one approach is to masturbate (switch on the wand in the case of the male) whilst invoking the Dark One that one wishes to commune with –i.e. Baphomet.

Try to sustain a prolonged plateau of excitement holding back the urges to ejaculate. The prolonged plateau of excitement while concentrating on the sigil assures an energy field for the Dark One to manifest. The longer that plateau – the better.

Ejaculation is not recommended except as an extreme form of sacrifice and only provided the goddess has already manifested and demanded it. Ejaculate only if the Dark One has manifested and demanded your orgasm.

Note that it is possible to experience orgasm of a dulled sort without spilling one’s semen – but any full ejaculation without express demand by the Dark Ones will put one back at square one, day one, of the Nine Months.

If called to release – give yourself totally to the experience and Dark One. Relax and dissolve in the vision beyond.

The Ninth Moon Ordeal is difficult – and may require many attempts to stay committed to the full course of such a masochistic vow. An unexpected or spontaneous orgasm some months in despite ones best efforts is not unheard of. The strength and integrity of one’s Word/Wyrd is absolutely crucial to the Ordeal. One should beware lest the Ordeal become a Sisyphean one of pushing a rock up a hill only to have it roll down again.


Arc II

A subtler but no less risky alternative of the Ordeal of the Ninth Moon is to practice ritual masturbation without ejaculating during the waning of the Moon and to abstain from any such indulgence during the waxing of the Moon.

During its waxing, the Moon should charge and fill (for a man) the testicles with more sperm/energy. One could also practice only “pointing at Anima Mia with ones magickal wand” which means to evoke the vision of your Anima using your imagination and let your magickal wand point at Hir without touching it by hand. The energy accumulated in and by the wand should then be distributed on the whole body’s skin.

The same technique of distributing energy over the whole body should be used during the masturbatory phase of the waning Moon – the hand should stop rubbing the wand for a while lest the excitement lead to ejaculation. During this time a considerable quantity of energy should flow through the eyes which should be focused on the sigil of the appropriate Dark One(s).

Again – it’s a dangerous and mad practice, but that is the Dark Side of the Force and we seek to master It.