Claritas E Congerie Oritur



The Members of THEM and those associated within its Tendrils worship the Inhuman.

For us, Forms, of any kind, are transient creatures that swim through the voids, attaching themselves to us and becoming part of our thoughts and philosophy for indeterminate amounts of time.

Gradually, these creatures are moved, or replaced with new forms, as an epiphany of understanding builds enough charge for an electrical pulse to dislodge these creatures back into the voids from whence they came. But being possessed by others, bigger, darker, smaller, lighter, can be expected to take place continually over the course of a lifetime. Ad Accumulum Infinitum.

The Triad of Tenets to which we adhere: Are Solidarity, Synchronicity, Empathy.

Is the Temple of THEM, Satanic? No.

Is the Temple of THEM, National Socialist? No.

The nature of the No Hand Path is Change.

The No Hand Path is not ruled change, nor directed change from external authorities but powered entirely by internal dynamism and symbiosis with THEM, The Forms and Forces of the Phyrm and each members private sojourn within this most intimate discussion with the universe.

The Temple of THEM and its members trust in their own compass, moral or otherwise, in navigating through the forms they support.

We allow our members to express themselves via continuum, exhibiting stages of growth and maturation, genius and madness, through the moons of lunacy and the glory of clarity as part of their continuum. Every member, just as every person, is in the midst of a story and the stories of others. Cultural, spiritual, mental, physical, social. These stories are older than time, perennial repetitions that fire into being the great stories of the world through archetype.

One of THEM becomes One of THEM by virtue of their autonomy from authority, and their burning flame to do the Great Work (Mvimaedivm) their way on their terms.

It is not my, nor the Temple’s other members place to tell members what is and is not permissible, acceptable.

No-one learns about anything from reading what others have to say about it – or from popular propaganda, or knows what they themselves feel about it, can add to it, take from it, until they Live it.

No-one can be told what to believe, what to do, how to do it – they must learn from themselves what is right, what is wrong, what is important. THEM support all forms of Change and Alchemical Evolution – and hey, not all of it is pretty, sanitized and safe. But we are grown-ups, and make our own way, as grown-ups should.

Thus, if members wish to disregard official Temple policy regarding our recent announcements – they are free to do so. None of us are bound to the other by force, or edict, but by the common heritage we share in being One of THEM. An expression of Nature desirous of evolution.

The Temple of THEM speaks collectively as One Voice but is comprised of each voice singing its own mantra. In these life-long works, I (We) do not interfere.

The Great Work requires many ingredients, many types of road to be walked, some ugly and full of horror, some beautiful and full of pleasing shapes (sometimes both to the One of THEM and the observer – sometimes not) – but the key aspect of THEM is that none of us will be bound by the demands of others.

All forms are there be adopted at will, and the power to create new ones an encouraged option. We will explore what we explore, individually without restraint and without rules, until we Know for Ourselves, what is what.

We bow to Nothing and No-one unless it is on our own terms. And we will Never let the stupidity of the masses control how and what we learn.