Magic, Gravity, The Magi and Depression

Related to the Mind War is an ancient theory of the existence of an enshrining protective field or current formed by the geometric arrangement of principle shapes by the Magian Empire. These principles are enshrined in the architecture of the Empire both Exoterically (Shrines, Symbols, Institutions) and Esoterically (Control over Time, Space, Thought) and actively resist change to them through various measures, both rational and irrational – on fronts of Logos and Madness. Some of this architecture takes the form of Protectors of the existence and continuation of God and comprises legions of individuals whose prayers, campaigns, shapes and strategies include magical assaults against those of the Sinisterion, (also referred to as Openers), who would see Christianity’s defiant fight to resist being replaced with an evolutionary advancement of the human race beyond Religions of Monotheism and Insynsian.

 The Rational Mind is a precious gem but the Irrational Mind is the psychic region that is most sensitive to Magic, both as means to deploy it, and a means to be affected by it. The concept of the Irrational Mind as used here, is a convenient abstract, but for those who believe in Magic, such belief opens up an entirely invisible vista of perception where the intuition of colours, lights, feelings, sensations, dreams and exchanges of energy in interactions with other humans and other forms is a private engagement of constant warfare. Battle ensures daily with preventative measures erected seeking to prevent the extraction or vampirization of energy from oneself or others, and the sorcerer is constantly on guard for vampires and other entities that would drain them of their life-force. This itself takes energy which must come from others sources. For many this is the role of the Sinister, Aether, Acausal, Dark Ones, or THEM, and Nature, where places of power can be sought and found to replenish the sorcerer. [See Places of Power.] These interactions are not just against individuals encountered on a daily basis – but can take place in the Astral during sleep – and also by assaults from far more powerful collective fields such as those words, actions and intentions of those who would openly prevent Change which collectively hold together a particular view of the World that resists attempts to alter it. This enables such prisons as Language, Duality, Morality, Hypocrisy, Insynsian, Egoism to reign as the acting powers in experience of the World and ultimately controls the shapes that will be seen and used during one’s life on Earth. That the Church has denuded many kinds of resistance to it is unquestioned, with all manner of institutions, laws, armed forces, clergy, moral codes enforced and placed to meet head on the voice or presence of any dissenters to the way Life is experienced. At present, the concept of One God is an inevitable and dominating force on the planet, very old and very wise. Whilst laws, forces, etc openly discourage rebellion against the Church, Powerful rhetoric and violence protects Religion and the Religious, THEM wish to speak here of one particular facet of the overall design of the Magian Matrix: Depression.

 Depression, in the face of Experience on Earth, is natural. We feel pain via Empathy. Depression is often not even Personally or Individually centralized – but arises from an overwhelming sensation of the essential geometry of Life feeling terribly wrong but one that cannot be rationalized or explained intellectually – it is an alien feeling, a feeling that seems extraordinarily ancient and yet familiar, but its cause we cannot isolate..

Depression, in science and medicine, has its own explanations.

Magically, however, Depression is none other than the resulting oppressive force of the Magian’s magical network. We are imprisoned by their Time, Space and Language, their Laws, their Beliefs, their God – though humans are shapeless in spirit, we can feel the crafted shapes of the containers into which they have forced us, containers which fit what we are supposed to be, most unnaturally. The Fear of Death, of Sex, of Joy, of Love, of Chaos defines the Magian prison, referred to as The Cylindrical. The key aspect of the Cylinder is the enclosure of the spirit (shapeless) into a particular (shape) and the same prison for all – this is an act of madness.  When we consider that if one does not feel Happy, Joyous, Content all of the time, they are told by society that their is something wrong with them – that Depression, is an illness. We are sent to Doctors to ‘cure it’.  This sense of wrongness happens also when we cannot or refuse to conform – or, even when we try to submit or conform to the Judeo Matrix – there is no achievable way to belong to it and this is part of the reason why Depression is so uncomfortable, because our sensations of the world being horribly wrong or shaped to torture us are not validated or accepted by the key institutions created to prevent such awareness. Because of the concept of Original Sin or Ultimate Sin, humanity can never be good enough for God, never be the right shape, do the right thing, no MATTER what they do or how they contort to fit to this impossible box. In some regards, it is more accurate to call Depression, Compression.


One aspect of the Magi’s essential attitude to Life was encapsulated in the Catherine Wheel, where torturers mangled the bodies of victims and Broke them, on the Wheel.

 In the world of Post-Modern Satanism and the present emphasis of Logos as a lens, It is common to believe that there is no War for your Soul or Mind, and that one is merely being paranoid in believing in armies of ‘white’ magicians (Closers) whose interest is in keeping Satanism and the Sinister from arising and minds from escaping the mental prison, but one need look no further for proof that this paranoia has its own life and energy than the Vatican, which sanctioned a new 100 priest army several years ago specifically to fight the rise in Occultism.

 Just as You are able to create and presence outcomes, effects and change as an Individual with your thoughts, energies, actions – so does the entire legion of principles that combat the tyrannies of Abrahamism loosely assembled under myriad groups of Satanic, Scientific, Spiritual, Technological, and other Anti-Abrahamic currents felt as a solid threatening force to the Empire of the Magi. It haunts them, chides them, insults them – it is not imaginary to them, they can feel it as the encroachment of strange crackling powers trying to infect their brains with tendrilled fingers and Undo the Empire they have erected to control this Aeon in the name of their Monotheistic Figures and Codex. It is why they pray, go to church, resist temptation, tell us what to do, try to restrain the Beast and dictate life from Birth to Death and everything in between. And they feel it, as they feel Everything else, as FEAR.

 On the other hand, the exortations and ferocious dedication they exhibit as a collective in preventing such changes to their Aeon by controlling or destroying individuals, forms and forces that present a threat is a force of will that is intense and powerful. It is so powerful it has become permeate throughout all of Civilization and spread across the planet, annihilating its resistors or assimilating them through guile or force. This force transforms intent into real architecture, real soldiers, real hatred that would see any threat to it, destroyed. It is not merely a psychic feeling but a visual one, their symbols their presence their laws are omnipresent – in essence, such a force of will has physicated itself from intent because of how strong it is and can be felt as a tangible force. This is called ‘Depression’ – an actual crushing of the spirit felt from such forces to make us throw down our arms and admit defeat, to believe we are undone, that nothing can change, that such forces and forms will eternally endure and sends the message that we should stop fighting against it.

 – For most, Depression keeps us in check, the weight of such magic hangs heavy on our spirit and keep us from holding our head and weapons up high. But there are magical counter-measures.

 We have learned that such compression can turn one into a Spring, consciously allowing oneself to be coiled tightly and then using that stored force to rebound with ferocity. There are ways to do this magically, such as descending slowly to the ground with gravity in a spiral and laying still on the floor until a sudden upward momentum forces one upward. Repeated, the force of Gravity becomes a conscious weapon. The urge to just die (the intended result of depression) can be felt most clearly when laying perfectly still at rest. Yet it is there that the force of Life itself, is felt the most strongly too and which will eventually propel one up off the floor to continue living.

 Members of THEM are acutely aware of the feeling of depression – on one hand it is natural result of Empathy but on the other it is felt more strongly the closer one gets to overcoming the Magian energy network. Immediate signs of this are communications being interrupted, and depression.

 When you look at how THEM is branching out and making a lot of connections, flowing without conflict, and not getting lost in what it is doing, it is becoming a potential threat. If this threat is being felt the Magian’s command of the Sinister (which is neutral and can be commanded by any human whatever their morality) then it is natural to begin to feel depressed – this is in itself what make Aeonic magic so hard to continue, the depression, the feeling that things are doomed and cannot get better.

The simultaneous attempt by many LHP to destroy the Ego is THEM believe an old trap – since it is the Ego that causes the upward motion from depression. To lead your enemies to believe destroying the Ego is what will stop the Magi, is an ancient tactic to allow depression to dominate humanity and prevent the coiled energy from being used by a conscious magician. It is, to close off methods to defeat the Magi.  (See Diary of a Devilworshipper Vol 4)

To encourage the Ego and only the Ego is also a powerful incitement that upholds the Magian energy network. 

 If we can spread the ability to Remember the Magical nature of the Magi’s Empire – we can Resist and Reform it.

Next time you feel Depressed – know that it is the Irrational Power of the Magi acting upon you.  Don’t let them control you. Rise up and spit in their faces.