One of THEM: A Definition

What is One of THEM? It could be that which senses the wrongness of things and tries to right them (selectively) – to Remember and help others remember the past, who we were, who we could have become, the war of the mind we lost, the rise of elements opposed to our destiny – and that which has any kind of shape to do it.

 It could be a human brought forth from impulses desirous of evolution and improving themselves and others wherever they may be, whatever forms they might take, that have this same or similar agenda. There can be no siding with any pure constant, race, creed, attitude, even people of a certain time, – everyone that Earth brings forth with the evolutionary drive could be of any side, any race, any creed, and will arise with as well as after us. Their particular shapes and forms may even work directly against one another. There is more mystery in life than understanding.

 One of THEM doesn’t need to be recognized by THEM to be One – there is just some feeling about them that they represent a different energy to the mainstream modernity. That they present it via the Dexter in all kinds of people and all kinds of different ways, including those that have no idea we exist, or no desire to be recognized as one of us makes no difference – each one is Nature trying different things to be heard. And She will keep trying until she is. We trust in Synchronicity to bring whatever is being brought together, together.