The Black Keys of Satan

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If there is such a thing as specific principles to work with or access Satan then there are certainly a set of keys. The reality is, that if you have not had a paranormal experience and met with any of the dark forces that inhabit other planes, you have no reason to believe in them, and thusly your logical mind does not experience the crack that such visitations bring, your mind and perception of reality stay intact, and act as a shield or seal against such visitations. When you Have had such a visitation, it is impossible to deny, because being paranormal, the unsettling inability to provide logical explanation leaves you in a state of knowing there is Something more than what we know, and yet having to endure the day to day necessity to deny it to live in a certain world.  This line, this kind of experience is what separates the Theistic believer in Satanic forces as deities, energies, demons, devils, entities that manifest on our plane of perception through various incarnations, veils, soft spots in the world where such denizens slip through and confront us – and the believer in Satanic forces who sees the paradigm of Satanism as culturally metaphorical, as a set of values, a way of living, as an apologist, as an application of rationale and reason, logic and intelligence; a dismissal of ghosts/goblins as antiquated or tricks of the mind; other variations are virtually endless but they do not involve the change of effect from visitations. The term blood-curdling is over-used but it is very apt. To come face to face with One of THEM, and that includes satanic entities, entirely alters one’s ability to discount them. Thusly, Visitation, is the first Key. Whether you believe Satan is a real force that haunts, hunts, possesses, works evil and kills as a literal demon changes everything. I have not seen Satan. I have seen only dark forces and spectres that may or may not be part of or associated with Him; a handful of times over the course of my life; and felt the terror that curdles the blood, witnessed the suspension of physics that accompanies such visitations and passed through the aftermath of having to deal with them. It is to defend something that the majority of people have not experienced and have no reason to believe exists who have not felt what you have felt.

Orientation would be the second key. Satan has been taken to mean many different things. These are all malleable and artificial human-oriented speculations that aim to grasp, shape and control forces that are very poor philosophic descriptors manufactured by the smugness of self-assured intellect. You don’t forget the emotion of Bliss or Terror, the most potent experiences of those words when you have felt Them and next to those feelings that get wired into your blood any words fail to express the power of such a feeling so frightening that it can turn your life on its head and cause you to see things very differently ever after. The classical resistance against Religion as fools who believe in a sky-man for instance is not so easily dismissed; the descriptions of demons given are just that; descriptions; flat, symbolic teasers that are pretty but hollow, they do nothing to prepare one for Them who come unexpectedly and in a way no book predicts. It is relatively easy to adopt any given orientation of Satanism and to do as one will using human terms and values to make their way through the world for whatever aim may be in accordance with ones Vyrd. But when you have been Visited, you must then reassess the plastic nature of many of these human edifices in the face of what do you do now with your life if there are Things that are real? Might there be more of them, more powerful ones of them, and even, despite all intellectual scoffing, a God or Satan or Worse at the end of your life? The stories that abound of such entities, of planes and of hell, seem figmentary, scare-mongering, antiquated and any other number of descriptions to dismiss them logically, but you cannot be sure after visitations which often have the effect of causing one to seriously assess the orientation of their life and their place.

The Third Key then, is Invitation. It is impossible to put these experiences out of the head – they are called supernatural because they override the natural, and leave an indelible question mark on perception and leave a hole in the seal of logical safety. One can either try to deny the uncomfortable evidence of Them and try to bury the memory as an embarassing trick of the mind, daily heaping more of the normal and sedate upon such memories in the hope of forgetting them entirely or unconvincingly explain them away – an art doomed to fail and go on to live to a ripe old age with the dagger of Them every now and then in a quiet moment forcing its way back into the mind, raising such terrifying memories from the dead, through dreams or daydreams, to haunt one until and at death. Or one can seek to know Them, as horrifying as it might be to repeat the experience, to push for more of what is generally a very little of their presence, of their mark, and strive to identify and open the Gates to THEM, to walk where few walk, and risk losing everything to get Closer. Closer to all that man fears, and has striven to forget. Closer to whatever causes that paralyzing shock that can change your entire life’s direction and annihilate thousands of carefully tended networked beliefs in an instant, closer to the force older than evil and yet the source of it all. The occult makes little sense before such Visitations. It really does. What comes now is the Invitation to THEM – in as many forms as it can be imagined, to re-open at our will and not theirs, if indeed at all possible, the Gates that allow them In. Now begins the real work, of trying to identify the real magical means to open portals and the language they speak to communicate. Is it torture, sexual depravity, murder, symbolism, pain, suffering, time, location, intent, emotional experience, synchronistic coincidence, a specific magical partner, a mindset, certain shapes or tools, nighttime, evil, trance, incantations, dances, musical instruments, certain notes or drugs? What, opens THEIR Portals? What language do they speak? Do they speak in entire experiences? Do they speak to us through dreams? Now begins the task of the real occult work, with the undeniable drive that They are There, and the trial to access them with the hope that we can communicate and not simply be star-fucked.

A Fourth Key would constitute Dedication. Genuine Dedication comes not from a desire to Know but from being Known, from a Visitation that interferes with the ability to be distracted by Maybe. Maybe they’re real, maybe I imagined it. Genuine dedication arises from the terrifying energetic shock from visitation that leaves no doubt that They are. And from this, there can be no denial that what They are is everything worth seeking, a power worth laying ones life down for as a sacrifice in the face of that sovereign awakening as to our place and relevance, our paper knowledge and ignorant bliss which pales in the face of what these things Are, and that they Are. They are the reason for Religion, for Morality, for Sanity. They are the reason for the shield that is God. It goes without saying that Satan is capable of a great deal more than such visitations, and if there is a Devil, a king of these Things, no-one could meet THEM. Just as theory and experience are separate worlds of their own, I have not found any grimoire that accurately describes these Visitations or evokes them. Filled with detritus about controlling Them, ordering Them about, and giving imaginative descriptions of these Demons – almost none mention the emotional rape and turbulence they bring to the soul which does not know how much it relied on inherited reality until it is shattered. There are shallow warnings in such books at best, even the strongest of admonitions about messing with these forces are inadequate. Nothing would be strong enough to act as an appropriate warning to stay away from summoning/calling/inviting Them in. Because until they are present, it remains surreal, safe, and a game. It seems unlikely to get Closer to these Things, the Fear is impenetrable. And to do so seems like it can only end badly. But that is the power of the Dark Forces, of THEM, and we, seek to fall deeper into it.



[The feeling of Visitation almost assures us we cannot, but our humanity persists in asking the question Can We?

Or is it necessary to be more like Them? If we become Inhuman, then, Can We?

 And that is what the Temple of THEM aims to find out.]