Directives of the Temple of THEM


  • Directive A-1: Australia, does not have a significant sinister history. Being little more than 200 years old it has yet to bring forth a significant Satanic contribution to the world.

THEM aim to change that.

  • Directive A-2: THEM is a No Hand Path. Believe, in whatever suits, when it suits.

  • Directive A-3: TERATO – HARUSPEX – ENGRAM – MALEFICIA. Look deep inside the entrails of the Monster – Remember – and Become One of THEM.

  • Directive A-4: There once was a Temple named THEM,

As prophesized by the visionary KHEM. They Remembered Dark Gods, And against all the Odds, Delivered the World from Men.

  • Directive A-5: Not Everything Here is Wonderful. Not Everything Wonderful is Here.

  • Directive A-6: “The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn’t Exist.” MEHR SEIN ALS SCHEIN

  • Directive A-7: Sometimes I win. Sometimes I let Others win.

  • Directive A-8: Sometimes the Bad Example is the Best Example.

  • Directive A-9: Upon the Death or Imprisonment of any member of THEM a Church is to be burned to the ground.

  • Directive A-10: Stalk Death by Day. All Things Die. Be Aware of Its Hand. Learn Its Face. Carpe Diem. Tempus Fugit. Understand Your Time on Earth is Limited.

  • Directive A-11: You can Become More. Don’t Fall Prey to Others and their Waste of The Joy Life Can Bring.

Treasure Your Body, It’s Your Vehicle to Power. Nurture Your Reason, It’s the Means to Ecstasy.

  • Directive A-12: Sinister Matrix. New Species. Physis and Intellect. Mvimaedivm Requires Balance of Discipline, Abandon, Body and Mind. Failure is Certain If Not 361 Degrees of Approach.

  • Directive A-13: Absolutes are Egoic. All is Temporary. All Shapes Shift. Use Them While They Exist But Do Not Rely on Permanence. All Life Moves On so Flow With Its Current.

  • Directive A-14: No Human Being Knows The Way to the Silent Desert Better Than You. Accept Guidance But Question the Guidance. Be Strong and Make Your Own Way Forward With The Patience of an Aeon.

  • Directive A-15: A Triangle Squared. A Triplicate Process. Of Thesis, Antithesis, and Finally, Synthesis. Combining the Division of Two Forms Into a New Understanding Complimented By Another. The cycles of growth are not always pleasant and involve caustic, toxic and deathly shades of ingredient. These elements, pungent to order, form, and the human sphere must be considered as integral in the formation of specific archetypal recipes. Some forms must be allowed to gestate in order to cause a future reaction.

  • Directive A-16: Infect Corporate Logos with our Symbols and Spread.
  • Directive A-17: Unfortunately, or rather as a result of, diffused consciousness that interferes with one’s causal ability to maintain a solid form to others; being known as a shape-shifter of some skill and of course, revealing the disarming secrets of one’s trade, carries with it the burden of implicit suspicious mistrust. Members have reported side-effects of our ‘Grand Science’ with members of their inner Sinisterion due to able demonstrations of Chameleonization openly – thus revealing how adept they are at controlling what people see and witness of them. This has lead to issues of instability, esp in magical relationships, where one may say the illusions of the causal are experienced withdrawn and the frightening (from their point of view) essence beyond projection revealed. Thus Emily no longer sees John, but a sinister grinning trickster, a dark, mysterious and cunning master of illusion who sends her projections back to her. This has the effect of causing people to be perpetually unsure whether a shifter is sincere or merely playing another role: An unavoidable Sinister Aspect of THEM’s Work. [See Hel.]

  • Directive A-18: If you have morals, keep them to yourself.
  • Directive A-19: Do not judge by appearance. Nothing is known by appearance except appearance.
  • Directive A-20: Humans have a thousand masks. Learn to imitate as many as you can.
  • Directive A-21: Remember and embrace the force of Self-Honesty. There can be no ultimate loyalty to any form. Only temporary tolerance and alliance. All things pass.

  • Directive A-22: Remember and embrace the force of Entropy.

All Things have their own life cycles and destinies. Including you. Expect nothing to last and everything to eventually leave you.

  • Directive A-23: THERE WAS A WAR: A WAR WE LOST


  • Directive A-24: Remember and embrace the force of Synchronicity. When you are on the right Vyrd you will see signs and connections. Bridges will present themselves and spaces split to allow doorways to open. When you are crossing your Vyrd you will be thwarted by chance. Misfortune will trail you like a savage dog. Opportunities will become mirages. You can only be who you are. Don’t fight it.

  • Directive A-25: Remember and embrace the force of Solidarity. The Sinisterion are the emergent voices of a new design, scattered through time and space. Our Vyrds may cross when the stars are right and the voice of THEM speaks.

We can stand alone, but we can also stand alone together: In Supra Solidarity.

  • Directive A-26: Never let anyone see the true face of the monster inside you.
  • Directive A-27: Remember and embrace the force of the Undividual. It is not enough to individuate, entire tracts of traditional inheritance from the Magi must be identified, confronted and erased. Set a new example of what a human can do and be for others to follow.

  • Directive A-28: Remember and embrace the force of Form.

Those wicked shapes that seize us and allow us to seize others. Study them and develop your ability with them. All forms have both obvious and ingenious uses. Forms are the key to shaping the coming Aeon.

  • Directive A-29: Remember and embrace the Being of More Than You Appear. MEHR SEIN ALS SCHEIN. One of THEM should be able to sidle up to its prey without the prey any the wiser. Learn ALL shapes that you may use them to achieve anything. Do not be limited by your vantage, nor your Ego.

  • Directive A-30: Remember and embrace THEM: in all their guises and masks. All Gods are better than One God.
  • Directive A-31: Remember and resist the force of Insynsian: the feigned death of God and his transference into newer apexes no less zealous and monotheistic. Resist Singularity.
  • Directive A-32: Remember and embrace the force of Chaos. Very little is required to cause it. Be creative.
  • Directive A-33: Remember and embrace the force of Satan as One of THEM. And a fragment of forces much larger.
  • Directive A-34: Remember and embrace the omnipotence of Natural Forces for they are THEM. Learn all you can about Fire, Earth, Wind and Water from the Ancients to the Moderns: From Alchemy to edge-tech Meterology: From scientific principles and dynamics to Engineering and State infrastructural procedures for dealing with disaster.

  • Directive A-35: Remember and disrupt the notions of Time and Space, wherever you can. At present it is under the Magi’s command.

  • Directive A-36: Remember and embrace the force of Evolution and the notion that we can evolve beyond what we are by seeding Change in what we are. It is a matter of available choices.

  • Directive A-37: The Machine is not the System. The Machine is the vast inequality between what THEM know about Form and They know about Form.

  • Directive A-38: Remember the pivotal importance of the Human Brain. Keep informed of findings, discoveries, neuroscience, correlations and experiments, cybernetics, bio-feedback and changes in collective knowledge and advancements.

  • Directive A-39: Remember the force of Mortality. Do not take life for granted. Move swiftly and with determination toward your goals. Stalk Death and watch for it wherever you go. It will be stalking you too.

  • Directive A-40: Remember the force of Absurdity. It is the true face of things when the skin is ripped off. Life can be long enough for friends and enemies to trade places repeatedly. Do not take anything too seriously. When the Wheel spins fast enough and the fragile sticks propping up forms collapse: It is all revealed as Madness.

  • Directive A-41: Remember the force of Memory. Remember, all that our enemies have done and remind them, remind others. Never let it be forgotten. Remember our power, what we can do, what we have lost. Remember it all.

  • Directive A-42: Remember the force of Sorcery. Magic is not dead, merely wounded. The world around us is a neutrality splitting at the seams with weapons that pulse with violent rage, to be used either by or against whoever is first and last to use them. Identify and draw from those violent pulsing places and spaces that emanate with it.

  • Directive A-43: Remember the force of the Mind and who owns yours. There was a war in past aeons. We lost it. We are fighting a new war. We must remember what we lost in the last one – if we are to survive this one.
  • Directive A-44: Remember the force of Aeonics. Simple things line the paths of Kings. Every generation is forced to endure its own inexorable steps toward the Closing of the Gates with tiny outrages forcing Us [Those who hear the voice of THEM] closer to the edge of oblivion. The generation after you will treat those steps as the normal way of things, they will forget the cruel longevity and patience of the enemy who can plan in detail generations in advance. Learn to do the same.

  • Directive A-45: Remember the force of Progress. Every smooth transition from one social event to the next, every flawless transaction of industry and economics, every unfailing schedule on time, every box ticked, ‘i’ dotted, is oiling the Machine. Kill the Machine.

  • Directive A-46: Remember the force of Chronobet. Words, numbers, communications are laden with designs to enshrine a very specific spatio-temporality or time-space perception.

Change clocks, remove batteries, sabotage computer dates, fudge figures, delay others, study the history and changing principles of Time by humanity and seek to disrupt it however you can.

  • Directive A-47: Remember the force of Obscurity. It does not matter who speaks the sinister voice, only that it is spoken.

  • Directive A-48: Remember the force of Ethos. Learn your countries ancient folk-tales, myths, legends, gods.

  • Directive A-49: Stoke a fire with enough fuel and it will burn indefinitely. Even, out of control.

  • Directive A-50: The Undividual is Sovereign above and beyond all Forms. [The Undividual is the First Human, the conscious erasure of all inherited schema, all laws of form, all restrictions of form imposed by aeons of careless heuristic neglect and the embracing of All Ways at all Times – the No Hand Path.]

  • Directive A-51: Just because you ally yourself with a group does not mean to give over your Undividuality to any form, except when it is your own choice and suits your designs. The epithets of Honour, Loyalty, Code, Oath, Expectation are carefully disguised chains of Obedience to a Form, the equivalent of prisons. Rather, excel in being Sovereign. Excel in being One of THEM. Bow down only to the Human when you choose to and only for the reasons you decide. With no Form to restrain, you may change into any shape you wish, at any time, making you the ultimate threat to the System’s you choose to assault in your war. Without the programming to obey anything or anyone there is only Chaos, only The Temple of THEM.

  • Directive A-52: Carefully choose your allies and your enemies in life. Life is long enough for enemies and friends to change places repeatedly.

  • Directive A-53: Remember and Embrace the Force of Anonymity. In the shadows you are without form – to reveal it is as to reveal your true name and give others power over you, to limit your shapelessness. Our work does not require a human face.

  • Directive A-54: Crush the enemies of THEM underfoot using every power at your disposal.
  • Directive A-55: Nature is a force beyond all reckoning. To see Her power strip a section of grass bare of every blade and every weed. Does this prevent her inexorable force? No.