Blueprint of the Amateur Sorcerer

On what makes an Amateur Sorcerer

– Temple of THEM 2015 – WR

What makes a would-be Sorcerer, or Beginner, an amateur Sorcerer?

With 20 years + of occult and work experience it my opinion that it can be reduced to three things: (i) Lack of Confidence, (ii) Lack of Knowledge, (iii) Lack of Intent.

(i) A robust ego will aid in weathering the storms that erupt when creating something new but bring perils of its own. Lack of Confidence comes from fear of doing things wrong, from doing things badly, from doing things that are new, novel or with which there is a learning curve. Lack of confidence is anathema to a Sorcerer. It stops them in their tracks waiting for someone to come along and tell them how to move, what to do, when to do it and requires an external force to continually motivate that person. This is exhausting to perform for one person let alone hundreds or even thousands over the decades. Not everyone can, or should, be a Sorcerer. It is not an elite art, but it does require a certain attitude and bravery to plunge into the unknown without anyone holding your hand to achieve results. If your hand is held too long, there is no confidence developed, just the appearance of it. The very next thing out of someone’s mouth who has been lead for too long – is invariably, “ok, what do I do next?” To be a Sorcerer, or even a successful organizer of an occult group, movement, either large or small requires you to take the reins, however scary, and learn, learn, learn. Don’t fear your mistakes but endeavour not to repeat them, and learn learn learn from them. An amateur lacks Confidence because they believe too much in authorities power to tell them the right way to go about starting, beginning, doing basic steps instead of taking those steps for themselves. The fear of failure, of others opinions, of pressure to get it right – if listened to, will amount the Sorcerer to nothing. If confidence is a problem then so too will any sort of result in the occult be. Remember that all forms especially successful ones will receive torrents of scathing criticism as change is forced by the Sorcerers Will. You will require this confidence to face dragons within and without.

(ii) Trying something even if its wrong is always better than showing up with nothing. Lack of Knowledge is often not from having insurmountable obstacles placed in ones way but (a) laziness and the inability to perform basic functions such as searching for documents or persons, and (b) a lack of ingenuity and inability to devise solutions to problems. There is little difference between being a Sorcerer and being employed or running a business. You get out what you put in. A lazy Sorcerer achieves minor goals. A hard-working Sorcerer can achieve much larger goals. But just because you do not have information on how to do something – doesn’t mean you can’t try it anyway. If the information is there, maybe not obvious, or maybe requiring you to do a little digging, and you come to an organization and ask questions like where is this file – and the file is right in front of you – what impression does that send? It shows you (a) did not bother to search (b) were unable to perform an appropriate diligent search (c) that you have little perseverance and give up easily (This is a dead-end trait for a Sorcerer) (d) that even basic functions and requirements are beyond your ability (e) that your problem solving skills are minimal (f) that any organization taking you on as a member would have to spend a lot of time trying to drag you to a standard you are simply not able to attain and thus waste a lot of time, resources trying.

(iii) Don’t Suffer Fools. Lack of Intent. What does it indicate if a person is not confident enough to make mistakes or risk making mistakes in trying to figure things out for themselves, or improvise where they cannot? What does it indicate if a person cannot locate a file clearly marked in an easily accessible location? What does it indicate if an organization is filled with such individuals because they prefer numbers over quality, self-assured, competent individuals with their own fire and who deserve the time and attention of an organization over someone who wishes to be spoon-fed, have ultimate basics explained to them within minutes of making contact, or turns up to the interview with no understanding of the organization, has done no research, cares only for incentives, and yet wishes to become a member of that organization?

The FIRE, the Burning Intent, the Power to smash through obstacles and equip oneself with the SWORDS one needs to wrought change comes from

  • Confidence: Or Fearlessness of ‘Failing’.
  • Knowledge: Wherein mastering the BASICS is infinitely more important than and a prelude to mastering Special Effects.
  • Intent: Whereby Synchronicity chooses who is and is not and never will be a member of the Temple of THEM.

The Vital Mistakes that Indicate an Amateur are:

  • Spouting advanced knowledge but fumbling the very basics.
  • Not doing enough of their own research on a topic or person before asking questions of them.
  • Asking questions that are very easily answered through a proper application of time and observation of available material.
  • Aggravating those they wish to impress by running forward with claimed intent but indicating a clear lack of knowledge about the organization or its operations.
  • Not thinking harder, longer, deeper about the matters they wish to be involved in.
  • Giving up when the going gets tough.
  • Wasting their Energy unwisely by engaging in pointless exercises or discussions instead of focusing on the goal.