A Brief History of the Temple of THEM



After attempting to establish numerous proxy nexions, many of which involved archiving the work and ethos of the ONA – The Temple of THEM was founded in February 2006 by myself (of a thousand names but best known as Ryan Anschauung (then Tnepres) and another individual known as ‘The Sorceress’.

Our meeting in 2003 represented a collision of determined individuals with unique ideas and wyrds that would feed each other to the present day.

These ideas were tempered, tested and evolved by more than a decade of involvement between two Masters. One being Christos Beest who instructed me in the Hebdomadry of the British, ONA the other a powerful Sorceress from Eastern Europe.

I was mentored in magick by what I derived from the ONA and its associated nexions, my own personal Mvimaedivm and what was taught to me by the Sorceress, my Mistresses, and my Mother.

The Temple of THEM’s exoteric form straddles seven major disciplines drawing influence from each; (1) the Septenary Way, (2) Private Thracian Lore, (3) The Chaos Magic of the Illuminates of Thanateros, (4) The Mythos of Lovecraft, (5) Mvimaedivm – a personal and unique Archetypal/Narrative Magic developed as my life has unfolded (6) The Sorcery of Carlos Castenada & (7) The Analytical Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.

The decision to form THEM arose from an observation of a satanic monopoly emerging that threatened to snuff out the range of approaches and methodologies for appreciating the occult and the advancement of our own growing Aeonic Urges and implementations to interfere/alter the present course of the human psyche.

Numerous individuals then undertaking the Way of the Septenary who found it did not meet their needs, or appreciate their individual opinions, criticisms, insights or variations joined forces – each from high-ranking positions in other magical/occult currents around the globe inc. OTO, ONA, IOT, TOS, and many more each offering their specialist knowledge of their current to the collective pool.

The Temple of THEM shaped itself as a platform that would allow these isolated and often harried voices the opportunity to speak loudly and clearly even and especially when it interfered with the trending status quo of satanic philosophy in order to transcend duality itself.


Naturally when it began THEM was very different from its present course. And over the duration of the nine years it has existed, has taken on a myriad of different incarnations to explore, expand, evolve and meet certain needs and lived a variety of forms. Among these have been the 2010 Sinister 101 Syndicate (previously known as the Mvimaedivm Forum) which was a thriving online business hub for all things Septenary, Sinister and ONA. It is still in existence but activity has all but ceased after operations were moved to other cyber quarters and remaining membership is a shadow of what it used to be.

Mvimaedivm Black, Mvimaedivm White were two projects by the Temple researching the Magi and the Lore of the Dark Gods. These studies resulted in the publication of a 250 page collaboration called “Ki En Gi r Black” and consisted mostly of a hybrid of Sumerian academia and occulture. Some 500 additional pages relating to Sorcery & Combat Techniques, The Dark God lore in Prehistory/Egypt/Indo-Europea, Star Lore, and numerous other topics of interest at the time have been archived but are not accessible to the public. The forum Mvimaedivm Black also still exists, under the watchful eye of one of THEM, but its level of activity is much like that of S101S, a ghost town after THEM vacated it in favour of new stomping ground.

Other groups not available or visible to the public such as ‘Otherland’ were additional attempts to unite a collective of Sorcerers across the globe in perfecting and exploring magical technique and sharing personal philosophy and techniques. Otherland also concerned itself with psychedelic experiences, entheogenics – or using substances as pathways to Allies, astral travel and out of body experiences.

Numerous Wordpresses, a digital notebook platform, have been utilized by the Temple over the years including the inventively named ‘Ryan Anschauung WordPress’, ‘Dark Planet WordPress’, ‘Mvimaedivm’, ‘Temple of THEM’ WordPresses too. The only currently active wordpress utilized by THEM is the re-incarnation of Thetempleofthem.com wordpress which is a private archive accessible only to members of THEM and guests with special permission. Another website titled ‘Mvimaedivm’ has been inactive a year to the day (April 20 2015) but was taken hold of by an Italian member of the Temple who dedicated himself wholly to an alternate project. Mvimaedivm web was a tendril he intended to dedicate to Sinister/Esoteric Music under the name “Canor Sinistrum” – but which transformation has not yet come to fruition. Building up real estate and handing it over to fledgling members to look after was considered a suitable method to allocate the current to many hands rather than leave it focused in a centrality.

A short-lived page (now in hibernation) for the Temple on Facebook was developed into a new forum that is currently active and represents the most recent online representation of the Temple acting as a hub for announcements and file sharing. What dictates which media are kept public or put into hibernation varies – the Temple changes shape according to which criteria it believes have been or need to be achieved and looks out for the appropriate signs that a certain energy, form or attitude has taken root either in an individual or group, which triggers a response from us and a re-organization of our geometry.


The diversity and expertise in respective magical fields by its members allowed THEM access to documentation kept private by each organization and this mountain of material would later become the archives of the Black Glyph Society – a society dedicated to keeping alive useful and practical information on systems that we felt contributed to the aims of the would-be Sorcerer.

The Black Glyph Society changed hands in approximately 2012 from RA in Australia to TD in the United States – but continues to exist to meet the needs of wanderers of the occult paths.

The Glyph as it is affectionately known, operates on a two-tier system. To those we feel deserving of the information in our archives, pending interest and dedication, the Glyph offers free files and materials that relate to that individuals study or in some cases that we feel may open up new vistas or esoteric advancement by having access to. The other tier gives individuals the option to buy a restricted catalogue of materials as printed books mostly relating THEM’s studies and philosophy or other unique strains of philosophy on the matter of the Sinister, Satanism or Self-Development.

A lesser known function of the Society is the encouragement and extension of aid to individuals to compile, publish or otherwise share their unique point of view by using our contacts to obtain a publishing deal, or simply assisting in layout, editing, illustrations, or morale. The Glyph is still active and books can still be purchased by placing an order from the website. Additional materials can be found archived inexpensively for a few Euro a book at a digital download site called Amenthes, from The Spire – a new incarnation of the Glyph (but part of the original society) , or from various portals on the internet. Searching for deliberately obscure keywords such as Mvimaedivm, Oto Anorha, Liber 13/13, or Insynsian will usually bring links up where we have posted material and essays in assorted forums. Such words are unusual because it makes their use, and spread, easy to track.


The Spire is a subsidiary of THEM that was launched in 2015 designed to meet a number of goals. (1) To supply affordable quality materials by THEM that have become very expensive or rare over time. (2) To supply Tarot, Star Games and other Occult Items and Services to increase the tools available to others to encourage/enable them to develop certain skills (3) To re-advertise and compliment the resources sold by the Black Glyph with new or rare releases (4) To re-advertise and compliment the resources sold by the Fall of Man and Amenthes digital store with new or rare releases by THEM and other Sinisterion (5) To fund the purchase of land by the ASOv and THEM for future phases of its charters.


Oto Anorha is a periodical released at intermittent intervals by the Temple, beginning with the first public issue numbered #28 in 2006 and has charted the progress, methods, magical development, achievements and aims of the Temple over the course of its short but enduring life. Issues have included contributions by members of THEM on varied topics and special editions focused on a theme. The magazine is not restricted only to members of THEM; friends and allies of THEM have been invited to contribute insights to the magazine in previous issues. The mysterious name Oto Anorha stems from the desire to honour the founders Mistress and is an anagrammatic dedication to her.