THEM: Suggested Reading List

Q: I want to read about the Temple of THEM, but where should I start? Is there an ideal path?

A: The scope of THEM’s writings is a daunting labyrinth broaching a large number of topics and spread across more than three thousand pages in dozens of books and archives. Our corpus has many focuses from the intimate journey of the co-founders of THEM to the broader spectrum of Form and Force, Archetypes, Aeonics and Magic. So where should the Beginner – interested in the Temple of THEM – Begin?

The first publication recommended to obtain is THRESHOLD: Black Magic and Shattered Geometry  from the Fall of Man. Threshold serves as an anthology of key Temple tenets giving a solid overview of our teachings and is the most professional release by the Temple.

From the Black Glyph: ABYSSAL, contains hundreds of conversations and communications between members of THEM and the public including a large section of Sinister organizations and the individuals within them. *C*R*U*X* is an Australian Themed Revision of ONA’s classic text, Naos and offers a powerful tool of insight into our current including many examples of THEM’s magical disciplines and methods. SORCERY OF THEM is authored by Sath of THEM and explodes traditional occultism outward relaying a secretive dark tradition from a dark corner of the world that details the intimate powers of the Sinister and Sorcery and soberly details the task of reforming the triad of the Warrior, Sorcerer and Farmer. An unmissable publication.

Also available from the Black Glyph: [DE REQUSITE EXQUISITE COMPENDIUM] (D.R.E.C)  does not contain essays relating to THEM but includes a wealth of archived essays by the WSA 352, L319, and the ONA over four massive tomes and is highly recommended.]

Finally: A tributary volume to be released (now Feb 31st – previously Jan 31st) by the Temple called the THEMONOMICON will form a massive illustrated collection of THEM texts from this wordpress organized in an appropriate order for idealized contemplation and conceptual unfolding step by step. Approx 600 pages, this hardbound cover will house the largest collection of THEM texts yet compiled to celebrate nearly a decade of sinister insight and form a final mammoth book to hold our our work prior to the release of our final publication: pMYRIAD. Details to come.