Planet Caravan

 Some Notes in regard to Nexion:

+O+ Only. 

Having been involved in a Green group in the late 90’s that campaigned against Nuclear Armament, Logging, War, and Rights for Refugee’s in large protests (often in the CBD of Melbourne City or Marysville) I experienced extended period’s of traveling to and from locations in convoys of cars, and time in their home re-made into the equivalent of a commune. Activities at this commune in the outer suburbs of Melbourne included parties to celebrate every full moon, fire twirling, congregating in a massive teepee, a lot of dope smoking, alcohol consumption, spa baths and on occasion promiscuous sex.

Some of the parties occasionally got out of hand and there was one occasion where I was asked to eject a trouble-maker who had punched our resident Native American in the face. Which I did.

I also attended a festival twice called “ConFest” that is still run but has become increasingly commercial over the years. Meat was once banned, rec. drugs were rife, and commercial venues refused entry. Now a Coke van sells refreshments.

What I have learned from these and some other experiences prior to this, is that groups like this, such as hippies, who put on the relaxed face of effortless peace and mungbeans, much like Christians, are not immune to the bitter squabbling and internal politics that arise when almost any group of people assemble under the banner of an ideology.

There were some great people at the commune, some of which I enjoyed personal relationships with or found friendly, down-to-earth and not full of bullshit. But the entire camp was underpinned by a lot of hostility – mostly by some patrons towards others, a virile grapevine of gossip, and all manner of idiocy bandied around as sound solutions to the problems of the world.

My Alchemist friend Luci once informed me that he’d been speaking with a lady in the garden who wanted to meet a real Satanist. When I went down to talk with her, I noted she was in her 30’s. When I began to inform her of my views ala ONA, she lost her arrogant Wiccan demeanour, and left the party.

The commune was also split into different factions internally, some who wanted to go back to the way things were when it was just the main attendees, some who thought more could or should be done for the Cause, some who felt that there was too much bullshit going on, and some who wanted to do their own thing and screw everyone else. With the high degree of traffic that came in and out there was a plethora of different and sometimes explosive personalities at the full moon parties. Luci and I were some of them.

The point is: I know first-hand what elements the organization of people together brings and am also very familiar with the Rites of the ONA. I have taken these into consideration in my suggestion regarding a mobile blitzkrieg.

Firstly let me emphasize – I don’t picture Nexion romantically as some sort of social group that gets together after magic to chat and spend time, possibly bitching, together. Rather I envision a cold calculating group of professional Satanists that arrive at a certain point ready and prepared for the ritual, draw down the acausal into the landscape and other members, get back in their cars, and leave. I think it is far more sinister for a group to descend upon a location with a pre-determined purpose and to perform a powerful rite using their own energies to participate professionally and coldly without so much as a word exchanged than it is to have a tea-party under the illusion that we’re somehow all meant to get along.

The requirements of the Rite of 9a in ONA’s magic demands a vow of silence of 7 days prior to Performance – this alone will exclude a lot of people without the proper resolve and personal conduct to maintain such severe measures of discipline, from Nexion.

Anonymity can be maintained by masks and silence. Renting cars for the purpose is also a good idea – and some standard satanic security measures put in place, however since I’d rather people not be paranoid about being tailed or followed, it would be necessary that each member be able to fight well enough to be able to knock someone out in the case of unwanted interruptions or aftermath. Initiates would need to be tested to see if they have the skills to defend themselves. Obviously some experience with camping and bushcraft would be useful as would mechanical and geographical knowledge in the case of finding spots to perform the rites, and making sure everyone arrives and everyone leaves without breaking down.

A mastery of Chant and memorization of the Rite’s performed is an absolute requisite – but it hasn’t been decided yet which of the Rites would be performed aside from the 9a one, which requires a lot of work, preparation and solidarity to achieve. In that, I’ve had a semi-active role in acting, and I am sure the Sorceress can provide useful instructions on its performance for a group as she has performed the 9a repeatedly and has a great working knowledge of the Dramatic Arts.

In some cases it may be useful to alter the text of the ONA’s Rites or to perform a completely different rite unique to THEM.

All this will be discussed by myself and other members of THEM and members of Mvimaedivm are welcome to offer up their suggestions or put in for a charter.

 PS. [The name of this Mss is taken from the name of a song by Metal Band, Pantera. The name Planet Caravan is used in the hope that the idea of a cold mobile convoy of people working blitzkriegs of acausal magic around the world might take off as a suitable alternative to an immobile nexion where internal politics of people not familiar with one another or exposed to high traffic volume tend to gather and wreak havoc on a form. As we have said, the idea of issuing Charters for others to raise their own Temple to THEM (A Tendril of THEM) is under consideration.]