Narrative Magic or Oromancy: An Introduction

Unlike the basis for External, Internal, Aeonic, Sexual magicks – the basis for Narrative magick lacks a solid foundation for explaining its method – being still in the stages of active development, experiment and enquiry by the Temple of THEM. However, some of the theory behind this approach can be divulged, if only in brief at this point in time.

 Narrative Magick deals with the building blocks utilized not just by the ONA but the entire Empire of the Magian and all humanity for that matter in the way of Form, and explores the theory and context as to why Form is responsible for the tremendous power, influence, and domination it has over humanity via a warped tradition of perception and interpretation.

 It being no secret that THEM view the presence of the Order of Nine Angles, its Septenary Way and the manuscripts that populate it as a unitary form of Grand Black Magic designed to infiltrate the collective consciousness and cause it to aid the will of Anton Long – this Introduction touches more deeply on how such forms collectively act in the service of a higher magic of human ingenuity by crafting a story or mythos of narrative magic for others to follow and champion – thereby generating fanatical devotion and increasing the number of characters involved in the mythos’s narrative, nurturing others to live out that narrative via the props provided, and use such narrative to create subtle and overt changes in the Matrix. Such changes can culminate in the creation of one form of the fabled Diamond Body.

 “Narrative magick” or “Oramancy” as coined by the Temple, pertains to an acknowledgement, and interest, in the existence (persistence) of a story-like quality inherent in a single or multiple set of forms that is partly conscious and partly unconscious and possesses the power to affect human beings directly.

 The conscious aspect of narrative magic exists in the continuum of a particular set of forms forming a suitable platform or stage upon which certain archetypal resonances can be comfortably projected by an individual or group, and a reciprocal projection received.

 That is not to say that an individual will necessarily be conscious that s/he is being utilized as part of a magickal story (that is not necessary), but rather that because of the power invested in forms collectively by the human race, the necessary conditions created for a being to want to invest time and energy in being a part of the ‘story’ being presented (narrated) can be made ‘visible’, not only to the individual, but to the collective. The conscious aspect works on the adage – “if you build it – THEY will come.”

 The unconscious aspect of narrative magick is rather more mysterious and a rational analysis can be said to be most difficult if not largely impossible due to inaccessibility to the collective unconscious psyche. However – it is a fact – that stories and mythos – play an extremely vital role in the perception and reaction of humanity. Few stories have motivated humanity more than those of creation – the Eddas, the Baghadvita, the Koran, the Bible, for instance are strong examples of narrative magic that seek to provide direction and a moral compass, a praxis and a weltanschauung for humanity. These and many other examples of Creation and End Time stories have survived, some for thousands of years, through the living of their Narrative by hundreds of generations of avid listeners and worshippers caught up in the power of their respective Mythos.

 Even today, more than two thousand years later – the Mythos of Buddha, of Mohammed, of Jesus, lives on in the hearts and minds of billions of believers, motivated by the Word that compels them live their life for such a reason, in such a way. No one can refute the tremendous power of religion nor its little brother politics – a younger and less archaic form of narrative – but one which has demonstrated it too has tremendous power to manipulate the lives of people and to use that power to cement forms into being or smash them out of existence, time and time again.

 To bring us closer to home we spoke of the Mythos of the Illuminati in Oto Anorha #31 being a chance occurrence that propelled a humble gesture in the throes of sulphur in the 1700’s into the annals of history as the single most powerful expression to describe the ultimate collective sinister conspiracy. The human imagination is a wondrous thing, a dangerous thing, but a wondrous thing all the same. Again even closer to our current era we can cite the Order of Nine Angles, a British Satanic organization that has brilliantly recreated the wave of speculation, paranoia, and wild theory reminiscent of the Illuminati – a wave that has gathered momentum for fifty years and has broken on many shores of the world. For all their actual power, reach, wisdom, and truth, whether Religion, Politics, Secret Organizations, or a Garage Sale – without others adding to the story, without others ‘reading’ or being absorbed by the Mythos/Forms being unfolded – the Mythos fades into obscurity. There are countless examples of attempts to start secret societies that have failed because of a lack of the Mythos being picked up and carried away on the lips as reputation.

 Jung – believes that the rise to individual power is reciprocal – in that the collective must desire the individual to assume the role as an individual separate from the collective for such a relationship to work. To encourage this relationship artificially where resistance is met usually involves propaganda and the persuasion of the people.

 The failure of varied temples and orders, even in my short lifetime with the occult of eighteen years, appears to be regularly due to the collective resistance of an idea that is presented out of time, that is, asynchronously with the needs of the collective psyche at that moment of collective development. The make or break elements of a successful formation appear to rely on such key characteristics as synchronicity, solidarity, proximity, and a message congruous with Time. If one is able to tap into the collective messages being given by the unconscious collective psyche – to discern the particular push being given from beneath or beyond, by deduction – one can theoretically ride that wave – provided one is in sync with it, and does not attempt to subvert the natural process. This synchronicity with what THEM refer to as the Acausal Voice, does not suit many forms – for the propensity of humans seeking control via form and mythos does not usually function on altruism selflessness or a desire to presence the will of the cosmos – and the collective unconscious is its own law and its own physis working independently of the consciousness. As dreaming shows us – the messages of the collective psyche are mostly in contradiction to the current psychic conscious state of humanity and are as hard to swallow as they are to hear.

 Narrative magick involves an individual assessment insofar as it is possible to assess such a scope, of the preset and emerging signs of the individual and collective psyche on a national scale – using such means as the appearance of the architecture, the disposition or attitude, level of perception, level of technology, economic, social and racial factors, political climate, and to a great extent, media.

 For today, it is media and the forms of technology that carry the media – (behold the information age!) – that are the equivalent of the oral storytellers of myth and magic and story and for that role they receive worship and adoration for the fire-side tales they weave. And because such stories still derive from the collective unconscious – pushing through in archetypal resonances and archetypes, dreams, visions, and forms – they form patterns in a synchronous fashion expressing a similar archetypal message in any variety of forms.

 This form of magick also utilizes a derivative of the ancient belief in the micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos being reflections of and in the other – though not to such an extent that the two are believed to represent a mirror-image. It could also be called a type of sympathetic magic, akin to as above so below, wherein creating a certain alchemical change within the individual naturally has an effect on the outer world, with the potential for a knock-on effect and the re-effecting of the individual.

 It was believed that the ONA, in challenging the Tos/Cos and other contemporary Satanic groups at the time, were setting up an alternate and Sinister mythos, deliberately and consciously – see for instance the 1970-80 “Book of Wyrd” – wherein this legendary relic was consciously devised to be a ‘teaser’ or a lure on behalf of the ONA Mythos to draw interest, intrigue and talk. This great example of a form being used in an act of narrative magick would lead to a divergent strain of Satanism that made conscious – not just for the few who traditionally/historically tried to deceive the masses with lies, omissions, half-truths, fantastic stories etc to create their deceptions – but for the masses, the possibility of creating a deliberate mythos, and the possibility that a deliberate mythos has been created out of thin air.

 This intriguing development would be hinted at again and again in ONA mss, but it was through the work of THEM that it was finally revealed clearly without mystification to a much wider and eventually attentive audience. While others argued over whether certain aspects of the Order were real or invention – and some concluded rightly that the validity of the Tradition was unique and lay outside of classical measures such as real-time existence – THEM went further and broke down its observations of the tremendous power the ONA had seized in its deliberate creation of a Mythos. We set about studying its forms in general and Form in particular. This was around 2003.

 The experimental stages of the Temple (GBA-A) proved two things conclusively:

 a) That it was entirely possible to replicate the power and prestige of the ONA via media and propaganda alone, but

 b) That a Mythos could not be written/weaved and sustained by conscious intention and imagination alone – there had to be other elements involved such as deliberate communion with the unconscious, alchemical work, and the participation of the magical workees within such a Mythos in a real-life way. One could not fake insight, nor did insight come in its natural and unexpected fashion of clarity without direct involvement in living a certain way. Without that insight – without that connexion to the unconscious world psyche – the forms generated were pale and hollow.

 A direct connexion to the collective psyche is necessary for the imbuing of forms with the numinous pull – the desire in others to want to manifest them – that so characterizes the ONA’s work.

 However – another important aspect of Narrative magick – is to ‘control the story’ or to capture the idea in dramatic theatrical terms – ‘direct the actors’ within the play. Form plays a crucial part in this, for if one is trying to introduce the means to re-direct a current presenting itself in the here and now; it is not always enough to present a good argument for ones case. It is considered a general rule that while people are clinically unpredictable, when they communicate via various forms of media they do try to be logical – and logic quickly draws a circle around the contents to be logicized in order to form their train of thoughts. Because of this habit – people generally restrict their discussion to the relevant topic using the content provided as cues for what is appropriate – and ‘stick to the subject’ – as it were. However, Time, and the status quo of all that it encompasses, is often at odds with new ideas, and new ideas often go by the wayside due to lack of interest and especially – a lack of involvement by others in those ideas (relating back to the necessity of others to be captured by form for it to live). It is especially true that it merely takes one or two other people to express interest in something and others will naturally follow – first out of curiosity – and secondly out of habit. However someone taking an interest does not guarantee the lifespan of an idea – a forms life requires constant nurturing until it reaches a critical mass.

 It can also be a matter of frustration that the ‘right questions’ are not being asked that would lead to a certain collective viewpoint being achieved by the group – this is most often the case when someone is trying to present something ahead of, or, out of time, with the current era and its particular set(s) of noetic characteristics. In such cases, an individual conducting narrative magick can provide that interest themselves by creating a second or even multiple anonymous personas to engage in discussing the topic, thus raising two walls or forms at the opposite ends of the idea, trapping or restricting the topic and the circle around which others will draw their logic in their attempt to join in -to the relevant narrative. With the creation of enough ‘closed circuits’ – or people manipulated into talking about a form – it can reach critical mass – by which is meant the point where less and less of one’s own narrative magick is required to keep the form afloat and functional – but the form continues to perpetually replicate.

The new form – presents an alternate choice, a divergence from the norm – at least for a while where most forms are concerned – but if taking its cues from the collective unconscious – it is possible that a form could arise that has all the power and duration of a thermodynamic explosion. And by this is meant the possibility for great and wondrous leaps in perception, understanding and wisdom on a collective level – but also the terrifying raw power of the unconscious to be mishandled, misunderstood, and incinerate those attempting to usurp it.

 The Temple of THEM cannot with any sagacity predict the outcome of its main and many side-experiments with the collective psyche on the collective mass – this is unmapped and dangerous territory, especially since with our arising, such an approach to magick may become ‘popular’ with others trying to emulate us in some fashion or another (as humans are wont to do) – and a large number of people performing similar experimentation has the potential to wreak terrific collective and individual psychic harm. [–“Whose Word is Chaos”-]

 (This is another reason why the Temple has only a thirty year charter.)

 As stated – the known aim of the Temple of THEM is to give Australia a significant Sinister History. It is moot to argue for the power of the word or of one individual to affect a nation. I could cite a hundred examples throughout history of men and women who have made a significant difference to the world through lone action or inaction (fate is fickle!). But I choose to cite Veronica Guerin, the famous Irish reporter who was shot to death on the Naas road in Dublin for her attempts to expose those saturating Ireland with heroin in the 1990’s. Veronica was the only woman (read person) brave enough to stand up to the dealers, even after she was savagely beaten, shot and threatened – she continued to doggedly pursue leads and publish inflammatory articles in the paper in her quest to save the kids of Ireland from the heroin epidemic – all the while knowing in her heart it was only a matter of time before she was to suffer the consequences of her exposes. Her writing and her death galvanized the entire country to oust the dealers from Ireland and form new anti-drug legislation. Keep in mind that it was only in 1996 that the first Irishman went into a witness protection program – prior to that, i.e. dating from the very birth of Ireland; you were on your own. The Irish are a hard people.

 Lastly, the conditions for narrative magic appear to require a period of implementation, execution, and narration spanning more than a decade, and at least thirty years (why this number is relevant will be discussed at a later time) – placing the category somewhere between the level of discipline required of an Internal Adept and the Aeonic Magic of a Magus. This is not unnatural – The Sinister is not, for any of THEM, a choice, but a calling. What we are attempting to do is beyond the scope and patience of more than half of the dilettantes we have met that expressed any interest in Satanism – and like Myatt we are loyal to an Acausal Voice and an Aeonic Vision.

 Through the infectious telling of a story, are others inspired to perform External, Internal and Aeonic magic. Through the contagion of archetypes are others inspired to give their lives for a cause, wage wars in the name of justice or war, kill to honour and glorify a god, observe customs thousands of years old. Through the power of mythos – does the world run its course – a course affected directly by the choice of Mythos available…