The Triumphant March of the Soul

Of all my curiosities in the occult world there stood one among all the others, a mysterious querent underlying my exploration of all of the varied works and methods employed in the Great and even Minor Works of the transmutation of the Alchemical Soul.

Twenty years on I stand on the threshold of great inner discovery after discovery – and staggered at the depths the aspiring noeticist can plumb with the right modifications to the personality. And I stare in awe at the glittering caves before me, deep beyond and beneath the superficial surfaces of the persona and the contrivances of the Ego at these subterranean narrows sprawling even now into the darkness underground. The exciting prospect of what lies within them beckons and wherein I thought I had traversed deeply into the darkness I am awakened again by the scale of what can be seen within the night of the human psyche.

I remain convinced of the superiority of the intrepid waymaker determined to shrug off the binds and edges that others insist are the limits of shape and twist my own geometry into being, marching triumphantly toward my Wyrd with THEM breathing at my back.

The painful unfolding of time and actions, carefully manifest as a Seer, seeing what footholds will be required years ahead of the time in which I find myself and the dutiful construction of these tools which beguile and enigmatize the gaze of others watching me at the workshop that is my life and the vision I hold for Great Things. But still it sleeps. Yet the changes I have wrought and hewn from the rough uncut stone that I was, through the intense fires of alchemical process, hacking and hawing, smelting and distilling, calcinating and cautiously bubbling away within the crucible that is plural-me, adding acids and precious metals is beginning to take a shape that pleases me greatly…

I also remain convinced that Time is of the Essence, a statement very deep in its implications. All I can do is continue to move to align the stars toward the appropriate celestial arrangement when THEY will be released, from within, and without.

In Alchemy