17th Oct oRoR

Commemorating the formation of the Asov Aug 17th with the oRoR – “… the flames were as nexions, representative of the different energies, in different locations of the individuals that these candles were symbolic of – flickering at different speeds and intensities in isolation and connectivity – it was as if their spirits surrounded us and I could feel their presence, see their faces. It is good to remember those known and unknown who have played a part in the journey that has shaped so many things and recognize, thank and celebrate those who are still playing a part in the process of change and personal and collective evolution. May this rite solidify the ASOV and THEM as one large extended family ISS. “IMG_20141018_020624 IMG_20141018_020725 IMG_20141018_020857 IMG_20141018_021223

Our Rite of Remembrance: (1) [Charging of the Thrasz]

This Rite has been designed to connect ALL of the members of THEM and the ASOV prior to each meet who are absent from it physically. It is the first part of charging the Thrasz to be performed during the creation of the Fire Pit’s used at each meet or when charging any ceremonial Thrasz symbol during solo or group sorcery. (The second part of charging the Thrasz is the Galdr or Rune Song specific to the Thrasz as developed by Unbeliever.)

It will help unite us all across the world and Australia despite the vast distances in geography – and is a tribute to each member so they know they are being thought of and remembered even if they cannot physically attend a meet or be present for sorcery by members of the Temple.

[Only members who are not present are mentioned.]

[A full candle is lit for each missing member and placed on a standing symbol of the Threshold or one drawn in the dirt. – if there are not enough candles to represent each member, their names are carved into one candle.]

It is as follows and should be ammended to include new names as membership grows – :

“Herein with this symbol  – We Remember those of the Temple of THEM, those promethean adventurers across Australia and the World.

Whose lives, energies and contributions have taken us as far as we have come.

Whose insights and generosity have shaped our knowledge and our journey as a collective.

We remember and honour them as if they were standing here, in the flesh among us, participating in our affairs.

(Isa Rune Sketched) – As I draw the Eye we stand them here among us as individuals in spirit, as if we can see them right before our eyes.

(Sphere of Void Sketched – completing Dragons Eyeball)

As I enclose the Eye within the Sphere we celebrate the synchronicity that has gathered us here tonight/today together within the great land of Australia.

Across Australia we honour Them in the North, East, South and West. Al Dhamme and Dark Soulja, Kaigen Satanas, and Jane Dough. Unbeliever, Kadath and Sanguinous. Oph Dfl. Anorha and Hollow.

As I draw the North Arm we have no known brothers and sisters in these regions but to those unknown we offer supra solidarity and a compass that they might find their way here.

As I draw the East Arm we remember and presence Typhon and Djupi of North America, Derek Basque of Canada, Solange of Brazil. and our past brothers Wargaz, Graaz and Martin Aguirre.

As I draw the West Arm we remember and presence Rex of North Africa, Alejo in Spain. Calus, Grin Anon and Lux Ferrous in Europe and Themon in the Balkans, and our past brothers and sisters Leo, Anca and Noctulius.

As I draw the South Arm we have no known brothers and sisters in these regions but to those unknown we offer supra solidarity and a compass that they might find their way here.

We celebrate these men and women! They stand here among us as part of the wheel we now turn.



[The Symbol of Threshold]

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