oa33 mythmaker

THRALL. A sketch from Tendril. See this project realized – Support THEM.

Symbolism: Mythmaker refers to an archetype of storytellers. The image presents the gates of Auschwitz surrounded by other fairytale creatures including a Unicorn and a representation of the adage ‘Pigs may fly’. Mythmaker does not necessarily refute the occurrence of the Holocaust in Germany but is a comment on propaganda and those who make it. Underneath the cartoon rabbit is a list of no less than 80 countries which America has attacked, invaded, or interfered with politically and militarily since 1900.  Mythmaker reminds us to be careful of believing in Forms, particularly those that claim to be representative of Truth, for neither the Nazis nor the Jews were impartial in their retelling of events.  Moreover, the extreme emphasis on these mystical events pulls focus and skews the reality of Violence from all sides and the myriad other holocausts carried out by those who trumpet these claims. As another adage relates “There is their side of the story, our side of the story, and the Truth”.