The Temple of THEM 2015 Deluxe Guidebook


Temple of THEM 2015 Guidebook

Deluxe Hardcover Edition

This 2015 revision of the Temple of THEM’s handbook is an attempt at the most comprehensive guide offered to the Temple to date and is broken into four distinct categories: Theory, Practice, Sorcery and History.

This is not an exhaustive manual that will answer all your questions nor put at your fingertips everything we have written. But it is the most frank and revealing set of tools since Liber ISS that the Temple has ever made available as a means to approach, understand and apply our current.

  • Deluxe Hardcover with Dust Jacket

  • Red Linen Interior

  • Gold Letter Stamping on the Spine

  • Full-Colour Printing

  • 8.25″ x 10.75″ / 140 Pages

$53.00 USD (+ $21.00 pp)

[Available Only from The Spire: Available in Deluxe Hardcover, Softcover and Notary (Black & White)]