TENDRIL: Their Will Be Dreams

Tendril taking shape

 The concept of Tendril is a set of between 28-48 new archetypal drawings depicting energies recognized by the Temple of THEM that represent processes psychological and historical that humanity has passed through from ancient inception such as the first human viewing the world, from the vicious battle by different forces to control the mind and perception of all things, to our unconscious desires to achieve Jung’s individuation and become Masters of ourselves.

The purpose of Tendril is to create images that can be seated in front of the user as mirrors of the psyche that awaken forgotten connections and psychic links and memories with these archetypes and trigger conscious and unconscious association and primal recall. 

Navigating a Course to the Stars * * *

I cannot navigate my course by the counsel of other people.

When I had the audacity to enter the world as a someone, to dare to speak and make myself known and join the cacophony of the human choir in some barely perceivable way to be recognized, I inevitably found both lovers and haters on my arms.

In one ear I have followers, friends and well-wishers who cheer me on with sweet applause and ego-strokes. I feel their words affecting those functions inside me that are trained to be titillated by such caresses; a connection of the praise with my sense of identity, the tickle of my ego’s cock causing it to course with excitation and swell with pride.

As beautiful, as loving, as kind or heartfelt;- It is archetypically the lure song that invites hubris, the dangerous lull of the sirens around one that invite a dangerous over-inflation, a trip and then a fall. But such songs sung to one are among the most beautiful and sensual songs of the human race. It is a difficult task not to want to go toward such songs and lose oneself in the high of erotic adulation.

And in the other ear – echoes the vitriolic detestation of the hangmen, whose cutting words and savageries of my character spew forth with anger and manifest as belittlement by assembled crowds who hold my name in stocks and throw rotting vegetables and sharp stones as hard as they can to dent my flesh and scour my soul, my works, my memory, my name from the earth. To cut my influence out of their beloved shapes.

When I am in the position of having both love and hate poured down upon me;- how do I orient my compass? Do I appeal to ethics, morals, beliefs, egoism? I’ve been on this journey a long time with many different travelling companions and have tried many kinds of adjustment to please, to fit in, to appease, to steer or even build an entirely new ship together.

And with both loving and hateful comments on my steering of my ship – which are valid? If I had one or the other, perhaps it should be easier. Do I listen to the praise and adulation that informs me I am doing a good job and steering the ship correctly – be happy in myself and firm in my beliefs, trusting in the word/perceptions/love of others?

Or do I acknowledge the hate and contempt, the ‘slings and arrows’ that rain down, as being ruthless truths, as revealing admonishments that I was a terrible captain who has caused the vessel to run aground and crack its hull;- should I be dissatisfied with myself and doubtful of my conduct, course and beliefs, trusting in the word/perceptions/hate of others?

When the ego is no longer the filter – when acceptance is no longer a consideration or desire – praise does not help me to decide if something I have done is good in their eyes or intrinsically good, and hate does not help me to decide if something I have done is bad in their eyes or intrinsically bad.

One force wants to tear me down, the other wants to raise me up;- to which one do I listen?

Generally those lifted up by others as Something are lifted up by allowing their ego to be strengthened through praise and coming to identify with the pedestal upon which they are placed.

They find fulfilment and reward in listening to and believing the good things and encouragement given to them. It is the fuel by which an ego is raised higher than the common man to play some role, be something to someone.

Most people will seek praise and do what they can to garner the respect and adoration of their peers by doing what is expected of them by those peers – and in the same breath do what they can to avoid being punished, shunned or shamed by those peers.

When the ego is the active filter, seeking reward and avoiding punishment is all that is required, it means only the sacrifice of individuality for the greater needs of the many, an abandonment of personal integrity. To allow others to grab your wheel and steer. Being someone means allowing oneself to be invested with authority or power or some archetypal resonance; inflated out of proportion via praise until they believe the hype, overstep their mark, insult their followers and adorers thus becoming a victim of hubris, and inevitably fall.

And contrawise those who are torn down let the stones thrown crush their spirit, identifying with the cruel things said of them, believe they are a failure, a scourge, entombing them in doubt and shame. They care so much about the impressions of others, what people think, what people say, that they seek to be loved even at the risk of mediocrity making great concessions to their personality to be accepted.

Why did I listen to what others have to say? And that I don’t care what they have to say about me, or care anymore about how they see my work, and shun acceptance from their tribes, does this affect the process of the archetypal crucible?

Why did I – and by I, I mean any who are in the ‘twixt of such weird fortunes as to be either loved or hated by the two sides of that one fickle emotion, passion – care? Was I too stupid to realise this perennial game never ends well and that pleasing the People has been a challenge every human has failed to achieve? How did I remain blind so long to the superficial comedy of it all? How did I entertain my Love for humanity for so long in the face of the obvious?

I was archetypically invested with some role and projected upon to fill in the gaps of who I am, what I look like, what I have done, what I represent in the absence of clear definition – and created differently in each of the minds of these Others who brought me forth on their own curious stages and treated as somehow special and representative of something or a scourge and a cancer of something – but either way something. Someone with something who needs to be steered to their advantages. And, that I have decided not to play ball with these others, those who like me, or hate me, is this too hubris? Am I to be thrown down for attempting to subvert the course of the God’s? Is the irony that I will offend my friends as much as my enemies by saying that I simply do not need or desire to hear them anymore? Neither good things or bad things?

If I were to try to please both and set a course for middle ground – I could allow the ego to draw strength from the praise to bolster the confidence to be what was required – and yet be watchful of hubris by identifying with and accepting the savage cuts others attempt to make to my pride, reputation and sense of purpose – from others who are not me, but think it is their place to guide me. To tell me what to be, how to be it, how to act, and what to champion. Who say they are disappointed I have not become what they wanted, could not be the idol they so desire for worship.

If I could juggle the advice of the different sides and take the balance, somehow chart a course that favoured both of them, I might adjust myself to perform actions and doings that fit in with what they want me to be, what they wish to see. I could abandon myself to their fickle whims, go along with their currents, twist myself into the shapes that please them, to appease them – as the majority of my journey I have indeed tried to do. A thankless tiresome drudge I assure.

Or If – I did listen to one above the other, and steer my ship along their designated course to please them, to side with their course, what then?

To change shape once, is to be expected to twist into the contours they imagine however insane or uncomfortable, to lose what I am, among the need to bend to their wills and let their hands mould my clay. And when one day I grew tired of their capricious demands and resisted, when I did not allow them to drape me in their finery so as to resemble their God? Stones. Arrows. Holocaust. Stones just beneath the surface.

But by choosing to try and steer by the directions of others, I merely anger those others who supported a particular course, who then turn away from me and shift from an adoring crowd into bitter detractors, jilted lovers who believe I have abandoned them, failed them, cheated them. Or who lay down their spears and cruel jibes for I have submitted to their demands, they have cowed me, won me, forced me to abandon who I am for who they want me to be. Lovers become Haters, and Haters become Lovers like a changing tide, and all on the back of Forms.

To stand tall or even mildly appear less short, among humans is a dangerous endeavour. I cannot please both, and if I have, it was only for a short time before timeless forces crept back in, hammering at my hapless idol they had each hewn of stone with fists of hatred or love.

And should I side with pleasing one or the other, or try to please both, the end result is the same. Those forces that raise and lower, encourage and condemn, exist no matter who we are and wherever in time we are born – and whatever we may say. It is inevitable that some asshole and some sweetheart, will always exist to support and strangle. And I have learned that neither one is useful in determining the intrinsic worth of a life’s work.

What do humans despise more than someone different? Someone the same.  And to what advantage all of this nonsense, trying to ride this writhing sea of hands so ready to support and tear apart the body at any given moment depending on the course of the ship?

What security, what stability, what purpose to trying to remain an idol that never changes or always changes in accordance to the wild whims of other people?

Why rise up with a voice, at all? Why not just join the throngs worshipping and demonizing Gods at various mounts and be part of the vicious unthinking sea who sends gentle lapping and monstrous tsunamis at the feet of others in equal measure? Why exist as a personality? Why separate from the herd?

And what of the irony? The blinding idiocy? They hold me up or hold me down – and those that do either only support the very nature of my work, vindicate the glimmerings sensed of the power of force and form embodied in certain someones and somethings that people use to their own advantages, their love and hate emerges from the primal need to control the Story and its characters, to guide, and to change how others see me for own personal advantage and agenda. This is what causes the violence on the subjective stage believed objective where only one idol may stand at a time and the schismed throngs fight to each have their mad idol on it.

What I have done to others, others do to me, without the sagacity to see the pattern, the irony, the comedy, the majesty, the alchemy.

To navigate a course, to orient my way in the world, to be who I am and do what I do until the sun goes down or I arrive at my destination: this is my ship. And such is perhaps hubris, for what God created God can destroy, and a someone is always believed to be owned by the others.

To navigate a course, I believe in neither force. Listen to neither force. Am swayed by neither force. I am my own force or I am Nothing. Other people know nothing. They feel they are entitled to a say but what entitles them?

I listen only to the Inhuman, the raw voice of THEM, to my voice. For praise is a shiny bauble of poison and hatred is clumsily disguised love – one is the other. For we  who are raised up or razed down are but the latest character in an ancient archetypal story demanding heroes, villains, redeemers and sacrifice, as necessary pieces on a board for debate between the divided opinions of those who make them and break them according to their need and needlessness. The phantoms of an entirely mad populace.

The whole story is -traditionally- beyond our control – it is unconsciously acted out by puppets of nature through human farce and comedy, taken drastically seriously in its event but soon has its edges and immediacy dulled – a tale told and retold and each time remembered and forgotten differently or entirely.

It is supposed to play out beyond recognition as unconscious powers and forces that control the story and the humans in it the way it always has, the gods of force and form shifting power, charging one monument and then another as the appropriate God. It is the lot of someone’s to be loved and listened to and then torn apart or replaced through the tragic short-sightedness and zealotry of human actors of opposing sides who forever seek new idols as their tastes change, their age demands, their spiritual abyss craves. For the someone’s forget they are actually no’ones and that it is a twisted eldritch game of the Gods, played out across the world of men since time immemorial. And the People get frustrated trying to remake their God into new shapes, all shapes, impossible shapes: angry and vexed that their Idol no longer attains, resembles, represents, their ideals of perfection.

I am not supposed to be conscious of this process. The magic, the illusions, the rawness of it all is not supposed to be pointed out to others either. It is a secret game we are meant to play in the dark, the someone’s quietly pretending not to be no’ones that the no’ones have draped in masks and status, and the inevitable march up the mountain to be king for  day, before being burned as a witch the next.

To refuse to entertain the game, to reject both the love and hate of the no’ones, to not be the role of the someone, and refuse to rejoin the no’ones, what is this? It is to draw back a curtain forbidden to touch and reveal a scene that is so bizarre it confuses and startles.

To be One of THEM means moving away from the human.  To forget them. To eat them. To embrace that alien voice of THEM that grows louder day by day.

I am navigating my own course to the Stars. Anything else is Hollow.

Blood, Sweat, Forms and Years


I speak a lot about Forms – and the majority of my writing on them has been the personal means to objectify them so as to be able to explore and understand them. For me, writing is a type of trance or meditation through which I conduct a self-based alchemy. How does one use forms personally – i.e. when not setting them up to effect change on others, how does one incorporate Forms as useful things?

I can only provide my own answer. There is a well known practice of evocation that exists in many systems of Magic whereupon the Sorcerer summons an entity and merges with it – lets it take over in order to receive its wisdom, i.e. the equivalent of letting the entity take over one’s consciousness, more loosely termed as Demonic possession. The Ego is pushed aside as the consciousness of the God takes control.

This is I believe largely an extroverted approach where Demons manifest outwardly as objects imbued with power – and I have also experienced this earlier in my life when I was a marked extrovert via my copious consumption of alcohol that inhibited my introversion – whilst for the introvert Demons are manifest inside the Psyche, appearing as nightmares, fears, doubts, dreams that invoke genius and madness which give inhuman advice, solutions or wisdom beyond what the conscious ego can put together by its own agency.

However – the few times I have tried to invoke the Devil – I have been possessed of the unwelcome feeling of being terribly overwhelmed – of the immediate sensation of losing control and wanting to kill my friends or family in terrible ways.

When I read a book on a subject I do as the evoker does – I give my consciousness over to the author and experience what they experience, believe what they believe, and lose control of my consciousness to understand a political regime, a religious faction, a historical figure or a living one. From this submission to the authors crafted spell of concepts and text I am afforded a supra-personal insight beyond what I could achieve if I were to treat the book as an object with contents external to me to which my Will and that of the author constantly questioned each other. I believe the term temporary suspension of disbelief applies here. Naturally of course, there arise passages where there is a definite clash – where disbelief cannot be suspended, and it is those passages that cause my conscious mind to fire back up and reach for a notepad to record a sudden flash of insight. In this way do I absorb a form whether it be an occult book, a philosophical treatise or a reference on guns and ammunition.

However, Jung’s writing, objectifies the very thing I am perceiving objects with. He writes about the functions of the very tool I am using to read his work as it performs its functions. There is the odd sense that one is looking into a carnival mirror which twists and distorts the sense of identity into grotesque shapes. For me, Jung’s work is the equivalent of the Necronomicon itself – for it summons the very nature of evil to the fore in unmistakable incarnations.

We can call a Dark God in the forest and leave it where we found it by pushing it back into the dark realms from whence we suppose we called it and mark a boundary with a protective circle – not so with the matter of the psyche and the entities that live within it. Wherever we go we take them with us and our only magical circle against them is a limitation of consciousness which conceals the majority of our personal being from us – but which others often see despite our best efforts. There is no banishing ritual against the unconscious and therefore the contents that rise up from it when we lose control of our Ego can be more devastating than anything called into the world externally, for it sets in motion an evolution of consciousness from which we cannot go back but which makes more and more demands on the psyche to individuate – to address shortcomings – re-examine motives and actions and conduct – chastise our fantastic image of ourselves or cruelly teach us a lesson about the real state of things.

The Necronomicon has the nature of an indistinct dream, the writing swims about and makes no sense to the conscious, the symbols are not numinous but manufactured from imagination, the creatures merely theoretical and vague. Psychoanalysis is the extreme opposite. The writing is all too close to home and we immediately recognize ourselves as doing exactly what the rituals dictate we are. We find ourselves rapidly losing control over what we thought was us as a surge of other activities are made apparent to us, that we are engaging in without any consciousness. The symbols are numinously charged per excellence where dreams have the power to completely devastate us, wake us up screaming, crying, sweating or cause us to perform a 180 in the midst of some behaviour, action or goal. We do not always understand their meaning but we are slave to their effects. The creatures of the psyche are also all too real, defined with knife-edges we sense their tremendous power and see them plain as day in our own being – we recognize the Shadow, prejudice, bigotry, shame, guilt, hypocrisy, inflation of the ego, unrealistic expectations we hold and so on – and they haunt us unmercifully – if not consciously then in the depths of the unconscious where they shove us about like puppets against our best intentions and conscious will.

Because we are unconscious of the majority of our psyche we cannot exorcise our demons – our shortcomings, our projections, our weaknesses, blame shifting, egoism are ghosts who refuse to be silenced – when they are pointed out to us the ego is crushed or rages at the pointee because it does not accept that evaluation – it clashes with our identity of who we are and how we are conducting ourselves. We are doomed to a very narrow field of vision however for to let more of the unconscious into the ego is to invite disaster – a disaster I have been inviting for a long time.

My face wears a mask that rarely moves making it impossible for people to tell what I am thinking or feeling, my emotions are dull and my mood changes quickly – a black surge of exhaustion or fatigue overtakes me and I need to be alone without any way to communicate what is happening because I do not have the words to say my unconscious is erupting in polite company. These are the effects that assail the introvert but which he can often say nothing of because they are too markedly at odds with the established language and customs of the world. It is the same reason, despite dividing your psyche internally into different you’s – you will still say ‘I’ for convenience and to avoid conflict with the assault this seems to have on others who often take the view that one is insane. The enormous annoyance in doing any work on the psyche is that society does not reward, recognize or appreciate it – if anything it shuns, punishes and ostracizes those who would improve themselves [Their Selves] because Very few can actually do it or try to do it – and the result of doing it is very often an inflated ego or air of genius that elevates itself above the mediocrity of the common man and makes them feel seen as inferior, superfluous or sub-human. This is the archetype of the Hero, where I would refer readers to the peerless study of the Hero by Connell Monette to understand the archetype of the Hero – and the Hero always invites the wrath of the Gods, often carried out by their own hubris.

The difficulty of working on the psyche is that there exists no Insynsian – there is only realism of standing on the Threshold between the two worlds never crossing over into it – for we can only be conscious of so much at a time, and always in the darkness thrives the other side of that consciousness in the unconscious. Humans have problems, and will always have problems. And here is where the truth beings to be told – for THEM do not appeal to that age-honoured ridiculousness of the struggle to become a God-like being – when merely a little less stupid, will do.

We cannot be supermen. We cannot create a super-consciousness by somehow melding the two. We cannot be Gods. We cannot even be close. And it is this acceptance that is required by modern man. The struggle to create or be the perfect man, the ubermensch is the Shadow of our unconscious imperfection – the ubermensch is the massive over-compensation of a psyche in serious trouble. The problem of course being that when our unconscious is healthy and functioning as it should – we are often consciously terribly troubled, sad or depressed. Other seek to console, cheer us up and to oblige them we repress those feelings causing unrest in the unconscious again. There is a constant war for what is acceptable to the unconscious is entirely unacceptable to the conscious world in which we live. We are not allowed to be sad or depressed – we must be cheered up, made to feel better and thus our psyche can rarely express itself naturally but is yolked to an artificial tradition.

We need to set our heights lower – to actually achieve something in the real rather than constantly pushing an impossible bar out of reach so that we can console ourselves with never being able to reach it. We then say ‘Oh well no-one could reach that impossible height, so I do not feel bad for trying and failing – since I know I can never reach it, I will not try.’ But we do try – we repress that intent and it becomes the goal of the unconscious to try to reach it. The Psyche is a terrible see-saw, when we apply pressure in one place, it appears elsewhere. When we try to contain some habit of ours, or drive it underground – it gathers exceptional strength or mutates and explodes somewhere else. The Psyche appears to have a complex fail-safe that keeps it in relative stasis and makes it very difficult to in any permanent way change it.

The quest to destroy the Ego is in reality a quest to make it absurdly stronger – this is the key to the Magi’s practice of outwardly driving others to extinguish it all the while knowing such efforts only strengthen it. In this way do simple appeals to our Ego have all the more power and control over people is made all the more easier. The quest to find the Self does not require the extinguishing of the Ego – that is again a way of making it terrifyingly stronger and therefore more amenable to basic manipulations. The quest to find the Self such as it is involves only simple things. For abstinence is merely another form of indulgence that ultimately makes something stronger – hence the repression of sex, the erotic, intimacy, touch erupts in the Church in the form of rampant paedophilia. We just need to listen that bit more, try to understand the contents of our psyche have their own rules, make conscious the function and behaviour of these functions, and to be patient with ourselves.

Dreams speak to us sometimes but not all times – the unconscious has input into our consciousness but it is not always to be taken as given, it throws up junk, fantasy and mystery even as it transmits archetypal imagery or guides of our stage toward individuation. We have developed a consciousness for a reason – it is not to be reprimanded, punished and mistreated as it has been, demonized because we cannot control it, understand it or change it – or culturally divorced from them by way of bad-tempered children and legions of people who never took the time to work with it but merely parroted popular notions and misguided ones at that that the ego was the source of all our troubles and evils. We need it to be strong and tough as well as flexible and resilient to believe we can undertake this kind of work, to withstand the attacks or honest raw truths that arise from communications with the unconscious, to sort and use or discard what it has to say into piles – only rarely can we entirely trust the unconscious as a guide that will keep us safe or show us the way – it takes two to do that, the conscious Ego and the subconscious Abyss. We need to treat both with care, and respect, or be able to push them back or ignore them when we feel we know better.

We need to understand that to do this, to stand constantly on the Threshold is a Lot more work – and where most humans are happy to take the path of the least energy – this one requires extra effort. This is a constant struggle with endless steps up and down, of being assailed with a dozen valid views or answers everytime a question is asked or an answer given. For all of the functions want to speak their piece from their point of view – and if one is not careful in the development of this vessel no longer of I but of THEM – one can go incurably insane.

I do not hear voices I have impulses that sometimes cripple my ability to give a reply to a question where the questioner, question, and answer are all essayed at once from different points of view and it is impossible to choose the right answer because there are so many. The expansion of consciousness brings unique problems of its own because while it expands, the consciousness of others does not – there is therefore a tendency toward becoming an eccentric Hermit or pushed deep into Isolation from which one cannot climb out.

Since the Ego is no longer in charge, and one’s perspective is no longer singular, no longer myopic and channeled solely through the lens of the Ego – it becomes exceptionally difficult to take a stance, one can see an argument from both sides, above it, below it, beyond it, alternate arguments that would be better, finds fault with the question, has to ask whether the matter is objective, subjective, what lens the argumenters hold, can they see outside of themselves, are they extrovert, introvert, should one interfere, can one interfere, is it right to give an answer, should they find the answer for themselves – and so on – and with no immediate prejudice, no immediate decisive single belief in what one Is, and should Say, from whatever Platform their ego occupies and represents – there is only the Babble of multiple impulses, arising from the thoughts like the Dread voices of the Dark Ones that drove the Mad Arab Al Azhared of the Necronomicon, mad.

The other thing of course of importance is that in becoming a THEM – in accessing the Threshold, that one must often choose one of two worlds to excel in. One can rarely manage both successfully. I have poured a Lot into the Temple of THEM and as a result my family and friends have suffered. Whilst I solve the riddles of the minds of strangers or establish myself as a known figure through my writing and images – my wife is often pushed away and neglected or my kids yelled at by an irritable man for not taking out the rubbish or some other small thing – because my libido is concentrated in the unconscious or collective personality as Ryan Anschauung.

If you seek to become what I have become – you must know the sacrifice, the dark and ugly side of any Genius to be had from standing at the Threshold of greater consciousness – the Gods do not give up their fire easily, and when they do, is it always at Great cost. To educate thousands over the decade on how to alter the Aeon, achieve psychic stability, to give guidance I have had to endure a less than ideal alter-ego who has caused a lot of tears, fights and anger, guilt, sadness and loneliness. And for that reason, I endure – because it cannot all be for nothing. And truth be told – it was for my gain, my greed, my desire to attain it.

I therefore hope that people appreciate my Work for it comes at great personal cost to me and those around me. I do not want to paint a picture of either/or – some of the time it is possible to balance the two worlds of the exoteric and the esoteric and feel like you’re King of the world – but those times when either world is invested in too heavily reaps a severe penalty. This is the living analogy of the battle between the conscious and unconscious for dominion and like many things of the Sinister Path when all the sugary-words and wrappings are torn off it – it is ugly even as it is beautiful. This work, to be one of THEM, requires genuine Blood, fragments of your Soul. Weigh it up carefully. Consider what is required – and if you decide to join us, try to remember to be fair with your time with those around you – I have poured far too much of myself into the Temple to make it the splendour it is, most of my life in fact– and perhaps now others won’t have to since the foundations are laid and the Temple built.

But yes, only the foundations and the lighthouse as a beacon to others have been built – all that I have done so far is but the prelude to much harder less forgiving work, I know how to be One of THEM – their forces speak to me in a wordless language all their own – to push beyond the Threshold is the goal now, to push and yet to survive. I know the Way but to travel it places even greater demands on one, and calls for even greater sacrifice and I do not know if I am willing to give it. For now, I will show others my way and how I got here – and when they get to where I am let them decide whether I was wrong to flinch from the Abyss – that is, if I am still here and did not leap blindly into it…

THEM, Numbers, Form and the Magi



Literary Concepts and faith in those concepts form the backbone of the Magian Matrix. But the tendency to write about the structure of language and communication tends to lend the idea that only words have this ingrained duality about them – but it is perhaps more so with the subtle but omnipresent phenomena of numbers [perhaps because the majority of the world are right-handed] that the machinations of monotheism and God may indeed lie. Perhaps it is not with the usual suspects of the occult that the distortion of the matrix lies but in the ability of the Magian mindset to capitalize off clever inventions – inventions which were often created in daily life where Christianity was the practiced and enforced norm – and hence Insynsian had a huge impact as a backdrop behind most mentalities.

Immortality and the desire to be remembered impregnates many innovations – as does the desire to be rich, famous and revered. Behind these mundane concerns of the individuals living in their moments there is a chain of such innovations that could be said to have been considerable contributing factors in the way our brains developed a unilateral preference for a 23 Syndrome rather than a bi-, tri- or more -partmental set of perspectives or syndrome[s].

Numbers, mathematics play a huge part in our story as human beings and as the backdrop to the increasing lean toward shaping our minds a particular way over another, at least culturally. The author assumes the reader has prior knowledge of theoretical mathematics.

One of the interesting facts about numbers is that most numbers cannot even be drawn or defined with there being an infinite amount of numbers between integers 1 and 2 – these being irrational and wholly impossible to write down since they just keep going. There are numerous examples of simple looking equations giving esoteric and unexpected answers. Rather than accept these fundamental “problems” with mathematics – which many claim to be precise instruments with which to explain the world – a great deal of the phenomena of numbers is esoteric and magical – even logic cannot explain nor derive answers for certain equations. Again and again, these uncomfortable anomalies and imperfections have been glossed over so as to enable the use of ‘perfect’ numbers – to create the sense of a seamless method of enquiry.

Algebra was instrumental in providing a means where numbers that could not be written down, could still be used – but this ignoring of the Actual nature of numbers is typical and traditional to the Magi – we can see this convenient glossing over of such imperfections in systems echoed everywhere for the sake of making them work. One example being in Courts where what actually happened is never what is reviewed and there is a pressing need for someone’s actions to be quantified into a box, for a case to be either guilty or not guilty, endless arrays of either/or and it is not about facts, but demonization of each party and who has the better more convincing Lawyer who can cast the right spells by phrasing words the right way.

But numbers have a grey area just as words do – between the concept of the God and the Devil there are also infinite concepts – but most of these prove too difficult to grasp so people gravitate toward the lazier option, the easier option, the option that traditionally humans have gone for. Dualism. Because humans do not like the irrational – that’s why we shorten things, take short-cuts, call one well-known irrational number pi rather than try to write it down;- it’s beyond us to do – and we need clear chunky hand-holds and things that are perfect and do not leave room for doubt, we need for us and others to have Faith in any system deployed – but both mathematics and words are wholly irrational products which have been altered to suit – suit what? Insynsian.

What is fundamental about THEM is its emphasis on a plurality in all degrees – we have seen again and again what inventions the mind throws up under the mindset of Insynsian – we need to break that cycle to get a range of minds functioning on a new level to disrupt the Magi – not merely to highlights its problems but to actively offer solutions. What has essentially been the process of the Magi is to omit those things in Nature it finds offensive or that do not match the Ego’s function for absolute clarity. More often than not we have achieved only agreement on a settle point where difficult concepts that do truly speak of Nature’s matrix are ironed out, rounded off and re-packaged in a human-centred format, not a life-centred format. History – is the perfect example.

This Logical approach is of course the result of a tradition of fitting facts into human schema – not the other way around. It is this rounding off of facts that enables the Matrix to evolve by simplifying things into basic building blocks rather than continually grasping for them every time we want to use them. But it is the same rounding off that has led to the common ignorance toward the true state of things because they were too difficult for the human being to grasp in their raw state and needed to be abstracted into simpler but distorted forms. This prejudice has coloured and still does All spheres of human enquiry.

Now was Individuation’s natural course coloured/altered by the pressures of monotheistic Christianity, the minds natural processes distorted by this impression of monotheism as a strive for the Absolute or was Individuation a product of it or before it?

Early Christians believed that 2 was representative of the Devil because it created division [an alternative to Insynsian]. Zoroastrianism believed that 2 represented an eternal battle evenly balanced. Though it cannot be related here or perhaps anywhere with any clarity and completeness the concept of numbers slowly developed [not continuously – various insights were lost and found again – others lost forever] over thousands of years to a point where several inventions bought us closer to Binary or Dualism as an Industrial Cog.

In 1646 CE Gottfried Leibnitz born in Germany[Saxony] developed the philosophy behind Binary numbers. He believed the universe could be represented more elegantly through binary and its conflicting yes/no, on/off nature such as male-female, light-dark, right-wrong. Towards the end of his life he began to believe that binary numbers represented Creation, with 1 symbolizing God, and 0 depicting the Void.

This was noticed by Joseph Jacquard born in Lyons, France 1752 – who developed an automated Loom that used binary punch-cards to make the correct stitching. This made him a wealthy man and by 1812 there were 11,000 such looms in use in France. His machine was the first to use binary numbers to store memory.

Charles Babbage would arrive on the scene shortly after and create the Difference Engine which produced tables of numbers by calculating and adding differences to the previous numbers. He is credited as the father of the computer.

George Boole [from Boolean] predicated a new system of logic with three values he believed could describe any logical statement; these were known as the Boolean operators, AND, OR and NOT.

Gradually the world was becoming more logical and less natural. Less complicated and more controlled.

It was perhaps Einstein’s theories that seemed to blow apart this gradual immersion into more rigid logic and more exact measurement with the special and general theories of relativity. Now discussions of Quantum emerged, of infinity or constants such as c [the speed of light] against which all manner of previously held candles of idea were extinguished overnight. But this leap forward in Science has not had the effect of challenging the Church and its monotheistic beliefs – but of becoming the Church itself in a new vein. Science was born of the rigidity of the Church – and appears to have little in common with it – but it has everything to do with it – even today science quests after a Universal theory to explain everything – some special theory of All – with the identical absolutism of the Magi, believing itself to be removed from such antiquated notions as God – it is merely another stage/phase or face of Insynsian.

Where did Mathematics/Science meet with the Divine? It appears to have taken root in the concept of Infinity. The concept of infinity was considered by a Greek named Zeno, furthered by Aristotle but never really gained ground as a reality merely as a potential. In the 13th century the writings of theologian Thomas Aquino bound Aristotelian philosophy [which presently shaped the world] into an intricate link with religion. It was there that God entered the world as an infinite subject and the notion of an ever-lasting infinite soul became integrated too.

A fellow named Tertullian (c. 160 – c. 225 AD) was instrumental in setting a hedge around Scriptures by insisting that there are limits to Jesus’s injunction to seek and find. He was just one of hundreds of thousands of people who put in place devices that lead to causal outcomes that strengthened the power of the Church and its forms immeasurably – but which Church has never achieved Unification [as good as though, really].

Tertullian’s edicts were adopted by the Romans and thus a huge number of splintered groups of Christians who at the time read the Scriptures differently and thus got very different things from it suddenly became split into the more forceful Orthodox believers with sanctioned backing and the rest, who were labelled Heretics. His efforts would lead to the demand that Scripture be authorized to be understood by a very select group of people, the same way for all Christians [a closed canon]. This was but one act of intent [who can say what the intent contained] that was responsible for shaping the way Christianity affected the world and the way it did so.

We listed others above in the inventions of mathematicians that opened the gates to the industrial age and the machine age – are they too Magian?

Any serious examination of history leaves one with not only the sense that the linear continuum is a farcical notion to entertain but also that it was not some over-arching plan by a group of super-powerful wizards in a magical tower with magical genius that created Christianity or caused it to be sustained but the common will of people taken bit by bit in the same directions via new directions. Christianity, whilst oppressive is not the cause of human suffering. It was the acts of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in positions of power, and millions more who have not survived in historical memory who little by little made small changes over thousands of years that lead to the way things are now – and not because these changes proceeded in an orderly arrangement, implemented one after the other without argument – but largely, because when you demand that everyone do something, there will always be groups that defy that order, leading to new kinds of forms, counter-forms, counter-culture whose ideals have their own agenda. As they grow, they too schism, split, divide, disagree and form new kinds of forms too. We are but a virus dividing itself – in thrall to powers far beyond us that rule us blindly.

There is an occult expression called the Cosmic Egg. It is the supposed shape of the human body performing all possible extensions and poses of its biology to the limits of its reach at once forming an egg about itself. How many of these do you think you could perform?

There is another occult expression called the Sinister Grotesque. But in a lesser form between smiling and frowning how many other facial motions do you go through? We treat vastly complicated things as simple for so long that we take them for granted, the next generation inherits them as facts. When we think about it we describe two motions. I was smiling and then I frowned. Our human biology and traditional knowledge system drastically limits our ability to grasp the thousands of milli, nano, fermi seconds during which the muscles, sinews, electronic signals, and show to us the thousands of faces in between each “set” of emotions we recognize.

How many colours can we recognize? Approximately several thousand – and yet we have supposedly millions of colours presented to us. What is the point if we cannot tell the difference? Moreover, how many colours do you actively recognize? Seven? Twelve? Maybe two dozen? On a regular basis. But probably not many more than that. The Magi are known as Closers – they close things off with words and numbers and other tools from the true Chaos that it is. This is a service to mankind for which they are never consciously thanked – but, it went past a point where it should have – this is where the distortion began to become apparent in hindsight.

The entire world is built on an artificial construct of not-quites, good-enough’s, and fair estimates. I had often believed mathematics to be a science built on absolutes but its not – hence we have Phi, once of the most well-known of the irrational numbers stemming from the Fibonacci sequence, which number we cannot even write down.

The corner-cutting in the worlds progressive development has allowed society and mankind to rise up amidst a paradise that fits its own image. Or rather, an image that has striven for ever since the possible alternatives were hunted, extinguished, murdered or erased from history as the Magi swept across the planet in a monotheist fervour. How many times was the truth written down only to be burned, extinguished, buried, changed, discredited, hidden, forgotten? What comes down to us is minimal and yet it forms the backbone of the majority of human thought – few things have changed since Euclid gave us the principles of Math, Newton the principles of physics, the Greeks the principles of drama and philosophy. These inventions are all that survived to us in the present day – but imagine what we might have been able to do or become had we had more of these missing discoveries, inventions, thoughts, radical innovations and ideas.

But they have been erased, forgotten or deliberately destroyed somewhere along the way because of Insynsian – the desire for One truth, one God, one Law, one Way, one, one, one. And what is one? It is Indivisible. It is God. And it is our insidious biological imperatives twisted up in this development of something Divine that have brought the world to its present state. Why is the world so easy to control for so few? Because extraordinarily complex questions have been answered in simple terms of yes and no. You are either doing the right thing and with God – or you are not and turned over to the Devil. This is not some moral judgement limited to religious zealots – it is everywhere, parroted by everyone. Us/Them. Wrong/Right. You’re In/You’re Out.

If you can imagine that the whole world has been trained to use tools a certain way for thousands of years – you can imagine just how difficult it is to try to use them differently – and the absurdity that it requires an ‘occult’ school of renegade thinkers to try to re-examine this messy chiselled sculpture of the Matrix and envisage what it looked like when it was still a part of the stone.

But now we come to the most difficult part of the Temple of THEM and the requisite necessity for humans to adopt in order to evolve and to come closer to the truth of the matters at heart and for many members of THEM, it is hard to stomach. But it IS the reality. It is here, time to discard the Mythos so carefully built up around you and here the greatest danger that you will no longer understand the purpose of the Temple of THEM.

This is where the concept of Mundanes vs. Sinister breaks down – this is where we take a step further into the darkness despite enjoying the light of believed lies which provided a tension, a struggle, a purpose to our Work. The idea that we were up against a monstrous entity of conspiracy that has carefully retained power throughout thousands of years or that one side is evil the other good. When we play these games – we do nothing more than act like the so-called enemy, why? Because WE are the enemy – the enemy comes from us, from the ideas we hold and the way we hold them – WE, are the MAGI, the SINISTER, the OTHERS, US and THEM. Any depth of research shows many things, chief of which is the absolute difficulty even amongst academics, occultists, specialists, experts of agreement on any set of particular facts or circumstances.

The truth of any Distortion will forever lay buried. The trail is ice cold and inhumanly vast. What connections we can make to join one causal phenomenon to another are in vain because our sources are largely modern, largely corrupted, and always have or had an agenda. We have a fraction of the available information and of that fraction we only process or can process a far smaller fraction – we’d like to think we can understand History – but only so long as facts are definite, definitions are absolute, and vast elements of the equation are culled out beforehand, and we concentrate our efforts to PROVE something to suit our agenda – [which alone should ring alarm bells since that is what History IS not just for us, but for all the others who wrote about it] – can we wrap our hand around this leviathan of the deep in which only the crown of the head is visible and the rest forever submerged. Disappointing as it may be – this is the reality.

The idea of a Magian Lodge whose members conspired throughout the aeons to bring us to where we are now is an approach at best used by polemicists – those that seek to equally divide normative orthodoxy and heresy against it. It is almost demanded that there BE an enemy outside of us, someone or some group whose ideals clash with our own, who threatens to dominate the stage with false ideals, outlandish theories, damaging rhetoric. We believe ourselves engaged in an occult war because it provides the impetus to put into practice the Ethos of our people as Conquerors. How to be a conqueror if there is nothing to conquer? So we construe for ourselves, a narrow, limited-vision, idea of the past so that we can decide the future. But the one thing many people fail to take into account is the corruption of the information that is RIFE. The majority of people do not KNOW how to read. They accept facts and information at face value, and even the Sinister uses a majority of Christian sources, written by Christians, to prove its agenda. Facts become weapons – based on faith in the very idea of facts.

Agenda is everywhere – it is human to have an agenda – its why we seek to become Dark Ones, or overthrow the Magian, or get together at all as isolated people across the planet, or in close-proximity groups – we have an agenda. We think we understand the very nuts and bolts of what is “WRONG” with the world or our culture and we seek to “RIGHT” it – we believe ONLY our movement can do so, because ONLY our movement understands what has been broken and how to fix it. And, its why we support others we think support us – because their agenda, helps our agenda. And, its why we war against those who we think don’t support our agenda, because it makes our agenda harder to attain. This is an approach that humans have taken for hundreds of thousands of years. Tribal difference correlates directly to the forms that possess us.

The truth is exceedingly simple, Human beings, who don’t enjoy their condition, want someone or something to blame. Sometimes, there IS someone to blame, who is deliberately making life hard or unfair. But to lay the blame of the worlds condition at the feet of a mythical illuminati is insane. It is not just insane – but easier. The frightful problem with humans is that we do not live long – and even if we spend our whole lives working to understand History – we cannot achieve more than a cursory understanding – our lives are simply too short and our capacities too limited – otherwise we should realize that everything is far too complicated to have conclusions. The very concept of conclusions is to give up, believing one has exhausted the material from which they draw facts and points to the point where an agenda has been sufficiently proved. All of the sources drawn from had writers who also had agendas – tipping facts one way or another. When a writer encountered something he didn’t like, his peers wouldn’t like, or something that went against his agenda – what did he do? He didn’t accept it and change himself – he changed the writing, edited it, omitted it, or altered it, instead.

We must be HONEST with ourselves, our EGO must learn to be HONEST too. The problems that plague humanity are not driven by some amorphous description that seems bound to a definite area of people when we say Christianity. What is a Christian? Someone that believes in God? Someone that goes to Church? Someone that tells other’s they are going to Hell? Someone that follows the teachings of Christ? The term is as nebulous as any other, including Magi. We can cut corners and treat these notions as facts, as given terms for observable phenomena, build a view on them using their stones for our masonry – but the Adept knows that’s all it is. Sometimes that’s all that is needed – trading one story for another is often the best humanity can hope for – and such trading can work, where new stories promote new expressions, new reactions, new forms until they too solidify and become the new orthodoxy.

If you do not see the enormous egoism and human-centred perception at play across the board in taking this stance, or that this is the very stance millions of people take – then you cannot evolve into what lays beyond this primitive perceptive tradition. The Temple asks a question that is quintessential of psychic evolution – DO, we have to have an enemy to provide impetus to our motion?

What does it mean to be as Nietzsche once said: Beyond Good and Evil?

It means, Whatever you can say about what it is to be Sinister – I can equate with being no different from those things that define the Magi. The Magi are lazy, incompetent, foolish? The mundanes are sub-human, incompetent, ignorant?

The Empires that rule the world have never been Satanic, incompetence would not reduce resistance to nil or take the acts against it in its stride, as for foolish – only a fool underestimates their limitations to comprehend the mind-boggling scope of what Christianity has achieved. Fools focus on what it has not achieved and cite from sources of its achievement – philosophers, artists, inventors, warriors, sorcerers. The sheer staggering expertise of Christianity has required truly serious head-scratching to provide a counter-form. ONA sought to be it – but is nothing more than an arm of it. It matches, action for action, the same polemic attitude demonized as being a trait of the Magian. Vindex is a thinly disguised Jesus, Baphomet a sexist icon that oppresses Women, it’s understanding of History as blind as any other – nowhere does it accept or acknowledge the limitations of the human to understand, because it is unable to come to terms with the reality it never will.

There are more books in any library than we will ever be able to read. There are more experiences on the planet than we will ever be able to enjoy/endure. There is more wrong with our world-view than we will ever want to admit.

We can flesh out a reasonable utility of understanding, enough to provide context and purpose, but we can never truly know, and this is a devastating thing the Ego must accept because it believes it can do anything – and it is this trait that makes humans so persistent, motivated and determined to overcome. But like all the other groups peer to it, it seeks a superman to hide its shame – it wants to overcome but it is already overcome – our memories are not secure, our lifespan is short, our ability to comprehend in more than a handful of dimensions is finite, our eyes form most of the judgement, we have only a small wedge of consciousness opposed to the vast gulf of the rest of the psyche, we are biased, prejudiced, and loaded with an agenda. We are possessed of a 23 syndrome and see demons and angels wherever we look – they just take on different guises. We understand only through brief approximations, we know neither the secret of nature or the universe, and we struggle at the best of times just to be ourselves. We are fraught with complexes, neuroses, psychic disturbance, pathology, compensations – the need to drink, eat, stay warm, breathe, excrete all regularly – our bodies are mostly helpless against colds, viruses, internal malfunction, cancers, death.

We seek to be superman because we cannot be super enough to accept ourselves as we are – we need to be Gods, Overmen, Super-Beings, Immortals, to go live with Aliens, to believe in Crop Circles, Pyramid Power, Annunaki – all to save ourselves from our condition as flimsy frail human beings. We hear of stem-cell research, nanotechnology, biomechanics, genetics and other things going on around the planet to prolong human life, slow down human deterioration, engineer better, stronger, parts and pieces – and this belief, or rather, dis-belief at what we are – is the power core of the Magi. Of the “Magian” world-view and motivator to worship God, explain the Devil, or deny both.

It is not enough to be human we want to be inhuman. And if we were inhuman – we’d probably want something else. And this is the job of the Ego – to decide what we are and what we want to be. And it looks at what we are and what we want to be and concentrates on closing the distance between reality and fantasy. But we fall short most times frustrating the ego immeasurably. Because that is its function – to struggle toward an ideal of us. And if we should achieve it – to struggle toward an ideal of others, and a widening scope of the world around it.

It is not a dirty word to be human. We shouldn’t go so far to say we’re proud to be one – we simply have no choice. And we share the planet with billions of other ones. It is our lot. Our condition. Some luckier than others, some much luckier than others. Born into wealth, or a peaceful location. Some whose backdrop in life is death, suffering and war. Some whose backdrop is security, fine foods and fast cars.

We must divest these things of our emotional attachment for it clouds our judgement. Satanism could never haven been so strong a form if Christianity had not been so oppressive – every action has an opposite an equal reaction – if Christianity had been flimsy or simple it should have created a shadow of Satanism that was the same. If you set up a polemic between two forces, then the one will be as strong as the other you push off against. Because its all in the mind. The Magi, the very instrument of calling them a Magi are parts of a ceaseless equation we must not believe but understand. No-one wants to acknowledge the validity of the forms they hate, that they push off against to make their own stand, to reject something in order to build their own something – but why? Such pitiful ignorance even after thousands of years of how forms work, of what is required, of the nasty, brutish, ugly aspects of interaction involving events and persons is as equally a part of form as any pleasant aspects of it. The Traitor may be hated, feared, despised but alchemically he or she is the catalyst for change, the tumbling of the house of cards, the loss of control we pretend doesn’t exist only to be sorely reminded that we have very little – even as we might think we understand people and their motives to a critical degree – there is always a surprise, a knife, a shadow – as there has always been. Someone to be reviled and blamed – as if we are destined to perform the same gormless dance forever without ever gaining any understanding of the importance of the SINISTER.

The Sinister practice life-affirming things whilst the Magi practice a worship of Death? Nonsense. The division between the two is a convenience at best – there is no division – you are as Magian as you are Sinister, as right as you are wrong, as black as you are white.

If we take a polemic outside of our own, and look at two nations warring, or two tribes, or even a couple arguing – we can clearly see there are “two sides to every story” and that “both are as bad as one another” – it is there short-sightedness and ongoing involvement with each other that keeps the conflict going, the actions and cheeky slights, aggressive pushes, cutting remarks that keep it fuelled. Keep them at each other throats without ever stopping to reconsider if the whole thing was not just absurd. This applies to the Magi and Sinister too.

But the disadvantage of accepting this is that it seems to not be true – that you are more one than the other – why? Because the Ego doesn’t know how to motivate itself without an enemy. The conflict continues even when you understand this – because others don’t understand it. Let the Aeon Grind On…



The Temple of THEM is a world-wide global Cult dedicated to the Annihilation of Internal Nazarene Chains

and the Ultimate Destruction of the External Artifice and Architecture of Abrahamic Religion on Earth.

[Essays appearing on the Temple of THEM WordPress are written by various members of the Temple – some have been attributed, but some have chosen to remain anonymous and allow their work to be shared under our Collective Voice.]


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The Death of Touch





Touch in western society is becoming more and more of a social taboo. This concept was first introduced during the middle ages, but soon abandoned by the church as adherence by it’s followers was socially impractical. But the magian realized the enormous power the control of touch and intimacy would have over the common man and bided it’s time until social and economic conditions were better suited.

The repression of intimacy has become a huge tool of the magian since the end of World War II. In this manuscript I aim to touch upon the ways and means in which this is being done, and to suggest ways in which the rule over the body can be broken down.




This is where the start of separation truly began, as families became smaller and more affluent, children and parents for the first time were to occupy separate rooms. Until then most families lived in small houses, and if the children didn’t sleep in the parental bed, then they at least shared very close quarters with their siblings. During this time sex between parents was not something that was a mystery to their children, as they were often moved to one side, while sleeping, of the bed while the parents copulated.

With women starting to move into the work force both during the war, out of necessity,

And then to stay on afterward, out of a sense of empowerment, it was realized that the time for separation was ripe. Household incomes became higher, and families for the first time, spent long hours separated from each other without the feminine matriarch awaiting their return to her bosom.

The magian sprang upon this, implying that now a woman could labour for money she was much more important than she was in her role as nurturer of the family. The family unit, where one first learns the beauty of touch and intimacy, was infiltrated and a rapid decline in the ability of humans to properly connect with each other aided the church in holding power at a time when they had almost lost. People, after experiencing the horror and loss of war on such a large scale, were starting to question their fundamental belief in god, and the system that contained it.

This was around the time that the church started openly condemning masturbation en masse. Now that children were in their own rooms, the church preyed on the natural fear of parents that this separation was wrong, turning it back on the child; what was the child doing in bed alone at night? Turning the parents fear of abandonment of their children into a fear that their child was unclean or perverted. Before this separation parents knew full well that their children and themselves enjoyed healthy touch and intimacy between each other, but now that their children had become strangers, and the parents felt guilt for missing the touch of their children, the conditions were ripe to exploit a divide in the very base of society. From this foot hold the magian has gained perhaps it’s greatest influence, repressing the very core of humanity in little more than 50 years.





60s – 70s



The government now realizes the control lack of intimacy gives it over the masses, and consciously assists the church in perpetuating the taboo of touch. Men and women, empty from a decade devoid of intimacy, are the perfect targets for corporations willing to cash in on their dissatisfaction. Women are shown, through advertising, the media’s idea of the perfect woman; as this “perfect woman” seems content when they themselves are not, women begin to believe that if they could reflect this perfect woman then they too could replace what is sorely missing. The church has made it wrong for women to desire sex, which has by now been wrapped up with any form of intimacy or touch, so the loss of this vital connection is rarely discussed by women, and believing that they’re the only ones that feel this way, disconnect further from the women around them and by proxy more with the “perfect woman” in advertising that seems to have all she desires.

Around the same time pornography for males is pushed more into the mainstream. Men are being told that all they desire is sex, not intimacy or children [ the real purpose of sex], that although their urges are ‘ unnatural’ it’s okay for them to shamefully indulge them as long as it’s not with a real woman. Through pornography men are being told that all men are selfish, that their need for intimacy is really just an urge to ‘get off’, and that the only woman with whom he should be intimate with is an unattainable beauty.

Man and Women were being confronted with sexual imagery more than ever before, whilst being told that this so called obsession was the cause of all their misery. Sexual freedom became a sign to health professionals of either drug use or mental illness. Through media the magian had obtained another ally, Doctors.







World War II


The emotional fight for the ‘moral’ and ethical high ground was an important factor for both the allies and the germans all throughout the war effort. While the allies claimed to be fighting to uphold the family along with religious and social freedom, the nationalist socialist party portrayed the family as a production unit for the state. Both sides, in theory, exhalted the importance of the family, but at the same time the very essence of the war effort tore families apart. Men ,( husbands, brothers and sons) were sent off to fight and die, while the women and children were left not only to fend for themselves but also, as the fighting progressed, were required to work in the manufacture of the tools of war. So between the men on the front lines killing fathers and sons from other lands, to the women toiling in factories producing the hardware for their menfolk to kill or be killed with, generations of families were destroyed to be used as cogs in the military- industrial complex . As these facts sunk in, I believe a collective cynicism toward the family unit arose as psychological barrier, a shield for people to hide behind in the face of understanding the true nature of what their ‘war efforts’ had truly cost them.

Thus the trauma of all this has had a huge effect on the interaction between men, women and families ever since. Divided by their individual parts, resentment grew between men and women: men resented ‘women and children’ back home , being told by their leaders that they are what they are fighting, suffering and dying for. That they are to ‘stand up and be men’ to leave their wives and children to fight for the freedom and happiness of the whole country, told that the enemy would destroy the sanctity of the family if not stopped. During the course of their years of fighting, the men would have realized that the enemy were just men of a different nationality, fighting to protect and honour their own wives and children back home. Seeing this would inevitably created a split in a large amount of the fighting men; on one hand wanting to be honoured as being responsible for killing so many families, their country ( and therefore their families ) encouraging them to do so supposedly to save their own families way of life, while at the same time having to devalue all human life and loves the be able to kill, kill, kill. I believe this is where men started to believe the lie that only they were strong enough to understand what needed to be done, that to have a wife and child and home would create some kind of mortal danger, that wanting to be in the arms of a loving family was somehow weak and that in wanting that kind of love was rejecting your fellow man and your manhood.

Women on the other hand were burdened with tremendous amount of guilt during and after the war. They were the weaklings that couldn’t fight but needed to be saved from the enemy. Their hands worked to forge the munitions that killed their menfolk. Still on home soil they missed the comfort and love of their men, they could see just how quickly families could be torn apart by war.  

Theory of the Beast [1]

The Theory of the Beast

In the realm of Black Magic it is often useful to borrow metaphors or terms from sources such as Psychology. I shall now aim to represent a psychological foundation for the ideas I have encountered: but I must impress upon the reader that this theory and the use of its constituents may lie outside of conventional Psychology.  It is important to address this theory now however, for Psychology has its roots in Alchemy, Alchemy is a highly relative notion to THEM because of its emphasis on Change, and part of Alchemical Change involves knowing thyself.  I will give a crash course in Psychological terms and concepts and then relate why I believe suppression of the part of the psyche called the Id, personified and demonized, gave rise to the origin of Satan, to Demons, and to the concept of Evil.

Our minds, when being formed, are protected from psychic harm by a container called the Ego. The ego is a vitally important function of our total Psyche that stores for us the unique, stable set of conditions we each live by, with our actions motivated toward keeping those conditions just right or in ‘homeostasis’. It is also the aspect of us that generates our sense of control and security over our behaviour, thoughts, and environment. When the ego is first formed it is malleable, elastic in its growth and able to take on new ideas and information, but as it reaches maturity it hardens and becomes brittle and resistant to change. For this reason, once set, the beliefs of people are often unchangeable. Entwined as they are with their world-view, the ego’s protective mechanisms, and sense of identity; the beliefs of a person are a hyper-extension of the ego that can sometimes take control over the organism like an autopilot. Ego is the part of us that will fight like a cornered animal to re-assert its view of reality if it is questioned or challenged.

Another function of the ego is to act like a dam holding back a vast lake of water. It acts as a division in our mind that holds back the contents of our animalistic “Sub-conscious” or “Id”. The Id is a separate compartment of the mind that originally dominated our Being. In order to have an individual sense of identity to separate us from our previous animalistic instincts, the ego developed by repressing (blocking out) the subconscious. The content and role of the Id is an on-going matter of speculation; however it is best known for its capacity to act as a psychic waste-land ruled by unknown dimensions; a primeval enigma that contains contents highly disturbing to the logical, rational mind. It is a subliminal pool that contains among other things: our dark secrets, wishes and desires, our irrational urges and impulses expressed without restraint, intense anxieties and repressed memories of fear and pain, the surfacing of which can be extremely dangerous to our fragile well-being. Our ego helps to deceive us about our innate fragility and keep up protective illusions of safety, conformity, normality, control, security and “Reality”. It essentially tries to ignore the Id and takes great pains not to disturb it. Those in the field of Analytical Psychology (Qv. Carl Jung) are painstakingly aware of the care that must be taken when allowing content from the Subconscious of a client to emerge; and Psychopaths and the impulsive/compulsive individual embody examples of the ability of the contents of the unconscious to interfere in sane growth. As well as guarding against internal pressure the ego also helps us to deal with threats from outer forces we face in our external environment. Because it is subjected to enormous psychological and physiological pressures it is important that its development is properly executed. If the Ego is damaged during crucial stages of its development, it may crack and cause unpredictable leaks of content from the subconscious to occur.  A significant crack can enable a large flow or even a flood of subconscious content into our consciousness allowing what is called ‘the Abyss’ in magickal terms or ‘the Collective Unconsciousness’ in psychological terms, to be released onto what we know as ourselves: the “I “ resulting in madness or severe psychosis. This theory closely parallels our biological evolution.

Before we gained the level of consciousness that allowed us to recognize ourselves as individual thinking beings separate from each other and the rest of the world, in fact before we were “humanity”, proto-man was ruled by base desires and savage primal instincts. At some point in our evolution we were able to suppress our ruling animal instincts long enough for Consciousness to arise. We eventually achieved a state of self-awareness that allowed us to appraise and wonder at our own existence. This unique state of self-awareness is referred to as the ‘I’ in Psychology and has long been regarded as the single-most fascinating achievement of the human organism. But the emergence of the ‘I’ came at a heavy price.  In exchange for Consciousness, we had to forcefully drive our natural, raw instinct of what we were (the Collective Unconscious) back from the fore of our minds and forge a new artificial conscious collective agreement (the Collective Consciousness) on what we wanted to be.

To help do this, over time our species created, and then instilled, Values, Group Obligations and Right Conduct into and onto each other, further suppressing the raw state of our natural being to further the aims of our artificial one – which was a mass social form of indefinitely deferred gratification (having to wait for set conditions to arise before one can gratify ones natural desires). So long as we kept our primal dark forces [The Id] in check, we were able to get along with each other relatively well enough to develop groups and societies – usually ruled by a few, who used fear, violence etc., to enforce Law, Order, and instill conscious conduct.

Over a vast span of time, and as Consciousness spread, the majority of people developed an Ego strong enough to contain the Id indefinitely, or productively released it via outlets of creativity, dance, music, language, symbols, etc. A whole social matrix was built upon the attempts to keep the subconscious out so that our new state of independence could thrive and we began to cloak immediate needs and base desires within respectability and glamour. Such glamour is artifice; all humans contain the Id and all Conscious human beings are scorpions.] We also began to give names and labels to things to begin dispelling fear. The more names we created the more complex the world became. Today, there are so many names for things, and so many institutions to perpetuate more names, that we have forgotten its original point as an exercise in control.  Because there are so many concepts and names and ideas that have been layered onto what really Is apparently there [which is geometry] and nameless, there are now millions of illusions that must be broken before a grasp of genuine reality can be achieved. Owing to the hardship required to break free from such illusions most cannot help but be entrapped by the deception of authority and the webs of the matrix.

But, those that made a religion of suppression were ill-prepared for the strength of their new enemy.  The Id or “Beast” could not be tamed and the forces of the subconscious proved powerful beyond their wildest dreams. Although punishment was meted out to those unable to hold back the advancing forces of our primal being as a social admonishment to discourage others from releasing what was imprisoned within; suppression did nothing to sate our desires and urges to behave naturally. While some adopted the new Conscious collective agreement and joined the religion of holding back their impulsive urges, some followed only in part by practicing its release in private (or in public granted certain power); and still others refused (or were incapable) to suppress it at all, continuing to embody our original natural state of being that sought instant gratification.

Out of growing fear of the Beast to undermine our civility and our human-ness, we denied the unknown realm locked away within us that frightened us for its unpredictability, its cruelty and its propensity to erupt from the calmest human being. Such a force threatened to engulf the conscious accomplishments of humanity in chaos and destruction. In time, various Religions and magical tribes came to call signs of activity stemming from the subconscious by unfavourable names.  In effect – A war was declared against the forces of ‘The Great Beast’, the opening psychic shot in a Mind War that would lead to all manner of dark masters/forces Named responsible for the horrors that issued forth from people – various Monsters, Deities, and Gods, and of course, “Satan”, all in a bid to control the subconscious. Other words crept in “Demons”, “Evil”, and so forth that led to wide-spread persecutions to stamp out the Beast. It did not take long for some to realize the power that came from interpreting existence for others… Yet those who suppressed the beast the hardest were often those most afflicted by its insurmountable power.

When the subconscious is kept under lock and key and an option to vent it/express it by ‘exercising the beast’ is denied; the expenditure of energy needed by the ego to hold back subconscious forces grows exponentially. Without outlets, the repressed forces grow stronger by the day until they grow powerful enough to over-run the defenses of the Ego or shatter it completely causing psychosis. They manifest outwardly as unchecked acts of raw desire, often many times stronger than when originally imprisoned, often expressed as acts of sadistic cruelty, murder, torture, brutality, violence, blood-lust, war, passion and rape.  Or they consume the ego with a barrage of irrational emotions and desires that drive the being to fulfill them or take out its frustration at being unable to fulfill them in other, often destructive ways. The Ego can only do so much to hold the subconscious back until it is eventually overwhelmed. The fact that our natural state is one dominated by the Subconscious tends toward its favour in a war of wills.

No matter how emphatically the subconscious is repressed; like the metaphor of the stubborn weed, the tendrils of the unconscious will keep returning, writhing forth again and again into the fore of the mind in an endless struggle to choke the host plant into submission.

By forcing our instinct underground we committed ourselves to a life-long struggle against our very nature in order to maintain an artificial existence. The artificial existence can only prosper under certain conditions: the most important of which is suppression of raw unconscious desires. In the eyes of the Artificers (The Magian Illuminati. Qv Book III) in our natural, uncontrolled state of being, humans are either; terrifying creatures suffused with a brutal, primal darkness that has been called “Chaos” that are too ferocious to tame; or frightened creatures too timid to work or help create the matrix and further the Artifice. Pending on Environmental and Genetic Factors we might be either – thus we are shaped by the Artifice as soon as possible.

Chaos is representative of the unconscious and is anathema to the Order that the Artificers wish to exist.  One may be reasonably sure that the Artificers were simply those that excelled in disguising the Beast, who over time granted their base desires and ambitions using deception and cunning – forming groups of self-interested individuals that conspired to manifest their Beasts within using the forms and illusions of the Artifice to conceal them. There is ample corresponding evidence within Sociology for this. For example an individual who commits Corporate Fraud which relieves hundreds of people from millions of dollars, homes and savings, is far less likely to be charged and go to jail, than someone who steals a single car. Using the illusions of respectability and the forms of the Artifice – the Beast is concealed. The Artificers support suppression of the Beast in others via religion and politics for example, negotiating with others to defer gratification by reason, cultural norm, money, threat of imprisonment or force – but they do not support it in themselves. They use the subsequent meekness adopted by a populace to rule it. This type of thing has been going on for a long time – and it is known in Satanism as the Great Mind War.  The Great Mind War is a fight between the Magian to assert Artificial Forms based on original fear such a moral good and evil existing in the world over the Sinister understanding of the world as Godless and dominated by Chaos.  This will all be covered in great detail as we progress through the books. However, because they fear Chaos so rabidly, the Artificers have deliberately fostered great ignorance concerning Satanism and created a whole system of occult blinds and myths intended to prevent any real magical Adeptship from arising in an individual that could seriously pose a threat or challenge to their ruling regime. For this reason it was extremely difficult to learn the Traditional practices of genuine Satanism beneath the tame, safe, watered down version that is happily peddled commercially that misdirects and controls the Beast by dictating the terms of its release. And the simple motives are Jealousy and Greed. If everyone released the Beast or mastered its control as well as the Artificers, the Artificers would no longer be powerful. Their power rests on maintaining an unequal distribution of power. If for arguments sake everyone was suddenly as powerful as everyone else: power would become mediocre and ergo, normal. All diversity of forms within the matrix would fail and a utopia created which would also be mediocre.  The Artificers money, assets, lifestyles that set them apart would become commonplace – and were this so, money would become obsolete because there would be no workers willing to work, thus no-one to generate wealth, thus no socio-economic growth, no creativity, no slaves, no masters, and no Artifice. Hence: to be powerful means keeping power from others.  The means to regain the power are within your reach, but you must first understand the scope of what it is you must overcome, how the system of control works, and how you can begin to set about facing yourself in order of break free of the cycles of lies.

Understanding the creation of the Matrix is the first step to regaining control of ones Being, hijacked by the ego. Through practical and thorough magical/alchemical practice or psychic exploration, the contents of the subconscious can be integrated with the Ego to form a Super Consciousness, or Self.