Rite of Regurgitating Choronzon

The majority of the time – the mind acts to censor or restrict its immediate desires and impulses either by filtering them down into more socially acceptable alternatives or by learning deferred gratification. The unleashing of the Beast inside of us is historically attributable to the most abominate and horrific releases and actions of the human race – limited only by the already diverse and terrifying realm of imagination – with the exception of dark veins not yet tapped.

Some of this is detailed in Theory of the Beast, and some of the nature of evil and its energetic habit of dropping out of itself (just like the energetic behaviour of Absurdity or Chaos) is detailed in Intelligent Evil (Oto Anorha #32) in order to supersede the tension of opposites and come back over its previous incarnation with unexpected vengeance in an entirely new strain of abomination that leaves us frozen, breathless and afraid.

Choronzon is reputed to be an extremely dangerous arch-demon of the abyss – a force that dwells on the sickening trash and psychic waste spewed forth by the deluge of forms and human imaginings and day to day viciousness of its inner beast that moves in the shadows occasionally sprinting forth with its teeth bared to cause us to become atavistic and permit various degrees of atrocity. Crowley claimed to have summoned C with a friend in a famously recorded testimony wherein his friend tried to destroy/kill Crowley through possession.

Whilst one aspect of THEM is the alpha-cynic and that cynicism characterizes much of our writing – it should be pointed out that our cynicism acts as a filter to extract the refuse that attaches itself to the occult and to distil the truths beneath the lies. In short, we believe we are not alone and that there are any number of ignorant walls we maintain for our own protection to keep them out or keep them under control. There are ways to tear down these walls.

This includes a dangerous psychological rite that one can use to access the Beast directly and evoke the Devil’s energy in an uncontrolled and frightening fashion. Like many magical rites, it is simple – and acts by putting pressure on a few key variables. We originally called it the “Black Book of Satan” /but have re-termed it the Rite of RC (Regurgitating Choronzon) to prevent confusion between it and the publication by the ONA of the same name.

Appreciably, many people require great and difficult instructions, hard to get ingredients, days of kneeling before altars and so on. Maybe they feel they need to work up to it – or maybe that misunderstand just how close the Devil really is to the surface of all of us. [Heresy and the Heart of Darkness]. The following rite is ‘experimental’ – but something can be said that no-one has ever felt comfortable showing us or revealing their exact results or working grimoire. Embarrassment, illegality, taboo, shame, fear, reputation, and so on are all very powerful censors – and there is a good reason they exist.

The shock to the system of the RC Rite can be extraordinary and highly and permanently disturbing. It can and generally does open gates you cannot close without serious complications – and meeting the content that writhes in the Pit is often forgotten or dismissed because the ego so carefully blocks out the horrific throng that assails consciousness, most of the time. A certain desensitization has occurred that rites like the Black Mass help to highlight in regards to the power of our minds to really truly fuck us and make us cower in the corner strangled by our shadows – nightmares still have this power but they are often unwilled and arrive of their own volition. The RC Rite allows a conscious effort into this murky abyss with no protection except that which the individual may have developed through their long-worked for measure against psychic calamity or spiritual destruction.

1) Obtain for yourself a blank book with no less than 30 pages.

2) On the floor, outside or inside, draw/set up a broken pentagram. Also known as the Acausal pentagram it does not have a finished protective circle and the lines of the ‘gram are interrupted at points. See below. The pentagram is envisioned as having a black energy erupting from the centre with its tendrils obscuring the lines of the ‘gram and breaking the protective circle.

3) Light a white candle and place at each point of the acausal pentagram. Burn your choice of incense.

4) Sit outside the acausal pentagram and meditate for a maximum of 3 minutes until you are relaxed. Say ’I call on the forces of darkness and the powers of THEM. Fill ME, Guide ME, Show ME.’

5) Enter the acausal pentagram with your book and a pen.

6) Sit in the centre. Say ‘I open the Gates and I Remember.’

7) Blow out one of the candles and say ‘I need no protection, and I abandon myself to you. Fill ME, Guide ME, Show ME.’

You will shortly begin to write, without restraint, without order, without question: the darkest, cruellest, sickest, evillest things you can think of, with the express intention of fuelling them upon themselves to see how sick you are capable of. You must write until you either Disturb yourself and see the sudden sense in your psychic censors and protection from the Devil come rushing in and abandon the rite altogether. And to abandon the rite remove and destroy all ritual items used. Be sure to first Complete the pentagram before you rub it out/remove it.

Or, plumb the depths of your horrific imagination and cruelty to expose a side of your self your better judgement keeps hidden. The aim here is to deliberately try and disturb yourself to such an extent you break the locks on your defenses and let the Devil in – and suggested means are acts that involve terrible travesties using emotional attachments to loved ones. Once you break those locks – you cannot unbreak them. Severe psychological disturbance and suicidal verges have been reported before by initiates undertaking this rite and complete resignation from the Sinister is not uncommon after performing this rite. If you are ready:

8 . Take a few deep breaths. Open your book and begin writing.

We Remember The Temple, The TEMPLE OF THEM!



[Closing an acausal pentagram does not guarantee something did not come through that doesn’t want to leave. You’re warned.]

9) When you have had enough, stop. Read the book you have written, once to imprint it. When you are finished – Close the book. Take a few deep breaths. Say ‘I have been shown and not looked away. I am ready to be shown more. But not tonight/today.’

10) Now, very importantly: leave the circle and Destroy the book. Burn it or take time to tear it into the tiniest pieces you can so as to be unreadable. There are two very good reasons for this; 1) so no-one else can see how fucked up you can be, charge you for breaking any laws, and get frightened by your Beast (which they will) as the book has the potential to destroy your familial and friendly constructs and relationships very quickly -but more particularly so you cannot return to read them. 2) the second one you may discover for yourself, but the hint is in the name of the Rite.

11) Blow out the remaining candles. FINISH the broken pentagram before you rub it out/remove it. break the candles, and the chalk/material used to make the ‘gram and dispose of all ritual items including remainders of the book.

(12) Optional: Alcohol loosens inhibitions – a glass of wine or enough to get one tipsy without preventing one from writing legibly can increase the hatred and uncontrolled passion of this rite considerably. There are many other variations to increase the energy – these will not be mentioned here but they involve violence and/or sexual activity or any imaginative combination as per Black Mass considerations. Music is also an option – wherein THEM suggest the YUGGOTHIC CHOIR.