Evolution through Oc-Culture



If you have to ask this question then perhaps you have failed to develop the ability to make use of anything so necessary to a Sorcerer. A child can turn a cardboard box into a million things, it can be a time machine, a fridge, a space ship, a cubby-house. If you stare at walls rather than smash through or create the tools to bypass them – if you share the boundaries others have created as your own – if you cannot solve the impossible or reconcile a paradox – then you are not One of THEM. To understand THEM, you must be able to bend forms to your will.

But let us return to this question. Can one evolve via the Occult? I believe one can. But what I imagined my powers would be from a life exploring the occult (by which I mean the Hidden) and what they in fact are are extraordinary in their difference. Work upon oneself never ends, for one is simply pushing back shadows of what one adopts. A smiling face at the expense of one of horror and cruelty pushed down deep beneath in exchange can only stay buried so long. Yet I would make friends of all my dragons once dragged out from the depths by force or guile and plan not what I am going to change about myself today, but what I even in changing, am going to do to change external events around me. And one does this by setting an example for others to follow. I do not doubt that I have transformed my shape again and again, integrating elements of my Persona or Being that showed themselves detrimental to my desired ‘I’ (which ‘I’ was replaced with my ‘THEM’) – or that others can do it too.

All of this dissolving we occultists do, the breaking of chains, struggling to stay out of boxes so that anything is possible – and yet time and time again we bind ourselves unnecessarily back to the matrix in bondage. The attitude of the Successful is much vaunted and written about by hundreds of thousands of writers keen to understand what makes some people succeed and others fail. It’s not hard to those to whom it comes naturally. The goals THEM have set are not the ordinary goals of an occult organization, they are not localized to time or space and set out to change fundamental attitudes and behaviours that have been exhibited by people for thousands of years. The scope of what we seek is mind-blowing and for most, inconceivable that we could ever achieve it. And yet, we are, and when many of those critics get older, abandon their other systems that could not keep up with the demands of the spiritual they may turn to us who continually ask ‘Why is it not possible? Why is what we say we will do impossible? Whose reality is it anyway?’ – for that is the future of Magic, the realm of perception beyond the prison the Magi and ourselves have let fall around us. The Temple of THEM is ahead of its time, ahead of the curve, and a crucial aspect of this is that its founders don’t let others tell them what is possible.

This is a big part of Magic – not being held down by forms. Learning the rules of Form so you can alter, bend, snap, shatter or cleverly use them in your favour. Whose reality is it anyway?