Mind War – Symbolism

Mind War

This is one of the cards from a planned 28 set of new archetypes for a Satanic Tarot called Tendril. The concept relates to an open denouncement of the Catholic Church and in fact entire Nazarene Empire’s hideous practice of pedophilia, a greatly secretive and hushed topic that is rarely discussed or depicted in media, and treats its victims in cruel disregard often refusing to acknowledge their intense suffering and pain. Other concepts displayed here are the stack of thousands of books kept back from History by powers such as the Vatican in an attempt to control the perception we have as a collective of history and the events that shaped it (Qv. “Black Time/White Time” as spoken of in Holochrist). The three abrahamic religions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity are represented as three books melded into one monotheist doctrine that has dominated the minds and hearts of millions across vast periods of time and space, with various cultural icons depicted on the left, and in equal measure, millions of victims of Christian thought are depicted on the right staked and tortured on hills that stretch far off into the horizon – though even this number is a conservative analogy. The AU, or alchemical symbol for Gold on the glass sphere indicates the highest principles of Abrahamism and its three religions, and the idea that no matter what you do for God you will be forgiven – the gold standard of all abrahamic religions that allows them to act like inhuman monsters only to give a weak apology at the end. There is a lot of additional symbolism in this picture – what can you divine from Mind War?