So to begin.

The secrets of the Ancients have been buried deeply in the twisted labyrinth of forms. The Magic from which the Sorcerer can draw exists but the means to access it have been mangled by the Obscuranti and their living mind war of forms – each one a sadistic seed that has long sprouted into a sapling, a plant, a tree, a forest, dropping more sadistic seeds, spreading lies, misinformation, and deceit. Advanced beyond most observers abilities to appreciate, the polymorphic virus of the Magi can with ease take on the guise of any form – even systems and words that promise to be antidotes to itself such as Satanism, Anti-Christianity, Anarchy, Chaos can and have been compromised by the vicious snarls of poison roots.

The Temple of THEM has spent years attempting to untangle the forms in which such magical prowess have been choked into submission – crawling through the darkness of any number of magical systems of evocation, enchantment, alchemy, shamanism and as many strains of the Sinister as we could find to struggle past the outward aesthetics and toward the root cause of all of them – Symbolism. From Symbolism we reduced all of the myriad possibilities of magic into condensed understanding of what makes those that work, work, and those that fail, not work. This was isolated to the complex relationship between the Organism and the World and the Organism’s particular view of the world and it’s place within it. The 23 Syndrome is the name given by us to any particular stance an ego takes at any given moment [unconsciously] and uses to interpret. It comes from a movie called Pi in which an advocate of the stockmarket believes he has deciphered the ultimate code to controlling it and begins to see the number 23 everywhere. Thus someone in thrall to National Socialism sees the world through an NS-related lens – whilst a religious individual sees the world through a religiously-related lens. This is a simplistic example, but states that there is a direct corrollation between what someone believes and therefore percieves.

What happens of course, during the length of life, is that firmly held beliefs and truths Change. Each form of 23 syndrome is considered as a current [*Thrall] or form that seizes control of the ego either by thrall [unwittingly] by being convinced of its usefulness to perceive through by an internal/external agent or by “willingly” adopting such a syndrome through conscious choice.

Often – once chosen, such a thrall takes a long time to settle itself into the Ego which must make room, change things around, or adapt itself to synchronize with the other forms that make-up the composition of the Thrall.

*A Thrall is the name of a form that attaches itself or is attached to the Organism in a symbiotic relationship. Picking up a book on some subject or another, encountering someone who talks about a subject, experiencing or seeing someone else experience some subject or another are all transmissions of the form – and if accepted or sufficiently impressed [imprinted] with the desire to become the Form or use it – form becomes Thrall. As in, they are in Thrall to the form, submit to it and live it.

Sometimes, because of how powerful forms are and how weak the human being is – a form can be adopted from the beginning of life right up until the point of causal death. Such a thing is known as fanaticism – and a good example is the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church governs its thralls from before their birth to well after their death with its control system. It has rites which control and restrict everything.

The human being has early formative experiences that shape and set the Ego’s particular view in place and these can be extremely difficult to break and in some cases should not be for the sake of sanity. But the Sorcerer must be willing and able to go mad if they are to truly live as One of THEM where reality is neither wholly rational or irrational but a ghost.

To go through life without changing ones view is to resist natural alchemy and unnatural. No one form has the power to fulfil one’s Wyrd and many roads must be walked in order to narrow it down and finally seize its ribbons. We often see that it is religious types who do not change their view – who Cannot change their view – and who thus become the Mask that was made for them.

It needs to be realized that there is power in fanaticism – it is the dominant agent of the Magi and has reshaped this World in their image without question. But the fine line between using a form and it using you is fine indeed. We seek to avoid all instances of any false absolute – all Gods stem from THEM, a plural, a group, a collective – there are no forces however they be perceived or from whatever system of belief that do not come from the same pool as THEM. They are all manifestations, depictions, forms of the Forces that are THEM – variations on a theme.

Forms that enthrall have their own life span – they are living things that grow, excrete, communicate, have their own language, multiply, move, change and so on. A young man deeply into the writings of Nietzsche and who pulls on the cowl of Nihilism may be able to explore that form for many years – but age and the changing role of ones self within society brings with it unexpected changes and challenges that affect ones philosophy of life – as do near, supernatural or traumatic or other kinds of experience. With such changes, ones 23 syndrome suffers a fatal stumble where the form cannot encompass or explain the new experience and doubt enters ones sphere causing the rigid tentacles of the thrall to loosen and the mind to change. Often what changes the mind is then adopted. It is a continual passage of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. A natural progression of picking up one thing, comparing it with another, and finally making a conclusion based on mixing the two which mixture then becomes the new one, to which another second form is sought to compare and continue the whole process anew.

This process is for the most part an unconscious miasma that keeps one in thrall the majority of their lives to one form or another. It is however possible, once becoming aware of the function of the ego and its operations such as through Insight Roles, to consciously enter into roles that actively change the consciousness in an alchemical fashion by adding a deliberate set of elements.

The power of Insight Roles burns away the certainty that holds forms in place by making conscious the fallibility of the whole belief process – wherein one consciously sees that what they held to be airtight conviction was in fact flawed – all the more compounded by the more forms they digest. Deliberately done – this can bring enormous power and insight into the function of the ego and help compartmentalize the psyche by driving a wedge between the automatic actions and behaviour of the ego which acts on behalf of the organism and the organism itself who develops a new sense of self that allows it to see the ego as if at the helm of the mind driving the car. Without this sense of separation and mind functions it is impossible to gain control of the psyche in any useful manner as all actions are driven by the ego – even those that insist they are not.

By mixing certain elements or roles – one can deliberately break certain insidious programming forming a barrier to releasing the brain from its thrall or its conscious awakening to the fact that this is how the ego behaves.

The danger is that one merely swaps one form for another believing themselves to then be conscious of the behaviour of the Ego – and forms can even be constructed to appear as if they will free one from the Ego. Freeing oneself from the Ego is a process doomed to fail and a deadly trail to pursue for the serious Sorcerer who needs their Ego – they just need it in a different way. It is an exceptional and unique resource and needs only be understood and its functions put to conscious use to be of inestimable power when coupled with the signs from the unconscious toward Individuality. It is a resource and should be made use thereof for there are things the Ego can accomplish that nothing else can – and the Self merely by itself is an unknown quantity – almost certainly as insane as the Ego by itself.

The Ego can be tamed to act as carrier of a form under the yoke of the Self – a deliberate use of its function to achieve an aim. Such an aim might be to believe in a system or another for a limited time demoniacally, that is with full belief, adopting its forms, words, language, ways and methods as a lifestyle to live that way as if it were truly ones way – then one adopts a contradictory role causing the previous way to mesh with the second and the ego to see that it can easily be led to adopt any way and that yet whatever it adopts can be replaced with yet another way, a new way. No matter how much it believes or believed in the validity of the 23 syndrome it afflicted itself with – it is as a container, able to be emptied and filled in accordance with what the Sorcerer needs it to be filled with in order to achieve certain goals. Insight Roles teach this, beyond theory, or hearsay, through practical experiment and application. Thus one learns to actually shift-shape by annihilating the Egos savage persistence and insistence of form.

This focus by THEM on compartmentalizing the psyche or achieving ‘Mvimaedivm’ is genuine black magic. It is not known whether such an achievement is a return to a former state once achieved by humanity en masse before a cataclysmic series of events enshrined the Ego and only the Ego, or if it is an evolution forward toward an as yet unknown state of being. What is known is that Nothing is more violent, more unpredictable, more ruthless and vengeful than an Ego attempting to perform its function of maintaining stasis and live out its 23 Syndrome.

When threatened the ego often turns into a savage snarling animal and this can occur even with gentle attempts at dislodging ones own or another persons ego; evidenced the world over by the petty means require to start blood wars, vendettas, vengeful acts of retribution and revenge, fights, disputes and slights. A serious attempt to move the Ego out of the way of the drivers seat can be expected to be met with considerably dangerous resistance and this is what makes Our work all the more difficult not only when we work on our own ego but also on that of others – for it is the egos function to protect its view at all costs and when its defenses are up it can be next to impossible to split the mind and get it to relinquish total control. Every step of the way we are fought by this function within ourselves and within others. Whereas other systems seek either to annihilate the Ego (which only makes it stronger – in a false sense of being erased it actively participates in talking about it as if it were gone with every manner of wordplay employed to successfully deceive its host that it has achieved the impossible) THEM seeks only to recognize and utilize its functions as best as it can in a conscious and directed manner.

This does not mean that the organism can successfully or completely control the Ego – its forces are far stronger than can be imagined and its operations driven by esoteric secrets that cannot be known – only its actions and functions can be seen in what it does and acts upon us to do. It means that the Ego can be seen as one of many functions and the Sorcerer may use them all consciously rather than be enslaved to forms that are stronger than him or her unconsciously.

Through this process – one can not only learn the behaviour of forms and the way they act on people to speak on their behalf as an automatic thrall – but also to put themselves in the other individuals shoes to see the way they are from the point they are. For us, all organisms are treated as being in thrall to one form or another, for even when conscious of the process involved in the Ego’s adoption of thralls, forms are a necessary requirement for the Ego to function – otherwise it does not know how to be, who to be, and this can rapidly cause psychosis and mental collapse. Nihilism is gently related to this but the true extent of trying to tear out the proverbial carpet of forms from under ones own feet can result in some spectacular self destruction.

This process – loosely called Empathy – is an esoteric understanding of the nature of forms and the way they change within one self and within others. It involves a dedication to learning the way Archetypes, forms, and thralls speak or communicate, live, thrive, change or die or by what they are affected – and as such – this knowledge can be used to manipulate a person in thrall by directing their form in a controlled fashion.

For us, Empathy is entirely pagan in nature. There is a detached disdain by the Temple of THEM for words from others until actions have proved the One able to carry them through a being of their Word/Wyrd. Thus Ones word is ones bond – it is their Wyrd. Truly we would rather you achieve in silence than enervate us with an endless stream of assurance about your intentions. In the meantime the Ego will speak and chatter and will say whatever it has to to convince itself it is the Self. If the Ego can substitute its function for the Self then it will – in this way it protects itself from being dislodged. (See Radia Star.)

Empathy does not equally occur in all humans – some have very little, whilst some have too much. The balancing act of the Sorcerer, some say a paradox, is to learn not just to think but to feel – not with the head, but with the heart – to attune themselves to how something makes them feel or the emotions, visions, associations it inspires. This means to attune themselves to what may be very subtle almost invisible threads of magic the Sorcerer must learn to make themselves very sensitive to such threads. This can be achieved through a close and prolonged relationship to the forces of THEM – not just the manifestation as Dark Gods but the forces and current of the world as they Are not as they are Known. Such is the role of the External Adept Rite and the Rite of Rain Magic – where Empathy is first approached in a magical methodology to provide a genuine experience of a non-human centric mode of time where the Ego has very little control over its passage and must endure the experience and where the Sorcerers archetypal meanderings over the Tarot, their life and Wyrd, come to the fore of the Ego’s thoughts as all it can do is think and allow time to pass slowly, slowly, slowly – in some individuals allowing a realization of a very specific nature to occur.

The use of the Tarot, particularly the Temple’s own specialized set called TENDRIL, is a very powerful first step allowing one to make conscious their own Ego’s projections – to put forth what may have been unconsciously held fears, prejudices or simply images and ideas of various archetypal energies that the Ego uses in its function. This exploration of archetypal energies is often a life-long process that many just do in thrall – but to deliberately evoke, expel and confront ones unconscious associations to certain fundamental archetypes via this process can be done in a matter of months (one card per week).

It is necessary to let each archetype once stirred and brought out activate its key associations and to let them live out their summoned presence which in turns brings the whole flow of what is attached to such an archetype forth in a prolonged stream. The majority of these key associations are brought up first because they are the strongest and over the course of days the Ego and Self will ruminate on them and ‘discuss’ the meaning and purpose of each between themselves in what we experience as ‘mind chatter’. The next week a new meditation is attempted – building on the previous – and allowing even more archetypal associations to arise, not only connected with the present card, but the previous as well. A rich tapestry begins to unfurl itself before the Sorcerers eyes allowing them deep into the unconscious contents of their psyche in a conscious and deliberate manner. With the full Major Arcana explored and these deep-seeded images and associations regurgitated into visible life – the next process of integration can begin.

Integration involves such methods as Insight Roles which allows the Sorcerer to themselves make sense of the way these archetypes form, rule, and collapse. We hesitate to use the word Understanding – because Anyone can understand or pretend to understand – but however much they pretend or their Ego deceives them that they understand – until they experience for themselves the ‘Withdrawal of Projections’ for instance, they cannot Know or Feel or reap the benefits of performing these alchemical experiments.

With the knowledge of the lives and behaviour of archetypes comes a deeper understanding of how, why and what thralls others. As a lesser form of magic this can provide wisdom of the means to enthrall or free another or oneself from archetypes or forms – but primarily belongs to the greater Work of unfolding the secrets of the Universe and our own bio-physiology – making conscious on a new level the functions that govern us from within and without and an appreciation for our weakness in being controlled and manipulated by such forms. This appreciation for ones own human weakness is a vital humility required to develop for later works of Magic such as Aeonic and Archetypal Magic and in particular Oromancy, or story-magic.

The present and persistent insistence by Satanic manuscripts on strength, power, Ego, or Crowley-esque ‘Do what Thou Wilt’ is a mantra that fundamentally fails to empathize with the World and its Occult Secrets. Such works can act as a misguided form of reaction-ism against the stifling conformity of religion. Whilst it is also a means available to the Sorcerer to believe this mantra as needed (Every Form can be made a resource) and as necessary to evoke the Ego into certain actions and to believe what it is necessary to Believe in order to provoke the necessary geometry to be inspired to rise in reaction to ones pulling the strings – it too is the enshrinement of the Ego at the expense of the other functions of the psyche. Nothing less than the sacrifice of the great range of perceptual windows one can look through and a restriction of the Sorcerers Being by being bound to yet another form – even if that form claims to be anti-form.

The Temple of THEM recognizes this same problem exists even with its own structure – but that it is a necessary evil to have a name, symbol and works – for how else can the Self communicate with the Ego? It is a truism that our person, acts as a prism with a filter, and only certain light can get through that filter. Chain reactions can be set in motion by triggering certain patterns, behaviours, actions that prompt certain Archetypes and their processes to activate. And it is Symbolism and Meaning that are requisite transmitted via a Story or Mythos to cause large scale changes in human beings. It is vital though to remain aware of such tools utility being employed within a method by necessity not by desire if we are not to fall into the trap of forgetting why they are there. If there is no language, no form to grab, no one to speak with, no means to carry a message either through words or actions – the Ego cannot be reasoned with. Since we aim to change the Ego we are forced to speak its language until such time a critical mass of Selves can experience the Self en masse enough to learn the state of being Self and devise alternate, Self inspired forms of communications. One such attempt is the creation of ones own Tarot.

Empathy also requires a realistic approximation of ones potential and abilities and this is often realized only when the Ego is shattered or cannot live up to its impossible or unrealistic standards. The Temple of THEM regards humans as low on the scale of important creatures or forces – and those of THEM well above them. Such forces as weather, gravity, emotions, love, forms, thralls and so on being far more powerful, far older, and beyond humans ability to control or understand.

We refer to a Life-centred geometry not a Human-centred geometry; for when the Ego is enshrined (and it is socially polished and shined like a bright mirror – the blind idiot god Azagthoth) it views itself as a centralized conscious sentience around which the world revolves and it cannot accept the humility of its biophysical short-comings such as its fragility and functions almost in complete reaction to what is around it – never surpassing the forms that it encounters around it.

Convinced of its superiority and the validity of its human-shaped perceptions it has an extremely difficult time (without terrible and harsh alchemy being used viz. ‘Reality Checks’) accepting that it is anything but what is says it is – and will argue to the death what it is with anyone who dares challenge it. This human-centred geometry can be witnessed anywhere at any given time between human beings. The majority of our objects and buildings are also human-centred, as are the aims, needs, institutions, past times and creations of man – stemming from the hand. It is a natural bias of seeing the world as we were bio-physically intended, but it is a thrall, an unconscious enslavement and lock-out of other dimensions, other ways of perceiving or being, or as other beings, that the Sorcerer seeks to master to be One of THEM. (See Liber 13/13)

The Sorcerer – if they be one of THEM – must be deeply connected to the Word / Wyrd state of living. They must be empathic, wise in the arts of synchronicity, in solidarity with the forces of the world, themselves and THEM. This connexion cannot be faked and it cannot be otherwise had if the would-be Sorcerer is not One of THEM.

The Anglo-Saxon noun wyrd is derived from a verb, weorþan, ‘to become’, which, in turn, is derived from an Indo-European root *uert- meaning ‘to turn’. Wyrd literally means ‘that which has turned’ or ‘that which has become’. It carries the idea of “turned into” in both the sense of becoming something new and the sense of turning back to an original starting point. In metaphysical terms, wyrd embodies the concept that everything is turning into something else while both being drawn in toward and moving out from its own origins. Thus, we can think of wyrd as a process that continually works the patterns of the past into the patterns of the present.

One ramification of wyrd in personal human terms is that our past (both our ancestry and our personal history) affects us continually. Who we are, where we are, and what we are doing today is dependent on actions we have taken in the past and actions others have taken in the past which have affected us in some way. And every choice we make in the present builds upon choices we have previously made.

The philosopher Schopenhauer voiced the notion that “our lives are somehow irresistibly shaped into a coherent whole by forces beyond our conscious will”. He believed that neither chance events nor inborn character were enough to explain the consistency and direction in the life course of an individual, and so he postulated “the intention of Fate” to explain this controlling force in our lives. Many people have equated the notion of wyrd with this sort of “fate” concept, and the Norns with the Moerae or Parcae, the Greek and Roman Fates. However, to do so is to ignore the constant interplay between personal wyrd and universal wyrd and the role we each play in creating our own destiny.

The key Schopenhauer seems to have missed is that what he calls “the intention of Fate” is itself created by an interplay between the events that happen to us and our inborn character. We interact with wyrd (that which has become) to create certain personal patterns which affect and are reflected in universal patterns. Those universal patterns, in turn, exert forces which shape our lives.

What must be born in mind is that trusting ones decisions or guidance to any one particular source, i.e. Dreams, a Guru, a System of Divination, or a God is dangerously simplistic – it promotes a false sense of simplicity to just follow some current or another to stay on the right track – whereas life is a gruelling life-long commitment that always requires vigilance and exceptional alchemy. One must always be ready to change, to add more or less of something to keep or deliberately shift the balance of the psyche and the Wyrd. To follow some God or oracle blindly is to trust ones autonomy to something external and absolves ones responsibility for ones vehicle – and is therefore alchemical suicide. Trusting Wyrd is not a slavish acceptance that ones destiny is set but working with the portents and signs available to one to determine ones own path in accordance with what is unravelling – it is keeping the eye on the past mindful of the future – of reading the signs and making decisions based on the best information one can attain – but it is not an abandonment to some power or another- it is a working symbiosis.

The Cosmic Being seeks to devour all life. Around its centre stand the shades that are THEM, a vanguard of demonic forces that can help the Sorcerer if he seeks to be free of his destiny to be devoured, or destroy the Sorcerer if they fail to free themselves.

Ebbing in tides of death and life, the Cosmic Being breathes out creating life, this is what we are, then the Cosmic Being breathes in, which is what happens when we die. Much of this life is embodied in our sexual energy and fluids and withholding them [abstinence] is a form of indulgence that can bring great power to the Sorcerer who may bargain with Them for the release of such energies in exchange for something in return. Such magical rites as the Ordeal of the Moon are based on this Tempting of the Dark Gods with ones energies and ones death in order to fulfil certain bequeaths.

The ancients believed that if a man would make a promise to the Gods, and he kept his Word, then they would reward him. With this power he could unleash his Wyrd so long as he kept his Word. This concept has paralells with the concept of Will Power and the ability to do great things by staying true to one’s guiding light.

The universe is possessed of signs and portents that can guide the Sorcerer in the right way to unleash and control his Wyrd – such signs are known as synchronicity or coincidence, when two unlikely events occur. In times past, Sorcerers have trusted their Wyrd to a particular phenomena – this is dangerous as the judgement of the human is discarded in favour of an external force of guidance. When the Sorcerer is travelling the right Wyrd his synchronicities will align and increase in frequency whilst if they are travelling the wrong path the same will decrease until tragedy befalls the Sorcerer. One means of ascertaining the correct Wyrd for each individual is to open the Bridge between the conscious and the Unconscious by recording and interpreting the archetypes contained in ones Dreams as a regular operation.

One must be aware however that the subconscious has its own life and directs the Organism from a veil we cannot hope to penetrate. Composed of mostly irrational elements the subconscious has a limitless array of methods of both madness and genius for getting its needs to the Ego across in its messages.

For instance, the same dream often occurs with frequency until a certain amount of conscious understanding affects the dreamer. If the message is extremely urgent the subconscious may employ a nightmare or shock tactic – and nothing shocks quite like the subconscious can with the power to shake us to the very core as nothing else can. If the message may prove harmful or explosive to the conscious then the subconscious appears to take a longer route and uses muted or different symbolism until the conscious gradually and safely assimilates the message a piece at a time or as it is ready.

The core structure of all dreams is as Jung identified – archetypal and geared toward compensatory functions that act to balance the Ego and the underlying quest for the psyche to achieve Individuation. As powerful as the subconscious can be – it would be foolish and highly dangerous to turn ones decisions over to the content stemming solely from the subconscious – a restraint-less function of darkness and light in equal measure, beyond measure – it is kept in check from self-destruction and the destruction of others by the Ego.

It is also not just archetypal dreams that it throws up but fears, thoughts, alternate explorations of events, conversations, do-overs, self image, memories, fantasies, and so on. To try and make sense of much of it would require living a half life in the living world and burying oneself in the limitless content and associations that spew forth from the subconscious and are filtered by the Ego. It would be the equivalent of trying to write down with a rock the conversations of a hundred voices each speaking a different language at rapid speed. Though exceptional gifts can be had from the subconscious – it does not respond well to being commanded, and in the main, acts autonomously apart from our impulses and occasionally against them.

Trusting entirely in any one phenomena is dangerous and another meaning of THEM is to become Adept in as many of these signs as one can. One such phenomena is dreaming and decipherment of the dreams in question – but were one to trust the subconscious with all their decisions they should quickly become a sub-human driven by the irrational madness and violence the ego helps to control. This is what happens in cases of possession or evocation and possession by a form (Thrall) is the most common experience of possession of all human beings.

Yet the power of dreaming to inform one of impending danger, inspire moments of genius, remember Everything, access untapped modes of being or thought or experience cannot be replicated or underestimated. It is an invaluable resource to most people but often completely under utilized. As a Sorcerer we must make use of everything to achieve everything. But we can only do this if we are conscious of those tools and do not summarily dismiss them as something they may not be merely because we have been told and trained to dismiss them.

The observation of the underlying forces of Empathy, Solidarity, and Synchronicity are the tools necessary to develop the means to live in accordance with ones Wyrd and the Will of THEM. Easy enough to summarize – the depth of each is such that it could take a lifetime to exhaust a study of any one, let alone all three. But these are the keys to being One of THEM and it is up to each Sorcerer to explore the means and ways by which these keys can be understood, explained, experienced and induced.

There are basic laws that result from certain combinations of energies, forces, functions acting on one another that must be found or learned. These are archetypal energies that occur in the same core way but often through any possible combination of elements or aspects much the same way dreams retain an archetypal core but can appear a thousand ways to a thousand different people and yet all warn of danger.

One example is the Law of Erotic Charge. With any undertaking that generates Wyrd or helps another unlock their potential comes a magical ‘high’ especially when working as a group that presences itself as an erotic charge. This charge comes from the authentic transcendence of limits and the subsequent feeling of increased freedom or wisdom – it originates from working together on something usually intimate. Such as a student learning to play the piano and breaking new ground and the teacher being very good at teaching. Such erotic charge usually overwhelms the participants and is expressed as sexual energy or lust. What then happens is that – if either one of the participants recognizes this, but the other does not – is a rejection by one side of that lust and an emphasis on the Work. This is a massive disruption of the Ego to the other as the Ego gets confused when it is not involved – and in moments of pure transmission of Love such as when teaching others how to free their abilities – it is not. Often, feelings get hurt as the Ego seeks to distance itself from its perceived slight and also – the Work. For out of defense it has attached a memory of pain to that Work and seeks to avoid it altogether resulting in a terrible loss of potential for the teacher to teach the student and the student to learn. This erotic charge is exceptionally strong and can even be mistaken for love. As teachers of the black arts it is often very difficult to avoid students suddenly developing such attachments, for we are unlocking deep spiritual chambers and secrets, the euphoria of which comes to be associated as stemming from working with a current or an individual (or individual within that current) and as a result, giving back lost power is felt as highly sexually chargesd – but this is often a by-product of the Libido mistaking the esoteric arts for lower ones. Since what has been removed requires a replacement and the replacement is usually being given by the teacher… What is the answer? Often there is none – this is a case of one of those forces that is Stronger that any method to avoid it. A teacher can only stay conscious of this potential. Many exploit it at the expense of genuinely giving back the students power for selfish gain.

Another example is the Law of Hubris. For a Hero to exist the archetype must be projected upon them by others. Whilst they believe in the Hero – if they accept the role the Hero becomes exactly that and the examples he sets as the one to look up to may inspire a slew of others to act like him or for him. But this is all illusion – one day, the people cease to project the Hero archetype upon him – usually as punishment for something they have done that broke the spell after believing all the hype surrounding them. The nature of power is the origin of pride comes before a fall.

In the case of the controlled phantasm of Ryan Anschauung, the Hero status is used to show Ryan as humble, fair, willing to learn, fallible, strong, not afraid, self-honest, loving of people, arrogant, determined, driven, daring, and so on in the hope that others are inspired to emulate him and adopt his values as their own. This is one means by which THEM aims to undermine the Magian structures by causing others to question things the same way Ryan does and increase those innate intuitions and values of the Organisms own heuristic enquiry until they are One of THEM. In order for as many as possible to emulate Ryan it is necessary for Ryan to have exposure and this can be done through writing and imagery that unlock Wyrd. As Ryan sets himself up as a teacher, others may come to see him as such thus self-fulfilling the chosen role with each feeding the others projections back and forth to solidify the role. With enough time – this can turn to adoration and idolization wherein the projections get stronger and the Ego in danger of ballooning out of control or proportion, fat on the praise and love of others for what is essentially not only an archetype, but not even a real individual.

This is where mistakes begin to arise for many unconsciously involved in such a role. Full of themselves they make hasty ill-conceived decisions believing themselves to be what their fans tell them they are – only to overstep the mark and come smashing down for making the fatal mistake of breaking the spell of the Hero. This is the death-knell of all humans forms – with endless examples of rulers and tyrants letting the power people give them go to their head, revel in excess, abuse their power, and invite the wrath of the Gods (the natural consequences of their actions).

This is why Ryan Anschauung is (or was) faceless and anonymous – he forms a second step between the Ego and the creator of the phantasm and allows a greater distance to be kept between believing the praise – the praise going to Ryan and thus a constant reminder that Ryan is an archetype – not to Ryan’s creator via his real name as praise to him. Thus with a degree of separation does he keep control of the device without risking hubris as much as direct praise would invite. There is a form of magic which we shall refer to as Idolatry – wherein the target is not openly attacked and challenged but is given sycophantic mountains of praise to try and destroy them when they believe it and overreach causing them to come crashing down via their hubris.

The Law of Hubris is also why the Temple of THEM set a 30 year charter with now 24 years to go. A realistic duration in which to set out to achieve what we intend which is to create the Undividual or First Human and remake how humans do things by altering their traditional modes of thought and action. There are a great many complex problems to solve when enacting a long-term plan, and each of those encountered is unique. A familiarity with some of the forces traditionally encountered and to some extent understood is vital to steer the proverbial ship away from certain obvious rocks.

Only through the Ego can we achieve conscious direction of Intent. And only through Empathy, Synchronicity, and Solidarity can we come to truly understand the geometry of the forces we seek to Master and where and how to work with each one and one another to achieve our Will. At the same time as THEM holds these basic elements to be of use – one should come to understand that this is just one way of an endless many ways to achieve ones goals, one set of eyes through which to see the world, one briefly described and exoteric system of magic. Ultimately one must find ones own Wyrd and way and often when they do the outcome is that they no longer need the Temple of THEM but have learned what they needed to learn.

There are many individuals who have learned from (and taught) the members of THEM but who have achieved what they were meant to achieve and moved on as Undividuals – those who need no Temple, no guidance, or teachers or system and it is those types of individuals we seek to create – those that do not need the Temple or occult strictures, tools, settings, or companions but experience the forces of THEM as they Are without the mediums through which those forces are at first channelled.

For it is those types that will find it hard to be enthralled again – either by Magian or Sinister designs and be closer to THEM than any controlled environment with form will ever get them. This said, let the adherent research the threads of the Temple wherever they find them.

May they take the roots we have devised or unearthed and see them to a full grown harvest, for there remains an inhuman amount of additional research, experiment, archetypal and narrative magic, on all of the topics we have broached yet to delve into by the present and next generations-to-be of intrepid occultists who may someday find this book on a shelf or by chance long after we have gone and joined the ever-growing list of voices lost in causal demise to the halls of time.