Oror May 17th Year YT.09


The Oror is essentially a religious rite in that it is performed dutifully every 17th of the Month. Twelve times a year. During which ceremony the Remembrants recall in vivid detail and fondness the other members of the Temple of THEM and their exploits and achievements that have contributed to the Temple’s growth and that of personal advancement through their contact with those tendrils. Its purpose is to cement the Temple members scattered far and wide across time and space in Supra Solidarity and lest we forget, Remember THEM.

A toast, dedication, symbolic gesture and place of power is often combined to honour the past, present and fallen.

[The Year of the Tendril (YT) refers to the passage of time since the Inauguration of the Temple of THEM in 2006 C.E. – this being 2016 C.E or YT 09 – nine years (A third of the way into THEM’s charter) since Inauguration.]