Bathysphere (A List of Temple Texts and their Location)


A Summary of Texts by the Temple of THEM

This brief list by no means encapsulates the entire corpus of THEM or lists the myriad other books and publications assembled for other currents under the auspices of the Black Glyph Society – nor does it mention the projects musical or artistic with which we have had involvement. It is intended as a navigational guide only to assist in locating specific topics or essays written by the Temple amid its labyrinth of thousands of pages.

CRUX: On Crux. The Message from ThoTh of THEM. .Introduction: The Purpose of Crux

Part One: Physis Magick: Practical Guide to Becoming an Adept. 0 The Tree of Wyrd (Completed Pathways) 13. I A Theory of Magick 14. II Another Theory of Magick 16. III The Seven-Fold Way- A Comprehensive Guide 19. IV Quest of the Left-Handed Path (for males) 23. V Initiation: Traditional 29.

VI Initiation: Temple of THEM 30. VII The 21 Atus of the Sinister Tarot of CB 32. VIII The Septenary Colours and their Meditatory Gateways 54. IX The Ordeal of the Ninth Moon 55. X On The Arts & The Dark Arts 59. XI Training the Body 60. XII Further Approaches to Training the Body / Alchemical Notes 66. XIII Physis – A Western Martial Art 68. XIV Physis and Physics 87. XV The Star Game – A Basic Introduction 90. XVI The Star Game – Advanced Theory 101. XVII Black Magickal Sympathy & The Star Game 104. XVIII Internal Adept [Notes] 114. XIX Entering the Abyss / Intimations / Oath / One Key / Abyssal Edge 118. XX The Rite of Nine Angles 124. XXI The Rite of the Nine Angles – Further Notes 128. XXII On the Symbolism of the Nine Angles / Esoteric Meanings / Secrets / Advanced

Causal Symbology 131. XXIII Dark Pathworkings I / D.Pathworkings II / D.path Satanas – Thornian 134. XXIV The Dark Gods & Their Sigils 141. XXV One of THEM’s Approach to the Dark Ones 142.

XXVI Approach to the Language of the Dark Ones and the Acausal 145

Part Two: Esoteric Sorcery: XXVII Narrative Magic: An Introduction 146. XXVIIII An Approach to Sex Magick 153. XXIX Melos: Diabolus in Musica 155. XXX Sinister Chant – Further Notes 159. XXXI Chant Notation and its Transcription 161. XXXII On Songs and Sinister Chants 162. XXXIII The Focus of Awareness: An Approach 164

Appendix: 0 Dark Immortal Scripts 168. I Septenary Correspondences 170. II Esoteric Narrative Correspondences 172. III On the Sinister Tarot 176. IV ISS / Letting it Be 178. V Hammers of the Witches 179. VI A Summary of the Approach to Black Magic by the Temple of THEM 180. VII The Occult Labyrinth: A Navigational Guide 181. VIII Sinister/Occult Publications (The Black Glyph Society) 186. IX The Jung-ed Man XIII 188

Part Three: Esoteric Manuscripts: A A Brief ONA Glossary 190. B Sigil of the ONA 198. C A Note Concerning ONA MSS 199. D Melos: Reprisal 200. E The Cosmic Wheel / Wheel of the Year 204. F The Runes in relation to the TOW 209. G Perceptual Bias and the LHp 210. H Future Magick 212. I Morphic Theory: Sentience of the Earth 215. J The Joy of Fanaticism and Militant Satanism 218. K On the Diamond Body and the ONA 222. L Notes on Crux and the Southern Cross 224

Liber ISS: Temple Greeting Template. External Adept (Notes). The Tarot: TENDRIL. Protocols. Falcifer Aims and Intents. Al Kimiya. Howl of the Introvert. Into the Mouth of Madness. T.H.E.M.

Primer (Original version of Abracadabra). The Secret of THEM is Cold & Deadly Intent. Mvimaedivm Black Rankings. The Temple Fitness Regime. Combat & Self-Defense

Liber Tentaculum: Abracadabra. The Phormulae for Change (Tale of 10 Alchemists). Directives (Phenotype). Directive A-66. 70 Tentacles

Liber 13/13: The 23 Syndrome. The Chrono-bet. An Analysis of Frequency Part I. An Analysis of Frequency Part II. Ad Accumulum Infinitum. Sruusis. The Sinister Grotesque: A Satanic Heresy

Liber Psytan: *33. An Early study of the IOT: part 1 Liber Null. An Early study of the IOT: part 2 Psychonaut. Brief notes on the depiction of Baphomet and the Sinister Tradition. Ethereal Discourses. Imperium: the Force of Escalation. Traditional Satanism: Through the Eyes of Them

Some Notes on the Dynamism of Insight.

Liber ABSU: The Dark God ABSU. Absurdity vs Originality. In Absurdum. On Angles, Curves and the ONA Part I and II

Liber Zenith Nadir: Traps and Trapezoids: Part 1. Shouting Into the Abyss. Beyond the Adept – A Contemplation. Where are We now? The Irony of Giving Insight

Liber Illuminum: Points for the Uninitiated. Conspiracy 101. An Examination of the Axioms of Scientology. Crips, Bloods and Australia. The Dark God Oto Anorha and the Sinister Feminine: Breaking the Chains

Liber Discidium: (I) The Theory of the Beast: Part II. (II) Who/What is Satan: A Rational Dissection.

(III) Satan – 21st Century Numinous Symbol. (IV) Satanism and Prostitution: The Silent Service. (V) Insights: G.MO. The Esotery of Food. (VI) Insights: On Opfers. (VII) Universes Parallel. (VIII) Intellect and Magic 0 (From OA#9). (IX) Notes on the Self (I and II). (X) The Alpha Male Vs. The Alpha Cynic. (XI) A Sinister History Lesson

Oto Anorha 28: Presencing Falcifer: Aims and Intents. Insynsian: The Subjectivity of Objectivity. An Interview with One of THEM. Interview Extract from OA #13. Insights from a Shape Shifter. Rain Magic*K: Acausal Magick. The Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation: Part 1. Psychic Vampires: An Advanced Treatise

Oto Anorha 29: (Aka ‘Pantheon’ A Special Issue devoted to the Dark Gods). The Dark Gods. Notes on Origins. Tree of Wyrd. The Templar Baphomet and the Star Algol

Oto Anorha 30: Presencing Falcifer. Baphomet: And a Man’s Role for Sinister Women: The Greatest Heresy. WSA352 on THEM / THEM on WSA352. THEM, Magic and the Individual in Context. The Last Word from One of THEM

Oto Anorha 31: Members Eyes. Grand Black Magic: Aims of Experiment A. p3. heRe be DragOns (v.02) p6. The Magnitude of Scope (?) p21. On Building a Compound p24. The Death of Touch p32.

The 23 Syndrome: Notes and Practice p35.

Oto Anorha 32: Presencing Falcifer. Eyes of THEM. Primer. Intelligent Evil. Disonics. Causating the Acausal. Naos Paintings

Oto Anorha 33: The Synchron-i-tronik Organism. Numinous Correlations. The Power of the Word.

Magian ignorance. Lunar Understanding: A Short Tale. Warning, Children at Play – The First Howard´s End Story. Death of Touch [part 2] Death of Touch Kills Face to Face. Things in the Darkness… Altar of Perversion: Intra Naos. Sol Evil: Beyond the Sun. The Entelechy of Nature; Otherness; Evil. Correcting the Mythos. Howl of the introvert. Them, Numbers, Form and the Magi: The Inexorable March Toward Insynsian. Tendril: Their Will Be Dreams – the Tarot of the Temple of Them. Blood, Sweat, Forms and Years. The Eye of Them. Insight in Sight.

Oto Anorha 34: Presencing Falcifer. Temple Policy 2014: Claritas e Congerie Oritur. ASOV Inaugural Report. The Aeon of Fire. Perception and Queastellyeah. Our Rite Of Rememberance – Charging of The Thrasz. THEM’s Directives Analysis. Lunar Winds. The Rite Of Regurgitating Choronzon. The Nameless Rite. Breaking It Down – Psychlogy of The Nameless Rite. The Nameless Rite – An Addendum

Threshold: Terato: The Theory of the Beast. Divine Joy (1) Evolution, (2) The Great Chaos. Radia Sol: Emanations of the Self. (1) Opening Statements (2) What is a Model? (3) Wave Mechanics – A Crash Course (4) Emanations (5) Assumptions (6) The Theory (7) Closing Statements. In Sinister Solidarity. An Analysis of Frequency: (1) Ego – The Source of Dialect (2) Human-Centred Geometry Vs. Life-Centered Geometry (3) Reform and Revolution (4) Who Hears the Spheres? (5) Receptive Frequency: The Low Vibration of Propaganda (6) Optimum Frequency (7) The Fundamentals of Mind/Body Control. The Chrono-bet. The 23 Syndrome. Haruspex: Insynsian. How Will Shapes Reality. Form and Manipulation the Cold Facts Parts 1,2,3. Baphomet and a Man’s Role for Sinister Women: The Greatest Heresy. Ad Accumulum Infinitum. The Mind War. Petals From a Black Rose: (1) The Bare Root (2) The Continuity of Bloom (3) Red or White (4) The Black Spot (5) Cross and Cutting (6) Hybrid Perpetual. Engram:The Fundamentals of Magic – Internal, External, Aeonic, Narrativic and Mythic. Radia Star – Creating One of THEM. On Songs and Sinister Chants. Invoking the Tempest. In the Aeon of Fire: A Ritual of Death. (1) Preparation (2) Intonation of Death (3) Ritual. Alchemical Distillations (1) Luna (2) Mercury (3) Venus (4) Mars (5) Sol (6) Jupiter and Saturn. Eccar Vartis. Rain Magic*k: (1) Preparation (2) Intent (3) Primer (4) Direction (5) The Rite (6) Addendum. Maleficia: An Approach to Sex Magick. The Ordeal of the Ninth Moon (1) Arc 1 (2) Arc 2. Narrative Magic. On Psychic Vampirism (1) On Recognizing their Poisons and the Means to their Destruction (2) The Devil of the Ego (3) Chameleonics (4) Ego 101 (5) The Essence of the Psychic Vampire (6) Energetic Exchange (7) On Insecurity (8) Initial Contact (9) Psychic Entanglement and Feeding (10) Enarcosis (Energy Addiction) (11) Infiltration (12) Extraction (Killing a Psychic Vampire) (13) Awareness (14) Ritualis Sanguinis Solis. The Rite of Regurgitating Choronzon (1) The Rite (2) Closing. Glossary.

Diary of a Devilworshipper Vol 1: ANNOTATION. FOREWORD. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. TABLE OF CONTENTS. INTRODUCING AZAZAEL. CHAPTER I ~ In The Beginning… a) In the Beginning. b) Turning Point. c) Two Worlds Collide. d) Dabbling. e) Occult Atmosphere. f) Mvimaedivm. g) Hype. h) The Episode of Judas. i) Aftermath. j) A Psychic Snapshot

CHAPTER 2 ~ The Pent-Entangled Goat. a) Invocation to Lucifer. b) Down. c) No Sanctity.

d) Minion. e) E-mails: Necronomicon & Nethnine. f) Azazael to V. g) Truth Vs Truth

CHAPTER 3 ~ Memoirs 2003. a) Breaking the Crystal. b) Examining the Crystal under a Black Light. c) Giver of the Crystal’s Beauty

CHAPTER 4 ~ Building Character. a) Shoplifting. b) Bomb Scare. c) Throwing Stones. d) Boat Trip. e) Break and Enter. f) Psychopath Stalking. g) First Acid Trip. g) Bad Karma. i) Witches.

j) Rocket-Fuel. k) Alcohol. l) Prophecy. m) Trust. n) The Circle

CHAPTER 5 ~ Building Character (2) / Sing a Song of Violence. a)Vs Con. b)Vs Tasman. c)Vs Todd. d)Vs Daz. e)Vs Don. f)Vs Standing Guy. g)Vs MSK. h)Vs 2.50. i)Vs E

CHAPTER 6 ~ Outroduktion . a) Utopia. b) Mad, Mad, Monkey. c) Untitled. d) Imagine. e) Men in Black. f) Something for the Peace

CHAPTER 7 ~ The Worldly Parallel of Artistic Metamorphosis


CHAPTER 1 ~ The Dei-Fiction. ~) Am I A Satanist? a) In the Beginning. b) About the Diary. c) Uncovering the Facts. d) Knowing Darkness. e) Enemy in the Empire of Christianity. f) The Harmful Ideology of Christianity. g) Metaphor of the Hydra. h) Methods of Survival by the Church. i) Disarming the Efficacy of its Enemy. j) The Real Symbols of the Church. k) Why Christianity is the Enemy. l) A Universe Void of God. m) Stagnation of Reality. n) See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil. o) A Comment on Aeonics. p) An Unknown Universe No Hindrance. q) About Asking Questions. r) Circularity

MY MEMOIRS – A SUMMARY: a) Calcination. b) Finding ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’. c) Early Ideas about Satan . d) Rant on Lucifer. e) Trying to Be Satanic. f) In Awe. g) 50/50 Becomes 100%. h) Getting to Know the Pseudo-Side. i) Noticing Illusions. j) Deeper In the Lies. k) I Dream of Judas. l) As Above, So Below. m) Getting to Grips with my Lifestyle Choice. n) Diplomatically Dealing with a Vast Span of Time. o) Wicca. p) No Satan in Witchcraft. q) The Champions get Championed, the Idols Idle By and Die. r) Looking into TOS. s) Getting Here. t) Need to Know Basis

CHAPTER 2 ~ The Existential Psyche of DWR

CHAPTER 3 ~ Heurisy and Heresy. a) On the Subject of ONA MSS. b) From Raven Made: Notes on the Sinister Tarot. c) Lyrics from Umbral Presence. d) The Advanced Stargame 3d Project

e) Dark Angles. f) Creating Dark Angles. g) My Ritual Self-Initiation. h) Dark Path Working: Summoning Aosoth. i) Black Magic. j) Silencing the Lamb. k) Playing the Neo-Nazi: An Insight Role. l) Letter to the Embassy of Lucifer. m) On the Subject of Christian Values. n) Letter to Imperium Galactica. o) Notes on the 28 Hour Day. p) Appealing to the Nazi. q) Letters to Alex . r) The Psychology of Satanism + “Insight into the Machine?”. s) Spamming

CHAPTER 4 ~ The Collection Plate. 1) Contributions to “The Collection Plate”. 2) TCP – Mark II: Exit the Eagle & Enter the Phoenix. 3) Temple of the Tangent. 4) Founders Message . 5) Tangents I

CHAPTER 5 ~ Methodica. a) Satan as a Father Figure. b) Tinkering. c) On the Subject of the So-Called Secrets of Feng Shui. d) Feng Shui: A Reply. e) Feng Shui: A Retort. f) Ur. g) Excerpts from “Naos: The Search” / Final Transmission. h) Diet. i) Regarding Ways. j) Evolution. k) Notes on Insight Roles

CHAPTER 6 ~ Conversations of a DWR. a) 13 Vs DWR. b) Zero Vs DWR. c) 666 Vs DWR. d) 11 Vs DWR. e) 707 Vs DWR (The Biblical Creationism Debate)


CHAPTER 1 – UNDER THE PSYCHROSCOPE. (a) Demaphyr. (b) Radia Sol: Emanations of the Self / A Theory. (c) Be It Ever So Sinister… There’s No Place Like Home . (d) Through the Looking Glass. (e) The Simultaneous Pulse / A Theory. (f) Notes on the Nth Degree of Numinosity. (g) Shape-Shifting. (h) Confessions of a ‘Sun God’ 115 e.h.. (i) The Philosophers Stone: A Beginners Guide. (j) In Search of the Black Rose. (k) The Axioms of Scientology: A Critique

CHAPTER 2 – SINISTER EXPANSIONS. (a) Black Magical Sympathy and the Star Game

(b) The Star Game: Abstract Literature. (c) The Star Game: Geometric Complexity. (d) The Star Game: 18 Points of Strategy. (e) The Star Game: Simplifying the Alchemical Transitions. (f) The Star Game: As a Training Device for Managing a Temple. (g) Hel. (h) Regarding Hel. (i) Letters from Arcturus. (j) Sechnacht. (k) Notes On Sechnacht. (l) Hell 3: The Final Triangle. (m) Pi. (n) On Pi. (o) Philosophedron. (p) The Web of Wyrd. (q) Satanism and Creativity. (r) The Galactic Organic MSS: Indisigual. (s) The Galactic Organic MSS: The Galactic Organic. (t) Sub Rosa: A Sinister Play. (u) SubTerrosa. (v) Walk. (w) Prima Magica Tnepres. (x) The Naos Project: Acknowledgments and Naos MSS Introduction. (y) Onaos. (z) The Naos Project . (1) Notes on the Naos Project I. (2) Notes on the Naos Project II. (3) Minoris: An Exploration of the Sinister Minor Arcana. (4) Aeonisy: An Aeonic Odyssey. (5) A Note on Gates. (6) An Examination of the Sinister Major Arcana. (7) Notes on the Sinister Tradition e.XI. (8) Prototype Naos Tarot Sketches. (9) Excerpts from Yiadry

CHAPTER 3 – ON ANGLES AND CURVES [AND THE ONA]. (a) Angles and Curves (and the ONA) Part I. (b) Angles and Curves (and the ONA) Part II. (c) Angles and Curves (and the ONA) On Part III. (d) Discussion on the release of the Angles and Curve Manuscripts

CHAPTER 4 – THE TOB AND THE 333 CURRENT. (a) Project Evisceral. (b) Entry 9 Day 2: From the Diary of Evisceral (V.01). (c) Heresy and the Heart of Darkness. (d) peaSe lovE and munGbeans. (e) The Clandestine Burning: A Reply {excerpts]. (f) 18.333 – The Alchemy of Death

CHAPTER 5 – SINISTER PROSE: THE ELDER POEMS. (a) Mergence. (b) Nuhrasis: The Man Gate. (c) Sruusis: The Star Gate. (d) Ideathology. (e) I. (f) II. (g) Blanket


(x) Uae [ Emanations of Urania – An Artistic Explication ]

The Sorcery of THEM: Preface. I. The Temple of Them and the Sorcery of Them. II. The Sorcery of Them versus the Magian. III. Magickal Socialism. IV. The Sinister & the Dexter. V. The Body and the Wyrd. VI. The Devil and the Quest of Sorcery. VII. The Hierarchy of the Temple of Them. VIII. Physis. In Conclusion

Tower: ORDER OF SATURN PG. 5 History of the Order. PG. 7 Introductory Letter from the Koryphaios. PG. 11 On Initiation – Precursory/secondary lecture. PG. 13 Probationary Lecture # 3: Introduction to Magic. PG. 15 Probationary Lecture # 3: -The Superficial Self. PG. 18 Tasks of Probation. PG. 22 On Degrees. PG. 25 Tasks and Descriptions of Practice – Probation. PG. 29 Meditation Practice. PG. 32 Morality Roster. PG. 35 Self Reliance

HOUSE RUIN. PG. 41 The Tower. PG. 43 Limits and Boundaries. PG. 47 Magic, In Theory. PG. 51 Membership to House Ruin. PG. 52 On Degrees. PG. 53 Ritual, In Practice. PG. 59 The Face of the Path. PG. 63 The Subtle Ecstasy. PG. 67 Tower Meditation – Outermost Form

Physis of the Sinister: Part 1: Narrowing the Sinister. Universal Psychic Trauma and the Genesis of Fear. Sinister-Cyber-Phobia: Man vs. Machine. Chronocentric Acceleration. The Multifacets of Morbidity. The Tragedy of Independent Causal Lifelines of Freed Perspective. Edges of the Sinister

Part 2: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Part 3: Love Conquers All. Through Fear, the Love. First came Fear…

The Grey Letters: On Killing / Opfers. Astral Dreams. The Inverse Growth of the Master. Posts

The Undead. The Demon, Orgasmatron: Parts I & II. Female Representation in THEM. Notes; Abyss… Love vs. Loyalty: A Study of Fear and Control. A Degree of Separation. Cold Fusion / Inherent Compulsion. THEM: Realism. Insight. Universes Paralell. Letter. ABK ALGMOR RPSTOVAL. Oto Anorha: Satanic Fiction. Anima, my Love! The Moon Ordeal. The Power of Will to Shape Reality. On Magical Perception. Exercises related to the E/e. Self, Ego and ONA. Our Work. On the Mind War. Running Silent. Confessions of a Shape-Shifter 118 e.h.. Forms and Magic.

Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation: Part 2. Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation: Part 3

Onaos: Tree of Wyrd – 3. Sinister Tarot: A Theory of Archetypal Resonance – 4. The Naos Deck: Overview – 7. The Symbolism – 8. Tarot Images: the Three Levels of the Sphere (fig) – 8. The Enclave -9. The Muse -9. Minoris – 10. Aeonisy – 28. The Galactic Organic – 43. Sample Readings – 48. Subrosa: A Sinister Play – 55. Hel: Fiction of a Dark Archetype – 66

(Only Them’s Texts Listed)

The Star Game: Advanced and Assorted Essays. [I] THE STAR GAME. (i) Black Magical Sympathy and the Star Game:. (ii) Mapping an Energetic Node. (iii) On Abstraction. (iv) Micro-Matrixes. [II] Abstract Literature: A Training Exercise. [III] On Geometric Complexity. [IV] The Star Game: 18 Points of Strategy. [V] Simplifying the Alchemical Transitions. [VI] Benefits of the Star Game: As a Training Device for Managing a Temple. [VII] Star Game Construct Method. (i) Image of the Basic Stargame. (ii) Image of the Starcubes. [VIII] Online Stargame Tournament. (i) Image of Online Stargame Boards w/Co-Ordinates.. [IX] The Stargame: In-depth MSS from NAOS. [X] Further Moves and Insights. [XI] The ASG3D Project


Sinister Dialogues: SinisterAngles blog spot

No Choice but Theist: Dark Gods, Sex, Black Magic and Orgasm: Pillars 3

Directive A-66 : The Sinister Flame

Radia Sol: Clavicula Nox Issue 1 Ixaxaar

Myths Bitches: Into The Fire E-Zine

Ryan Anschauung and a Matter of Honour: Into the Fire E-Zine